15 False Facts About Pokémon That Fooled Us All

First starting out in 1996, Game Freak’s Pokémon media franchise has been a dominant part of many generations of gamers and pet aficionados alike. With a 31-year history spanning from video games, manga, movies and anime, there’s no doubting that Pokémon is a pop culture phenomenon.

Out of all the media forms that Pokémon has ventured in, the most popular has to be the video games. There have been countless Pokémon titles already and fans just can’t get enough of trying to catch all of the Pokemon. Aside from the countless handheld Pokémon games, the franchise also seemingly took over mobile gaming with Pokémon GO launching last year.

In its long run as one of the most popular media franchises out there, fans have had their fair share of stories and tales featuring the beloved franchise. Many have told tall tales of secrets and surprises that the franchise has beneath the surface. Out of all of these facts, which are are true and which are just plain lies anyway? Here are the top 15 Pokémon false facts that got everyone fooled.


15 Gary's Raticate Isn't Dead

There’s always a rival that’s trying to outdo the main character in every Pokémon game. In the case of Pokémon Red and Blue, that rival is Blue; otherwise known as Gary Oak. What makes Gary different from other rivals is that he’s a total jerk and he has no problems with showing it.

Gary’s trademark Pokémon is his Raticate. The last time the players see Gary use this Pokémon was in their battle against him in the SS Anne. After encountering him again in Lavender Town, the Raticate was no longer there. It’s worth noting that in Lavender Town, players are informed that Pokémon die.

That being said, many believe that they might’ve killed Gary’s Pokémon. There’s no proof that the players didn’t kill the Raticate though. We’re just counting on the fact that Gary never mentions that his Raticate died. Knowing his personality, he would’ve never let us get away with it.

14 Fakemon Don't Exist


Before Pokémon games hit Western retailers, some titles tend to get released in Japan a little earlier. This includes other Pokémon media such as TV shows, animes, and manga. In between the long wait, a few names might’ve gotten lost in translation and from there on spawned a mysterious group of Pokémon called the ‘Fakemon.’

Thanks to a few rowdy mistranslations and people that took a few lines from an anime too seriously, the idea of Fakemon began popping up left and right. Basically, these creatures are hidden Pokémon that many believe to be part of the game. Well, they aren’t. They’re just made up.

The most popular Fakemon is Pikablu. It’s basically an evolution of Pikachu that surpasses Raichu. Another Fakemon is MewThree simply because if there was a second Mew, why not a third? It would’ve been interesting to see these Pokémon though.

13 The Curse Of Lavender Town Is All A Hoax

In the early days of gaming, there’s not much a title could offer in terms of music. It was what many called as 8-bit music and despite its simplicity, fans loved it. The background music of one particular town in the first Pokémon game was on the end of a mysterious urban legend though.

Out of all the towns in the first Pokémon game, the one that stood out the most was Lavender Town. The town was just another basic area for players to explore. There were structures, NPCs, and other basic components. What made Lavender Town stand out most was the music it had which allegedly pushed people to commit suicide.

It’s not really surprising that Lavender Town’s music was put in such a bad light. The horror movie undertones of the soundtrack really put us on edge. Despite this, the curse of Lavender Town isn’t real and there are just some players who couldn’t handle the song.

12 Starters Don't Appear In The Wild


Out of all the 700+ Pokémon out there, some are just more special than others. For each player, one particular Pokémon holds a special place in our hearts and we just can’t seem to let them off our parties. In most cases, the starter Pokémon serves as the special ones we hold near and dear.

At the start of each entry in the Pokémon RPG series, the professor that guides the player in the region is going. There are always 3 starters per entry which are a Fire, Grass and Water type. Regardless of what entry it is, players can only pick ONE starter Pokémon.

The only way to get another starter Pokémon is through trading. However, players initially speculated that starter Pokémon can be encountered in the wild. This is true only in Pokémon GO.

11 Pokémon Shock Syndrome Is Real… To Some Extent

The Pokémon anime series starring Ash is known for a lot of things. The epic opening song, scenes that made us bawl like babies and for some people, seizure attacks. During the early days of Pokémon, many believed that the show caused a few dangerous consequences to fans and many have called it the Pokémon Shock Syndrome.

This one is partly real. In the Dec. 16, 1997, episode titled "Electric Soldier Porygon", kids all over Japan experienced blurred vision nausea and in worse cases, seizures. The kids needed hospitalization. All of this was caused by a scene where Pikachu uses his trademark lightning to stop a virtual missile attack. A rapid flashing of red and blue lights harmed the kids.

The initial belief was Pokémon Shock Syndrome happens every time Pikachu uses his Thunderbolt attack whereas in reality, it was just that one scene.

10 Bill's Garden Doesn't Have Secrets


After catching all the Pokémon; including Mew, becoming the League’s Champion, whooping Gary Oak’s butt, there’s not much left to do in Pokémon Yellow, Red and Blue. Since players were bored to their wits, they tried to do some weird things in the Pokémon entries and it includes accessing a secret garden.

Accessing Bill’s secret garden in the first set of Pokémon was equivalent to raiding the Lost Ark. It was accessible via a glitch that gave players an ability that they shouldn’t have in the first place. Upon getting to the garden, there’s nothing waiting for the players though. It was just an empty space added in by the developers to make sure that the game doesn’t look weird in any way. There are many places like these in Pokémon entries so if you're trying to get to one, don’t expect to see much in it.

9 Pokémon GO’s Pulsing Tracker Icon Means Nothing

Out of all the features that Pokémon GO boasts, the toughest one to get a hang of was tracking Pokémon. Months after release, players complained about how hard it was to locate Pokémon. There were a few tools that helped out players in the feat but it seems like these tools meant nothing after all.

First up was the grass animation that comes with the footstep gauge. Many speculated that this grass icon determined just how close a Pokémon is. Well, simply put, it didn’t. The moving grass meant nothing.

Another ‘tool’ was the pulse that the tracking gauge gave off. A Forbes article further strengthened the speculation that the pulse meant something. It was actually just the GPS updating. It didn’t help in tracking Pokémon in any way whatsoever. At least Niantic was kind enough to make Pokémon tracking easier in future updates.


8 Mew Isn't Under The Truck


There are rare Pokémon and there are really rare Pokémon. Players have always been on the quest to catch the rarest of them all and in the early days of the game, it’s very hard to do just that as the developers distribute some Pokémon through events only.

One of the rarest gen 1 Pokémon in the history of the game was Mew. When Mew was made known to players, it was very obvious that not everyone is getting it. To get Mew, players need to go to events held by the developer to get it in their GameBoys. If not, they could get Mew through trading with other players. Let’s be real though, who would trade such a rare Pokémon?

Because of the sheer difficulty of acquiring this creature, some players scoured the game deeply for clues on how to get it. One false theory that everyone believed was that Mew was accessible by investigating a truck in an island that can only be reached through a hack.

7 Shiny Pokémon Aren't In Pokémon GO

Some Pokémon are just more special than the others. Nope, we’re not talking about Legendary Pokémon. We’re talking about Shiny Pokémon. These special creatures are the bane and dream of every trainer and those who’ve managed to bag themselves a Shiny variant of one Pokémon have a lot to brag about.

When Pokémon GO launched, players instantly looked for any clues about getting the Shiny variants. Shiny variants are very rare in the Pokémon RPGs. Emphasis on very. Players spend countless hours just to spawn a Shiny variant of a Pokémon.

Pokémon GO players had their hopes up since this is a Pokémon game after all. Sadly, Shinys can’t be acquired through persistent grinding. At least Niantic gives all players an easy chance at bagging Shiny variants of a few Pokémon every once in a while.

6 Size Doesn't Matter In Pokemon


Pokémon GO takes in a lot of the key features in Pokémon RPGs. This includes a very detailed entry of each Pokémon that take into account the height and weight of a particular creature. Players have long argued that size does matter in both Pokémon GO and in the Pokémon RPGs but who are we to blame them for believing such a fallacy?

It should've been obvious that bigger Pokémon should have the power advantage over other Pokémon. Smaller Pokémon, on the other hand, should be more agile and quick. This should be more prominent in Pokémon GO as fights are fast-paced and size should really matter.

That's not the case though as the developers aren't giving any disadvantages or advantages to Pokémon depending on their height or weight. The stats are there simply to say "hey, your Pokemon is big."

5 Catching Yoshi And The Gang Isn't Possible

The Pokémon RPG franchise is developed by Game Freak and not Nintendo. Still, Game Freak has a ton of ties to Nintendo and the two are basically best pals. When it comes to Nintendo games, the norm is that guest characters appear one way or the other. When the first game launched, it was expected that fans would look at all corners of the game to see if any other Nintendo characters made the cut.

The norm was enough to put fans on edge about seeing other Nintendo characters in the game. When Nintendo published an April Fool's prank that sees Yoshi in the game, everyone basically lost it. It was all done for laughs though as Yoshi, Mario, Link or Donkey Kong aren't in the game in any form whatsoever. The best players had was seeing Nintendo consoles in the game itself.

4 Ditto Wasn't There Right From The Start


When Pokémon GO launched last year, players had access to the first generation of Pokémon initially. Not every Pokémon was available though as the Legendaries and the violet blob Ditto wasn't around at the beginning. Since Ditto wasn't a Legendary Pokémon, to begin with, fans speculated that this cute creature was always around even before the start of the game.

Ditto was very special for players and many were very curious as to how this Pokémon will work in the game. One of the special abilities of Ditto is to transform into other Pokémon, making it somewhat equal to the original.

Players scoured every nook and cranny of Pokémon GO for any clues on Ditto. Some have even thought of weird ways to make the Pokémon appear. All they had to do was wait though as Niantic eventually launched Ditto months after.

3 MissingNo Isn't A Real Pokémon

With more than 700 Pokémon under its roster, Pokémon definitely has one of the most diverse casts of characters in existence. It's rather hard to stand out in the sea of creatures as there are all sorts of Pokemon to grab. There are cute ones, cool ones, and even weird ones. There's one Pokémon though, that players are very familiar with.

Those who've played the first set of Pokémon RPGs should be very familiar with MissingNo. The in-game sprite of the Pokémon is basically a very distorted version of a random Pokémon. It was obviously a glitch that was overlooked during development but the popularity of this 'Pokémon' led many to believe that it is actually an intentional secret.

That's not true though as all signs point to MissingNo being nothing but a glitch that got out of hand.

2 Pokeballs Don't Get Saved With A Tap


Niantic’s Pokémon GO was a global phenomenon. At least for a few months before and after its release. The game took Pokémon gaming to a whole new level by giving players the chance to catch virtual Pokemon in the real world. The biggest challenge for the game wasn’t catching all the creatures, it was saving up on those damned pesky Pokeballs.

Pokeballs are acquired in two way; players can either walk around looking for PokeStops to grab one or they could also use real life money to get Pokeballs. Both options aren’t exactly good, to begin with, and with Pokeballs disappearing once a player misses a throw or a Pokémon breaks free, players looked for ways to save up on the important item.

The theory is that players tapped on the Pokeball if it missed, it will be brought back to the inventory. That’s not true at all though as once the Pokeball misses, it's gone forever.

1 Holding Down A And B Doesn't Increase Chances Of Getting A Pokémon

One of the key components in Pokémon games is the ability to catch the lovable creatures. Hence the slogan, ‘gotta catch ‘em all.’ Each Pokémon’s catch rate vary depending on a few factors. Some give in to the charm of Pokeballs in a few seconds while some just won’t budge.

Some Pokémon are clearly more annoying to catch as compared to others and it’s been long debated that catching Pokémon is easier if players opt to spend energy and time pressing the B button and down button hardly to increase the chances of the Pokémon being caught but that’s not the case.

Regardless of what button the players press while the Pokeball is doing its job, nothing will happen. The best players could do is to weaken the target Pokémon and use the appropriate Pokeball for it to work like a charm.

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