15 Famous Brats Who Don't Deserve Their Rich Lifestyle

What follows is a list of total brats who've been given everything they have in their lives.

Most of us work hard for what we have in life. You know why? Because if we don't work hard, then we won't have anything. But that isn't the way that it goes if you're a rich brat. If you're a rich brat, everything is given to you and has been your whole life. You walk around acting like you're better than people just because you happened to have born into a rich family. You act that people are jealous of you when really, they just think you're an idiot. You probably want to model, act, or put out an album, because you're so special, or maybe, you don't want to do anything at all because you're so rich.

The point that I'm trying to make is that these people are entitled. This word is overused these days but they also are privileged. There's not one person on this list who's better than you or me, but all of them think they are, and why do you think that is? Because they've been living in the midst of a bubble that's been created by being born into a rich a family that was rich and famous. Of course, most of the parents of these rich brats are total idiots, but that doesn't matter; these kids still feel special anyway.

What follows is a list of total brats who've been given everything they have in their lives. None of them deserve what they have, not even a little bit.

15 Justin Coombs-Dad Got Him On The Team

If you want to talk about a total entitled brat, then just check out Justin Coombs, who's the son of P Diddy. He's been a brat for a long time. For Justin’s 16th birthday, Diddy gave his eldest son a $360,000 silver Maybach Mercedes. P Diddy even got him on the football team at UCLA. His coach said, "When you’re weighing the assets of what a youngster can do for your program, there’s no question (being Diddy’s son) had something to do with it for me." That all was cool until P Diddy tried to hit an assistant coach with a kettlebell for making an example of his son. Talk about a spoiled brat. Justin, is your dad going to give you things and stick up for you all of your life?

14 Patrick Schwarzenegger-Threatens To Beat Up A D.J.

Patrick is obviously at the least a brat and, at the most, a total tool. As the son of his famous father, Arnold Schwarzenegger, and his mother, Maria Shriver, he's also a member of the Kennedy family on his mother's side. So, as you can see, he already has all the pedigree needed to be a total entitled brat, and he's living up to all of that. Check out the video where he throws a total hissy fit and continues to threaten to beat up a DJ. What a loser. His parents once helped him start a menswear business when he was 15. Aww, isn't that adorable? He's the perfect example of a total brat. He calls himself a model and a businessman, but really, he's just some dude that whines about being kicked out of a bar.

13 Gia Giudice-Really Doesn't Deserve Her Lifestyle

This might sound kind of mean, but Gia is a brat who doesn't deserve her lifestyle at all, and I mean literally. As one of the stars of The Real Housewives of New Jersey, she and her parents, Theresa and Joe, were all doing pretty well until both of her parents were thrown into prison on tax evasion and bankruptcy fraud charges. Seriously, what's up with people like this? They have all sorts of money; then, they get on a TV show that gives them even more money, and the end result is that they try to cheat the government out of even more money than that? Gia may not be at fault here, but she still is a brat who lives a lifestyle that she doesn't deserve. Her parents are legitimately criminals.

12 Peter Brant Jr-His Lawyer Says He's an Idiot

Peter Brant Jr. may possibly be the most spoiled brat on this whole list, and that's saying something. He's the son of billionaire Peter Brant and model Stephanie Seymour. His main claim to fame used to be that he was seen kissing his mother on the beach, at least until he was arrested for felony assault when he was told he was too drunk to board a plane. At least he found one of the few honest lawyers in the world, though. His attorney said that he "was an idiot." I really hate to say it, but this is what happens when someone is brought up like a total brat who has no responsibility at all. Sooner or later, they start acting like a total idiot. We hope he gets it together, but we doubt it.

11 Prince Jackson-Son of the King

Prince Jackson does get a little bit of sympathy from me. Can you imagine being the son of Michael Jackson? Personally, I can't imagine much worse. I get creeped out just thinking about it. But Prince seems to think it's pretty cool. In fact, he calls himself "the son of the king." He has a business called King's Son Productions, of which he says, “King’s Son Productions has this mantra where ‘a title is earned, but a name is given.’ So, I was born as Prince and that was the name my dad had given to me. But my dad had earned the epithet 'King of Pop,' and that’s through hard work and years of training and everything he worked so hard to get.” Yeah, dude... your crazy dad worked hard. You've done nothing.

10 Ireland Baldwin-Model Whose Dad Thinks She's a Pig

Ireland Baldwin is the daughter of Alec Baldwin and Kim Basinger, and she has the poor little rich girl thing down to a science. Ever since her dad left a voicemail for her where he said, "You are a rude, thoughtless little pig. You don't have the brains or the decency as a human being" when she was 11 years old, she's been playing the victim card as hard as she possibly can while she hangs out and parties and occasionally goes to rehab. Poor Ireland. Obviously, she has everything really rough. She's gorgeous and totally loaded, and both her parents are super famous. I mean who would possibly want to trade places with her? Oh yeah, pretty much everyone in the entire world. She's now a model because, of course, she is.

9 Willow Smith-Entitled All The Way

When you talk about people being brats and not deserving their lifestyle, Willow Smith is at the very top of the heap. First of all, she obviously is the daughter of Will Smith, who is an enormous star, and she also is the younger sister of Jaden Smith, who is also an enormous star. Willow obviously has no idea of what the real world is like whatsoever. In fact, it seems like she feels like she deserves to be a huge star, too. And in all honesty, her career is going pretty well. It's estimated that she's worth 4 million dollars all on her own at this point. But is that really impressive? She could be an inanimate object and be as big of a star as she is considering her family. I'm sure she doesn't know that, though, which is what makes her a brat.

8 Sofia Richie- Going out With Scott Disick; No One Cares

Sofia is the daughter of Lionel Richie and the sister of Nicole Richie. She's 19 years old and is a model. OMG, how special is that? She also recently started going out with Scott Disick who is 34 years old and, obviously, a total douchebag. According to Us Magazine, "Disick, 34, also made things Instagram official by posting a sweet photo of himself nuzzling into Richie’s neck. The model, 19, posted a similar photo on her Instagram account with the couple posing with the blue sky behind them."  Seriously? Does Sophia live in the real world at all? If I were to guess, I would imagine she probably thinks that she's important or even kind of special in some way. How lame.

7 Ming Lee Simmons-No One Cares About Your Prom

I don't know if it's just me, but I don't care about Ming Lee Simmons's prom. She's the daughter of music mogul Russell Simmons and Kimora Lee Simmons. This is what Teen Vogue had to say about her prom outfit: "Ming Lee wore a champagne-colored floor-length silk slip dress with a deep V-neck and a slit that went halfway up her left leg. She accentuated the simple elegance of the gown with a sleek high ponytail, coordinating strappy heels, and fresh, dewy makeup." Seriously? Why would any of us possibly care what Ming Lee Simmons is wearing to her prom or even if she's going to prom? What makes people brats are things like this, and obviously, Ming Lee is one.

6 Lourdes Leon-Daughter of a Has-Been

Lourdes is the daughter of Madonna, and sadly, we've been hearing about her forever. Now, I know that at this point, pretty much no one in the entire world cares about Madonna anymore except for older men who hang out in certain types of dance clubs, but that hasn't stopped people from acting like Lourdes is important, which obviously has turned her into a total brat. If you don't believe me, check out the article about her, which is basically just about 10 photos of Lourdes in a pink bikini trolling around on Miami Beach. The Daily Mail Uk says, "Madonna's daughter Lourdes Leon looked incredible when she hit a beach in Miami wearing a skimpy bikini on Sunday." The thing is, though, she doesn't look all that great. She just looks like a brat in a bikini.

5 Lila Grace Moss-Handed Modeling Jobs

Oh, look! Lila Kate Moss is a model! Isn't that so adorable? I mean, I'm sure that she did all of that on her own, and it's not that she's an entitled brat who just had it all handed to her. Lila is, of course, the daughter of Kate Moss, who's one of most famous models of all time. Lila recently got her first modeling job at the age of 14, and guess what? She didn't look a whole lot better than literally a million other 14-year-old girls who didn't have a supermodel for a mom would've looked. You have to wonder if some of these brats even know that they're being given things because they're from rich and famous families or if they just lie to themselves that they're special. I would guess the former.

4 Kai Gerber-Pretends To Be Normal

Model Kaia Gerber looks almost exactly like her supermodel mother Cindy Crawford, which isn't a bad thing. What's bad is that she tries to play it like they're just like you and me. She says, "People would be like, 'How is it that Cindy Crawford is your mom?' And I'm like, 'No, that's my mom! That's not Cindy Crawford. She's my mom, and I think people would be surprised to see she's the least diva, just like, [most] easy-going person I know." Here's a pro tip, Kai: there's only one thing that's more irritating than seeing a rich Hollywood chick act like a spoiled brat, and that's seeing a rich Hollywood chick act like she isn't a spoiled brat. Just knock it off. You really aren't fooling anyone.

3 Lily Rose Depp-Handed Everything

Talk about a spoiled brat. Read these lines from Vanity Fair, and try not to throw up: "Lily-Rose Depp isn’t your average 16-year-old. With a Chanel contract, a film selected for this year’s Cannes Film Festival, and 1.4 million (and growing) Instagram followers, the daughter of Johnny Depp and French star Vanessa Paradis has just added a Vanity Fair cover to her burgeoning résumé." Umm yeah... that's super impressive for someone who's been handed everything and doesn't deserve any of it.  Of course, since this article came out, her parents have broken up and all that, but seriously, give me a break with all of this. She might not be an average 16-year-old, but she's an average brat.

2 Sailor Brinkley - We Know You Aren't Your Mom

Sailor Brinkley is two things, without a doubt: she's the daughter of supermodel Christie Brinkley, and she also is a total brat. Check out what she said on Instagram: "Believe it or not, I am my own person with my own beliefs and own thoughts and my own face! Yes, I am so fortunate that my mother is my mother... And she will always be an inspiration to me... But being constantly compared to her 50+ years of success at only 18 years old? And being told I could never amount to what she was and what she looks like? Doesn't feel great."  Way to take a stand, Sailor. You have your own face? Wow, none of us had any idea. And I wouldn't worry too much about you being compared to your mother. Most people have no idea at all who you are.

1 Francesca Ruth Eastwood-Burned 100,000 Dollars

When you're the daughter of someone who's as legendary as Clint Eastwood, and you're a self-proclaimed socialite and a reality show star, something's really wrong. She's trying to be a low-rent version of the Kardashians and is failing miserably. She was on the show Mrs. Eastwood and Company, which only lasted one year. One of the things she did on the show was burn and destroy a 100,000 dollar handbag, just to try and be cool, I guess. The only problem about that was that it wasn't cool at all. She's just another example of a brat who would be a complete nobody if it weren't for her famous family, but she isn't smart enough to know the difference. Not even close, actually.


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