15 Famous Families WORSE Than The Duggars

Oh, gosh! From cheating scandals to molestation horrors, the Duggar family hid dark secrets from their fandom. Nobody knew their depravity until In Touch Weekly obtained police reports that further victimized the victims, as well as outed the perpetrator.

Even though their lives imploded in 2015, they still salvaged their careers...on reality TV. New shows, like Counting On, gave their fans a glimpse into the lives of the women, like Jill and Joy-Anna.

Now that the girls got married and birthed children, buzz quieted. The media shifted their attention on the drama of other families. While other celebrities come from much different upbringings, their own families carried baggage too.

Instead of portraying sunshine, rainbows, and candy, they publicly shared their hardships and heartbreak with the world. Their openness knew no bounds. However, their televised candor brought the bad along with the good. They gained support and sympathy, but they also gained waves of criticism.

At least they amassed more fame.

When the Duggar girls talked to Megyn Kelly exclusively about their thoughts on their brother's actions, they empathized with viewers, especially when Jill broke down in tears about her own victimization. People felt for her, and they felt for her family too.

Their critics only criticized, though. They questioned the girls' honesty, and they believed that they only went live to do damage control. Regardless of the reason, they tried to save the pious image of their brood. The other stars of this list tried to save their family's image, too. Not everything broken gets mended, though. Here are 15 families worse than the Duggars.

15 The Woes Of The Willis Family

Toby Willis
Courtesy of The Hollywood Reporter

Another TLC clan bites the dust.

Between stints on America's Got Talent, Toby Willis, his wife, and 12 children also starred in two seasons of their own show, respectively called The Willis Family. The brood gained a massive following for their musical talents and familial bond, but reality came crashing down. Willis got slapped with "four counts of child r*pe." According to a People article, he will serve 40 years behind bars.

He leaves behind his sons and daughters, not to mention his wife; their suffering must be unimaginable.

14 The Parents Act Like Toddlers

Blac Chyna and Rob Kardashian
Courtesy of Associated Press/GVK

Honestly, a richer adaptation of The Jerry Springer Show just played out on your screen.

Blac Chyna and Rob Kardashian got engaged within a couple months of dating, and they gave birth to their firstborn, Dream. Their fairytale romance ended within a year, though. Kardashian even threw a temper tantrum months after their initial breakup. However, he did more than just rant on Snapchat. He tweeted hurtful messages about the mother of his only child, and he even posted revenge p*rn on Instagram.

Even though Chyna played him, he did her just as dirty. The true victim in this situation is Dream. She's not even a year old yet she's more grown than her own parents.

13 More 'Extreme' Than The Duggars

Anna Keller
Courtesy of TLC

Even though Anna Keller married Josh Duggar, her own parents mimic her in-laws.

After her husband's scandals broke, people wondered why Keller stayed by his side. After all, she needed to protect both herself and her four small children. Maybe she thought she protected them through rehab and therapy, though. When she lived with her own parents, they instilled "extreme" values in her. According to a People source, Keller let her feelings bottle up. Her parents wanted her and her siblings "to keep their feelings to themselves."

From an early age, they allegedly taught her to stay silent, which just feeds into domestic abuse. She may want to leave, but maybe she stays to please her own parents? They failed her, regardless.

12 Dad Murders Mom?

O.J. Simpson
Courtesy of Perez Hilton

O.J. Simpson, a man who just spent nine years behind bars, soon walks as a free man.

The father's newfound freedom marks a new chapter in his life. He leaves armed robbery and murder charges behind him, and as he forges a new life, his children follow his lead. Even though officers arrested Simpson for robbery and murder, his kids focused on their positives. From real estate to restaurant, all four (the fifth child drowned in a pool) lived successful lives.

However, no amount of fame, fortune, or indictment will erase the past. They still cope with the reality of their father's darkest secrets. They carry just as much pain as him.

11 A Troubled 'Teen Mom'

Farrah Abraham
Courtesy of Reality Tea

With a deceased father, unstable mother, and no siblings, life seems both lonely and sad.

Even though Farrah Abraham, a popular star on MTV's Teen Mom, gave her daughter, Sophia, cars and ponies for Christmas, no amount of gifts can repair a broken childhood. Sophia seems lost. Between the petty arguments of her mom and grandma, the little girl gets entangled in bull. To make matters worse, Abraham even allowed her to "own" her own businesses. Sophia's still in elementary school, yet she's treated like an adult. Right now, she's a boss.

She desperately tries to win the approval of her mom, but Abraham seems too busy either yelling at her parents, boyfriend, or employees. Sometimes, she seems too busy yelling at even Sophia.

10 Mom Dates Her Child's Abuser

Mama June
Courtesy of E! Online

Like the Duggar and Willis families, TLC cancelled another show because of s*x crimes.

Mama June, mother of Honey Boo Boo, and her brood gained overnight fame for their appearance on the show Toddlers & Tiaras. They got their own reality series, called Here Comes Honey Boo Boo, which focused on their lives in the backwoods of Georgia. But the fun times came to an end when paparazzi caught June dating her eldest daughter's abuser. Even though he molested the girl in her younger years, June still gave the man a chance.

She even let him hang around her youngest child, which turned their lovable family into an all-American disappointment. TLC booted them off their network quickly.

9 Mom And Dad Sentenced To Prison

Teresa Giudice
Courtesy of Reality Tea

If you think about the most embarrassing thing your mom or dad did, prison probably never made the list.

For Joe and Teresa Giudice's daughters, they watched both parents go to prison. A judge sentenced them to at least a year in prison for tax evasion and fraud, so the little girls felt enormous amounts of pressure and responsibility. Their childhood just stopped when sentencing began. However, the family's problems started long before their crimes. A few scandals, like cheating and violent threats, plagued their home.

Even though their eldest child is only a teenager, she picked up her parents' slack. Her siblings needed a role model, not to mention a guardian.

8 Controversial President...And Dad

Donald Trump
Courtesy of Houston Chronicle

Donald Trump, an American billionaire and president, shocked the world with his win.

He also shocked the world with his image. Unlike other presidents before him, he grabbed life by the balls. He lived his life with no regrets, which either enticed fans or upset critics. While his supporters saw him as candid, humorous, and down-to-earth, his enemies gave him the side-eye. When dozens of women came forward with stories of s*xual harassment and assault, their side-eyes morphed into glares.

From his "locker-room banter" with Billy Bush to his creepy remarks on The Howard Stern Show, he seemed less like a father and more like a cold, calculated shark.

7 A Funny Family

Woody Allen
Courtesy of Associated Press

Woody Allen made Americans laugh with his epic comedies, but not anymore.

Since he left his wife, Mia Farrow, for their adopted daughter, Soon-Yi Previn, horrific tales of molestation bubbled to the surface. Farrow accused him of touching their other adopted daughter, which she also confirmed. And even their own biological child sides with Farrow and his sister. He disregards Allen quicker than the director's own critics. While the man is blaming his ex for the family's rift, he just digs himself into a deeper hole.

However, if Farrow lied about the child abuse, then Allen's reputation remains tarnished, regardless. He divorced his own wife for his daughter! What a joke.

6 The Familial Disease Of Addiction

Bobbi Kristina
Courtesy of Mirror

Addiction is a family disease.

A-list celebrities and their loved ones feel the pain of generational abuse just as badly as the average American. Look at Whitney Houston, Bobby Brown, and their daughter, Bobbi Kristina. All three became extremely dependent on drugs, alcohol, and each other. If they wanted help, their pleas drowned in their overwhelming desires to use. Since Houston and Brown's crack binges, nasty fights, and turbulent lifestyles continued for years, they set the tone for their daughter.

She eventually drank and smoked, and just like Houston, her drug abuse killed her. On July 26, 2015, she passed away. Cocaine, alcohol, sedatives, and marijuana still lingered in her system.

5 'The Price Of Fame'

Aaron Carter
Courtesy of Onward State

With two, famous sons like Nick and Aaron Carter, any mother would be proud.

Their mom seems less than enthusiastic, though. In 2005, she announced her new book titled The Price of Fame, which focused on the sacrifices of success. She reflected on how much she gave, so her family could live lavishly. Even though she seems like a caring mom, she makes this list because of her children's maladjustment. Both sons struggled with very horrible addictions, and her own daughter died of an overdose.

Maybe their painful childhood (mom managing and not parenting, overlooking addiction, partaking in an ugly divorce, and spending their hard-earned money) led to their painful adulthood?

4 Meth, Murder, And Misbehavior

Brett Favre
Courtesy of Green Bay Packer Nation

When you think of Brett Favre, you think about his legendary wins on the football field.

Do you think about his familial dysfunction? No. But the player and his siblings sported a rap sheet, regardless. Favre openly talked about his own drug dependency, and his brother also boasted of a drug problem; he killed somebody while drunk-driving. Their own sis got arrested in a meth lab, so she joined her brothers' madness. If pill abuse or prison time seemed bad, then Favre's s*xual harassment made the whole ordeal worse.

He went crazy, but his daughter paid the price. Even Favre admits how little he remembers of her childhood. Maybe the Vicodin caused more damage than the on-field hits?

3 Mom Supports Underage Marriage

Courtney Stodden
Courtesy of Mirror

In 2011, 16-year-old Courtney Stodden married 51-year-old Doug Hutchison.

Their apparent age gap shook Americans, but what shocked them the most was Stodden's mother's support. She actually signed her daughter's marriage certificate, so her teenager could legally sleep with a man older than her father. On The Mother/Daughter Experiment, Stodden asked her mom what other Americans asked—why? According to the mom, she loved the actor, and she wanted to be with him.

Stodden obviously felt betrayed and abandoned by the one woman she needed the most to support her. Their tension even impacted her own marriage, which ended in 2017.

2 Dad Accused Of Pedophilia?

Michael Jackson
Courtesy of Advanced Health & Education

Michael Jackson, a musical legend, passed away in 2009.

When he died, people tuned in for his televised funeral. Even though his loved ones buried his body, rumors remained rampant. Families of the alleged victims sued Jackson's estate, which created even more buzz around the "Thriller" singer's name. Did he actually commit heinous crimes? According to photographer Wade Robson, Jackson "s*xually abused" him for years. A judge refused to acknowledge his case.

However, the barrage of allegations remains just as unsettling. Hopefully, Jackson never hurt any child. Otherwise, his own children will suffer the repercussions (costly lawsuits and overwhelming publicity, for example).

1 Kardashian-Jenner Craziness

Kylie Jenner
Courtesy of YouTube

Kris Houghton and Bruce (Caitlyn) Jenner came into the limelight in 2007, and their famous brood never left. They prospered with each season. Fans loved the drama and comedy infused in the series. However, the lighthearted plots soon soured. Jenner and Houghton announced their divorce as Jenner announced her transition. Their children seemed lost in the maelstrom of change.

Even though Kendall and Kylie Jenner thrived, their childhood was cut short. They grew up too fast, and just like their parents, the media captured their every move. Fame truly has a price.

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