15 Fashion Choices That Have Blake Lively And Ryan Reynolds As The Ultimate #CoupleGoals

Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds are one of the world’s most beautiful and in love couples. They’re seen giggling on the red carpet, staring lovingly into each other’s eyes at parties, and gushing about how much they love one another in interviews. The couple has been going strong on the PDA for the past six years that they’ve been together, making them one of Hollywood’s ultimate #couplegoals. It also doesn’t hurt that they’re both tall and easy on the eyes.

Blake is a stunning blonde who could have been a model in another life if she hadn’t found fame on Gossip Girl. Ryan is one of the hottest men on the planet, well over six-feet with abs that fit into his Deadpool costume well (even if his face was made-up to look horrible). Now, when you blend that with a style game all their own, you have a classic example of how to look good as a couple.

Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis might step out their house in baseball caps and sweats, but Blake and Ryan always appear a little more put together without appearing like they spent hours to get ready. When they do have to get ready for the red carpet, they make sure it's worth your while, looking far more fabulous than anyone has a right to (and yes, we all eat it up). Together, they’ve proven that they’re red carpet royalty, always looking good for the cameras and ready to show the world just how in love they are. Even if you and your significant other are not six-feet tall and Amazonian blondes, there’s still a thing or two you can learn from this gorgeous couple to up your couple style game.

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15 This Is How To Look Good In Glasses

Subtlety is for chumps. When Blake and Ryan mimic each other’s style, they go all the way. Their hat, glasses, and sneakers are in-tune with each other to let the world know that they belong together. We’re also pretty sure that Ryan’s wallet is the same flaming yellow as Blake’s purse. If there is ever an inspiration pic about how to look good in glasses and a newsboy cap, then Ryan has nailed it with his casual style. He proves that he can look suave even when he’s not on the red carpet. Although, when your wife is Blake Lively, you do kind of half to keep your casual wardrobe standards pretty high.

14 Coordinate Smiles

This couple is clearly smitten with each other. When they’re not sending each other cute messages on Instagram for the entire world to see, they’re caught at parties doing this - looking adoringly at each other. Aside, from their matching smiles, the couple found a way to match with black and white. Ryan went for a classic button-down and black tie combo, while Blake chooses a white jacket with a black satin strip. Okay, so they went for subtlety here, but there is nothing subtle about their smiles. Since they’ve found each other, their life mission has been to let the world know that they’re in love with each other. One way to do that is by getting a little lovey at Hollywood’s after parties.

13 Get Pulses Racing With Old Hollywood Glamour

Blake and Ryan are basically Hollywood royalty and at the 2014 Met Gala, they made sure to dress like it. Blake went full glamour queen in an iridescent Gucci gown of the softest blush hue. To add more romantic drama, Blake decorated her metallic fingers with oversized cocktail rings and side-swept curls for her hair. Ryan, being the gentleman that he is, went with a simple tuxedo. He kept his look minimal, sharp, and clean to allow his wife to take centre stage. We especially love that he followed the classic tuxedo rules and opted for a bow tie, but he didn’t fully shave his beard. He even offered her his elbow as they took the stairs together, making the Golden Age of Hollywood men proud. Next time you hit the red carpet, take a note that this is how it’s done.

12 Blue Means I’m True

As we’ve mentioned before, Blake and Ryan love to match. At the 2017 Met Gala, Blake chose an Atelier Versace gown of cascading gold beading and cerulean blue feathers. It was a bold moment for the Gossip Girl actress who usually sticks with glitzy, fitted gowns for her red carpet appearances. Now, we’re not saying that this isn’t glitzy, just a bit more unexpected when you look down to see what shoes she’s wearing. Ryan knew that the world’s eyes would be on his stunning wife, so again he let her dress take center stage. To coordinate with Blake, Ryan chose a navy blue suit and a blue bow tie mimicking the blue-feathered train of her gown. He even got a little fancy and chose a tie in a silky fabric.

11 Dress Like Hollywood Royalty

By now we all know that Ryan Reynolds likes to match his bow ties to Blake’s gowns. The couple attended the State Dinner in honor of Prime Minister Trudeau and Mrs. Sophie Trudeau of Canada at the White House in 2016. Ryan paired his blue tuxedo with a white bow tie to match Blake’s Ralph Russo dove gray satin dress. Her gown almost reminded us of a luxurious robe, although it definitely fits better than most robes hanging in our closets. The slit and plunging neckline perfectly accentuate the statuesque beauty’s …assets. As they normally do, the couple was captured in a lot of photos from that night smiling and laughing together. They continued to be in a wonderful mood as they greeted President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle. They probably knew how good they looked.

10 Leather And Jeans Are The Jet Set Style

Wherever Ryan and Blake are going, they’re getting there in style. The handsome duo kept their plane-look simple with matching leather jackets, white shirts, and jeans. Ryan even shaved for the occasion. Ryan, being the superhero that he is, carried the two heavy bags for his leading lady. Blake also prepared herself for the coldness of the plane with a scarf already wrapped around her neck. We could all make use of that particular tip. Did you notice that both bags are black? This couple loves to match and even Blake’s chain purse matches Ryan’s woven leather bag. It also looks like they’re both Chanel. After all, she has to show her connections with the fashion show somehow. You could take the girl off the Upper East Side, but you can't take the Upper East Side out of the girl.

9 Three Means More Love

When Blake was pregnant with her first child, daughter James, Ryan was always by his wife’s side adoringly looking on. Actually, any time that he’s by her side he’s always looking at her as if she is the love of his life. Which, if you've ever taken the time to listen to him talk about her, you can clearly see that she is the love of his life. This is one of the rare moments that the couple isn’t matching. Although, Ryan is sticking with his classic navy hues with his bow tie and shirt. Blake is showing off her bump in her typical body-hugging low-cut red carpet look, and you know what? They both look stunning and in love. If only us mere mortals could look this good at fancy events (and have someone look at us the way Ryan looks at Blake).

8 Families That Dress Together Stay Together

Some families watch TV together. Other families go to Hollywood to celebrate Daddy’s name on The Walk of Fame. The couple even made an event of it to show off their adorable family. Their two children were present for the event and were no doubt versed in the art of matching with Mommy and Daddy. Blake stunned the crowd in a flowing cerulean blue dress. By now, we’re going to say that the ocean blue hue is her favorite color. Ryan chose a complimenting gray three-piece-suit. Their two little ones were dressed in shades of blue and gray to match their looks. Although, James proved that she’s the rule breaker of the family, deviating away from the yellow and gray theme by pairing her blue jacket and tights with a yellow dress.

7 Stick With Your Favorites

See we told you that Blake likes the color blue. She also likes floppy hats while Ryan is loyal to his newsboy cap and glasses combo. The couple was spotted out and about with their two children wearing basic jeans. Yet, this couple is anything but basic. Even without makeup, Blake is a natural stunner. And, Ryan has to be one of the most handsome dads in the world. While the world watches other moms walk around with their kids in sweats and t-shirts, Blake ups her style game slightly with fitted jeans and a button down. She also makes flannel look sexy with a few buttons undone for a hint of flesh underneath. Of course, just as she does on the red carpet, she still keeps it classy.

6 All We See You Is You

Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds hold hands when exiting a special screening of her new movie in New York.

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Ryan was right by his wife’s side when she was doing her press circuit for her film All I See Is You. While in New York she was photographed on a date night with her husband. She opted for a sporty ripped jersey completely done in sequins and paired with navy jersey pants that she left undone to show a hint of leg. Ryan matched his wife’s look with a navy suit. Because, if there is one thing that we’ve learned by now, they like to match, and blue is their favorite color. He even nailed it with the dark blood-red shoes that compliment Blake’s red pumps. Oh, and for evenings he switched to his serious guy glasses. They’re a little squarer and have a slightly thicker frame than his day frames.

5 When In Doubt Go Classic

Blake is famous among the fashion world for not working with a stylist. She prefers to choose her own pieces and work directly with designers. Judging by the countless beautiful dresses that she chooses, it’s a decision that is working out well for her. This black velvet gown is hugging her silhouette, but with her famous mane slicked back, she looks modern and stunning. Although, we're pretty sure that Blake could throw on a trashbag and look amazing, something Ryan would no doubt agree with. She’s a natural beauty who stands at 5’10. As Ryan is always taller than her, even when she’s wearing heels, we’re going to that he’s probably 6’2’’. Maybe, their height is another reason they always look so perfect together.

4 Baking Sundays

Seriously, can these two get any cuter? She’s holding a tray of delicious desserts and wearing a flower apron for crying out loud! We wonder if her baking skills have something to do with Ryan’s adoration for his wife. After all, they say that the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. And, Blake has clearly expressed just how much she loves to cook at home. If you’re having a lazy Sunday baking in the kitchen, this is how you do it. Get a tiny bit fancy in button downs and let your wife’s sparkling smile be the flash to make the perfect Instagram photo. Seriously, these two prove that you don’t need the red carpet to look like the world’s most perfect couple. You just need a good navy blue shirt and smile.

3 She's With Me

Ryan and Blake stick with what they know. And, they know that they look good in coordinating outfits, blues, and hats. Her soft waves are spot on in her favorite floppy hats. Whether the Deadpool star is perfectly shaven or sporting a few extra hairs, he knows how to rock a newsboy cap pretty well. Once they have the basics down, they decide to match with khaki pants, a white tee, and boots. Just to switch it up a bit, Blake opts for a khaki colored cardigan instead of blue. However, we still know that they’re matching and probably have an ‘I’m with…’ t-shirt or two hanging in their closet. And, you know what? When they finally step out in those shirts, they’ll probably make us all want one too.

2 Black, White And Gorgeous

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Nothing says class like black and white ensembles. Blake's long, lovely dress cascades down her body, showing off her form at the top before turning into a luxurious ball gown. Ryan, naturally, matches her, opting for a simple white bow tie rather than the black. It would be easy to include color to make it fun and fabulous, but honestly, they radiate class anyhow. So it's only natural that they would hit the red carpet with their sweet elegance and effective party wear. Blake however, does steal the show with her hair pulled back like a royal would wear it, and her simple necklace and bracelet, which conveniently matches the color of her nails.

1 Hang Out With Other Gorgeous Couples

When you’re a handsome Hollywood couple you tend to hang out with other handsome Hollywood couples. Blake Lively is another tall and gorgeous face in Taylor Swift’s girl squad. At her Rhode Island home, Blake and Ryan paid a visit where they did super cute things together like cook and pose for Instagram photos. We’re guessing his is a staged photo by how perfect it is. We’re also guessing that Ryan is less than thrilled and probably left with Blake immediately afterwards. However, at least they have another photo showing just how good they look as a couple in navy and white sneakers. If you’re a couple and you don’t have navy jeans, a navy sweater, and a pair of white sneakers to wear together, then go out now and get them. Seriously, you’ll thank us later when you take cute photos like this.

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