15 Famous People Who Are Allegedly Controlled By Project MKUltra

Project MKUltra was, and some might say still is, a CIA mind control program that consisted of experiments on human subjects. The purpose of these experiments was to develop drugs and procedures that

Project MKUltra was, and some might say still is, a CIA mind control program that consisted of experiments on human subjects. The purpose of these experiments was to develop drugs and procedures that could control the mind of an unwitting subject, and when you think about it, how cool would that be? OK, maybe not in real life when a government agency is doing it to you but still... The CIA started this program in the early 1950s and it continued until 1973, although many say that it is still in operation today. They often used unwitting Americans as their test subjects. A lot of people think that the CIA is still working on mind control and that MKUltra still exists. After all, if you were trying to run a secret government mind control operation, would you tell anyone about it? When you think about it, that would make you pretty bad at your job, now wouldn't it?

And who would be the best people to use as mind control subjects if you were the CIA? Well, celebrities of course. If you control the celebrities, then you also control all of the sheep in the general population that follow them, and hey it would make Miley Cyrus and her behavior make a lot more sense, right? She isn't that big of an idiot, after all, the government is controlling her mind! It all makes sense now.

What follows is a list of famous people who have been said to be controlled by MKUltra. Does it sound ridiculous? Well, so does trusting your government, so pretty much either way you come down on this subject, you have a belief in something that might not exist.  was a real thing, but is it still going on now with celebrities being used as puppets? Here are 15 famous people that are rumored to be controlled by MKUltra.

*This article is a satirical take on celebrity conspiracy theories that are currently available on the Internet.

15 Amanda Bynes


A few years ago, Amanda Bynes totally lost it and started acting in all sorts of bizarre ways. She was finally committed to a mental institution after a series of acts that culminated with her setting a fire in a neighbor's driveway, and being diagnosed with schizophrenia.  That might have ended the story, except Amanda took to Twitter to let the world know that she had a microchip implanted in her head. One of her tweets said, "I will not be manipulated or brainwashed anymore."  While it is certainly much more likely that Amanda just totally lost her mind than she was being mind controlled by the CIA, it still got people wondering if MKUltra might have been behind Amanda unraveling.

14 Beyonce


Beyonce? Say it isn't so! She is one of the most popular female celebrities of our time- how could it be true that she is a mind-controlled CIA zombie? Well, it probably isn't, but that hasn't stopped some theories that Beyonce is basically a mind-controlled government robot. Is it wrong that sounds kind of hot? Don't bother answering, I already know what you are going to say. You think I am making this up? Read this: "Until she actually comes out and admits that she's been under mind control, which is almost impossible for a victim to even realize, we will have to examine the multitude of clues that would lead us to believe that Beyoncé has undergone Monarch programming. It is highly probable that she is not a queen, but, in fact, a slave."

13 Miley Cyrus


If Miley Cyrus is a mind-controlled slave, whoever is controlling her does not like her very much. If I were mind-controlling someone I wouldn't make them do that whole twerking thing at the Super Bowl to them, even if they were my worst enemy. With that said, though, it would explain a lot- think she would have done something like that on purpose? People that believe in such things claim her video for the song "Tongue Tied" is about her being a government puppet. Sound silly? This is their proof: "The song title itself suggests being speechless and confused – a state that MK slaves know all too well. It is however the visual symbolism packed in this short video that says it all: It is about Miley Cyrus, a representative of Sex Kitten Programming."

12 Mark David Chapman


For those of you who may not remember, Mark David Chapman was the man who gunned down John Lennon outside of a hotel in New York City, then sat there reading Catcher in the Rye, until the police arrived. I don't know, I read that book like five times and I didn't see any reason to get that worked up about it. He has been in prison ever since. There have been theories put out there that Chapman was intentionally driven insane by the FBI, who somehow electronically submitted frequencies to Chapman's brain that said "The phony must die says Catcher in the Rye," until Chapman decided Lennon was a phony and killed him. While this is not specifically related to MKUltra, it is still related to government mind control.

11 Shia LaBeouf


How could you have a list of this type without having Shia LaBeouf on it. I mean there simply has to be an explanation for his behavior right? Mind control is as good as any. At least it is according to this post  which says "Is Shia's 'meltdown' a result of actual MK programming? Is he purposely being placed in awful situations to hurt his career by industry handlers? His situation is strikingly similar to other stars who, after years of success, spiral into a self-destructive pattern." While most of us, and by most I mean all of us, are still of the opinion that Shia is simply an entitled douchebag, the fact that he is being secretly mind controlled by the CIA, also has to be taken into account. Because why not?

10 Marilyn Monroe


Marilyn Monroe was the original mind control slave, at least according to conspiracy theorists. She was supposedly part of Project Monarch, which was a part of MKUltra that was supposed to make Betas, which basically were sexually programmed slaves. It was said that her CIA handler was Anton LaVey, who was the leader of the Church of Satan. So far this sounds like the beginnings of a great party. According to some reports her death was the end result: "When Monroe’s programming lost its effect and she started to break down, some argue that she was 'thrown off the freedom train,' an MKULTRA term for designating slaves that are killed when they are not useful (and potentially dangerous) to their handlers."

9 Roseanne Barr


While it seems impossible now, Roseanne Barr used to be one of the biggest stars in the entire world, how odd is that? She breaks the mold a bit, because she claims she may have been mind controlled. She told Larry King that she believed she had an induced multiple personality disorder because she had "this head shrinker and he says it's deliberately induced, because the CIA is where they started inducing it when after they brought all the Nazis over from Germany to run [the] American Psychiatric Association." Then after Michael Jackson's death, Roseanne said on her blog that Jackson's father was an MKUltra operative.

8 Britney Spears


All right, now Britney Spears, I can certainly see her being mind controlled by someone- really the only question is who? The word on the street is that she first started being mind controlled when she was a teen:  "At the age of 13, Britney was finally cast in the Mickey Mouse Club and entered Disney’s Illuminati mind-control system." Okay, I can buy that to a certain extent I guess; it isn't that it makes a whole lot of sense, but you do have proof, which in other words is K-Fed. There is simply no logical explanation for Britney to have married him other than being a mind controlled zombie. Speaking of K-Fed, would anyone have guessed that he would be the one that wound up being the responsible parent?

7 Kanye West


The latest, and I am sure according to Kanye, the greatest celebrity to be tied to MKUltra is none other than Kanye West. As we all know Kanye likes talking a lot of smack; lately he has been doing so about the state of the country, Trump being elected, and racism. Some people have claimed: "West has actually already been involved in the program: “MKULTRA victim Kanye West breaks out of his programming and lashes out at his concerts. He is then abruptly ‘hospitalized.’"

I have to tell you one thing on this one, though: if Kanye is being mind-controlled, whoever is in charge of him needs to be fired. You mind control someone and make him that irritating? Someone did a truly awful job.

6 Justin Bieber


If you look at all of the celebrities who have been included so far, there is almost no doubt that of course Bieber has to be here. If you haven't noticed yet, pretty much everyone on this list is extremely famous, and also acts like a total buffoon, so he certainly qualifies. In fact one site claims that his tattoos even prove it as, "he’s covered in multiple tattoos that suggest he’s tied into Illuminati ownership (e.g. the All Seeing Eye and Minerva- the owl deity." Apparently MKUltra tattoos its subjects with secret tattoos that show they are part of the program. While this is obviously not that secret, it is good enough for me. Bieber is super-famous, acts like a total idiot, and has an owl tattoo. He obviously is being mind controlled by MKUltra; what more proof do you need?

5 Rihanna


I have to admit that Rihanna is a little bit of a surprise; she has always given off a pretty cool vibe for the most part. She does not seem quite as damaged or totally insane as the rest of these mind-controlled zombies. But according to some, Rihanna is not only a puppet dancing on the string of the CIA, but she is desperate for all of our help, and she is reaching out to us through all of her videos. I mean, it all seems so simple now. Here I was thinking that Rihanna was making videos because she was trying to promote her music and make money, but I was a fool. What is really going on is that she is using all sorts of symbolism to let us know that MKUltra has zapped her brain.

4 Katy Perry


While some of you may not think that Katy belongs on this list, I beg to differ. First of all she married Russell Brand, who has slept with over 1,00o women, is not very attractive, and is rather obnoxious. Do you think she would have done that if her mind was not being controlled? Well, it is obviously, if you don't think so just check this article out about a commercial that came out in Germany that says "This commercial intended for German television has it all: checkerboard patterns everywhere, transhumanism, dehumanization, mind control, alter-personalities, Marilyn Monroe (the original Monarch sex kitten), the colors white, black and red, etc." White, black and red colors? Oh the humanity! Will these evil mind controllers ever leave Katy alone?

3 Kurt Cobain


One of the most popular current claims around people who have been supposedly controlled by MKUltra revolves around none other than Kurt Cobain. The gist of this particular rumor was that Kurt was controlled by Courtney Love, who herself was an MKUltra slave. The genius of this plot of course is that Cobain was the leader of all the disenfranchised American alternative youth, and in reality he was controlled by the government. I mean seriously, how evil is that? Not only that but his suicide was staged; in "reality" he was killed by a CIA operative. While all of this is more than a tad unbelievable, it is also rather fitting considering Cobain once sang the words "Just because you're paranoid, don't mean they aren't after you."

2 Lady Gaga


Check out this proof that Lady Gaga is part of this whole scene; according to one website: “Gaga is probably the easiest word to say in the English language, as it is often the first sound emitted by babies trying to imitate speech. So her name basically says: I’m a lady and I’m empty-headed. This empty head can be filled with any crap you want. Imitate me young people. This state of mind is achieved after successful mind control." It is hard to argue with logic like that, right? Obviously Gaga is a slave. She also is rumored to be a member of MKUltra's "Delta Program" which means she's a government controlled assassin who is trying to destroy her programming by sending secret messages through her music to warn people about how terribad the government is. Get it?

1 Taylor Swift 


While most of the celebs on this list are either totally nuts, or at least half way crazy, it seems that at some point the CIA and MKUltra go for a normal person just to shake things up a tad. A case in point is Taylor Swift, who apparently has been compromised. Taylor Swift being a mind-controlled zombie slave? Now that is something I can get behind. The word on her is that she wasn't someone who the CIA had enslaved as a child, but they got at her recently after she became popular. It also seems that they are using the video that she created for the song "Style" to get the message out there. Darn you CIA- this is just taking things way too far. How dare you turn Taylor Swift into a mindless puppet? So not cool.

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15 Famous People Who Are Allegedly Controlled By Project MKUltra