15 Facts You Probably Didn't Know About Wonder Woman Gal Gadot

She's drop-dead gorgeous, nice, and totally down-to-earth.

We got our first look at Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman in 2016's Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. Some said she was the best thing in the film. On June 2, Wonder Woman hits the big screen. Did we mention the 21 million views the trailer got on YouTube? It's gonna be bigger than big. But what do we know about its star, Gal Gadot? Well, the basics are that she is a former beauty queen, law student, and (improbably) combat-trained soldier. These days, she is a working model, actress, wife, and mom. And she's a gun-toting, motorcycle-riding chick who has done her own stunts in movies. And her smarts and sense of humor? Certified by Forbes to be world class. Oh yeah, she's drop-dead gorgeous, nice, and totally down-to-earth. And you won't believe what she said about her encounter with Donald Trump. We'll have to get into that "tape" and what she thinks of her boobs. So, here are 15 (sometimes) shocking and totally bada** facts about Wonder Woman Gal Gadot. You're gonna like her a lot.

15 She Wants To Get It On With Halle Berry

You know, when you make a big Hollywood movie, you are obliged to promote it. So you show up at Comic Con, hit the talk shows, sparkle on breakfast TV, and grant one boring interview after another. But with Gal Gadot, those interviews are never boring. She's been asked about Wonder Woman's sexuality. Well, she said that the chick lived on an island inhabited only by women, so WW is, at the very least, probably bi. Now, bear in mind that Gal's already signed up for a third Wonder Woman film and has said that she wants to explore WW's tendency to swing both ways. Does she have a love interest in mind? Yes! She said "Halle Berry, please." Now, our Halle bombed out as Cat Woman, but maybe, just maybe, doing the Amazonian superhero thing and getting it on with Wonder Woman might work. Watch this space.

14 Love Her, Love Her Motorcycle

We'll get to her stint as Gisele in the Fast & Furious films in a bit. But as they say, in real life, Gal has a vintage black 2006 Ducati Monster S2R motorbike. And she rides it...a lot. See, in Israel, everyone is obliged to do 2 years of military service, which means you get into motorbikes, guns, combat training, and fitness. Israeli women can even serve on the front line during a "conflict." So, although you might look at some of Gadot's model shots and think "girly girl," the reality is very, very different. She's got biceps some guys would die for. Well, if you're going to hang with the likes of Vin Diesel and do the Wonder Woman thing, you leave the couture at home.

13 The Kind Of Girl Who Gets Felt Up On TV

OK, long before the world came to love Gal Gadot, she was a big, big deal in her native Israel. We know about the army thing. Before that, she won the Miss Israel title in 2004 and entered the Trump universe when she hit the Miss Universe pageant. No, she didn't win. Didn't even get close, on purpose, as we will see. Then, with her beauty pageant credits, she hit the modeling world. By 2013, our little Gal was the second highest paid Israeli model, behind numero uno Bar Rafaeli, and her movie career was doing quite well, thank you. So, why did she show up on an Israeli TV and allow the female reporter to feel her 32B's. Well, because Gal was promoting some film and the mike-wielding TV reporter asked her very nicely if she could and Gal said yes. Did she regret it? Big time. Just wait until you hear where she would grab Donald Trump.

12 She Is Totally P*ssed Off With the United Nations

Angry Red Bird, Tinker Bell, and Wonder Woman have all been "Honorary Ambassadors" of the United Nations. It's a cutesy kind of gimmick thing, you see. So, Gal and former Wonder Woman, she-of-ample-cleavage Lynda Carter, attended a U.N. ceremony last October to mark 75 years of Wonder Woman "Empowering Women and Girls." But, according to Daily Mail, the politically correct brigade came out in force to oppose the "'overtly s*xualized, large-breasted white woman of impossible proportions' representing the 193-member state organization." So, what does the U.N. do? They pull the plug on Wonder Woman's brief stint as an Honorary Ambassador. And Gal? She was, according to the newspaper, outraged, saying women can be sexy and strong. We're with Wonder Woman.

11 She Would Grab Donald Trump By His . . .

Back last year, Gal Gadot was already doing the talk show circuit to promote Wonder Woman. So, she rolls up to The Late Late Show alongside Cher to chat with the host, James Corden. The English comedian asks Gadot about her 2004 gig at the Miss Universe Pageant. See, back then, the pageant was owned by Donald Trump. And then Corden cracks a joke and says "show me on a doll where he touched you." You know the tapes that came out about Trump and women. No way, Gal says doing a martial arts move. But if he had gotten touchy feely? Easy, she says. She would have latched onto his manhood and...well, you get the idea. She did say she found his hair very impressive. Ouch.

10 She Could Be A Stunt Woman

What we have in Gal Gadot is the best of all worlds. She's a gorgeous millionaire model/ actress and mom of two who is married to a property-developing hunk millionaire. But she is also Israeli army tough, trained in Krav Maga (martial arts), an expert marksman, a dedicated pumper of iron, and an experienced motorcycle jockey. As we will see, Fast and Furious director Justin Lin and actor Vin Diesel took one look at her resume and said hire the chick and fast. Reports are that she did some of her own stunts in the four Fast and Furious films. And Wonder Woman? No way, the insurance companies said. She's the star. Cue the stunt double.

9 She Hated Being A Beauty Queen

Being 5 feet and 10 inches tall can open a lot of doors. And whether she was playing basketball in high school or strutting her stuff on catwalks, Gal Gadot always makes best use of her assets. Back in 2004, her utterly beautiful face and slender body propelled her into her first starring role as Miss Israel. And that sent her to the Miss Universe pageant. But guess what? She hated the beauty queen universe. So, she rebelled and showed up for the Miss Universe Pageant late and totally unprepared. She just kind of went through the motions. Why? Well the whole point was to give her what the agents call "a platform" for launching herself into the lucrative modeling world. And what comes after modeling? Hollywood. So, the beauty queen thing was just a necessary evil? In a word, YES.

8 Thinks Her "Girls" Are Too Small

Between 1975 and 1979, Lynda Carter was Diana Prince/Wonder Woman on the popular TV show. It was a wham bam, red, white, and blue kind of a Wonder Woman universe, complete with red boots, star spangled hot pants, and gold cone boobie things to contain Carters 34Cs. Many actresses have taken on Wonder Woman over the years, but nobody defined the role like Carter. So when it was announced that 32B Gal Gadot would take on the character in Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice, fans were quick to wade in with everything that they thought was wrong with the idea. And top of the list? Her boobies are not Wonder Woman big enough. And what does Gal have to say about this battle of the cup sizes? Well, yes, she says her boobs are probably too small but she's sticking with it anyway.

7 The "Tape" Thing

We're certain you are not. But if you were into those kinds of tapes, you will know all about Celebrity Jihad, the site that claims to hack and post dirty pictures and tapes of mostly female celebrities. Sometimes, they are real. Most of the time, they are not. And the good guys of the dirty tape business? That would be Gossip Cop. So, a while back, Celebrity Jihad is posting nudies, saying they were Gal Gadot. And GC is wading in and saying no way. Fakes. Hey, if you want to get a look at our Gal undressed, you need look no further than her ad for Gucci's Bamboo perfume. Shot from the rear, there is Gal in her birthday suit pretending to play...the piano. It's way hotter than her Maxim spread.

6 Speaking Of Maxim

First, there was Miss Israel. Then came the army. Suddenly, in 2007, Maxim had the brilliant idea of doing a photo shoot they dubbed "Women of the Israeli Army." Me, me, says Gadot and there she is for (literally) all the world to see. It was, pardon the pun, the best kind of exposure she could get. Maxim took a 21-year-old former beauty queen and law student and turned her into a hot model. She even made the cover of the New York Post. She was a cover girl to boot. So, from beauty queen to model to Israeli TV. And two years later, hello Fast & Furious. Hello Hollywood and Wonder Woman.

5 Flunked Out Of Bond, Then Aced Fast & Furious

So Gal Gadot has done the military thing, then the beauty pageant thing, and by 2007, is in her first year of law school in Israel. As we've seen, she is doing some modeling and was beginning to get noticed. She catches the eye of a casting director who asks her to audition to be Bond Girl Camille Montes in Quantum of Solace. Think love scenes with Daniel Craig. She was totally up for it! But it wasn't to be. She lost out to Olga Kurylenko, but obviously made an impression on the casting guy because a couple of years later, he cast her as the motorcycle-riding, gun-toting Gisele Yashar in 2009's Fast & Furious. Director Justin Lin took one look at her military training and signed her up. All in all, she did four F&F films.

4 Loved Up And Smiling All The Way To The Bank

Gal Gadot is the second highest paid model in Israel. She's married to Yaron Varsano, a wealthy (and hot) property developer. They own a luxury hotel in Tel Aviv, among lots of other things. Gal is a paid up superhero member of the Marvel Universe with gigs as Wonder Woman in Batman v. Superman, Justice League, and (last but not least) Wonder Woman. She takes her clothes off for Gucci perfume and the boys at Maxim just can't get enough of her. She's having a ball and making lots and lots of money. All this and she's barely 30. She's worth millions, even before you count her hubby's not inconsiderable pile of cash. But there's a price to pay. These days, she is largely U.S. based and says she is homesick for Israel.

3 She Is A Smoking Hot Bad Girl

She has said that she escaped Donald Trump's clutches back when she was strutting her stuff in the 2004 Miss Universe Pageant because her combat and weapon training in the Israeli Defense Force probably scared him. Heck, it would scare any guy. And remember her saying she would have crunched his manhood if he had gotten fresh. Since then, she's taken lessons in swordsmanship, kickboxing, and jiu-jitsu to get her ready for the Wonder Woman thing. Plus, she's just about the only totally hot actress we know with killer biceps who loves showing them off. And, what's more, she's a bike-riding, gun-toting demon who did some of her own stunts in the Fast & Furious films. Just like what she told the U.N., a sexy woman can be a bada** one as well.

2 It's Official: She Is Smart, Funny, And Beautiful

2017 is Gal Gadot's golden year. She's jetting all over the Marvel Universe doing her Wonder Woman gig. But she is so much more than just a pretty face. Gal Gadot is big stuff and influential in her native Israel, having made Forbes Israel's "30 Under Thirty" list of up-and-coming young Israelis. And when Forbes notices you, you have well and truly arrived. Plus, Gal was Number 5 on Shalom Life's Top 50 Most Intelligent, Talented, Funny, and Beautiful Jewish Women in the World, beating out Gwyneth Paltrow (No. 13) and Natalie Portman (No.14). That's great news! The only problem was that her modeling rival, Bar Rafaeli, was Number 4! Never mind, Gal. You would totally beat her hands down in an arm wrestling contest.

1 OK, We Have To Mention Her Armpits

The Internet trolls must not have had enough to do when the Wonder Woman trailer hit. It went viral, with more than 21 million hits. There were thumbs up all over the place. But wait, one troll said of a scene where Wonder Woman is doing some serious heavy-lifting, why are her armpits day-glow green? Well, that began a frenzy of speculation that went as viral as it gets. Had the filmmakers digitally bleached and covered up (shock, horror) arm hair? Then we got the feminists wading in, followed by the politically correct crowd. It was totally bizarre. "Wonder Woman Fans Are Angry About Gal Gadot's Armpits," screamed Huffington Post. Maxim said people were "freaking out." Like we said, some people just need to get a life.

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15 Facts You Probably Didn't Know About Wonder Woman Gal Gadot