15 Fan Theories About The Last Jedi You NEED To Consider

The new Star Wars movies have had us all hooked right from the get-go, and now we know the high standards to expect, the upcoming instalments seem all the more exciting. With The Force Awakens we were introduced to a new cast of characters alongside some old favourites, and the beginning of a new entry to the saga which is shaping up to be epic. We’ve already had a major character death, a new uber-villain, and lots of hints and foreshadowing about what might be to come – as well as a potential budding romance.

So where does it all go from here? With the announcement of the title of the new movie – The Last Jedi – speculation is rife about what will happen next. The title itself is a major source for theories, as we know that it must refer to something that happens within the movie. Then there are all of the hints and suggestions that were laid down in The Force Awakens adding fuel to the fire. On top of this we have a lot of mysteries about our newer characters. Who is Rey and who are her family? What about Finn? What really happened with Luke and Kylo Ren? Who is Supreme Leader Snoke anyway? How come we’ve never heard about him until now – is he really a new character, or just a new name for someone who already existed?

Buckle up, because we have 15 of the most intriguing and convincing fan theories about the new movie here. Which ones do you believe?


15 Snoke Is The Last Jedi

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We’re hitting you right off the bat with a theory that seems to come from left of field. But when you think about it, it’s pretty convincing. Right now there is a lot of focus on Jedi history. For example, in Rogue One we saw Jedha and the ancient temple there. Luke was looking for the original Jedi temple in The Force Awakens, and in the corresponding canon novelization, Snoke is described as very old. Finally, Kylo Ren also has an ancient version of the lightsaber. Now consider this: what if the order we know as Jedi is actually nothing but a pale imitation of the real Jedi that went before? And Snoke is the last one of that original order to survive? One thing is for sure – we are gearing up for some history lessons about the origins of Jedi, and all signs point to Snoke possibly being around during that time.

14 Rey Is A Skywalker

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This one is a theory that has being doing the rounds even before the first movie opened in cinemas. Rey has always been a figure of mystery. We don’t know who her parents are as a consequence of the fact that she was abandoned as a young child. But she is certainly blessed with some kind of gift for the Force. We know that this can often be hereditary, so wouldn’t it make sense that she got this gift from her father or mother? In the flashbacks of Rey being left behind as a young girl, some people believe that they have spotted Luke Skywalker. If this is the case, then she could turn out to be his daughter. They even have similar features, so a lot of credence has been given to this one. If she is a Skywalker, it would make her the new central character very neatly – with Anakin being the centre of the first (story chronology) trilogy, Luke the centre of the second, and Rey the centre of the third. It would also mean that her actions from here on in will be very important.

13 Luke Is The Last Jedi

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And another theory about who this “Last Jedi” might be. The smart money appears to be on Luke Skywalker, if only for the fact that the series has already told us that he is considered to hold this title. In the title crawl for The Force Awakens, it reads: “Luke Skywalker has vanished. In his absence, the sinister First Order has risen from the ashes of the Empire and will not rest until Skywalker, the last Jedi, has been destroyed”. This certainly seems to suggest that the film is going to be all about Luke. It would make sense: he barely had any screen time in the first movie and no dialogue, so it’s about time our old hero was returned to us. But there’s also a lot of talk about what this means for him. Will he attempt to refuse to train Rey, meaning that he remains the last Jedi?

12 Luke Is A Grey Jedi


There’s a story in the Star Wars extended universe that Grey Jedi used to exist, and maybe still do, in secret. They are a hidden group who do not follow the rules of the Jedi Council, and do not consign themselves to the Dark or Light Sides. Luke Skywalker is known for having a lot of non-traditional Jedi characteristics. For example, he has exhibited love and other strong emotions, which are denied to the Jedi – something his father also struggled with. He has felt the pull of both sides of the Force, and has wielded both blue and green lightsabers. Fans have even theorized that the unorthodox Qui-Gon Jinn was a Grey Jedi, and thus so was his protégé Obi-Wan Kenobi… and thus, in turn, Luke Skywalker. Interestingly enough, Luke straddling the line between Light and Dark could even, in theory, bring the long-predicted balance to the Force. Could the Grey Jedi order be what Luke is scouring old temples for?

11 Leia Will Die

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With the death of beloved actress Carrie Fisher, a lot of what we thought we knew has gone up in the air. For example, she was already confirmed to have a central role in episode IX. But without the actress there to fill the role, could we see a different storyline emerging? Something will have to happen to be the catalyst for a lot of the expected storylines. These include Luke changing his mind and re-joining the battle, or Kylo Ren coming back over to the light. Could such a catalyst be the death of a family member? Leia is both the sister of Luke and the mother of Kylo Ren, so she could certainly take on this kind of role. If she dies in front of either or both of them, things could be set into motion. It could even be that Kylo Ren is forced to kill her, too, to prove his loyalty. Although the scenes may not have been filmed that way, we know that the filmmakers already have permission to create CGI versions of Leia, given her youthful “appearance” in Rogue One.

10 The Force Awakens The Last Jedi

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It looks as though Disney may be playing a little trick on us, or at least having some fun a la TV’s Sherlock. The writers of that series are notorious for releasing the names of the episodes with a little clue towards what might happen in them, and the titles for the Star Wars saga might give us a similar kind of insight. You may have noticed that if you line both of the titles up for episodes 8 and 9, you get a sentence: The Force Awakens The Last Jedi. This seems to fit the story arc we have seen so far. Either the force has awakened Rey to become the last Jedi, or the force has propelled Rey to go and awaken Luke as the last Jedi, or something along those lines depending on which theory you follow. Now the question is, what will episode 10’s title be? And will it fit into the sentence to bring us a mission statement for the trilogy?

9 Rey And Ren Are Twins

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There’s a theme of family running through the Star Wars saga, and in particular the Skywalkers. We know for a fact that they are genetically prone to having twins, and we also know that there’s a bit of a family tradition of raising those twins separately. Whether they just enjoy the idea of them accidentally committing incest later in life or not, we’ll never know. Anyway, secret twins, or at least brother and sister, could be a theme we revisit. Who are the two individuals in the series who, so far, have been identified as potential Jedis in training? Rey and Kylo Ren. Hey, Rey and Ren. That’s neat. Just like Luke and Leia. Even though Ren might not be his real name, it could be a sly nod from the writers as to a future disclosure. But as to why Rey would be abandoned but not her brother, we can’t yet say.


8 Snoke Is Mace Windu

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This one might be a little tough to get your head around, but there’s a thin chance that it could be true. When Darth Sidious faced off with Mace Windu, he lost a hand and then got fried with Force electricity, but then he simply disappears from our view. Could he potentially have survived his brush with the Dark Side? If so, then he would certainly be deformed and ugly from the attack. He could also have allowed anger and the wish for revenge to turn him to the Dark Side, too. We know that Snoke is old, and Mace would be in his 100s by the time of The Force Awakens – don’t forget he battled with a young Anakin, before Luke’s birth. The projection that we see of him isn’t necessarily to scale, so it’s also possible that he’s normal sized. Samuel L. Jackson has expressed a belief that his character survived, and that he would love to be in another Star Wars movie.

7 The Knights Of Ren Are Luke’s Padawans

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Now let’s take a look at a group who haven’t been seen or discussed much as yet, at least not on screen. The Knights of Ren are a group of First Order soldiers who fight with Kylo Ren in order to carry out Supreme Leader Snoke’s wishes. In Rey’s Force flashback, she saw the Knights of Ren slaughtering the apprentice Padawans who Luke had been training. But a new theory goes that actually, only some of the Padawans were killed. The rest? They make up the Knights of Ren themselves. If they broke away from Luke’s teachings, it would explain why he is so crushed. It wasn’t just one of his trainees who disobeyed him and turned to the Dark Side – it was most of them. That’s why he is so reluctant to pass on his teachings and has gone into hiding. It will also make his training of Rey all the more poignant.

6 Kylo Ren Is A Double Agent

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We know that Kylo Ren is an admirer of his grandfather, Darth Vader. He even carries around the helmet that his ancestor wore, and he has his own similar get-up despite not needing it. But what if this is all a plot? He talks to the helmet in The Force Awakens, and says, “Show me... Grandfather... and I will finish... what you started.” The main thought here is that he is trying to emulate Darth Vader and rule the galaxy with the power of the Dark Side. But what if he’s actually trying to emulate Anakin Skywalker, who changed his mind at the end and wanted to redeem the light? Kylo Ren could be undertaking a very clever plot to finish off Snoke, and the Dark Side, once and for all. If so, his killing of Han Solo can be viewed in a different light. It’s even possible that Han knew he had to be sacrificed to make it convincing – and that he went to his death for the good of the rebellion. That’s why he told Kylo Ren he would do “anything”, and why Ren said he didn’t know if he had “the strength to do it”.

5 One Or Neither Will Die


If the Last Jedi is the subject of the film, then the title should mean that there is only one Jedi, right? But we have two candidates for this – Rey and Luke. Some people have speculated that for the title to ring true, one of them must die. Could Luke “do a Yoda” – train his new Padawan and then pass away? Or will Rey die, representing yet another failure on Luke’s part? But then there are those who argue that Jedi is also the plural form of the word. It could mean that the title means the last two or few Jedi, which would be a relief for those worried about a favourite character death. They could both live on and still not deny the title. It’s still a little risky, because we know that Kylo Ren supposedly killed all of the other potential Jedi, so since he has rejected his training, there currently really is just one Jedi in the form of Luke.

4 Anakin Will Appear As A Force Ghost

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Let’s go back to that “Show me... Grandfather... and I will finish... what you started” quote from Kylo Ren. Yoda and Obi-Wan have both already “appeared” as Force Ghosts, if only by voice, to Rey. The only other known Force Ghost yet to be seen in the new movie series is Anakin. There’s two ways that Anakin could come back. Firstly, he could already be appearing to Kylo Ren, guiding him towards being a double agent as we discussed earlier – which is why Kylo Ren literally asks him to “show” him the way. Or it could be that Anakin will find the power to come back and push Kylo Ren off his current course, directing him towards the Light instead, in the future. It seems to strengthen the double agent theory well, but if it goes the other way, it could create major plot holes. Like why Anakin didn’t show up and tell him not to go Dark before he killed his own father, for example.

3 Rey Is Palpatine’s Granddaughter

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This shocking theory puts a whole new spin on Rey’s origins. What if she is the granddaughter of Emperor Palpatine, later to become the evil Darth Sidious? There are a few points which could back this up. Firstly, she fights with a lightsaber in the same style as Palpatine did, without being instructed to. There’s also the fact that Kylo Ren seems to recognize her, and that in the novelization she hears a mysterious voice in her head which could be Palpatine. She also gives into rage often, and appears very Dark during her fight with Kylo Ren. She even appears on the dark half of the The Force Awakens poster. This would make an interesting spark for the plot: Rey being the granddaughter of a Sith Lord but turning to the Light, with Kylo Ren turning from his Light Side family to the Dark. It would also forge a deeper connection between the two, as it was Sidious who turned Anakin into Darth Vader.

2 Snoke Is Vader’s Father

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This one has huge implications for the whole Star Wars universe. We were always told that Anakin was a bit of a virgin birth: that his father was simply the midi-chlorians, which explained his high concentration of them. But what if we’ve been taking that a little too literally? Snoke appears to call himself Anakin’s father in a script leak from the upcoming film, in which he says, “After all, what father doesn’t see his own creation” when asked if he knew of Darth Vader. This could mean that Snoke actually managed to Force-father Anakin, creating the baby with his powers (or conceiving him the natural way, then using the Force to convince Anakin’s mother that it never happened). Or it could mean that Snoke is something of a physical manifestation of the midi-chlorians themselves, which goes along with the earlier theory of an older, more powerful race of Jedi.

1 Jar Jar Binks Is The Last Jedi

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Finally, this one is more than a bit of a reach, but it’s a lot of fun too. What if everyone’s pet hate, Jar Jar Binks, was more than he appeared? He appears graceful and athletic at times despite his bumbling ways, which this theory assumes were a deliberate act. In fact, he could be a master of the Drunken Fist martial arts technique. There’s also some (shady) evidence that he could be using Jedi mind control techniques, as he always seems to gesture right before something good happens to him. There are lots of things that could mean he’s a secret Jedi master, but if so, why? To secretly infiltrate the Jedi ranks, gain their trust, and puppet-master everything from behind the scenes. The person who proposed this theory even suggests that Jar Jar was meant to be revealed as the big villain in Attack of the Clones, but that fan vitriol towards the character made George Lucas panic and switch him for Count Dooku.



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