15 Fan Conspiracy Theories About The Simpsons That Are Cool AF

We currently live in an age where there are literally dozens of different ways for people to entertain themselves, whether it be through some physical sort of hobby or through technology and the internet. There are those who pass the time by doing things like reading, playing video games, going to the movies, listening to music, playing some kind of sport, or browsing through social media and YouTube. But even with all those entertainment options, most people around the world still choose to entertain themselves by watching television. TV has come a long way over the decades, to the point that there are now hundreds of different programs airing every single day, and of all those shows, there is one that has managed to withstand the test of time—The Simpsons.

Matt Groening is the man who created The Simpsons, and the animated sitcom has been on the air since December 17, 1989. Later this year, it will begin its 29th season. The show focuses on the working-class life of the Simpson family and takes place in the fictional town of Springfield which is filled with a variety of different characters. The main reason for its prolonged success is because it intelligently parodies American society, culture, and television. After 617 episodes and a hugely successful feature length film, fans of the show have delved into its history and have come up with their own set of theories that can actually change the way some people view and remember certain events that have taken place on the show. The purpose of this list is to give in detail and explore 15 of the show's coolest fan conspiracy theories.

15 The Simpson Family May Be Related To O.J.

O.J. Simpson is a former NFL player and actor who made headlines in 1994 when he was arrested for the murder of his ex-wife and her male friend. But despite motive and evidence, he was found not guilty. Now from afar, you may think that O.J. does not have any kind of connection to the Simpson family aside from his last name, but some believe that the ex-football player might actually be a distant relative of everyone's favorite animated family. This theory holds weight for 3 reasons. With the first being that in a previous episode, we learned that singer Jessica Simpson is a cousin to the Simpson children, which opens the possibility of the family being somehow related to everyone with the same last name. Over the course of the show, we have also learned that Grandpa, Homer, and Bart all have the letter J as their middle initial, just like O.J. And we have also learned that the Simpsons have at least 1 African-American relative who is named Virgil.

14 Springfield Is Located In Maine

Throughout the length of the series, the Simpson family have, for the most part, lived in the town of Springfield, a town which covers a surprisingly large area and which is definitely located somewhere in the United States. I say somewhere because in 28 seasons, neither the show nor the people associated with it, have revealed where in the U.S. the iconic town is located. But there is a popular theory that suggests that Springfield is located in Maine. Thanks to the internet, fans narrowed the number of possible states Springfield could be located in to three—Texas, Maine, and Ohio. And in the episode titled “Wizard of Evergreen Terrace,” the family passes a sign that says, “Exit New Jersey, Michigan, Oregon, and Texas” which essentially eliminates the Longhorn state. In another episode called “Homer and Apu,” both characters go out of state to visit the CEO of the Kwik-E-Mart who is located in Ohio, which eliminates that state as well, leaving Maine as the last possibility.

13 Bleeding Gums Murphy Was A Drug Addict

In season 1, there was an episode called "Moaning Lisa," and the story of that episode focused on Lisa and how playing music on her saxophone helped her to deal with her depression. While in her room, Lisa hears music being played outside and leaves her house in search of its source, which turns out to be a jazz musician named Bleeding Gums Murphy, who quickly becomes a friend and mentor to Lisa. He helps her to really express herself with her music. Murphy appeared again in season 6, when Lisa finds him in a hospital bed on the same day her brother is having surgery. But in that episode, it is never revealed why he was in the hospital. One theory is that he was in the hospital because he was a drug addict who had been overdosed, which makes sense considering how many musicians have been known to use drugs. However, the biggest thing that supports this theory lies within his name. Murphy told Lisa he was called "Bleeding Gums" because he had never been to the dentist. But as it turns out, heroin addicts are known for suffering from gingival bleeding, otherwise known as bleeding gums.

12 Maude Never Loved Ned

The Flanders have lived next to the Simpsons' house since the very beginning, and believe it or not, there is an entire generation of people who have no idea that Ned was once married to Maude. Although it originally aired 17 years ago, the 14th episode of season 11 is still considered to be one of the saddest episodes in the entire series, as it featured the death of Maude Flanders who left her husband and two sons utterly devastated. In all the time they appeared onscreen together, the Flanders seemed to be happily married, but one fan has made the case that Maude never actually loved her husband. The evidence for this theory is actually quite easy to spot because, for example, every time the pair were in some kind of trouble, like a bear attack, she would run off and leave Ned alone without giving him any help, and seemingly not caring whatsoever about abandoning him. In the episode of her death, we see Ned lying in bed at night. Next to him, we see the imprint of Maude's body which is facing away from Ned; meaning, she never wanted to sleep facing her husband.

11 There Is More Than 1 Hans Moleman

One of the show's lesser known characters is Hans Moleman, an old looking man with glasses who uses a cane to walk. He is known for constantly suffering near fatal injuries. What makes this character interesting is the fact that he claims to only be 31 years old even though he also served as Springfield's mayor 30 years ago and he has been run over multiple times, lit on fire, strapped to an electric chair, and buried alive. Yet, he still has not died. Considering all that has happened to Moleman, some believe that there are actually multiple Molemans out there. And each time one gets injured or dies, a new one replaces him. These same people believe that the Molemans are a race of human-mole hybrids living underground, who want to take over the surface, which is supported by the fact that in the season 11 episode, “Hello Gudder, Hello Fadder”, Homer sees several Molemans living underground. The only reason why they have not invaded yet is because so many Molemans have been seriously injured.

10 Homer Still Gets Paid Royalties From His Band

The show's 5th season debuted in September of 1993 with the episode "Homer's Barbershop Quartet," in which it was revealed that in the past, Homer, along with Barney, Apu, and Principal Skinner, sang in a barbershop quartet. Apparently, their music was incredibly popular, to the point that they reached Beatles-level fame and won a Grammy, which likely means that they each made quite a bit of money. In the show, Apu works at a convenience store and has 8 kids, yet is still able to afford sports cars and expensive gifts for his wife. On the other hand, Barney is a drunk with no job who manages to pay hefty bar tabs. Skinner somehow manages to live in a house in a rather wealthy neighborhood and is capable of loaning his mother sums of money that an ordinary principal cannot afford on their salary, while Homer, on a small income, is somehow able to afford living in a big house with 3 kids, pets, and 2 cars. People have wondered how these men have been able to live the way they do, and they believe that the reason why they are not deep in debt is because each of them still get royalties from their band's music.

9 The True Identity Of Nelson's Father

Basically every school has well-known bullies. At Springfield Elementary, Nelson is that bully as he has been picking on and hitting Bart for decades now, even though they have developed some kind of friendship at times. Nelson is actually a rather troubled kid who has longed to have his absentee father in his life. And although his dad has appeared in several episodes, there are fans who believe that that man is nothing more than one of Nelson's mother's lovers. Those fans believe that Barney is in fact Nelson's real father and the whole theory started when one person noticed how similar the two characters look when next to each other. Barney is known as the town drunk and has spent most of his adult life inebriated, which would explain why he would have no recollection of fathering a child and why Nelson's mom would not want to acknowledge him as her son's father. It was also revealed in an episode that Barney has made several donations to the local sperm bank and Nelson's mom could have easily used one of them to make her son.

8 Springfield Is In A Wormhole

As of right now, someone who was 5 years old when The Simpsons first premiered is now 33, and the reason for that is because people age (a fact of life that for some reason the show has neglected). Over the course of 28 seasons, none of the show's characters have aged despite the fact that they have all visibly celebrated Christmas close to 28 times. There is actually more than one theory that could explain this, with one of them being that Springfield is located inside a wormhole. In science, a wormhole is believed to be able to alter the effects of time; effects which could include halting the aging process or greatly reducing it. This would explain why Maggie is still a baby when she should be in her late ‘20s, and it would also explain why the show features modern technology and current pop culture references despite everyone looking like they did in the show's 1st season in 1989.

7 Maggie Is A Sociopath

Little baby Maggie Simpson is the youngest of the family's 3 children, and she is known for saying little to no words, constantly sucking on her red pacifier, and for being downright adorable. As innocent as Maggie appears to be, she is actually quite smart and cunning in her own way, and she has sometimes also been seen losing her temper and acting a bit violent, a reason why some people have theorized that Maggie might become a psychotic sociopath when she grows up. The basis of this theory is that Maggie wants to kill her father, as evidenced by the fact that she has stabbed him with a pencil, attacked him with a hammer, and shot him with a nail gun in the past. Seeing as Maggie has actually saved her father's life several times, you can say that this theory does not makes sense. But if Maggie is destined to become a sociopath, then it is possible that she only saved her father to make sure that she is the one to kill him.

6 The Simpsons Are All Geniuses

Within the Simpson family, Lisa is the only member who is considered to be a genius, seeing as Maggie is just a baby who does not speak. On the other hand, Bart just causes trouble, whereas Marge is just a loving mother and wife, and with Homer just being an idiot. Lisa may be viewed as the only smart one, but there is a popular theory which suggests that each member of the family is a genius, seeing as Bart has shown glimpses of being highly intelligent by being able to learn multiple languages and by foiling several of Sideshow Bob's villainous plots. Maggie has shown off her brain power several times by saving her entire family. When it comes to Marge, we have seen in flashback episodes that she was very bright in her youth and gave up what could have been a very promising career after marrying Homer. Ironically, Homer may actually be the one real genius in the family, as one episode showed him stick a crayon up his nose when he was a kid. When he removed it as an adult, he literally had a genius-level intellect. But in order to keep his dimwitted friends, he stuck another crayon up his nostril.

5 Moe Knows That It's Bart Pranking Him

The Simpsons have been around for a long time, and with all of that history, there are bound to be certain hallmarks of the show that continue to endure throughout the decades, and one of those hallmarks revolves about Bart and Moe. From very early on, Bart has been known for prank calling Moe at his tavern and giving him silly names to say out loud in order to make him embarrass himself. Moe has always given the appearance of hating those calls based on how angry he gets and the threats he dishes out. But he has never been able to act on those threats because he says he has no idea who the caller is. As some fans have pointed out, Moe has likely known the entire time that Bart is the one making the calls. In fact, in one episode, Moe basically says he recognizes Bart's voice when he comes to the tavern looking for Homer. Moe is also a very lonely individual who wants to have kids of his own, which would explain why he never made the cops put an end to the harassing calls because he secretly enjoys having someone call him and making a kid like Bart laugh.

4 It Was Actually Marge Who Shot Mr. Burns

Mr. Burns has been disliked by the residents of Springfield ever since the beginning of the show. In the season 6 finale, audiences believed that one of the town's residents had actually shot and killed him. In the season 7 premiere, the "who shot Mr. Burns?" storyline ended when Burns reveals that it was baby Maggie who shot him. Since then, the show has brought it up numerous times. Although Burns says it was Maggie, some fans believe that it was actually Marge who did the shooting, mainly because she is the last person we actually see with the gun when she is burying it in the backyard. Prior to the shooting, Marge briefly worked as a police officer, which means that she knew how to use a gun. She also said that when she married Homer, she took everything he had, including his Simpson DNA which was found on the gun. What really makes this theory gain traction, though, is the fact that in season 4, Mr. Burns falls in love with Marge when she starts working at the nuclear plant. Fans think that he still has feelings for her, which is why he blamed Maggie who, was a baby instead, because she would never be charged for attempted murder.

3 The Missing Episode

Of all the conspiracy theories mentioned on this list, this one is probably the most controversial, as it deals with a non-existent episode that deals with the death of one of the Simpson children. This theory started because of an alleged discrepancy in the number of episodes in the show's 1st season; a discrepancy which was allegedly caused by Matt Groening deciding not to air an episode because of its controversial subject matter. The episode in question was called "Dead Bart." In it, Bart was apparently causing trouble on an airplane while it was already in the air, and ends up breaking a window which sucks him out of the plane and falling to his death. The rest of the episode then apparently dealt with the funeral in a realistic way. This theory has been debunked and is considered to be nothing more than an urban legend. But there is indeed a grainy video out there that does feature Bart dead in a casket.

2 Why People Have Yellow Skin

When a show lasts as long as The Simpsons has, there are bound to be a few mysteries lying around that have not been given definitive answers. And when it comes to The Simpsons, the biggest mystery is why almost everyone has yellow skin. Since the very first episode, people have been asking that question, and the show's creator, Matt Groening has stated that their yellow skin is the result of him not wanting to use conventional cartoon colors. When an animator showed him the yellow characters, he went with it because he believed people would stop flipping through channels once they saw a show with uniquely bright characters. That was his answer though, and not everyone believes it, as there is a theory that everyone on the show is suffering from radiation poisoning caused by Mr. Burns' nuclear plant, and that the show itself is a documentary series funded by the show's Republican Party to cover up the nuclear disaster.

1 Homer Has Been In A Coma Since Season 4

“So it’s come to this: A Simpsons Clip Show,” is the name of the 18th episode of The Simpsons' 4th season, and in it, Homer performs pranks on Bart for April Fools, and to get back at him, Bart places one of Homer's beers into a paint shaker which causes an actual explosion when Homer opens it. The explosion puts Homer into a coma, and while in the hospital, his family reminisces about some of his funniest moments, and by the end of the episode, he wakes up without any lasting effects. Thanks to a theory posted on Reddit, some people believe that Homer never actually woke up, and that he is still in a coma, and that all of the adventures the Simpson family have gone on since have all been in his head. This theory would actually explain why God in one episode told Homer, "you can't wait six months?" In response to Homer saying he does not want to wait long to find out when he is going to die; and that conversation took place in an episode titled, “Homer the Heretic”, which aired 6 months prior to the clip show. Interestingly enough, this coma theory is also one of the theories used to explain why none of the show's characters age.

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