15 Female (And 5 Male) Co-Stars That Have Better Chemistry With Chris Pratt Than Anna Faris

In the last five years, Chris Pratt has gone from comedic ham of hit television series such as The O.CEverwood and the Golden Globe Award-winning and Emmy Award-nominated NBC hit Parks and Recreation, to the leading action-star of huge box-office triumphs, including Jurassic WorldGuardians of the Galaxy and Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2. He is also set to star in the upcoming, highly-anticipated Avengers: Infinity War, as well as the Jurassic Park franchise motion picture title, Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom.

Although Pratt has managed to maintain his lovable, dorky personality while transitioning into these megastar, protagonist roles, he wasn't able to hold onto all aspects of his previous, comedic life. Chris Pratt and his former wife Anna Faris  shockingly decided to split, seeming to be unable to manage their marriage anymore, with Chris breaking into huge Hollywood roles, and Anna Faris remaining at home more frequently with their child. The couple each posted on their social media pages, stating they were sad and disappointed to announce they were legally separating, and that they had tried for a long time to make it work.

Chris Pratt and Anna Faris met while filming Take Me Home Tonight, another hilarious feature film starring Chris Pratt in a goofy role. Pratt claimed in interviews that after first meeting Faris he knew that she was the one he wanted to be with. In 2008, Pratt and Faris moved forward from their friendship into a more serious, loving relationship, and eventually married in 2009. While the two had immediate chemistry from their first roles together, Pratt moving into the spotlight drew extensive attention from the media, who was now obsessed with the new, 6-pack Pratt.

Casting recently has landed Pratt next to more and more gorgeous, Hollywood starlets (and handsome stars), with the public seeing his on-camera chemistry with numerous other performers in his more recently-released movies. Even though it was previously off boundaries for the married father-of-one to speculate on which of his co-stars he has the best chemistry with, the high-profile, celebrity is now single and ready to mingle, and it's almost too easy to picture potential celebrity, co-star matches. Here are 15 female (and 5 male) co-stars that have better chemistry with Chris Pratt than Anna Faris:

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20 Aubrey Plaza


Aubrey Plaza, though already acclaimed for her role as April Ludgate in the television show Parks and Rec, recently achieved massive international recognition for her award-winning performance in Ingrid Goes West. In Parks and Rec as April Ludgate, Plaza plays the eccentric love-bird of Chris Pratt, who plays Andy Dwyer. After dumping his previous girlfriend Anne Perkins, played by Rashida Jones to be with Aubrey Plaza, the two go on to form an adorably immature, but stronghold relationship. Pratt and Plaza undoubtedly made a comedic power-couple in the series, displaying on-screen awkwardness that had audiences praying for the formation of some kind of real life romance. Even the outtakes of the show exemplified the chemistry between the two, with Chris Pratt even owning up to getting aroused after Plaza slapped him when their characters are roleplaying in one of the show's nightclub scenes.

19 Zoe Saldana

With their first encounter in the movie Guardians of the Galaxy starting as a heated hand-combat fistfight, the on-camera tension between Chris Pratt and Zoe Saldana was an instant appeal to viewers of the film, and had them drooling over Pratt and Saldana's romantic scenes in the movie. Chris Pratt, who plays Peter Quill in the 2-time Oscar-nominated feature, time-and-time again has his advances rejected by Zoe Saldana, who plays the cold but sexy Gamora. Zoe Saldana is an award-winning and nominated actress who has starred in box-office successes such as Star TrekColombiana and Avatar, and is no amateur to action-star roles. The two have also revealed in radio and press interviews to have a certain off-camera chemistry, additionally reported to have caused Anna Faris discomfort watching the relationship between Gamora and Peter Quill on the big screen.

18 Bryce Dallas Howard


The 2015 release of Jurassic World saw enormous international box-office sales of over $1.6 billion. In the commercially successful motion picture, Chris Pratt and Bryce Dallas Howard star as Owen Grady and Claire Dearing, two individuals with a heated past and lustrous future. The two gave hard-going performances, with Bryce Dallas Howard seen to be running in heels from dinosaurs and Chris Pratt starring as a hardcore raptor-trainer, and undoubtedly displayed tense emotions of both hate and romance towards  each other. The two worked hand in hand to take down the antagonist dinosaur, and ended up rekindling their romance to the audience's delight – but not before Bryce Dallas Howard baits a T-Rex to rescue Pratt. Talk about true love. The fourth title in the Jurassic Park franchise Jurassic World, will also be followed by the sequel, Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom, in which hopefully Pratt and Howard will exhibit more of their on-screen chemistry - this time with a now-single Pratt.

17 Teresa Palmer


While Chris Pratt and Anna Faris famously got together in the production of Take Me Home Tonight, one cannot help but think that Teresa Palmer and Chris Pratt may have been a better choice of a couple to be forged out of the nostalgic and hilarious movie about four friends who re-kindle old romances and friendships at a post-graduation labor day party. The beautiful Teresa Palmer stars as Tori Frederking in the movie, who ends up as the romantic love interest of Matt Franklin (played by Topher Grace). Having made her recent horror-thriller movie debut in features such as Lights Out and The Berlin Syndrome, Teresa Palmer would absolutely be a well-rounded potential mate for Pratt, who has also shown his ability to perform in both comedic and serious roles.

16 Rashida Jones


At the start of the series Parks and Recreation, Chris Pratt and Rashida Jones play the obviously incoherent couple of Andy Dwyer and Anne Perkins, with Andy as the comedic idiot and Anne as the loyal, out of league girlfriend. Though the two were destined for a split on the show, the moments they had while still together as Andy and Anne showed that they actually had legitimate chemistry with each other as a mature couple. Rashida Jones has become a major influence in the motion picture and television industry. In addition to being an Emmy-nominated star of TV shows like Parks and Rec and Angie Tribeca, as well as being the writer of the upcoming Toy Story 4 Pixar production, Jones is the executive producer of the documentary series Hot Girls Wanted: Turned On. Her current amassed fame is similar to Pratt's rise-to-stardom, and the two would have irrefutably excellent chemistry.

15 Megan Fox


Megan Fox is one of Hollywood's most established actresses for her sexy and seductive roles in numerous, globally-distributed productions, including the commercially successful Transformers from Michael Bay. However, one of Megan Fox’s most notorious roles in movies was as the hot-teenager-turned-demon Jennifer in the comedy-horror feature Jennifer’s Body. In it, Megan Fox plays the s*xually charged best friend of Needy who is transformed into a demon by a ritualistic band seeking fame, and begins making meals of the men she sleeps with. Prior to turning demon, Megan Fox encounters her old fling Roman (Chris Pratt), in which she reveals that the two had previously engaged in some illustrious "fun" together. In the few moments they share together exchanging witty insults and banter, the tension is strong between the two, and it is undeniable that Chris Pratt and Megan Fox would hit it off instantly in an onscreen (or offscreen) romance.

14 Haley Bennett


In the recent remake of the action-adventure western The Magnificent Seven, Chris Pratt starred as Josh Faraday, active gambler and magic enthusiast. In the movie, Pratt’s character, as well as six other members of “The Magnificent Seven”, are hired by beautiful widow Emma Cullen, who is played by Haley Bennett. Pratt and Bennett share a few tense scenes together, one specifically where Chris Pratt attempts to be a teacher-figure to Bennet, and “teaches” her about using a gun and how to deal with killing somebody. Though a brutal and intense scene, one can't help but feel something a little bit more than rage coming from both Pratt and Bennett. Even when the cameras weren't rolling the two had skeptically-flirtatious moments during publicity campaigns for the western-adventure remake.

13 Jessica Chastain


In the Oscar Award-winning feature Zero Dark Thirty, the story of the intense and harrowing hunt for al-Qaeda terrorist leader Osama bin Laden, Chris Pratt makes an appearance as Justin, alongside the gorgeous Oscar Award-nominee Jessica Chastain, star of such esteemed motion pictures as The Help and The Martian. Both Pratt and Chastain have shown to be versatile in a variety of genre roles, and both delivered  impressive performances in the award-winning production. The two exchange fiery, heated moments with each other, given Pratt's character's position in the military and Chastain being in charge of orders. As Chris Pratt questions Jessica Chastain’s character over the legitimacy of her Intel regarding the location of Bin Ladin, shots showing Pratt and Chastain together on screen show that the two may have more to offer each other outside of their prescribed character lines.

12 Rachel Bilson


In the hit drama series, The O.C, Chris Pratt plays Che, a laid-back, lesser-intelligent character of the series. One of the main storylines surrounding Pratt’s character was his friendship with Summer Roberts – played by actress Rachel Bilson. In the popular television drama, which ran for 4 seasons, Che influences Summer Roberts' illegal, activist activities, and ends up getting her suspended from Brown University. While on the show, Chris Pratt acts as a sort of antagonist to Rachel Bilson’s character, causing her entire life to turn to ruin. Despite their imminent character fallouts, the two pair exceedingly well together in photographs and on camera – and one can’t deny while watching the show that these two would definitely hit it off if they were to pursue anything off the camera.

11 Alison Brie


In one of the more popular rom-com flicks of the decade, The Five-Year Engagement, Chris Pratt stars as Alex Eilhauer, best friend to professional chef, Jason Segel. In the movie, Chris Pratt ends up falling for and marrying Suzie Barnes, played by the award-winning star of the popular Netflix series Glow, Alison Brie. Suzie Barnes is the sister of Jason Segel’s fiancé, Violet Barnes (played by Emilie Blunt), which ends up causing multiple instances of delightful awkwardness and tension in the movie. The two depict a super charged and electrifying romance onscreen, including a few instances in which they both sing to one another in Spanish - a moment that has people clutching their stomachs with laughter. The couple's sultry singing duets featuring minutes of unbroken, sensual eye contact, are undeniably indicative of the chemistry that Mr. Pratt and his leading co-star share with one another.

10 Sarah Drew

Starting off in one of his earlier roles on the Primetime Emmy-nominated series Everwood, about a widowed surgeon who moves his family to Everwood, Colorado, Chris Pratt starred in one of the recurring roles as Bright, and performed in 89 episodes of the series between the years 2002 and 2006. While on the show, Pratt’s character Bright, is in a relationship with the stunning Hannah – played by award-winning star of Grey’s Anatomy, Sarah Drew. Displaying incredible onscreen romance and beautifully-written dialogue together, the two co-stars dealt with relationship issues such as the potential of long-distance relationships, and were awed and gawked at by fans of the romantic-drama series. Those kissing sessions between the two would definitely be something for the two worth rekindling, and this time maybe out of character given Pratt's new single-bachelor status.

9 Jennifer Lawrence


Probably the most compatible on this list is the pop-culture, super starlet Jennifer Lawrence. As the lead star of motion picture successes like The Hunger GamesSilver Linings Playbook, and American Hustle, as well as her incredibly award-deserving performance in the recent thriller Mother!, Jennifer Lawrence is definitely one of the more highly-regarded performers to top the tabloids in recent years. The chemistry between Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Pratt was made all too obvious when the two A-listers co-stared in the recent hit motion picture Passengers, sharing a passionate on-screen romance that was hard not to imagine continuing into the real life. The multiple television interviews they premiered on together in which they promoted the production also showed the obvious tension the two shared between one another. Furthermore, Lawrence has additionally been blamed by multiple news sources as the reason for the Anna Faris/Chris Pratt split, given Pratt and Lawrence's extremely blatant chemistry and Faris' rumored history of jealousy - scandalous!

8 Kate Albrecht


In another one of his lesser-recognized, leading-comedic roles, Chris Pratt starred as Lester Watts in the comedy production Deep in the Valley, from AMG Entertainment. The movie tells the story of a video booth that transports two best friends to an alternate reality that is a world straight out of an adult film. In the movie, he stars with notable actress and writer Kate Albrecht, who has starred in such films as The Princess Diaries 2: Royal Engagement and the widely viewed comedy series Entourage. Albrecht has also starred in such productions as My Best Friend's GirlSex and The City and Will & Grace. Albrecht, who stars as Daphne in Deep in the Valley and is clearly no newcomer to the comedy scene, would absolutely pair better as a potential match for Pratt than some of the women in his past relationships.

7 Cobie Smulder


Another one of the more comedically-qualified candidates that would match well with Chris Pratt is Cobie Smulders. The tale of Smulders is similar to Pratt's, having made her name as the hilarious and witty lead Robyn in How I Met Your Mother and transitioned to more action-packed productions, including The Avengers, Captain America: Winter Soldier and Jack Reacher. Chris Pratt stars alongside Cobie Smulder in the "dramedy" production Delivery Man, also starring Vince Vaughn. Cobie Smulders, who will be starring with Pratt in the upcoming Avengers: Infinity War movie, is definitely a potential candidate that Chris Pratt should invest his time in, given that Smulder is definitely no newbie to the comedy-series scene, and would most-certainly hold her own if she ever decided to take on the infamously hilarious Pratt.

6 Kristen Hager


In one of her lesser-recognized cameo-appearances, Chris Pratt takes on a starring role in the action-adventure assassin movie Wanted, additionally starring James McAvoy, Angelina Jolie and Morgan Freeman. In the movie, Pratt plays Barry, “best-friend” of James McAvoy’s character Wesley, who works alongside Wesley in his accounting firm, and during his office breaks gets it on with Welsey’s girlfriend Cathy – played by award-winning actress Kristen Hagen. Together Chris Pratt and Kristen Hagen share some passionately animated lovemaking scenes, creating a spicy-fling that viewers of the film couldn’t help but enjoy. Though the movie Wanted received rather poor reviews by critics, one of the more memorable aspects in the film was in fact the chemistry between Chris Pratt and Kristen Hagen.

5 Jason Segel

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While Chris Pratt would undoubtedly pair well with numerous women in Hollywood that have proven to have exquisite chemistry with the single Chris Pratt more than former wife Anna Faris, it can also be stated that Chris Pratt would also match better with some of the men he has co-starred with. One such example is comedic legend Jason Segel. With both Jason Segel and Chris Pratt willing to make complete mockeries of themselves on camera, from playing dimwitted characters to stripping nude on camera just to get a laugh, the two comedians definitely have a lot in common. They even starred in the comedy feature The Five Year Engagement as co-chefs and best friends, and show to be truly compatible on camera together.

4 Adam Brody


In one of his earlier roles as Che on The O.C, Pratt's character ends up dreaming of  Adam Brody's character on the show - Seth Cohen. Che then ends up trying to help Seth Cohen find his spirit animal on a sporadically-planned camping trip, and the two end up on a "bro-mantic," hallucinogenic trip through the forest. In another hilarious moment on The O.C, Pratt also sings naked to Brody on the guitar, showing that he is not afraid to show his true and full self in front of his co-star. Pratt and Brody have also starred together later in the comedy-horror feature Jennifer's Body - Brody as the demented, ritualistic band leader, and Pratt as the douche Roman. Who knows what other roles, both on and off-screen, the future may hold for these two.

3 Bradley Cooper


Also starring alongside Chris Pratt and Zoe Saldana in the Oscar-nominated feature film Guardians of the Galaxy and the hit sequel Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 is 4-time Oscar-nominee Bradley Cooper. In the movies, Pratt and Cooper throw shady insults back and forth at one another throughout the action-sequences of gun-shooting and space flight, until eventually coming to terms as friends. The demeaning comments towards one another are similar to those shared by flirtatious high school students, and can definitely be interpreted as a more teasing act than one meant to actually insult and belittle each other. Moreover, with Chris Pratt being nominated for Sexiest Man Alive in 2014, and Bradley Cooper winning Sexiest Man Alive by People Magazine in 2011, the two would make a hot couple.

2 Adam Scott


While on the series Parks and Rec, Chris Pratt had electrifying chemistry with numerous cast members in his charming role as Andy Dwyer. Rashida Jones (Anne Perkins) and Aubrey Plaza (April Ludgate) were both "victimized" by the swooning hilarity that Chris Pratt emitted, but they weren't the only ones who shared remarkable chemistry with Pratt. Adam Scott has become a prevalently-casted A-lister, who has starred in such hits as KrampusBlack MassThe Aviator and Step Brothers, and has shown himself to be a truly witty and entertaining performer. While starring on the show Parks and Rec as the brilliant-minded, awkward love of Leslie Knope (Amy Poehler), Scott became the best friend and temporary roommate of Chris Pratt's character, Andy Dwyer. While the two bashed heads a lot at the time while in character, the two definitely had something of a spark while on set together, and undoubtedly shared a real chemistry as co-stars.

1 Vince Vaughn


Vince Vaughn is an award-winning and nominated individual renowned for his roles in such internationally-successful productions as Into the WildThe BreakupWedding Crashers and Mr. and Mrs. Smith. Though seeming to be working his way into more roles as a producer, with upcoming production credits on Wicked LovelyTriple TimeThe Rockford FilmsThe Risk AgentThe Insane LawsSweep, and other films currently in production, Vaughn has already established himself as a talented comedian and action-star. Vince Vaughn and Chris Pratt previously starred in the movie Delivery Man together. Both Pratt and Vaughn were great as co-stars, and the chemistry between them onscreen was definitely more notable than any prior performances Pratt had with Faris. The two showed absolute comfortability with each other in interviews as well, discussing their personal lives and families.

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