15 Fan Theories That Really Missed The Mark

With the amount of long running movie series and the modern obsession with long form television, it's no surprise that fans become obsessed with series to the point of wanting to predict the outcome of a series long before the show reaches it's climax. Some Hollywood hot shots really hate when fans ruminate over the climax and dramatic twists before watching the series in question. Actor Oscar Isaac from the Star Wars franchise (Poe Dameron) was once interviewed saying, "don't you want to wait to get to see the real thing? The plot theories that get that formulated based on these things [trailers]- they couldn't be more far off-base."

That said, sometimes fan theories are half the fun with franchises! Often times, fans enjoy speculating just how the writers might wrap things up more than they enjoy the resolution the writers actually come to. People have a lot of fun speculating about what could be in series and they are able to come up with some really interesting theories. And while they are very entertaining and intriguing to read, some are so hilariously off base that they're worth mentioning.

So who cares what actors like Oscar Isaac have to say! Let's speculate about the outcomes of series years before we'll get to learn what the writers have to say, even if we are wildly incorrect and hilariously bewildered by our own ruminations! Beware fans: intermingled with the horrible speculations listed below are a bunch of spoilers, so don't go reading any entries you're not prepared to learn the truth about! Here are fifteen fan theories that really missed the mark.

15 Danny Tanner isn't the Dad

In the 1990s favorite television series Full House, Danny Tanner is a widower who raises his three daughters with the help of his brother in law, Jesse, and his old friend from college, Joey. However, if you look at the family, something seems a bit off. Danny is quite pale and blonde, much unlike all of his daughters. Though his late wife was blonde, the daughters were unlikely to all end up blonde with those genes- unless they weren't Danny's kids. Fans theorize that Joey was actually having an affair with Danny's late wife, which explains their likeness as well as why he was so eager to move in to help care for the girls after their mother's death. But let's take a step back: this show is not that serious. And if fans have followed the serious to the Netflix series, Fuller House, they'll see even further evidence that Joey isn't genetically connected to these girls.

14 Walter White Caused the Walking Dead

In the past ten years, AMC has gone from interesting very few fans of television to becoming one of the most popular networks out there, mostly due to the fantastic phenomenons that are Breaking Bad and The Walking Dead. Fans speculate that the two might actually be connected. What if the Blue Sky meth that Walter White invents in Breaking Bad actually caused the first wave of zombies in The Walking Dead? It seems feasible: Merle has a bag of what looks like blue meth in his drug stash, and Daryl directly quotes Jesse Pinkman when describing Merle's old drug dealer. Hell, it's very possible Gus Fring was our very first zombie, if the Blue Sky Meth was in his body! The theory is a total stretch, and completely false- many of the similarities between the shows come into play simply because AMC has a consolidated stock of props. But wouldn't that be cool?

13 Crossbones Makes it Personal

All Avengers fans who saw Avengers 2: Age of Ultron are totally familiar with Clint Barton (aka, Hawkeye) and his adorable family living out in the middle of nowhere. They were so sweet and adorable, every superhero was swooning over them! But, like most great things in a superhero's life, fans worried that the family would return under dire circumstances and Hawkeye would lose everything. Fans feared that the villain Crossbones would return in Captain America: Civil War to terrorize Hawkeye and murder his entire family, an act of villainy which Hawkeye would return by killing Crossbones with four arrows (you know, a symbolic gesture for each of the family members Crossbones killed). A specific theory, right? Well, with all of the business that filled Civil War, that movie was bursting at the seams and there was no way to pack any more altercations into the script- for now, at least, the Barton family is safe.

12 Luke Had Gone to the Dark Side

When The Force Awakens was announced, fans started freaking out. Who would return from the original movies? Could we expect to see Harrison Ford, Carrie Fisher, and Mark Hamill? Once the trailer was released and we knew we could expect an appearance from both Han Solo and Leia, fans got curious- what ever happened to Luke? We all know Mark Hamill is doing just fine, and that he's still acting regularly (at least for things like the Batman video games as the Joker). So where was he in the movie trailer? Fans speculated he would be Kylo Ren, or that he was some other ominous convert to the dark side that would in turn be a force to be reckoned with as the new trilogy progressed. Well, you know better now silly Fanboys. Just because someone isn't in a movie trailer doesn't mean they're absent from the film or the villain!

11 Lost - All in Vincent's Head 

On the 2000s hit, Lost, writers and producers were intent on keeping the end game a secret until the series ended. But did that stop fans from trying to figure it out as early as the first season? Of course not! Back in 2004, during season one, fans had a few ridiculous ideas about what was going on in the show. The most hilarious was probably the one about Vincent, Walt's dog: that everything happening was just a daydream of the adorable yellow lab. Really, guys? Come on. That's just an insult to the Bad Robot name. How dare you think so little of J.J. Abrams and his creative team? Fans thought it might be so because of the dog's seemingly perfectly timed entrances and exits, like the dog was quietly imagining himself watching and interacting with all these characters. But again- that's giving very little credit to such an amazing show.

10 Lost - It Wasn't Purgatory Either

Fans guessed early on that Lost was just a state of purgatory: like the plane crash actually killed everyone and they were all wandering souls waiting to see where they'd end up. Some fans followed the show through to the end and actually thought they were right all along. Let's settle this: none of Lost was purgatory. The plane crash happened, everything on the island happened. The people that died on the island died; the people that survived by flying away in the last episode survived (unless something happened after the closing moments that sank those dreams). The only parts that were similar to purgatory (though a more spiritual version of the concept) were the 'flash-sideways' in the final season, wherein the plane had never crashed and the characters were living wildly different lives. We know people who never watched the show are crazily confused right now but you should all know that none of it was purgatory.

9 Angelica's Crazy Thoughts

Remember the Rugrats?! It was a cute show that followed a bunch of cute infants and toddlers as they tried to navigate the oddly adult world around them. The show followed Tommy Pickles and his rag-tag group of babies, with their favorite frenemy Angelica to either give them grief or get them in trouble. As fans grew up, they speculated a darker meaning behind the innocent children's show. Fans think that the babies are all imaginings of the lonely and creative Angelica- that Chuckie died with his mother in childbirth, that Tommy was stillborn and it drove a stake in his parents' marriage, and the DeVille's aborted their child and Angelica dreamed up a boy and girl because she never knew which they would have had. This schizophrenic Angelica just imagined all of the babies adventures. The fans that imagined this wildly incorrect theory were pretty dark and twisted.

8 Robb's Wife Lived (Game of Thrones)

People who read the Song of Ice and Fire books knew about the Red Wedding well in advance of the marriage occurring in the HBO show. However, the event in the books read a bit differently. The horrific killings after the marriage ceremony are written from Catelyn's perspective and it's made clear that Robb is killed, just as certain as it is that she is killed. However, it's kind of ambiguous about Robb's beloved bride. Does she survive, or does she not? Does she manage to escape? Readers speculated that perhaps Talisa Stark was able to get away with her baby before Walder Frey and the Bolton's could tear her apart, and that HBO would use the ambiguity to their advantage. However, HBO was quite clear about Talisa's fate and the fate of her unborn child... any more stab wounds to her uterus would have been simply gruesome for horror's sake.

7 Owen's Been in Multiple Jurassic Movies

When Jurassic World came out, everyone got psyched to see the new characters taking the lead in the series. Fans were especially excited to see Chris Pratt taking a lead role as Owen Grady, the trainer of the velociraptors. It's really interesting that Bryce Dallas Howard was playing a new character and no one really cared to give her a backstory, but of course everyone was willing and excited to give Chris Pratt an elaborate history. Fans pontificated that Owen was truly the child in the first Jurassic Park movie that Dr. Alan Grant terrified with threats of raptors, before the first incident at the park ever occurred. According to the theory, that little chubby boy grew up to be a member of the Navy and then proceeded to be one of the greatest trainers Jurassic World had ever seen. It's a ridiculous theory that is entirely unfounded, but fans like to forge connections wherever they can!

6 Ferris Bueller - Cameron's Daydream

There are good problems with the famous 1980s Ferris Bueller's Big Day Off. First of all, the Cubs game that the three students go to takes place in June, which makes viewers wonder what kind of school they were going to where school was still in session in June. But furthermore, the parade that Ferris hijacks, celebrating Von Steuben Day, is typically mid-September, so something is off here. Some fans speculate that the events are conflicting and confusing because none of it really happened- Cameron is simply dreaming up all of the events of the day- Ferris is simply Cameron's alter ego that parties hard and lets loose, unlike Cameron. Cameron's world has always been locked up tight, whereas Ferris lives without rules and boundaries. There are variations of the theory, such as Ferris being a deceased friend, but they're all just wildly incorrect theories.

5 Falling in Mad Men

From the beginning of the Mad Men series, fans have been looking for the meaning inside of the television show's title sequence, wherein a businessman goes about his work but then seems to be falling past skyscrapers to his death down below. From the start, fans speculated the businessman in question would either be Don Draper or Pete Campbell since the two are constantly walking a balance between an idealistic and a horribly unstable life. Some fans went further to guess that perhaps it wasn't one of the businessmen that would suffer this fate, but one of their victims such as Don's second wife Megan. While there would have been a lot of artful closure in the series ending in such a way, these fans were taking this symbolic image of a businessman plummeting from the top far too literally when it was intended just as a metaphor and iconic imagery.

4 Ash's Coma Dream

Plenty of the youths these days are playing Pokemon Go but never really watched much of the series or played the original card game. Some of us older nerds were absolutely addicted to the shows and don't really care for the revival of the series. Anyone who does watch the series knows all the main characters, including our favorite Ash. Well what if most of the Pokemon universe we know is a coma dream? Fans have theorized that, after Ash was in a bike accident early in the series, he was traumatized and put into a coma. While in a coma, he was able to live out his Pokemon Master dreams where he easily defeated Team Rocket and was able to overcome all the obstacles he encountered. It's a silly theory that, like many other theories on this list, is entirely too complicated and deep for the show it concerns.

3 Toy Story - Andy's Mom was Jessie's Owner

Anyone who watched the Toy Story series is well aware of the abandonment issues toys face. The prime example was Jessie the Cowgirl's story. She had a little girl that grew up and then donated her, breaking her heart and leading her to distrust children owners- that is, until Woody came along and convinced her to give kids another chance. He took her back home to his kid, Andy. If you connect the dots like some fans have, it might be even more significant than finding a new home for Jessie. Andy's mom is very possibly Jessie's owner; it's possible that she was the little girl shown in Jessie's flashback, and she loved the western children's show so much that she got her son into the toy franchise that ended decades ago! It's a super cute theory- but that's all it is! Pixar said the theory isn't true, but man oh man is it adorable.

2 Codename: James Bond

James Bond has been around a long time. The books by Ian Fleming were originally written back in the 1950s, and the movies started coming out in the early 1960s. Since then, we've had many different men playing the iconic role: John Allen, Barry Nelson, David Niven, George Lazenby, Timothy Dalton, Roger Moore, Pierce Brosnan, Sean Connery, and, finally, Daniel Craig. We've always assumed that they were playing the same character, but what if they weren't? One fan theory suggests that perhaps these men were all playing different characters: "James Bond" was simply a code name for secret agents while on mission, just as 007 is. However, this theory was proven wrong in one of the most recent Daniel Craig movies, when the titular character returned to the graves of his parents- who also had the last name of Bond. Sorry fans, but it looks like they were all the same Bond with the same stories and histories.

1 Beauty and the Beast in Westworld

A recent, entertaining, and moderately hilarious fan theory is one speculating that Beauty and the Beast is not really a fantasy romantic fairy tale, but is more of a dark science fiction tale like Westworld. These fans found so many parallels between the show and the movie that it actually began to make sense! We can tell you right off the bat that this theory is bologna and crap, but it's fun to consider. Pretend Belle is a guest, coming to this fairy tale park akin to Westworld time and time again. Beast was a character whose consciousness was altered to see if he could become sentient. When Rose ventures to get the rose, akin to when people explore corners of the park rarely explored, she creates a dissonant occurrence in the park that triggers negative reactions in hosts like Gaston and the Beast. The more you think about it, the cooler it sounds- though it reveals the repetitive structures we see in so many popular stories.

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