15 Famous Women With Underrated Bodies

Considering that the media and much of society is obsessed with people’s appearance, at least when it comes to celebrities, it seems like renowned women with hot bodies would get their due. Unfortunately, it is sometimes actually quite the opposite. Due to the fact that the powers that be prefer to give roles or promote the work of especially attractive woman, the majority of people in prominent roles are extremely attractive. As such, there are women who have amazing figures that go under-appreciated because other ladies receive the lion’s share of the attention. On top of that, there are several women who would be the hottest women in almost any room but dress down more often than not when the majority of people see them. Realizing that was the case is what inspired us to put together this list of fifteen famous women with underrated bodies.

In order to be considered for inclusion in this list a woman must be have made enough of a name for themselves that they are well known among a significant group of people. Whether they are famous for acting, singing, sports, comedy, movie reviews, videos on YouTube, hosting a show, or any number of other potential career paths it makes no difference to us. Next, they need to have bodies that deserve a great deal more appreciation than they currently receive for any number of reasons. That said, we need to make it clear that everybody’s frame of reference is different. As such, you may already think that some of the people featured here have incredible bodies but as far as we can tell, the majority of people overlook that fact. Additionally, you may not know the identities of a couple of these women but let us assure you, everyone listed here has attained a certain level of fame.

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15 Demi Lovato

A singer and actress Demi Lovato was the perfect person to star in a film like Camp Rock for the Disney Channel as a youngster. Remaining relevant ever since, she was also introduced to many people as a judge on the American Version of The X Factor for a while and she still makes occasional acting appearances. That said, her career mostly revolves her music these days and over the years she has had more than one album certified gold or better and has had songs chart highly on the Billboard Hot 100. Seemingly touring constantly these days as well, her stage shows give us regular opportunities to see her wearing body flaunting outfits that still manage to be classy. Somebody who has struggled with body issues in the past, including bulimia, Demi has embraced her body which is fantastic because she deserves to be positive about her body just as we are.

14 Chloe Bennet

Quite possibly the least famous person we’re looking at here, Chloe Bennet will likely only be known to fans of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. One of the stars of Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., she was introduced as Daisy “Skye” Johnson, also known as Quake as the series progressed, in the very first episode. A talented hacker who comes to the attention of the agency due to her computer skills, over time she has become a palpable threat in battle situations and one of the most unique voices on the show. As for the woman that portrays her, we’re quite certain that if Chloe’s role was as part of the film branch of the franchise she’s already be a massive star due to her beauty and acting ability. Possessing a fit and firm body, any opportunity we get to see it is one we can’t resist.

13 Analeigh Tipton

Via fansshare.com

There is a time-honored tradition in Hollywood of finding a woman that they think has a bit of a quirky look and routinely casting them as the best friend of the lead actress and romantic interest. One of the latest women to find themselves typecast in that way, Analeigh Tipton has become a recognizable face but not due to lead roles. Seen in movies like Crazy, Stupid, Love, Warm Bodies and Two Night Stand, she may not typically play a central role but there is something about her that you can’t help but notice. Actually starting out her career in the public as a model who competed in cycle eleven of America’s Next Top Model, she was able to make headway in that industry due to her tight physique.

12 Hilary Duff

Via Maxim.com

A former child and teen star who made her name on a Disney show called Lizzie McGuire, the fact that Hilary Duff grew up before eyes may be way some people can’t see how beautiful she has become. Also a success in the music industry, she has released five albums to date and had several of her tracks become hits. Known for acting roles in movies like Cheaper by the Dozen, Material Girls and War, Inc., she remains a mainstay of television including playing the main character in a still-in-production show called Younger and as a co-host on The Talk. A twenty-nine-year-old woman at the time of this writing, she has matured into quite the attractive woman, especially when it comes to her glorious rear end and frame.

11 Kelly Rowland

Via micaelarossato.com

Some people may not realize it but Destiny's Child is one of the best-selling girl groups of all-time. Through the release of songs like “Independent Women”, "Survivor", "Bootylicious", “Lose My Breath” and “Jumpin Jumpin”, that became sales behemoths, they made a place for themselves in music history. Despite those colossal successes, however, the group is pretty much remembered these days as the jumping off point of Beyonce’s career which is a shame. Part of the reason why we find that disappointing is that Beyonce isn’t the only woman to come out of the act that has a figure women would kill to have and many of us would die to lie beside. Kelly Rowland, arguably the second best-known member of the group, also has the type of bod that looks incredible no matter what she is wearing or preferably what she doesn’t have on.

10 Brooke Tessmacher

Via Pinterest.com

A former bikini pageant contestant that won Miss Hawaiian Tropic, Miss Hooters, and Miss Swimsuit USA, Brooke has actually prevailed in nationwide competitions that heavily look women’s bodies. Transitioning into a new career as she matured, she became a performer for the WWE where her tenure consisted of coming to the ring and dancing to the titillation of those in attendance. Released from her contract, she made the move to TNA wrestling, a company that isn’t as sexual as its name makes it seem. Perhaps that is why she finds herself here, though, considering the company where she has spent the majority of her career is largely unknown outside wrestling circles. Don’t get us wrong, it’s not that we think that people that look at Brooke Tessmacher won’t notice that her body is amazing. Instead, we’ve included her here because her figure is so impressive that there really shouldn’t be a list of the hottest women alive that doesn’t include an image of this insanely hot woman.

9 Anna Kendrick

Via Pinterest.com

One of the most likable people in the entire entertainment industry, Anna Kendrick seems like someone we’d love to kick back and enjoy a beer or two with any night of the week. Hilarious on social media or whenever we see her interviewed, she seems like someone with a wicked wit who wouldn’t want to say anything hurtful. An actress who has given several stellar performances over the years, she even has an academy award nomination under her belt and we really hope she sticks around for a very long time. Anna is known for her work in movies like 50/50, The Twilight franchise, Up in the Air, Into the Woods, Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates and the Pitch Perfect films. A short woman who stands at only five foot one, her tiny body is still banging as anyone who's seen pictures of it should be able to attest even though that gets forgotten much of the time.

8 Lady Gaga

At the time of this writing, Lady Gaga recently was seen during the Super Bowl in what has been almost universally recognized as one of the best half-time performances in the history of the NFL. A multi-platinum singer who is known for her inclusive lyrics and outrageous behavior, there have been times in which her persona has outshone her music. That is a shame as she is an incredible singer with an uncanny ability to work on some of the catchiest songs we’ve ever heard. Due in large part to her tendency to wear wacky clothing, a meat dress is the perfect example, it seems as though a lot of people don’t pay attention to what her gear is covering up. A consummate entertainer, footage of her concerts shows that she can work herself to the bone to make sure her stage work is every bit as interesting as her music, which is an incredible cardio workout. That probably plays a large part in what makes her body so impressive, especially now that she doesn't feel the need to be so thin all the time.

7 Kat Dennings

Via fabzz.com

The star of a long-running sitcom called 2 Broke Girls, Kat has turned herself into a recognizable star despite having a body, unlike the type that most women who get lead roles have. Don’t get us wrong, though, just because she doesn’t have the body type of most female celebrities doesn’t make us appreciate what she is working with any less, quite the contrary. Kat is also known for roles in movies like The 40-Year-Old Virgin, Charlie Bartlett, The House Bunny, Nick & Norah's Infinite Playlist, Defendor, and the first two Thor movies. Blessed with one of the greatest busts we’ve ever seen, Kat is a buxom woman whose body we can’t get enough of and we greatly look forward to seeing it more and more in the future.

6 Hannah Simone

Starting out her career in the public eye as a VJ for the Canadian equivalent of MTV, MuchMusic, Hannah principally worked on the channel’s news segments, known as Much News Weekly. Transitioning into the acting world, she has appeared in movies like the American remake of Oldboy and Flock of Dudes, on top of her television credits which is the medium where she has succeeded most. Best known for her starring role in New Girl, where she plays a character named Cecilia "Cece" Schmidt who is a former model, a career that we totally believe this gorgeous woman could’ve found herself in. Someone that doesn’t seem to have a single imperfection, though we’re sure she’d point to some minor flaw, we love every aspect of her body and we’re not sure how anyone could feel differently.

5 AJ Michalka

Via Pinterest.com

An actress and musician that is still in the infancy of her career, you could easily be forgiven if you have no idea who AJ is. A singer-songwriter who predominantly performs with her equally beautiful sister Aly, the pair makes up the creatively named duo Aly and AJ. However, it is in the acting world where AJ has found her most success. Someone who has made several appearances in shows like The Guardian, Oliver Beene, and even voiced a character for Steven Universe, the role that made her a star to a lot of people came in The Goldbergs. A show that focuses on the lives of the titular family, in it AJ plays Lainey Lewis, the best friend of the family’s daughter and girlfriend of the eldest brother. Typically seen these days wearing clothes straight out of the eighties that cover up the majority of her flesh, we think that is why many people don’t recognize how smoking her body is.

4 Morena Baccarin

Via fetishfuel.wikia.com

For several years Morena Baccarin was known as one of the stars of the show Firefly and its spin-off film Serenity, but last year she received a role that is arguably her greatest claim to fame. Also known for other shows like Stargate SG-1, Homeland, V, The Mentalist, The Flash and Gotham, it seems like giving her a lead role in your show is a good way to ensure a certain level of success. Still, we haven’t even referenced the role we think is probably her best known these days, that of Vanessa Carlysle in 2016’s Deadpool. A character that needed to feel like she could hold her own with the Merc with a Mouth, Vanessa as brought to life by this talented actress sometimes even seemed to have the upper hand. An elegant looking woman who is also able to get down and dirty with the best of them, Morena’s breasts, butt, and legs are simply awe-inspiring.

3 Kate Mara

It sometimes seems like we are the only ones who recognize that Kate Mara isn’t just a talented actress and member of a wealthy family. Instead, we can’t help but sit back and appreciate how exquisite her looks are including from the neck down. First coming to our attention through the initial seasons of American Horror Story and House of Cards, she has gone on to get several major roles in movies. For instance, she is an important part of films like We Are Marshall, Shooter, Transcendence, 2015’s Fantastic Four and The Martian. Someone who has proven herself capable of seducing TV and movie characters with just a look, she owes a great deal of her sex appeal to her slim and sexy figure.

2 Lizzy Caplan

Via theimproper.com

Lizzy Caplan has spent the majority of her career being cast as an outspoken woman that is more likely to put the people she shares the screen with in their place instead of becoming involved with them. Although there are a few notable exceptions, including Masters of Sex and Hot Tub Time Machine, most of the time she doesn’t seem to get her due as one of the sexiest women in Hollywood. If you question that for even a fraction of a second then we instruct you to see any of her many nude scenes in Masters of Sex or True Blood. If you do that we can’t even fathom any reaction other than slack-jawed appreciation.

1 Mary Elizabeth Winstead

We’re just going to come out and say it, Mary Elizabeth Winstead deserves to be given a lot more credit as a world-class hottie. Mary is known for roles in movies like Sky High, Final Destination 3, Death Proof, Live Free or Die Hard, The Thing prequel, The Spectacular Now, and 10 Cloverfield Lane, all of which could have made her a star. However, in our opinions, the role that turned the most heads for her was in Scott Pilgrim vs. the World where she personified the concept of the manic pixie dream girl we all can relate to lusting after. A brunette beauty with a body that just won’t quit and a face that we can’t help but fall for, she is the perfect woman to take our top spot.

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