15 Famous Creepers Who Deserve To Be Outed Like Harvey Weinstein

In a celebrity culture that seems to be a breeding ground for creepy behavior, who are the biggest creeps that deserve to be exposed the most?

The exposure of Harvey Weinstein and his astoundingly rapid fall from grace is easily one of the biggest entertainment industry stories of the year, but the fact that it has gotten so much attention so fast is actually pretty surprising, considering how long rumors about his awful behavior have been circulating. Weinstein's awful antics has been one of Hollywood's biggest open secrets for years; the New York Times just took it from an open secret to an openly recognized fact.

Harvey's bullying and aggressive behavior made a lot of people even more eager to see his downfall, but this problem suddenly coming out into the open has made a lot of victims break their silence and shone a light on some perpetrators who have been rumored to do some pretty terrible things but have gotten away with most of it. And while that's certainly a step in the right direction, it's not enough. There are a lot of creeps in Hollywood who have used their fame and clout to cover their bad behavior for far too long. But in a culture that seems to be a breeding ground for creepy behavior, who are the biggest creeps who deserve to be exposed the most?

15 Woody Allen


When most people think of Woody Allen, they don't think of someone who needs to be outed as a creep; they think of him as someone who has already been outed as a creep. And on a certain level that's true. Allen's infatuation and eventual marriage to the teenage daughter of his current girlfriend is pretty legendary when it comes to gross moves, but Woody has amazingly managed to avoid having his most repulsive behavior exposed on the level it should be. If Woody's relationship with Soon-Yi Previn is not enough to squick you out, or if you've ever bought into his PR spin that Soon-Yi was of age and not his adopted or biological daughter so it's all cool, then I suggest you look into the charges he faced for abusing his 7 year old daughter Dylan. Allen claimed that the allegations were all made up by Mia Farrow because she was upset about his relationship with Soon-Yi, but according to the Farrow family, the only reason criminal charges were not pursued against Allen was so Dylan could avoid further trauma through a trial. Even more tellingly, Allen was completely denied visitation rights with Dylan. Allen's career appears to not have been affected by these charges against him.

14 Mark Wahlberg


Mark Wahlberg came onto the scene as a mediocre rapper and actually managed to carve out a pretty respectable career as an actor over the years, but his pre-fame past is actually pretty dark. He was dealing and addicted to drugs by the time he was 13 years old, and was arrested for a few racially motivated assaults. His worst crime occurred in 1988 when he was 16, where he knocked out a Vietnamese man named Thanh Lam with a stick while yelling racist epithets at him. As he was fleeing the scene he was approached by another Vietnamese man named Hoa Trinh, and Wahlberg punched Trinh in the face so violently that he was permanently partially blinded in one eye. And when Wahlberg was arrested for the incident he apparently admitted to the police that he had done it, and used a whole lot of racial slurs to refer to his victims during the admission. Wahlberg was charged for attempted murder for the incident.

13 John Travolta


There has been speculation about John Travolta's s*xuality in the gossip media for decades. But regardless of whether or not he's straight, gay, or bis*xual, he has most definitely been accused of s*xual assault by multiple men in the past decade. Two massage therapists and one cruise ship employee have gone as far as filing a civil lawsuit against Travolta (although the cruise ship employee ultimately dropped his case) and rumors of similar encounters with the actor have been floating around for ages. What sticks out to me about Travolta's defence in particular is its disingenuousness. The main "scandal" of these rumors and accusations has always been redirected to focus on the homos*xual behavior aspect of the situations instead of the lack of respect for people's consent Travolta seems to have in so many of these incidents, which seems to be strikingly similar to Harvey Weinstein's ability to sell himself as a "pig" so long instead of an actual serial assaulter.

12 R. Kelly


R. Kelly occupies that same bizarre no man's land where his most high profile disturbing behavior has actually overshadowed a lot of the really horrific behavior that just hasn't gotten the same attention. Thanks to a super high profile court case and extremely memorable Dave Chappelle skit, R. Kelly's illegal predilections are pretty common knowledge. But that high profile case was just one scandal that R. Kelly has been a part of. His extremely questionable relationship with Aaliyah took an illegal step forward when he married her when she was only 15 and he was 27, and the most recent and possibly most horrifying rumor about him is that he's essentially running a cult where he controls every aspect of his (of course female and extremely young) followers' lives, abuses them, and isolates them from the world. Chicago Sun-Times reporter Jim DeRogatis has been exposing R. Kelly's misbehaviors for years, but his reporting has never gotten even a shred of the attention that it deserves.

11 Terry Richardson


Fashion photographer Terry Richardson has made himself known more for his personal antics than he has for his actual photography skills, but quite a few models who have worked with him previously have said that he has s*xually harassed or assaulted them while working. He's another interesting entry on this list specifically because he has promoted himself so heavily as someone who is "shocking" and "provocative," to the point where people have a hard time distinguishing between what amounts to quirky behavior versus what is literal assault. As a photographer, he often creates explicit and somewhat disturbing work, and seems to use his work as a cover for his repulsive behavior, sometimes trying to coerce models or subjects into disgusting acts for photographs or sometimes just inappropriately touching them without even asking first. "Uncle Terry's" bad behavior is not much of a secret, but celebrities and magazines are still eager to work with him and seem to brush off that behavior as his personality quirks instead of actual criminal acts.

10 Jack Nicholson


Jack Nicholson is a legendary actor as well as being a legendary Lothario, and it seems his reputation as an eternal bad boy has managed to gloss over some of his worst behavior. In the mid-nineties Jack had one violent outburst that sounds genuinely terrifying. He apparently hired an escort named Catherine Sheehan to come to his house for the night, but in the morning after when she asked him to pay up, he completely lost it, reportedly slapping her, beating her head into the ground, and dragging her around by her hair before she managed to escape. Sheehan sued him for the assault and he settled with her out of court, but the medical care she required to heal from the incident was upwards of $60,000. Paying to get your rocks off is one thing, but beating the hell out of someone when you don't want to pay is another.

9 Bob Weinstein


Harvey has always been the bigger, badder, and more well known of the Weinstein brothers, but Bob is rumored to have his own unsavory behavior issues too. Bob's "seduction" tactics aren't rumored to be quite as aggressive (and quite frankly, as psycho) as Harvey's, but more than one woman has implied or straight out accused the lesser Weinstein of harassment. A former colleague of Weinstein claimed that he repeatedly made advances towards her and said inappropriate things, once even saying that he was her boss and she could be fired if she didn't agree. Afterwards, she refused to be alone with him, and she's not the only one to make that demand. Rose McGowan posted a message on Twitter that was allegedly from Lindsay Lohan to her agent, and in it Lohan demands that she not be left alone with Bob ever again. And if you'd like evidence straight from the horse's mouth, actress Jaime King tweeted that Bob had called her to berate her for not doing a Maxim magazine shoot.

8 Christian Slater


Christian Slater isn't known as much of a bad boy now, but he actually has a pretty lengthy history of a few different crimes. In the late 80s, Slater was arrested for about half a dozen crimes at once. While driving on a suspended license, he led the police on a car chase before crashing into a telephone pole, and after the crash he got out of the car, assaulted one of the police officers, and attempted to flee the scene. In the mid 90s he was arrested for trying to board a plane with a gun in his luggage, and a few years later he was arrested for assaulting his girlfriend as well as a police officer while he was intoxicated. In 2005, he was arrested for s*xual harassment, apparently harassing a complete stranger on a New York street while extremely intoxicated. Considering his rap sheet, it's actually a shock that his bad behavior hasn't been more publicized.

7 Oliver Stone

via: filmconnection

Oliver Stone was one of the first in the industry to try to minimize the severity of the situation involving Harvey Weinstein when the accusations of harassment and assault started pouring out, so I guess it's not a huge surprise that not soon after there were women coming out with their own experiences of being harassed by Stone. Actress Patricia Arquette spoke out about Stone's inappropriate behavior towards her when they were discussing working on a film together, and when Arquette failed to respond to Stone's advances, the director dropped the collaboration proposals to her. Another woman claimed that Stone outright s*xually assaulted her. Playboy model Carrie Stevens said that when she was passing by Stone at a party he groped her on his way out the door. And honestly, if Stevens' account is remotely truthful, then she can't be the only one, because no one who does something that brazen has done it only once.

6 Tupac Shakur


Tupac Shakur was a gifted rapper who went on to become a legend after his early death, but as time has gone on, his life story has become more idealized and his bad behavior has been minimized or even forgotten. One of his less discussed misdeeds is his conviction for s*xual assault. Shakur and his entourage were accused of assaulting an unnamed woman, and after being convicted of first degree s*xual abuse, he served 9 months in prison for the crime. Shakur publicly claimed that he was innocent of the crime, but considering how few legitimate abusers are even convicted, it seems reasonable to assume that he was not wrongfully convicted. This event in Shakur's life seems to be forgotten by most, and in the recent Tupac biopic All Eyez On Me the entire situation is actually rewritten, portraying the victim as a gold-digging liar and Shakur as a bystander who only learns of what his crew has done to this woman after the fact.

5 Casey Affleck


What is it about famous, successful brothers seeming to harass in pairs? Casey Affleck's history of harassment is even less savory than his brother's, and is made considerably more believable by the fact that Casey has settled harassment lawsuits out of court twice, but his bad behavior has presumably gotten less attention because he simply isn't as famous as his older brother. In 2008, Affleck repeatedly harassed coworker Amanda White, explicitly detailing his explicit experiences in conversations, attempting to get another coworker to expose his private area to White despite her loud objections, and even trying to coerce her into spending the night in the same hotel room. Another coworker named Magdalena Gorka described a similar harassment experience, with him also speaking to her in an inappropriately explicit manner and at one point actually getting into her bed while she was asleep. Both women sued Affleck for harassment, and while Affleck claimed and still claims to be innocent, he settled with both of them in mediation.

4 Rob Lowe


In celebrity years, Rob Lowe's scandal is nearly ancient, but it's still gross as hell. In the late eighties an explicit tape of Lowe and two girls became public, which is embarrassing. Then it was revealed that one of the girls in the tape was very young, which is disgusting, Lowe claimed that he was unaware of the girl's age, which is somewhat believable. Either he couldn't have known or he's stupid enough to film himself committing a crime, but not knowing you're doing something illegal doesn't suddenly make it legal. The scandal did cause Lowe's career to hit the skids for a few months, but ultimately, he recovered and the incident essentially disappeared from the cultural landscape. And considering that Lowe hasn't been accused of specifically seeking out young girls or had many rumors of bad behavior, I think that this scenario could really have been a one off, but no matter which way you cut it, Lowe's behavior should not ever be glossed over.

3 Ben Affleck

via: E! Online

Some of Ben Affleck's inappropriate behavior is just beginning to come to light, but if the recent spurt of accusations is any indication, he may have a problem with s*xual harassment or even assault that goes back over a decade. The first domino to fall was his groping of Hilarie Burton on TRL in 2003, which someone mentioned on Twitter and Burton herself confirmed afterwards. Affleck apologized for his inappropriate behavior in that instance, but not soon after, a makeup artist named Annamarie Tendler said that Affleck groped her at a Golden Globes party in 2014, and others said that he behaved inappropriately towards them at the same party. And just to round out the sketchy behavior, after Ben's statement regarding the Harvey Weinstein scandal, Rose McGowan called him out and claimed that she had spoken to him about Harvey's harassment problems personally and that his response was simply, "God damn it, I told him to stop doing that."

2 Bryan Singer


Bryan Singer might not be a name you recognize off the bat, but you'll certainly be familiar with his work. He's the producer/director who is basically responsible for the X-Men film and television franchises actually being film and television franchises, and within Hollywood circles he's known as the "other open secret" besides (formerly quasi-secret) Harvey Weinstein. Singer has faced allegations of child abuse all the way back to 1997, but every case against him has either been dropped or the accuser has withdrawn their accusation after filing their suit. Singer has said that all of the accusations against him were horrific and completely false, but interestingly, he has never filed any defamation suits against any of his accusers. And despite avoiding any legal ramifications for his supposed actions, the rumors about Singer have persisted for two decades now. And if the old adage "where there's smoke there's fire" has even a shred of truth to it, then Bryan Singer's eventual exposure might come to rival Harvey Weinstein's.

1 Emile Hirsch

via: Entertainment Weekly

For a little while in the late 2000s, Emile Hirsch looked like a star on the rise, one who might possibly make it on to the A-list, but ultimately seemed to peak and start to fade a little a few years later. But Hirsch briefly made the news again in 2015 not for a film role, but for violently assaulting a woman he didn't know at the Sundance Film Festival. Witnesses say that Hirsch appeared very drunk and initially got into a verbal confrontation with producer Daniele Bernfeld. He left the scene for a few minutes, and then according to Bernfeld Hirsch returned to the scene and put her in a chokehold, dragged her across the table, and threw her to the ground. Hirsch claimed that he was defending himself and that she had caused a scene and he was trying to intervene, but also admitted that he didn't have a very clear memory of what happened. A few days after the incident Hirsch entered rehab, but honestly, that level of violence and aggression doesn't just happen because of alcohol.

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15 Famous Creepers Who Deserve To Be Outed Like Harvey Weinstein