15 False Facts About Final Fantasy That Fooled Us All

Square Enix’s Final Fantasy is perhaps the most popular gaming franchises of all-time. The RPG franchise with a 30-year history has wowed generations upon generations of gamers worldwide. It’s thanks to the countless amazing entries in the franchise that we’re glad the fantasy isn’t always final with Final Fantasy.

With 15 mainline entries and a ton of spin-offs that reached far beyond the video game medium, there have been a ton stories to be told from players who’ve gotten their hands on the game. Be it rumors or discovered secrets, the series isn’t short of tall tales from gamers and fans alike. From then to now, players are keen on discovering secrets in many of the series’ titles. That’s the norm in the games since the developers love to keep us busy by adding in secrets and optional paths to traverse. Some of these secrets have been cemented as facts by gamers. However, there are some Final Fantasy ‘facts’ that have seemingly fooled gamers in the past 30 years. Here are 15 Final Fantasy false facts that fooled us all.


15 Entries Are Separate From Each Other

The title Final Fantasy becomes more ironic with each entry. The numbered entries make it look like the games are intertwined and are sequels of each other. Every gamer who has played a Final Fantasy game or two should know that not all entries are related to each other. That doesn’t mean they don’t share a single universe though.

Thanks to a character named Gilgamesh, the theory that each Final Fantasy game happens in one universe is almost confirmed. Gilgamesh first made his appearance in Final Fantasy 5. In the 5th mainline entry, Gilgamesh was sent to a portal and wasn’t seen or heard from again.

Since then, Gilgamesh has appeared as himself in a few titles. The portal in Final Fantasy 5 brought him to the other Final Fantasy universes. In Final Fantasy 12, we even see Gilgamesh carrying a few iconic weapons from past titles, thus confirming that the games happen in a shared universe.

14 Beatrix Is Only A Forever Member Through Cheats


The most diverse character rosters in any Final Fantasy game has to be given to the 9th mainline entry. You’ve got an array of personalities and looks in the party that consists of Zidane, Garnet, Eiko, Steiner, Vivi, Freya, Quina, and Amarant. Among these characters, players looked forward to using one guest character as a permanent member.

Without a doubt, Beatrix is one of the coolest characters in Final Fantasy 9. Everyone loved Steiner’s love interest and for a very brief moment, we got to have her in our party for a few battles. She was both awesome and formidable when it comes to combat but she was rather similar to Steiner though.

Since she was a guest character in the party, many scoured every nook and cranny of the game to have her made as a permanent party member. To everyone’s disappointment, Beatrix can be made as a party member only through cheats alone.

13 The First African-American Character Wasn't Barret Wallace

Ever since it launched in 1987, Square Enix has already introduced a ton of characters coming from an array of races and personalities. In 1997, the community got all riled up when the developer finally introduced its first African-American character in the form of Barret Wallace in Final Fantasy 7.

For years, fans thought that Barret Wallace was the first African-American character introduced in Final Fantasy. That’s not true though as the first African-American character was introduced in 1994 in the form of General Leo in Final Fantasy 6.

Though he isn’t a permanent party member, General Leo was still a playable character in the game. His in-game sprite is depicted as a white man with a mohawk. In his character portrait and in his artwork, General Leo is actually dark skinned with a blonde mohawk. The reason his sprite was white was that pixel colors were very limited at the time.

12 It Was Possible To Beat Typhon


Each Final Fantasy entry comes with a very difficult enemy that will push players to their limits. In Final Fantasy 6, the toughest enemy isn’t the mischievous Kefka in any of his forms. The strongest enemy in the game is a pink monstrosity in the arena named Typhon.

Typhon itself doesn’t have the best stats in the game and there are other optional bosses that deal more damage and take less damage than him. What makes Typhon so difficult though is the fact that he can literally sneeze out the entire party which leads to an instant defeat.

Thanks to this unfair mechanic, players have speculated that Typhon can’t be beaten. A sure method into beating Typhon without cheats is fairly simple but painstaking. Players will need to have a level 90-99 character with the Atma Weapon, Genji Gloves and Offering equipped.

11 There Was No 72 Hour Boss Battle

In the 30-year long history of Final Fantasy, we’ve seen some of the most outrageously difficult optional boss battles known to gamers. In the 15th mainline entry, Square Enix decided to take it up a step further by giving us a boss that could take 72 hours to beat but it was just the developer trying to hype us all up.

The Adamantoise battle was touted to take 3 real days to beat. When players got in the game and faced the Adamantoise, there were sighs of relief and disappointment throughout the community. They were relieved because the Adamantoise battle doesn’t take 3 days. They were disappointed because Square Enix lied.

Some players managed to beat the Adamantoise in an hour. Square Enix didn’t fully lie though as the boss can take 3 days in-game.

10 Yuna And Tidus Don't Live Happily Ever After


Out of all the love teams introduced in the Final Fantasy series, no other has more impact on the fans than Tidus and Yuna from Final Fantasy 10. The pair is a match made in heaven and fans thought that the couple will stick together like Biggs and Wedge have all these years.

The ending of Final Fantasy 10 saw Tidus disappearing without a trace. In the true ending of Final Fantasy 10-2, players can unite Tidus with Yuna if they complete an insane amount of tasks in the game. That’s not the end of their story though.

In an audio drama released by Square Enix, we got to hear what the future is for the couple. The two simply grew apart and needless to say, they didn’t live happily ever after. Since the audio drama was released by Square Enix itself, it’s safe to say that it’s canon to the story.

9 There Isn't An Alternative Method To Getting Excalibur II

Secret weapons are a norm in the Final Fantasy games. These powerful weapons are often locked behind secret areas, powerful bosses and insane tasks. In Final Fantasy 9, the best weapon players could get is the Excalibur II for Steiner. Getting the weapon is very difficult though and it will force players to miss most of what the game has to offer.

To get the Excalibur II, players will have to get to the final dungeon and beat the optional super boss Lich in less than 12 hours. This required skipping movies, skipping battles and a ton of skill. Even if players get this weapon, they’ve missed a ton of other things in the game already.

Since the method is very difficult, a few players have speculated that there’s an alternate method of getting it. The rumor is that players will need to max out the game clock which is more than 4 real days. That rumor isn’t true though so players have to take the difficult way out.


8 Cid Hasn't Been In Every Game Like Some Believe


Despite being completely separate titles from each other, the Final Fantasy games still share a lot of things in common with each other. For starters, items such as Potions and Phoenix Downs are a staple inclusion in each game. Even character names are recurrent and the most popular one is definitely Cid.

The common belief is that there is a Cid in each entry of Final Fantasy. The common depiction of Cid is that he’s the one that helps players get around the world. The Cids in Final Fantasy 7 and Final Fantasy 10 for example, are both the captains of the ships players can use.

Those who’ve been playing the game since the first entry should know that Cid wasn’t present in every entry. In the NES’ Final Fantasy; the first game in the series, Cid wasn’t around to guide the players.

7 Final Fantasy Isn't An Original Creation From The Bottom Up

Since its creation, Final Fantasy has become the standard in JRPGs. A lot of other titles have followed in the footsteps of the most popular gaming franchises to date. It’s initially thought out that the series is an original creation every step of the way but the creator had a few inspirations when making the title.

Final Fantasy is loosely inspired by the Dungeons and Dragons tabletop games. Those who been playing Dungeons and Dragons ever since can easily spot all of the corners that make the two completely different titles, rather similar. The similarities are even more noticeable in the first Final Fantasy.

The classes in the first game are of course based off of the classes in Dungeons and Dragons. Aside from that, some enemies are also rather similar. The developers of Final Fantasy even had to tweak their creatures to avoid a lawsuit from Dungeons and Dragons.

6 Squall Isn't Dead


One of the most popular fan theories in any Final Fantasy game is from the 8th mainline entry in the series. The story of Final Fantasy 8 revolves around Squall and his ragtag team of classmates as they take on a threat that’s bigger than they’ll ever be. At the end of the first disc, Squall was impaled by an icicle before falling from the sky. All logic dictates that he’s an instant goner.

At the start of disc 2, Squall is seen alive and well. He didn’t even have a bandage in the spot he was impaled out. Even weirder, the storyline took a more fantasy-like turn into of a realistic one. Square Enix didn’t confirm the theory but since this is Final Fantasy we’re talking about, we shouldn’t be surprised that the story took a radical turn beyond the first disc.

5 You Can't Bring General Leo Back

Final Fantasy 6 is known for a few things. It’s the most underrated RPGs in the franchise and the other is that the game had an amazing cast of characters. The game also has a huge playable roster; perhaps the biggest roster in the mainline series. One character stood out among everyone else though and that was General Leo, to everyone’s disappointment, the sword master isn’t a permanent party member.

Aside from being an awesome character, General Leo’s is also pretty overpowered. His default attack allows him to hit 4 times in a row. For other characters to do this, the player will need to scour every nook and cranny for an item called the Offering first.

He was a sought after member of the party and that’s why fans were outraged when Kefka killed him. Everyone looked for ways to bring back General Leo into the party but to no avail. The character is as dead as every other enemy the player has faced to that point.

4 Bringing Aeris Back To Life Is Possible Only Through Cheats


In the 3 decades long history of Final Fantasy, no other scene is more memorable than the death of Aeris in Final Fantasy 7. It was both shocking and unforgettable as fans experienced the death of a major character for the first time in the series. The death of the character leads to many devoted gamers figuring out ways to revive Aeris.

Rumors spread like wildfire about how Aeris can be revived in the game. Some have said that there’s a special Phoenix Down to revive Aeris. Some have suggested a set of outrageous tasks to revive her. All of which are false though as there was no other way to get Aeries in the party once she dies. Unless players use a cheat, then Aeris will stay as a goner and a forever corpse in the game’s story.

3 There Was No Nintendo 64 Entry

The series started out on the SNES with Final Fantasy. In the early years, the franchise has stuck to the PlayStation but Xbox players did eventually get a mainline entry starting with Final Fantasy 13. Back then, however, players were looking for the game outside of Sony’s console. More specifically, fans looked for a Nintendo 64 entry of the title and with the popularity of the console, fans readily believed a Diehard Gamefan magazine’s claim that a Nintendo 64 entry was in the works.

The rumor that a game called U64: Final Fantasy 6 was in the works for the Nintendo 64. It was expected to be the first 3D entry in the game. There was a tidbit of the game seen all over the globe but sadly, it was just a tech demo for the PC. The demo was playable with a mouse and keyboard. No Final Fantasy made it to the Nintendo 64.

2 First Entry With Voice Acting Wasn't Final Fantasy 10


With the new generation of consoles comes the opportunity to add in a slew of new features to maximize the potential of each entry. In Final Fantasy 10, fans were happy to know that voice acting had made it to the monumental franchise but little did they know, voice acting had been a part of the series as early as 1997.

The first taste of voice acting was found in Final Fantasy 7. Technically, players had to tinker with the sounds before hearing it first. If players have the PC version of the game and if they play the FMV of the Mako Canon firing, they can remove the sound effects that come with it. What players are left with is a voice line saying “Radar system is go. Sister Ray target confirmed. Entering discharge preparations. All workers should evacuate from the designated area."

1 Final Fantasy Name Wasn't The Result Of A Last Ditch Effort

The story about how the creator of the monumental gaming franchise got the name for the RPG has been told through generations on end. The story goes that the game was the creator’s last-ditch effort into video gaming and hence Final Fantasy was coined. The success of the first game led to many other sequels and spin-offs and the “final” part in the title felt more ironic with each game.

This story isn’t true though. According to game creator Hironobu Sakaguchi, he and the team were just looking for a decent title that can be abbreviated into FF. That’s because the Japanese pronunciation “efu efu” sounds just about right. The original name was planned to be Fighting Fantasy but the developer then found out that it was trademarked as a board game title. We’re all happy that the RPG series isn’t called Fighting Fantasy because it just sounds too corny.

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