15 (Fake) Celebrity Rumors Hollywood Is Obsessed With

Tabloids have been around for a long time, covering everything from the mysterious ins and outs of the life and death of Michael Jackson to the numerous suspected pregnancies of Jennifer Aniston.  She’s still not pregnant, let’s just get over it and leave the poor woman alone!

While these gossip rags provide entertainment while we wait in line at the grocery store, there are other more whispered-about stories that probably aren’t cover story material or were once cover material, but remain talked about long after they are cleared from the shelves and thrown into the recycling bin.

These are rumors; the things you used to hear about as punchlines to jokes, as cocktail party quips, and stories that are so outrageous that they just have to be true. Or are they? Who started them, and how did they become so universal? What do the stars themselves have to say in their own defense to the charges at hand? Today we’re going to talk about the origin, truth, and reasons behind some of the juiciest gossip this side of Hollywood, and whether or not it could possibly be true. These are 15 of the most talked about modern celebrity rumos. Buckle up, it’s going to be a scandalous and entertaining ride!


15 Gene Simmons & The Cow Implant

Gene Simmons is a rock and roll legend who has been painting his face and wagging his unusually long tongue for adoring fans and photo opportunities everywhere for as long as he first began putting on his black spandex. For years there has been a rumor circulating that this tongue is an implant and never really belonged to the KISS performer’s kisser. Some legends say that it was an implant courtesy of a cow, whereas others suggest that Simmons has two tongues, one that belongs to him and another that belongs to someone else, that was grafted on as some sort of extension. A big issue with this legend is that it’s been around the rumor mills since the 1970s, long before the technology was available to perform such feats.

14 Suri Cruise Is An Alien


Many people didn’t understand or buy that Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes were a real couple believing that their entire relationship was fabricated for the sake of remaining famous and relevant. From Cruise's erratic couch jumping on National TV, to whispers about a completely silent Scientology birth, Suri Cruise's life began with a series of literal and figurative whispers about her infancy and actual existence. People even speculated that Suri didn’t really exist, or that she was a being from another world, yup an alien, thanks to Cruise’s intense ties to The Church of Scientology. Thanks to a beautiful newborn spread of the new family in Vanity Fair the rumors were finally put to bed that Suri is, in fact, real and an actual real human girl. Poor kid.

13 Rihanna Was Jay-Z's First “Becky”

People love talking about Jay-Z cheating on Beyoncé. Maybe it’s because if The Queen Bey can’t keep her man faithful then who can? It certainly makes the diva a lot more relatable. Years ago there was a rumor that Jay-Z had a torrid love affair with Rihanna, all while he was “Crazy In Love” with Beyoncé. People even thought that her album B’Day was a personal diary about the heartbreaking experiences. Then in 2015, a former publicist of Rihanna, Jonathan Hay, admitted that he fabricated the entire story in hopes of helping his client gain even more fame and said, “The PR stunt that I did was out of desperation”. We’re guessing this admission of guilt isn’t going to help him secure other A-list clients, or is it? Many people believed the rumor for years.

12 Marilyn Monroe Was A Size 16


We’ve come a long way in terms of the body positive movement, but that hasn’t changed some misinformation about the woman with killer curves, Marilyn Monroe. People keep on stating that Monroe was a size 16 and would be considered overweight by today’s beauty standards. This “fact” simply isn’t true, yes Monroe had a great body, but it certainly was always much smaller than everyone seems to be remembering. Monroe during the peak of her career was a U.K. size 16, but this translates into a size four or six by modern standards. To further squash this rumor her dressmaker has confirmed the hourglass shape of the star was a svelte 35-22-35, which is nowhere near the plus-sized clothing racks.

11 Mr. Rogers Was A Deadly Sniper

Mr. Rogers was a staple to morning television for generations of children. Best known for his calm speaking voice, a penchant for changing his cardigan and shoes, and teaching kids the difference between what is right and wrong. That’s why this urban legend is so compelling because it’s the polar opposite of the man we all grew up with. There was a rumor that Fred Rogers was a former Navy SEAL who served in Vietnam as a sniper with at least 25 confirmed kills under his belt. While this would be an interesting facet to the star’s personality, both his official biography and the producers of his show who have worked with him for years have confirmed that Mr. Rogers began working in media immediately after he finished college.

10 Prince Rib Removal


Prince was a legend. He was eccentric, he was a musical genius, so leave it to people to speculate what the Purple Rain star was up to when he wasn’t performing in his Raspberry Beret. The world was saddened when the star suddenly dropped dead at just 57 years old, and the mystery surrounding him continues to grow. The man was wrapped in a mystery, wrapped in an enigma, and for years there has been a legend that Prince had his two bottom ribs removed so he could err.. pleasure himself. No one knows whether or not this is true, as it wasn’t something that was covered in his coroner’s report. People will continue to talk about the wild and unusual man, and whether or not he kept all of his ribs.

9 Mariah & The Starving Children

Some rumors require intense PR intervention, and sometimes even that doesn’t work. Back in the 1990s at the peak of her fame, it was speculated that diva Mariah Carey had said, “When I watch TV and see those poor starving kids all over the world, I can’t help but cry. I mean, I’d love to be skinny like that, but not with all those flies and death and stuff.” Even though the star never uttered that callous statement, and worked her hardest to set the record straight and erase it from our memories, it keeps popping back to haunt her. The number one reason that this rumor keeps on re-appearing is thanks to social media and everyone who keeps on re-posting it on sites like Twitter and Pinterest.


8 Miley Cyrus A Teen Mom


Back in 2007, in a time when Miley Cyrus was still Hannah Montana, there were rumors out there that could have ruined her career as a child star icon. A fake news article circulated suggesting that the star, who was just 14 years old at the time, was pregnant. Cyrus’ publicist was quick to fire back saying, “It’s 100 percent false. Someone doctored a J-14 article and posted this online. It’s ridiculous and completely untrue. Miley is not pregnant. She just wrapped season two of Hannah Montana and will go on tour beginning Oct. 18.” Ten years later and the pregnancy rumors are still swirling, but now they’re about her starting a family with her long-term beau Liam Hemsworth.

7 Richard Gere & Gerbils

It seems the more wild and unbelievable the rumor is, the more fun it is to spread. Something that needs to be whispered about, that is NSFW has an added thrill, which might be why the rumor about Richard Gere and his pet gerbil problem has been around for almost as long as he’s had a career. The rumor, whose origin was started by someone posing as working for an animal cruelty organization, was that Gere showed up at Cedars-Sinai hospital, shortly after his Pretty Woman fame, seeking treatment because the Gerbil was “stuck” where the sun don’t shine. A cherry on this rumor was that his girlfriend at the time, Cindy Crawford, accompanied him. Another tidbit, apparently in 2006 Sylvester Stallone publicly stated that he thinks Gere blames him for the ‘Gerbilling” rumor.

6 Halle Berry’s Extra Digit


So many people believed that Halle Berry had an extra toe that the former bond girl was offered an opportunity to be a spokesperson for a tennis shoe that would have ample room for people with extra wide feet thanks to extra toes. Halley Berry has spoken out about this and told the news show Extra, "There was a rumor that I had six toes on both of my feet, I want to set that straight. So many people think I have six toes, which I do not have six toes." In addition to these toe related rumors, tabloids also frequently suggest that she’s expecting and she decided to address those rumors on Instagram by posting, “Can a girl have some steak and fries??"

5 Paul Pfeiffer Is Marilyn Manson

Remember the coming of age television show The Wonder Years about Kevin Arnold who was portrayed by Fred Savage? Back in the 1990s, around the time that Marilyn Manson launched into superstardom, a rumor began to circulate that Kevin’s BFF, Paul Pfeiffer, had grown up to become the controversial industrial rock star. Turns out that these are two completely different people. Paul Pfeiffer (real name Josh Saviano) doesn’t spend his time putting on black eyeliner, he spends it working as a lawyer who opened his own law firm and celebrity brand consultant business in 2015. A true trivia item that blew my mind when I found out: the narrator of The Wonder Years who was the voice of grown-up Kevin, is Daniel Stern, one of the robbers from the Home Alone franchise.

4 J.Lo’s 'Asset' Insurance


People love to talk about Jennifer Lopez’s backside and all of its glory. Even more than they like to gossip about the former fly girl's assets, they like to speculate about how much she’s insured her rear end for – the number most often used is one billion dollars. This rumor started back in 1999 and continues to “have legs” nearly two decades later, even though Jenny from the Block herself has addressed it publicly. When J.Lo was on a late night show she decided to set the record straight for good by confirming that she had never taken out an insurance policy on her derriere. Lopez has said, “When I heard the story I thought it was very funny. I don't know where they got it from."

3 Alanis Morissette & Uncle Joey

When Alanis Morissette broke, thanks to her now classic album Jagged Little Pill, people couldn’t get the song “You Oughta Know” out of their heads. People couldn’t help but speculate that the angst-riddled song was about her puppet loving goofball, Dave Coulier. In 2014 Coulier finally spoke up on the legend and said that the song was about a series of exes saying, “I dated Alanis in 1992. You know, it’s just funny to be the supposed subject of that song. First of all, the guy in that song is a real a-hole, so I don’t want to be that guy. Secondly, I asked Alanis, 'I’m getting calls by the media and they want to know who this guy is.' And she said, 'Well, you know it could be a bunch of people. But you can say whatever you want'." He has confirmed that he was the person she “bugged” in the middle of dinner, which is significantly less salacious.

2 Rod Stewart’s Pumped Stomach


When someone is fired, sometimes they seek revenge for how they felt they were wronged. A former employee of rock star Rod Stewart must have been livid when he thought up this incredibly gross and unfortunate rumor about his old boss. This rumor is nearly 50 years old but still leaves a bad taste in our and Stewart’s mouth. The rumor was that the rocker once passed out on stage and was rushed to the hospital. When he arrived at the hospital it was said that a pint of white fluid was pumped from his stomach thanks to his weakness for sailors. Stewart has confirmed many times that this rumor was a case of revenge that has followed him in the form of whispers for a long, long time.

1 Jack And Meg White Are Brother & Sister

The White Stripes were never a typical band. The duo spent so much time on their image, complete with matching clothing and last names that it got people talking about how Meg and Jack White first connected. Rumours swirled everywhere that the pair were siblings, but the two later revealed that the reason they shared a last name was that they were once married, and had fortunately very amicably divorced before making it big together in music. Unfortunately as their career progressed Meg’s stage fright became more and more intense and the couple ended up calling it quits as a band. While Jack White continues to make music today, many fans are crossing their fingers that the former husband and wife get back together for a reunion tour.


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