15 Famous Kids Who Hate Their Famous Parents

For a lot of people, there is nothing more important in their lives than family. Whether that refers to the people who were in their lives from birth or the children they have as they become adults th

For a lot of people, there is nothing more important in their lives than family. Whether that refers to the people who were in their lives from birth or the children they have as they become adults themselves, there is a strong possibility that there is nobody they hold more dear. Unfortunately, that isn’t the case for everyone as there are millions of people who’ve lived their lives and felt little to no connection to the people they share genes with.

There are lots of families that are like that in every town or city in the world, after all, anyone growing up in this day and age can probably name people they know whose family life fall under that category. While that is certainly an interesting societal change, as in the past the likelihood would have been that these families stuck it out no matter how unhappy they were, that is not what interested us. Admittedly we can be every bit as interested in tabloid fodder as the next person, so it is intriguing to look at famous folk whose family life is far from ideal. That is what inspired us to put together this list of fifteen famous people who have very strained relationships with family members. However, we here at want to make things as interesting as possible for our readers, so we’ve upped the ante and decided to solely look at famous kids who seem to have hated their celebrity parents.

In order for a parent and child relationship to be up for consideration, there needs to be evidence that points to them being on bad terms at one time. They may have since reconciled or become more forgiving of one another but if there is a solid reason that they were once on very bad terms then we put thought into them taking a spot here. The other criteria they have to meet is that both people need to be recognizable to at least one group or another. We don’t care what they owe their fame to, as a result, acting, singing, sports, or any other form of entertainment are but a few examples of the fields someone could have made a name for themselves in. However, we do want to make it abundantly clear that we don’t have personal relationships with anyone involved in our lists so we’ve relied solely on the evidence we could find and not first-hand knowledge.

15 Drew Barrymore

Some of you may not know it but Drew Barrymore is the latest member of her family to achieve fame. That is because she is a member of the renowned Barrymore acting family. Starting with her great grandparents who were both stage actors and continuing on, each generation has had members that have gained some measure of success in the industry. For instance, Lionel Barrymore, who was born in 1878, is best known for playing Mr. Potter in It’s a Wonderful Life. Drew’s mother, Jaid, is not the most successful member of the clan but has acted in a large array of projects which earned her some notoriety, she posed nude for Playboy and is famous due to her actor daughter. Considering that Drew followed her into the industry you’d be forgiven for assuming they are close but that isn’t the case. The actress that is known for roles in movies like The Wedding Singer is estranged from her mother and has been quoted as saying they “can’t really be in each other’s lives”.

14 Anna "Chickadee" Cardwell

Those of you who are not fans of “reality” TV may not have any idea who this is, but anyone who enjoys those shows is likely to know exactly who this is. A spin-off of the highly controversial show Toddlers & Tiaras, the show Here Comes Honey Boo Boo focused on a unique beauty pageant family that all go by interesting nicknames like Sugar Bear and Chubbs. One of the daughters, Chickadee, has grown up enough to a family of her own and since the cancellation of the show that introduced her to the world her relationship with her mother has become strained. Publicly claiming that Mama June, as she is known, misappropriated the funds she earned from appearing on the show, she clearly holds a lot of anger towards her. While June denies her claims, she has stated that the money was sent directly to her daughter’s banking account, the distrust between the two means that June is not allowed unsupervised contact with her granddaughter.

13 Demetress Bell

Drafted to the Buffalo Bills NFL team in the 2008 draft, Demetress Bell has played well enough that he continued to play for the Cowboys as late as 2013. Like all professional athletes, he has been the topic of a lot of discussions but his career isn’t the first reason he has been on the lips of people. That is because he is the son of fourteen time NBA All-Star player Karl Malone, and his relationship with his dad has never been anything close to conventional. The child of Gloria Bell who was only thirteen years old at the time of his birth, his father who turned twenty the year he was born, spent years denying he’d fathered a child with the minor. When Demetress finally learned about his parentage and met his father after graduating from high school, he met his father who told him it was too late to ever have a father and son relationship. According to reports, Demetress is said to be ashamed of the relationship he shares with his father, which is a strong indication that he has a lot of justified anger towards him.

12 Miley Cyrus

First coming to prominence due to her role on the show Hannah Montana, which co-starred her dad who was a huge country star in the early nineties, at the time the two shared a close bond. Best known for singing the insanely successful song “Achy Breaky Heart”, it seemed to be laudable that the former megastar, Billy Ray Cyrus, put a premium on being a dad. Unfortunately for him, that didn’t stop Miley from showing a great deal of contempt for him while in her twenties. Evidenced by the fact that she Tweeted at her dad’s co-star in 2013, she threatened her saying “since you won’t reply to my texts I’m giving you an hour to tell the truth or I’ll tell it for you”. While the exact nature of the threat is unclear, as there wasn’t any follow-up, we know that infidelity is what instantly popped into our minds and no matter what it turned out to be about, anger was obvious.

11 Brooke Hogan

The second parent and child pairing to appear on this list that starred on a “reality” TV show together, it certainly seems as though that career choice is a recipe for families falling apart. Best known as being the relatives of Hulk Hogan, the man that is arguably the most famous professional wrestler of all-time, in today’s society that is enough to make you famous. Appearing together on the show Hogan Knows Best, they were depicted as being tight-knit but when her parents divorced things between Brooke and her mother Linda, became difficult. Seemingly due in large part to her mother’s choice to become romantically linked to a guy who was many, many years her junior and say negative things about her, Brooke grew to dislike her mom. Speaking publicly about the relationship they shared Brooke was quoted as saying: "We don't talk… I feel betrayed".

10 Kate Hudson

Beautiful actress Kate Hudson, first became famous after giving a magnificent and charismatic performance in Almost Famous and it seemed as though she was born for the role. That is probably because she spent her life observing stars up close and personal, including her mother Goldie Hawn and long-time father figure Kurt Russell. However, she is also blood-related to another former star, singer Bill Hudson, who was the frontman for the Hudson Brothers band, a group with several hit songs in the first half of the seventies. Turns out that she and her brother, actor Oliver Hudson, see Kurt as the real man in their life, calling him Pa, since their father left the picture long ago. Speaking in the past of forgiving her father Bill, she obviously had harsh feelings for him at one point. Additionally, there is clearly still hard feelings in the family as her brother referred to father’s day as abandonment day on Instagram when posting a photo of Bill.


9 Marvin Gaye

The only person on this list that is no longer with us, the degree to which Marvin’s relationship with his father broke down made it impossible to leave him off. An international singing sensation that is responsible for many hit songs, including “I Heard It Through the Grapevine” and “Let’s Get It On”, his status made people want to give him his every desire. Perhaps that is why he became addicted to drugs and moved back in with his parents in an attempt to clean himself up, but things weren’t idyllic in that house. Instead, he butted heads with his preacher father. Evidently, on April 1, 1984 things became violent between the two, the singer is said to have struck his dad, and things ended with a father fatally shooting his son. While Marvin Gaye Sr. was anything but famous before the incident he soon became internationally known for taking the talented performer away from the world.

8 Lindsay Lohan

Yet another star that was big enough at one time to make her family actually became minor celebrities, it is sad her parents owe their low-level fame to their dysfunctional relationships with her. Things between Lindsay and her mom Dina, have been difficult in the past, with the actress and singer making several negative statements about her but it is her dad that she really has troubles with. Going so far as to record a song decrying her treatment by her father, that is but one way in which she has revealed her distaste for him, but far from the last. Once describing her father Michael as a “lunatic”, judging by their past we can totally understand her hating her dad. For example, he once recorded a phone call she made to him when she felt her mother was out of control and sold it to the media. If your parent saw you as a commodity to give him fame and money you’d probably turn away from them too.


7 Brody Jenner

Someone who is famous due to the accomplishments of the people he is related to, that is actually a thing that is possible in modern society. Brody Jenner is a star because he is the son of the athlete who competed as Bruce Jenner, married into the Kardashian family and then publicly transitioned into becoming Caitlyn Jenner. The Step-son of Kris Jenner, the leader of the Kardashian media empire, he was featured on their “reality” show Keeping Up with the Kardashians at one time but things have gotten a lot less cordial. Since Kris filed for divorce, after she and Bruce had been separated, Brody has not kept his feelings towards his former stepmother or her children a secret. Quoted as saying that the Kardashians are not his family but in a more profanity laced manner at Coachella in 2016, in an earlier interview he revealed he’d cut all ties with Kris.


6 The Gosselin Kids

The final “reality” TV family we’re going to discuss, The Gosselin clan was the star of Jon and Kate Plus Eight because of their unorthodox family. Made up of the parents, the aforementioned Jon and Kate, their twins and sextuplets, the family and the difficulties that raising eight young children were perfect fodder for the genre. Unfortunately, the bond that Jon and Kate shared was far from ironclad and as the show progressed they ended up divorcing which left their kids to largely be raised by Kate. Jon became one of the most reviled figures in pop culture, due to the way he carried himself making people think of him as a douchebag, and even his kids evidently grew to see him that way. Speaking to People magazine, his two eldest kids, twins Cara and Mady, revealed that they see their relationship with their dad as “toxic”. Going one step further, Cara revealed that the pair has no contact with him, even saying: "I wouldn't even know what to say about him”.

5 Frances Bean Cobain

When Frances Bean Cobain was born she was instantly put into a position that meant the world was likely to pay attention to her. The child of Nirvana frontman Kurt Cobain and his wife, Courtney Love, who fronted the band Hole, it seemed like she should have a life of luxury and peace. Then her father took his own life when she was a child, her mother fell into the perils of drug addiction and her home life became very difficult. Despite being the child of a music icon, Frances doesn’t see her father in the same light much of the world does, having said he “abandoned” her in “the worst way possible” and is far from fond of her mom. Emancipated from her mother, Frances has broken off nearly all contact with her for years to the point that Tweeting to her in 2012 was seen as a breakthrough between them.


4 Tatum O'Neal

An actress who was a huge star at a young age, Tatum who is best known for Paper Moon and The Bad News Bears held the record for years as the youngest person to ever win an Oscar. The daughter of Ryan O’Neal, himself a famous actor known for Love Story, Barry Lyndon and co-starring with her in Paper Moon, when he broke up with her mother things between them became strained. Her father’s struggles with addiction made things between them worse and when she released an autobiography she revealed how bad things between them actually were. Going so far as to say “My dad has a lot of anger. I don’t think he likes me”, she revealed in the body of her book that she had forgiven him which shows just how she felt at him prior to coming to that realization.

3 Mackenzie Phillips

An actress who came to the world’s attention when she played a pivotal part in American Graffiti, Mackenzie also starred in several shows, including One Day at a Time and So Weird. The daughter of John Phillips, her dad was world famous for being one fourth of The Mamas & The Papas which was a highly influential folk-rock group. Someone with a documented history of substance abuse, including appearing on the third season of Celebrity Rehab, she would go on to tell the world about her recovery. That wasn’t all she revealed though, as she released a memoir titled High on Arrival, and in it discussed that she and her father had a ten-year long consensual sexual relationship. Also disclosing the moment in which she confronted him about r*ping her, as she was under the influence of drugs he provided, she had ample reason to detest him but has spoken of forgiving him.

2 Angelina Jolie

Arguably the biggest actress in the world for a time, Angelina Jolie will always be remembered for roles in films like Tomb Raider, Mr. and Mrs. Smith, Maleficent and many more. The daughter of Jon Voight, her dad was also one of the most famous actors at one time, due to his work in movies Midnight Cowboy and Deliverance, and still gets regular acting work to this day. Running in a lot of the same circles, you’d think that may draw them closer to one another but that is far from the case. It appears as though they have struggled to have a relationship since Angie was an eight-year-old and while there looks to have been moments of reconciliation, signs of a severe rift surfaced not too long ago. While Jon was pleading with her to get help in public interviews, she took further steps to erase him from her life. Legally named Angelina Jolie Voight, she had her name legally changed to have her true last name erased in an obvious jab at her dad.


1 The Jacksons

There is no doubt that The Jackson family is one of the most celebrated in the annals of music history. First coming to prominence due to The Jackson 5, gaining huge success, nobody could have expected that the group would be hugely overshadowed in the years to come. When Michael went out on his own as a solo star he became one of the biggest celebrities alive and was nicknamed the king of pop for good reason. Not one to stay in the shadows, little sister Janet followed her brothers into the music industry and outdid everyone other than Michael, whose career she arguably rivaled at one time. With so many superstars coming from a single family, it looks like they owe a lot of their acclaim to their father Joe who from all accounts pushed them hard to be as close to perfect as possible. Unfortunately, that came in the form of physical abuse which he only admitted to in 2010 and because of that, he was seen by his kids and much of the public as a monster. As a result, there are reports that Michael couldn’t forgive him and Joe has largely been excommunicated from his large family.

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