15 Famous People Amanda Bynes Called Ugly

Amanda Bynes may be the most ruthless celebrity tweeter of all time. What she lacked in originality she made up for with sheer brutality.

Amanda Bynes may be the most ruthless celebrity tweeter of all time. What she lacked in originality she made up for with sheer brutality.

Remember how good things used to be for Amanda Bynes? She had just starred in the hit movie Big Fat Liar, she had a new show on the WB network called What I Like About You, and The Amanda Show, which was a spin-off of All That. She also starred in She's the Man and Hairspray. Yeah she had it all going on. Guys thought she was hot, girls thought she was cool, and she was ready to be a huge success for a long time.

Then she lost her ever-loving mind. People started saying she was acting paranoid and fearful and she started doing some very erratic things. For example, she had 7 driving accidents in one year, and started acting really oddly on social media, locked herself in a bathroom in a store, started a fire in a stranger's driveway, and accused her father of both molesting her, and putting a microchip in her brain. Eventually she admitted she was bipolar and manic depressive, and was even hospitalized for a time. Now she is attending school and living quietly.

But as happy as we are (and we really are happy) that Amanda is doing better, some things that she said on social media were just so amazing, that they need to be revisited.

Here are 15 People that Amanda Bynes called ugly on Twitter.

15 Miley Cyrus

Amanda went at so many people, it is hard to know where to start. Of course this list, like many others, needs to start with Miley Cyrus. Amanda kept it short and sweet with Miley when she tweeted to her "Ur ugly." Cyrus decided to take the high road though.  Miley said “I think it’s all so sad that I don’t wanna add any fuel to that fire. It’s really so sad to me. I was rooting for a comeback until you start attacking me. I just thought it was hilarious that she mentioned my name the moment I was the worldwide trending topic on Twitter." While Amanda was obviously out of line for attacking Miley publicly, we have to admit that there is a tiny bit of truth to the attack; Miley can look a little bit rough from time to time.

14 Michelle Obama

Michelle Obama is one of the most respected women in the world, but to Amanda Bynes she is just some ugly chick. Hey it wasn't just Michelle Obama that Amanda went after, she went after her husband Barack, too, when she tweeted “Barack Obama and Michelle Obama are ugly!” Can you imagine being the leader of the free world, coming home after a hard day to hang out with the love of your life, when all of a sudden you realize that you both got outed for being ugly by some teen star? There are certain things that bring us all back down to earth, and being called ugly is one of them. You hear that Michelle Obama? You ain't all that. How do I know? Well, Amanda Bynes said so.

13 Sarah Hyland

This insult to poor Sarah was just collateral damage in a Twitter war between Matt Prokop, who was her boyfriend at the time, and Bynes. Prokop tweeted to Bynes "look in a mirror... Stop getting work done. Save what's left." Bynes tweeted back "Your girlfriend has an ugly face, like you." You have to admit this is pro level trolling by Amanda. Like you could say anything to her about anything at all, come up with the best insults in the world, and she is just going to come back and tell you that you are ugly, and yeah it is going to bum you out. Sarah Hyland is so totally not ugly though. We have to call Amanda out on this one. So far it is the first out and out lie on the list. Still funny though.

12 Rihanna

Next on the list of people that Bynes called ugly was Rihanna. This one got particularly brutal with Bynes tweeting "you look so ugly tryin to be white" and if that was not enough she then went with "Chris Brown beat you because you're not pretty enough." As most anyone knows, or should anyway, Rihanna is not one to be messed with as she replied “Ya see what happens when they cancel the Intervention?” Burn! Score one for Rihanna there. Although it most certainly is not the coolest thing to do to war back and forth with mentally ill people on Twitter. Bynes crossed the line with the Chris Brown crack, and Rihanna let her have it. Oh yes, and I am calling it now. For those of you scoring at home, Rihanna is not ugly.

11 Jason Biggs

She also got in a long back and forth with Jason Biggs. The odd thing about this one is that he started it when he tweeted  her "Are you having a stroke?" She came back at him saying "you're so ugly I wont talk to you." She and Jason went back and forth on Twitter a few times, she really got under his skin with some of her insults,  which kind of begs the question. Why? I mean come on Jason, if you were really comfortable with your looks would you really get into it with some chick who is not doing all that well on the Internet? Especially when you were the one that started it in the first place.  Sometimes the truth hurts. Bynes is kinda nuts, and Biggs is kinda ugly.

10 Jay Z

Now Jay Z is the kind of guy that never made it on his looks of course. He is not the kind of guy to try and get by on a pretty face.  His thing has always been nothing but hard work, lots of persistence, and talent. So it probably did not bum him out a whole lot when Bynes tweeted about him, calling him "ugly face". Although actually, maybe it did. Can you see Jay Z coming home to Beyonce after a long day and being like "Baby, you don't think I am ugly do you? Some chick on twitter said I have an ugly face and I have to admit, it is ruining my whole day."  We don't know why Amanda only has one real insult that she chooses to use all the time, or why she decided to pick on Jay Z, but we have to admit the whole thing is kind of funny.

9 Courtney Love

Amanda Bynes picked a kind of easy target when she called Courtney Love ugly, or at least she thought so anyway. Whatever you think of Courtney, she has been through too much to get punked out by something like this.  Amanda tweeted that  "Courtney Love is the ugliest woman I have ever seen. To be mentioned by her at all makes me and all my friends laugh"! Courtney did not seem to care a whole lot about this when she said "So if someone calls me ugly, it sort of rolls off my back because…it’s not about looks, it’s about attitude. I mean, you get laid on attitude…” I have to admit that Courtney is right about that. The whole thing is about game, not about looks. Unless of course you are really ugly, then you are just plain out of luck.

8 Lance Bass

Lance Bass and Bynes were friends, and when she was not doing well he was worried about her. So worried that he said  "It's one of those situations where obviously there's some mental problems there and she's not able to see that we all are [able to see it]  I'm actually really scared for her, and I hope someone is able to get to her to give her the help she needs." She came back at him with  "I ignored Lance Bass on Twitter, and now he is saying I have a mental illness. Sorry you're an ugly ex boy band member with no talent of career." Well to be fair Lance, if you were so worried about her maybe talking about her publicly was not the best idea? But you did and you know what happened - Amanda put you on board the ugly train.

7 Kid Cudi

Poor Kid Cudi. Amanda had a really complicated relationship with him. Or maybe she didn't and just thinks she did. It is kind of hard to tell with her. Anyway, she tweeted to Complex magazine after a quote appeared from Cudi "You're d-k-whipped by my ugly ex @ducidni (Kid Cudi) whose looks and talent have always been questionable to me, him being the ugly duckling that he is and all." She apologized about this later and claimed that she was hacked. In fact this was a method that she used all sorts of times after she was busted, saying that she was hacked. The sad part is even if someone did hack her account to try and make her look bad, they could not have made her look any worse than the way she did herself.

6 Perez Hilton

Even the media was not immune to Bynes. A good example of this is celebrity blogger and rumor king Perez Hilton. Amanda tweeted that he "is ugly and has never had a hot boyfriend. He makes being gay look bad! No one wants to be a single parent bc no man wants them." Oh come on Amanda that is so mean, what did Perez ever do to you? Except for mocking you  online of course. Okay I have to admit that this is kind of scary. Do you think it is possible that Amanda will read this article and come out of her tweeting slumber, sort of like a demon rising from the depths of Hell,  and attack me as being ugly? Well odder things have happened. It would be a lie though as I am ridiculously good looking of course.

5 Chrissy Teigen

Chrissy Teigen decided to weigh in on Amanda by tweeting "The fact that Amanda Bynes has any "support" to retweet is really unsettling." Amanda obviously didn't like that a whole lot and in a series of tweets said. "Ur not a pretty model compared to me. I signed to Ford models @ age 13. I don’t look up to u beauty wise. I’m far prettier than u! I’m offended that you’re saying I have a mental illness when I show no sign of it, but thankfully not one man that wants me wants you and you are an old ugly model compared to me! You look 45! You’re not pretty so I’m not intimidated by you! I think you’re jealous that you’re just an ugly model whose career is uninspiring! I don’t respect you! You’re no beauty queen! I’m a beauty queen!" Well there you go Chrissy. How was that? I imagine that Chrissy was not all that happy she got involved.

4 Rupaul

Wait a minute. Most of these make sense in some way, but why did Amanda start messing with Rupaul of all people? She said  "My dad is as ugly as Rupaul! So thankful I look nothing like you both! I had nose surgery after my mug shots so my nose and I are gorgeous!" Well it started when she attempted to insult  a bunch of writers and Rupaul responded "Derogatory slurs are ALWAYS an outward projection of a person's own poisonous self-loathing." One has to admit that even if Amanda does not have a lot of originality when it comes to insults, she overcomes that by just being so darn strong willed.

3 Dr. Drew

Dr. Drew said that he had received thousands of emails demanding that he help Amanda Bynes. So he  tweeted that he thinks it was time for people to leave Amanda alone. He later said that he was trying to be supportive, and was just saying that she would get help on her own terms. Apparently she did not get that though, and responded to his tweet with "WHAT ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT? What type of help are you referring to? You're ugly and I want you to leave me alone!" One has to admit that there is no real wondering where she stands when it comes to things. You know that when Dr. Drew read that he wasn't thinking "Gee, I wonder if Amanda would like to have a little chat about her feelings."

2 Drake

Drake is one of the more unfortunate people on this list. Why? Because Amanda did not think he was ugly all the time. The people she really thinks are ugly she usually just responds to once or twice. With Drake her relationship was more complicated. At some points Bynes would tweet about how gorgeous Drake is, and how she wanted to get with him. Other times she would tweet things like "ugly far apart eyes" or "Drake please don't think you're good looking" and just so we all know what she is thinking  "Drake is ugly though." As far as Drake goes, he just wanted her to leave him alone. He said "I don’t even know who that is doing that or what that’s about.” Hey Drake, just to let you know, none of us know what that is about.

1 Jenny McCarthy

Most people think Jenny McCarthy is kind of hot. But as we have already figured out, Amanda Bynes is not most people and Jenny once had some bad information and  tweeted "Police are at @AmandaBynes house. I hope they get her help. Enough of this circus. She needs help." Apparently the cops were not at Amanda's house. Also apparently Amanda thinks that Jenny is old and ugly. How do I know that? Well she tweeted back  "You're ugly! Police weren't at my house old lady! Shut the F...Up!" There you go Jenny. You know the old saying "You mess with the bulls and you get the horns?" Well if you mess with Amanda Bynes you get called ugly. I mean come on, it wasn't like you could not have seen that coming.


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