15 Famous Movie Scenes Everyone Mocks (But Really Make Total Sense)

We all do it. We pick movies apart scene by scene. We do it whether we like the film or we hate it, especially if we hate it. Some scenes rub us the wrong way for whatever reason. We may be in the minority with our feelings and that's OK. Then, there are some scenes that are ridiculed by the majority. These scenes become memes and inside jokes. In some cases, the scenes are so hated that they end up standing in for the entire film, and the film is lambasted because of it. Because these scenes are hated by a large group, does that prove that the scene is terrible? In a way, yeah, it kind of does. Obviously, something went wrong in the creative process that led to the scene missing its mark for so many different viewers. In some cases, however, like the scenes on this list, the criticisms of the scene are off-base. Some scenes are just misunderstood or not thought about in the proper way. We want to clear that up.

Now, we acknowledge that personal preference exists. We're not going to convince everyone that these scenes aren't actually horrible. We will address the common complaints and see if we can clarify the intention of the scene. If we happen to convince a few of you haters out there that the scene isn't actually all that bad in the process, then we've done what we set out to do. We also want to clarify that just because we're defending these scenes, doesn't mean we're defending the entire movie. Many of the films on this list are not very good, but we felt certain scenes are being picked on unfairly. Here are 15 Famous Movie Scenes Everyone Mocks But Really Make Total Sense.


15 The Spider-Man 3 Dance

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We're not big fans of Spider-Man 3. Let's send that message loud and clearly. Yet, the dance scene, which we admit is incredibly cringe-inducing, is not that crazy when you really think about it. It makes us cringe because it's supposed to make us cringe. Peter Parker is a dork. When he's bitten by a radioactive spider, he gets strength and confidence, but he still struggles in the social aspects of his life. The symbiote, however, changes all that. At least, the symbiote makes him forget that he struggles with the social. He begins to feel like he's cool. He may not look it and he may not act it, but deep inside Peter, he feels like he could carve up that dance floor and that he'd be doing everyone the greatest of favors if he did. So he does. It's unbearable to witness, but it makes sense.

14 Interstellar's Love

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This one has been mocked constantly for adding too much sentiment to a movie about science, but isn't that the point of the speech? However silly and eyeroll-worthy you think the speech is, the message does kind of make sense. The speech argues that love is a force that transcends time and space. Think about the messages that the astronauts receive in space. They take years to arrive. Love, however, can communicate instantly. It can go where nothing else can, and it communicates anywhere in the universe. Love is not bound by the principles of science, whereas everything else is. It's an interesting thought. In Insterstellar, it's also believed that man's instinct for self-preservation is the key to the survival of the species, but the movie shows that it's actually the love of others that drives humans to survive and thrive.

13 Planet Of The Apes 2001 Ending

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The ending of Tim Burton's Planet of the Apes 2001 is the bit that everyone clings to when they mock the film. Yes, this movie was bad. It paled in comparison to the earlier versions, but the ending is ridiculed for all the wrong reasons. People say it's not as effective as the original film. If anything, the ending of the 2001 film is better than the original. At least, it is closer to the novel. The original film had the astronauts on Earth the entire time. It's only at the end of the film that this is realized. Yeah, it played out well on screen, but a lot of oversights needed to take place for that to happen. In the novel (like the 2001 film), the astronauts land on a distant planet which is ruled by apes. When they escape, they return to Earth only to find that it, too, is now ruled by apes.

12 Mike And Marge In Fargo

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We will admit that the scene between Marge and Mike in Fargo is awkward, but too often, this one is lumped in as just another strange Coen brothers' scene. Some people go so far as to call it meaningless, but there's actually great importance to be found here. The scene, in case you forgot, has Marge meet up with an old friend, Mike, for a drink to catch up. As soon as they meet and embrace in a hug, we see that Mike is overeager and may have other ideas about this meeting. Marge is sweet and she trusts everyone, so she innocently believes that Mike is looking for friendship and nothing more. It doesn't take long for the meeting to get wildly awkward. When Marge finally realizes what Mike's motives are, she also realizes that she is too trusting. This inspires her to go back to question Jerry (William H. Macy) who she had previously thought to be innocent.

11 The Matrix Reloaded Rave Scene

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The rave scene in The Matrix Reloaded is the one scene that stands out to most people when criticizing the film. No, we don't really like the film overall either, but this scene is meaningful and has its place. The length of the scene and the way it's shot is pretty self-indulgent, but that's the Wachowskis for you. But, think of the reasons it exists. We get to see the people of Zion as a living and breathing population—a community, a working collective of people who are free. This is held in direct contrast to the machines. Zion's freedom is expressed by dancing, laughing, partying, and sleeping with each other. It might seem basic, but when you compare it to the people in the pods and the machines that are controlled and driven, it becomes rather poignant.

10 The Pun In Rogue One

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Ahh, the pun. We've heard people say that they would have loved Rogue One if it wasn't for that one Darth Vader pun. Come on, really? And can we stop pretending that Vader is above using wordplay or humor. As Anakin, he delivered a few jokes, like the "negotiations we're short" jab at Obi Wan. As Vader, he was part of some dark and humorous scenes as well, including the “Apology accepted, Captain Needa” line as he choked Captain Needa to death after he had apologized or asking the guy, “where is the Ambassador?” knowing he couldn't answer because he was currently breaking his neck. There is humor in these scenes whether you chose to see it before or not. It might not be as obvious as the pun, but it is against the grain as people like to think.

9 10 Cloverfield Lane's Ending

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We've gushed over 10 Cloverfield Lane before and made a case for interpretation that might not have been the intention, but it's how we've chosen to see it. Our view has a lot to do with one of the big complaints about the film—the ending. We've heard a lot of people gripe about the ending and the aliens. Why were they necessary, and what does it have to do with Cloverfield? First, let's agree that 10 Cloverfield Lane is not Cloverfield 2. The films simply exist in the same universe, a universe that monsters (and apparently aliens) exist in. This is hugely important. It's not what the monsters outside are that's important; it's that the monsters outside exist. By putting Cloverfield in the title, the audience knows from the very beginning that they are visiting a world in which monsters are real. This makes the decision the main character faces more important. We see it as a metaphor for a woman suffering from domestic abuse, a choice between the devil you know (the crazy man inside) and the devil you don't (the monsters outside). If there was no connection to Cloverfield, the audience would not feel as threatened by the outside world. The choice to leave would be simple.


8 Jurassic Park Gymnastics

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For years now, the gymnastics scene in The Lost World: Jurassic Park has been the lightning rod for most of the criticism of the film as a whole. We want to put an end to that. People act like this scene doesn't fit in with the feel of the movie, which is a load of baloney. Pick almost any Spielberg film, and you'll find moments of lightheartedness and saccharine comedy mixed in with semi-seriousness. Watching this little girl do a gymnastic bar routine before killing a raptor, which was the first raptor murder by the way, is hilarious. Then, as the raptor dies, having Ian Malcolm quip, "the school cut you from the team?" is a touch of sheer brilliance.

7 The Ending Of Signs

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You've said it or you've heard it: the ending for Signs was way too convenient. How stupid is it that it was water that killed the aliens when our planet is covered in it? Why would they visit Earth? Well, that is partly what makes Signs so interesting. It's because of that lack of logic that puts the species in question. Are these really aliens? Maybe you've heard the theories before. Some say the creatures are demons. Listen to the characters in the film. They all describe them differently. Then, there's the reason they died. Some say it wasn't the water that killed them. There are several different explanations for what could have happened, and that's the beauty of it. Throughout the film, people see these creatures that are various entities. They are whatever we want them to be. Maybe they were killed by bacteria in the water like War of the Worlds or maybe Bo was an angel and was making holy water by drinking some of it. Maybe it was fluoride in the water or maybe it was just plain water. Whatever it is you see in these creatures, you'll probably be able to make a case for what killed them and why.

6 The Mandarin Reveal In Iron Man 3

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When Iron Man 3 was about to be released, everyone knew what was going to happen by the trailers, especially the comic fans. They knew everything there was to know about the Mandarin and had already seen the film in their minds before they even stepped foot in the theater. Then, the film shocked everyone by flipping the identity of the Mandarin. They made the reveal into a joke and shocked people. This sounds like a good idea on paper but many were furious. How could you make a joke in a serious film franchise like Iron Man? Maybe the anger stemmed from the fact that Ben Kingsley made a solid Mandarin or the fact that it strayed from the comic roots. Either way, we shouldn't be angry about films that take chances in order to surprise us. We should celebrate that.

5 Save Martha In Batman v Superman

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While we do admit that Superman is a jerk for calling his mother by her first name, even if she isn't his biological mother, the oft-maligned "Save Martha" scene in Batman v Superman makes sense, and the world needs to accept that. Superman isn't saying "save Martha" for no reason. The guy knows Batman's identity. He knows Bruce Wayne lost his mother, Martha Wayne; he knows Bruce witnessed it; and he knows that Bruce has struggled with her death. Even if the scenario is ridiculously coincidental, Superman is using this information to save his own life and his mother's life. It does play out a touch silly, but we're willing to look past it because the reasoning for it makes perfect sense.

4 Darth Vader's "Noooo"

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Just to be clear, we're dealing with the "Noooo" at the end of Revenge of the Sith, not the added in "Nooo" at the end of Return of the Jedi. There are three major complaints about this scene. One is that the yelling of "Nooo" is a played-out trope and is not an accurate portrayal of grief. OK, yes, it has been done countless times before in film and TV, but Vader is a walking trope. Nearly everything the character does has been done a million times prior, so let's not expect the guy to break the mold. It's also foolish to pretend anyone knows how they would react when they've just learned they force-choked their wife to death. Anakin yelling out "Nooo" was one of his first verbal acts of impulsiveness. This was a big move. Baby steps. People also say it doesn't fit Vader's character. Well, for one, this is early Vader. Maybe it doesn't fit middle Vader or late Vader, but early Vader was new territory. Besides, Luke also yelled "Nooo" when he learned distressing news. It appears this is the Skywalker go-to reaction. Finally, people criticize the way the yell sounds in the mask. That's precisely the point. A purely human emotion screamed out and made to sound robotic and alien. When positioned next to the news that Anakin has killed Padme, this scene perfectly showcases the very moment that Anakin lost his humanity.

3 That One Scene In The Happening

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Honestly, we don't get the hate for The Happening. It's as if everyone went in expecting a pure horror and couldn't put it together fast enough that this was meant to be comic as well. Perhaps the casting choice of the charismatic and handsome Mark Wahlberg led people astray. It was hard for many people to see Wahlberg as the nerdy, naive, and always confused protagonist. M. Night Shyamalan has never shied away from emulating his influences. From Alfred Hitchcock to the B movie horror films from the '50s and '60s, he draws from all of them. Pay close attention to the closeups of reaction shots, the overly dramatized discussions; these are all meant to be kind of silly. The scene that gets the most flak is when the old lady accuses Wahlberg's character of stealing and plotting to kill her. Yes, it's over-the-top. We are meant to be weirded out and confused, just like Wahlberg's character is. It's half funny, half creepy. His reaction is almost perfect in our opinion because he looks both earnest and on the verge of laughter.

2 Prometheus School Of Running

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We're just as guilty as everyone else. Film fans from all over the world tend to look at characters within a scene and feel they know better. We know how they should react in every situation, and we criticize them when they do otherwise. In Prometheus, when the big ship is falling, Meredith Vickers (Charlize Theron) runs away, trying to avoid being crushed to death. The internet has been flaming her chosen running path since the trailer was first released. Why run straight away from it and not sideways? Decent question, but you can't simply apply rationality and logic to a scenario without the acknowledging the influence of panic. Have you ever asked a drowning person, Why were you freaking out and trying to climb on top of the person rescuing you? She chose a bad path, yes; but you might have too in that situation.

1 Head Kick In The Karate Kid

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Remember when Daniel LaRusso head-kicked Johnny to win the All Valley Karate Tournament in The Karate Kid? Sure you do. Do you remember wondering how he got away with breaking the rules of no head shots? Well, if you're like half of the internet, then you probably have wondered that. The problem is, there was no "headshot" rule in the tournament. Before the tournament begins, Ali tells Daniel the rules, "Everything above your waist is a point. You can hit the head, sternum, kidneys, ribs." Case closed, right? Not really. Johnny punched Daniel in the head and didn't score a point. However, when Daniel punched Johnny in the head, he did score. Why? Well, it appears that Daniel's punch was to the back of Johnny's head, which is allowed. The reason why Johnny wasn't awarded a point for his headshot a couple of strikes earlier was because he just punched Daniel square in the face. That's a no no.

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