15 Fathers Who Were Way Too Close To Their Daughters

Incest is, without a shadow of a doubt, one of the most frowned upon crimes in the world.

Incest is, without a shadow of a doubt, one of the most frowned upon crimes in the world, whether it's consensual or not. Just knowing the sheer idea that there's incest out there in the world between family members who are genuinely sexually attracted to each other enough to pursue a relationship with one another is enough to turn anyone's stomach. For this reason, incest is illegal in many states in the United States, as well as in several countries around the world. Even in places where incest is legal, there will still be that stigma from a public that will instantly be outraged or disgusted that an incestual couple could be walking among them.

With incest being as much as a taboo as it is, that makes it all the more shocking and disturbing just how much of it goes on in the world. Again, that goes for incest that's consensual between both parties and incest that's not consensual between both parties. Perhaps, the most common incest is that between a father and his daughter. Here are 15 shocking examples of incest between a father and his daughter.

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15 Dad and Daughter Have S-x While Mom Films

In 2009, it was reported that a woman named Kristilyn Smith was having an incestual relationship with her father. Both were charged with having incest with each other, but both were let out on bond. The daughter's bond was $25,000, while her father's bond was $925,000. The most startling revelation to come out of this news story was when it broke out that all while the father and daughter were having sex with each other, the mother was filming and selling her own p------phy. Not enough details were released regarding this shocking story to let us know who was in the mother's "home movies" and what exactly the ages of the participants were in these movies. However, we're horrified at the thought that maybe, just maybe, the mother could've been filming incest videos between her daughter and her husband to sell for profit.

14 Daniel Rinehart and His Daughter

Ever since his daughter Ashley was 5 years old, Daniel Rinehart had been sexually abusing her in the family camper home. Ashley had even given birth to four of her father's children, with three of them dying, two being placed in coolers and left on a farm. His wife, Linda, had been aware of this all along but did nothing to stop it, perhaps out of fear from feeling the wrath of her husband. After all, Daniel threatened Ashley's sisters that he would kill them all if any one of them told anybody about what was going on in their house. One brave sister, Hayley, took the risk in 2009 and finally alerted Missouri police of Rinehart's abuse. Daniel insisted that his relationship with his daughter was consensual, but that didn't stop a 2010 jury from finding him guilty. The judge sentenced him to 22 years in prison.

13 John Deaves and His Daughter

Shortly after John Deaves divorced his daughter's mother, he married another woman named "Dorothy." His daughter, Jenny, began living with John and her new stepmom in 1984, but in the year 2000 -- Jenny was about 31 at the time -- John and Dorothy's relationship started to plummet. Coincidently, it was that same year that John and Jenny went on a trip to Dubbo together and started to develop romantic feelings for each other. The two even went as far as to have a child together, although the child died of congenital heart failure shortly after Jenny gave birth to him. The two had another child who remains healthy, but when news broke that the father and daughter were in an incestual relationship, a judge was quick to put a stop to it. The judge charged them with incest, but on a good behavior bond, they were merely ordered to separate.

12 A Dark Spell

Natasha Rose Chenier is a highly regarded author living in Vancouver, Canada, but no matter how many accolades she wins for her published works, it seems as though her name will always be defined by the fact that she had an incestual relationship with her father. Originally, Natasha never knew her father until the age of 19 because her father left her mother before Natasha was born. After her mom suffered through a decade-long abusive relationship, Natasha pursued her father, and after meeting him, she was disturbed to find out she was sexually attracted to him. She has gone on record to detail her attraction to her father as a "dark spell" and described that the "sexual intensity was like nothing like [she] ever felt before... like being loved by a parent you never had, and the partner you always wanted." When she found out her father was attracted to her, too, they had sex.

11 Chalena Moody and Eric Gates

Chalena Mae Moody and Eric Gates are biologically father and daughter, but Chalena didn't know her father during her childhood. When they reconnected as she reached adulthood, the two had instant chemistry. Despite -- and perhaps because of -- the genetic similarities, the two fell in love, which transitioned into a romantic relationship and, eventually, a sexual relationship. This subsequently led to the birth of the pair's two children. They had their children when Chalena was in her mid-20s and Eric in his late 40s. Unfortunately for them, since incest is illegal in the state of Oregon, the two were charged with incest. Chalena was supposed to serve 10 days in jail but avoided it for time spent from a previous stint in prison. Instead, their children were taken away from them, and the couple lost custody.

10 Murder of Daizsa Bausby

Daizsa Bausby was a young girl who was going places. The 18-year-old honors student from Southwest High in Kansas City entered 2016 with several college scholarships and, upon graduating high school, had plans to attend Grambling State University in the fall. Now, it's 2017, and Ms. Bausby is no longer with us. In March 2016, before she even had the chance to graduate, she was found suffocated to death inside of the 4 Acre Motel at 8220 Hickman Mills Drive. Months later, in September, her father Jerry was pinned as the culprit. Jerry K. Bausby was charged with first-degree murder, sexual abuse, sodomy, and incest related to his daughter's death. Her father pleads that he did no such thing, but it's hard to believe him when not only did witnesses see a man fitting Jerry's description leaving Daisza's motel room around the time of her death but his DNA was also found at the scene of the crime.

9 Bruce McMahan and Linda Hodge

Linda Hodge grew up without a father in her life. She was happy living in California with her adopted family, but there was always that urge to learn exactly where she came from. So, when she turned 18 years old in 1987, she trekked on a journey to find her birth parents. That search led her to her biological father, millionaire Bruce McMahan. The two finally met each other in 1990, and the two hit it off nicely -- almost too nicely, as McMahan got the impression that he and Hodge had been married in a previous life. And so, the two pursued a relationship with each other, and in 2004, the two were actually married. Their relationship took a turn for the worst shortly after. After McMahan appointed Linda the top executive at his firm, the two split, and he sued her for allegedly stealing his firm's trade secrets and computers.

8 Steven Spires

In July 2016, 31-year-old Steven Spires kidnapped his 12-year-old daughter, Brooklyn Smith, and went on the run in Georgia. Three days later, after a standoff with police at McDonough, Spires was arrested and charged with aggravated child molestation, statutory r*pe, sodomy, sexual battery, and incest. Despite being forbidden from seeing or being in contact with his daughter after the fact, he kidnapped his daughter (and her friend Desiree) again this past January. It's speculated that Brooklyn contacted her father to pick her and her friend up from the Main Event Entertainment bowling alley, and the pair were subsequently declared missing, although Desiree was found days later. Brooklyn wasn't found until later that month in Macon, and Spires was taken into custody afterward, now facing additional charges after the initial kidnapping charges from July.

7 A Professor and His Daughter

David G. Epstein was a well-respected science professor working at the ever-prestigious Columbia University down in New York. In 2012, when he was 46 years old, news broke out that he was having a consensual sexual relationship with his own 24-year-old daughter. It was revealed that they had been having relations with one another since as early as 2006, which, if true, would mean that Epstein's daughter was just barely legal at the time. In the wake of Epstein being charged with incest (which he pled guilty for but took a plea bargain to keep his job), his lawyer made a statement that appalled people more than the actual incest. Epstein's lawyer had the nerve to compare incest to homosexuality and said that as long as both were kept behind closed doors, there should be no problem.

6 John and Mackenzie Phillips

This shocking story of a daughter and her papa involved the band The Mamas and the Papas. They were a successful folk-rock band from the 1960s that was led by John Phillips. In 2009, eight years after John Phillips had died of heart failure at age 65, his daughter, Mackenzie, came forward and announced that she had had a sexual relationship with her father that spanned 10 years. It all started on the eve of Mackenzie's first marriage, when John sexually assaulted her while they were both under the influence of several narcotics. She continued to have consensual sex with him for years after that while under the influence of drugs but stopped when she found herself pregnant and was unsure if the baby belonged to her husband or her father.

5 The Fritzl Case

In one of the more infamous and disturbingly revolting cases involving incest, it was in April 2008 when a woman named Elisabeth Fritzl (at the time, she was in her 40s) alerted the local Austrian police that her father, Josef, had been keeping her captive for the past 24 years since she was 18 years old. The abuse reportedly began when she was 11 years old. When she was 16, she tried to run away from home to Vienna, only to be returned to her family by police within three weeks. When she was 18, her father asked for her help to bring a door up from the basement. When she came to the basement, her father covered her mouth with an ether-soaked towel until she became unconscious. In her captivity, Elisabeth was repeatedly sexually assaulted by her father, and she gave birth to seven of his children. Around the time that police reopened Elisabeth's missing persons case in 2008, Elisabeth convinced Josef to take her to a hospital, and upon their arrival, authorities were alerted. Josef Fritzl is currently serving a life sentence in prison.

4 Apocalyptic Visions Blamed for Incest

In 2010, a case was brought to light of a New Jersey man who experienced what he believed to be visions of an ensuing apocalypse that he was sure would plague the world sooner rather than later. When he took the stands to answer for his crimes, he blamed these visions for forcing him to sexually assault his five daughters and basically terrorize his entire family for years. One of his daughters endured her father's physical beatings since she was 3 years old and his sexual assault since she was 8. She was later forced her to bear him a child at age 15. The man's ex-wife also professed that he claimed to be a prophet and believed in keeping his bloodlines pure. Unsurprisingly, the man was found guilty on all 27 charges he was accused of.

3 Moe Incest Case

In Australia, in February 2007, a woman identified only as "M" came forward to police in Moe, Victoria and announced that her 63-year-old father, known only as "RSJ," has been keeping her as a prisoner while sexually and physically abusing her for nearly 30 years from 1977 to 2005. In these years of abuse, M gave birth to four of her father's children. M first approached police in 2005 but declined to go further with the investigation after her father threatened violence against her mother and her siblings. After three of her siblings died, along with her mother, she was more willing to go through with an investigation. In 2008, RSJ was charged with 83 sexual abuse offenses and was eventually sentenced to 22 years in prison. He won't be eligible for parole until he turns 84.

2 "It's Lit"

In January 2016, five young Brooklyn men were brought in by the NYPD as suspects in the gang r*pe of an 18-year-old woman. The crime occurred on January 7th, 2016. Initially, the woman and her father had filed a report stating that while at Osborn Playground, the two were approached by the five suspects, who brandished a gun in the father's face, forced him to leave, and ordered the woman to perform oral sex on two of the men after having intercourse with another. When the young men were interrogated, not only was no gun found, but they also all vouched that no gun was at the scene and claimed that the father and the daughter were already engaged in sexual conduct before the five approached them. When the group asked them if they could join in, the daughter replied, "It's lit," giving them the go-ahead. The consensual answer was caught on video on one of the men's cell phones and sent to their brother, who brought it to police custody. Due to the inconsistent stories of the father-daughter pair, the charges against all five men were dropped.

1 Hong Kong 2017 Case

On Monday, May 29th, 2017, it was reported that a 26-year-old woman (referred to in reports only as CCM to protect her identity) in Hong Kong was begrudgingly anticipating her 58-year-old father's (referred to only as "CPK") impending marriage to a new woman. In addition to not being a fan of CPK's new fiancée, CCM also suffered from being "deprived of her mother's love," at least that was according to her lawyer. So, to change her father's mind about marrying the woman, CCM offered to have sex with him, and her father obliged. The sexual encounter occurred in 2009 when she was 19 years old, and the pair had sex an additional two times afterward. The encounter is coming to light now because the daughter's younger brother found footage of CCM having sex with CPK. Not realizing his sister consented to have sex with her father, he brought the evidence to police. Since incest is illegal and punishable by law in Hong Kong, both CCM and her father face a sticky legal matter at the moment.


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15 Fathers Who Were Way Too Close To Their Daughters