15 Facts We Didn't Know About Misty From Pokemon

There is no doubt about it, Misty has become one of the most iconic figures associated with the Pokémon brand. In fact, her popularity may only trail that of Ash and Pikachu. Since the creation of the vast universe which has gone on to capture the imaginations of millions across the world - Misty has become a fan favorite that has spawned cosplays, fan groups, with the character helping to push a plethora of Pokémon related merchandise.

Yes, Misty is that popular and is integral in the lore of Pokémon, the anime giant which is perhaps the most popular anime series on the planet - perhaps even the universe. She came to popularity upon being paired with Ash and Brock as they set out on wild adventures - having numerous run-ins with the infamous Team Rocket.

However, despite her fame, there is quite a lot about the character that casual Pokémon fans may not be aware of. Out of the original trio, Misty is by far the most grounded in reality and the easiest character to relate to.

This list dives into the darker facts about Misty that aren't discussed often, yet make her an intriguing and three-dimensional character. Ready for this journey? Let's go!

You got it, there isn't a corny Pokémon joke at the end of this intro - I bet you were expecting one.

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15 She Has An Enthusiastic 'Fan'

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It's honestly quite amazing how the Beauty and the Beach episode of the original anime series was allowed on television. While it may not be as shocking to those immersed in Japan culture, it definitely striking to those who grew up in societies where censorship is quite common.

This episode stands out due to an individual who became a 'fan' of Misty. Not only did he wish for Misty to be his granddaughter, he also told her that he couldn't wait for Misty to age into an adult.

Somebody definitely let their 'questionable' uncle lose for the day, luckily Misty wasn't harmed in the making of this episode.

14 She Was Abandoned By Her Parents

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This one will hit you right in the feels, get those tissues ready. Many often wondered why Misty's parents were never featured in the anime, despite Ash and Brock having their parents receive some screen time. Unfortunately, the answer would not come from the anime before Misty was written off as a main character.

So what's the deal with her parents? That's the sad part, Pocket Monsters: The Animation, which is a novelized version of the anime goes into detail about what happened. According to cannon, Misty's parents abandoned her and her sisters due to the strict regulations regarding gym duties.

Bleak right? You were warned.

13 The Anime Staff Wants To Be Done With Her

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Despite the popularity of the character, those close to the anime series say Misty will never return to the show as a full-time character. Despite reports of the staff seeing Ash's female companions as little more than eye candy. Masamitsu Hidaka, a former director and storyboard artist for the show gave another reason for this decision.

He believes that the anime team simply believe Misty has completed her story as a character and there simply isn't anything left for her to do in regards to a full-time role. Which, in reality, is a common excuse used for 'we ran out of ideas' or 'we got tired of the character.'

12 The Squirtle Squad Almost Did Her In

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In one of the more classic episodes of the original anime series, Misty was kidnapped and almost done in by the infamous Squirtle Squad. In the Here Comes The Squirtle Squad episode, a small town was being terrorized by a band of Squirtle who were abandoned by their former trainers.

Boy, did they lash out in vicious ways with their adorable sunglasses? They actually threatened to make Misty sleep with the fishes, however, as with nearly every other episode - there was a happy and peaceful resolution which sent everyone home happy.

What did you expect something different? This is one of the more tame anime series around.

11 She Wasn't Originally Created For The Best Reasons

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One of the main (if not only) reasons why any chance of Misty returning to the anime in a full-time role is currently being dashed with a wet blanket concerns why she was created. According to showrunners, Misty was never supposed to be a deep character which viewers grew an attachment.

Instead, she was to serve as eye candy to keep young boys interested in the show. This goes to explain why Ash regularly has a switch in female travel partners. In a way, this is slightly insulting to fans who enjoy well thought and relatable characters - regardless of their appearance.

Oh well, hopefully, they come to their senses.

10 Is Misty In Love?

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In the non-cannon Pokemon Live! play, there was a portion of the act which included Misty singing the cleverly titled "Misty's Song." The song is a ballad about how Misty is in love with Ash but is far too nervous to tell him. Bold words for a ten-year-old right?

The musical stage show isn't that popular and it wasn't until the producer of the show uploaded it online that it gained a bit of fandom. However, as mentioned earlier - the play isn't considered canon and neither the anime or manga have made reference to this concept.

Not everything has to be a love story, kiddos.

9 Violent Misty

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In the original series, Misty was known to get just a tad bit violent at times. Most of these incidents were toned down in the version shown in the United States, simply showing Misty as yelling in an extremely exaggerated fashion.

However, Misty often took it a step further before Cartoon Network editors got their hands on the footage. Several times in the first portion of the series, Misty slaps Ash multiple times in fits of anger.

At one point she even threatened one of her Pokemon with violence when they were struggling with their powers. This definitely adds a little bit of darkness to the character which is often associated with being fun loving.

8 Her Actual Age

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Misty is actually only ten years old at the beginning of the original series. Which is alarming when considering the entire premise of the show, which sees these young trainers travel the world alone. It is quite shocking to believe that Misty is only ten-years-old when considering the mature nature of her exploits.

This also adds a little bit of darkness into some of the storylines and mature themes which often creep up during the show. Makes you think twice doesn't it? There is definitely more to Misty and the series in general than what meets the eye.

What were you doing at ten? You definitely weren't out catching Pokemon! Underachiever you are.

7 She Has A Fear Of Insects

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While Misty often acts like a tomboy throughout her time in the series, creators did give her some stereotypical behavior often considered to be 'girly.' One example is Misty's dislike of anything and everything that is bug Pokemon. She really doesn't like them, at all.

The first time she came across a bug Pokemon in the show she screams and acts as if she had just seen an ancient Pokemon coming straight for her. It may seem a little silly at first, but it does actually give her more depth as a character.

I mean it's not like us humans don't have an irrational dislike for things, right?

6 She Has An Odd Taste For Food

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Misty isn't a fan of carrots or peppers. Why is this dark? Because this quite frankly makes her a monster. Peppers are an amazing ingredient which makes the flavor pop out of a number of dishes, especially those which have a slight tangy flavor. You know what I mean? Of course, you do.

Carrots? Have you ever had a good stew without carrots? Carrots taste divine when added to a number of soups. In fact, carrots and peppers in a soup? Absolutely delicious and splendid.

I'm sorry, but Misty has broken taste buds and she needs to quickly get them fixed. Long live carrots and peppers.

5 Misty Once Was Almost Eaten By A Gyarados

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Prior to the beginning of the series, Misty had an interesting run-in with a Gyarados. By run-in, she was almost eaten by the vicious bread of water Pokemon. How did this happen you ask?

Evidently, the young Misty crawled into the mouth of a sleeping Gyarados and was nearly swallowed by it - talk about poor adult supervision. This dramatic event left Misty with a healthy fear of Gyarados.

Misty would later face her fears and fill in for her sisters at the Cerulean Gym and had to face an out of control Gyarados. Talk about girl power, she overcame her fears and didn't get eaten in the process. You go Glen Coco...I mean Misty.

4 She Wants To Be Treated Like A Lady

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Adding additional depth to Misty's character, she often wishes people treated her more like a lady. While she often appears to be a tomboy, the Ash & Pikachu manga, which is based on the anime, shows Misty speaking about being ladylike and being quite upset that Ash and Brock don't treat her like a lady.

Misty is definitely a three-dimensional character and is far more than a simple sidekick without any real depth. She has a number of personality traits, has her own goals, and often has desires which are different from what she displays to the world.

She's definitely a complex and realistic character. It's also a bit tragic that the world doesn't view her in the light she wants.

3 She Makes An Appearance In A Problematic Manga

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Magical Pokemon Journey definitely has some questionable themes, including main character Hazel attempting to drug her love interest into liking her. However, what's even darker is that Misty, Ash, and Brock somehow managed to find their way into this strange realm, which evidently exists on a different plane than their own. Starting to sound a bit like a DC or Marvel story arc?

Anyway...Misty, Ash, and Brock somehow manage to find their way to this world and spend their cameo trying to get back to the realm they grew up in. With people like Hazel around, can you really blame them for wanting to make an extremely quick exit?

2 She Has Something In Common With Jessie

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The evil Team Rocket member, Jessie is known for her high boots, long red? purple? pink? hair...who knows what color it really is? Magenta or something? Back to the point, Jessie is an extremely eccentric character who shares something in common with the loveable Misty.

They were voiced by the same voice actress for quite some time. Rachel Lillis voiced the characters for approximately eight years, in what is a little-known fact about the characters.

She was eventually replaced in what can only be called a corporate money grabbed in an attempt to make the series cheaper to produce for English speaking audiences. Why does greed have to go and ruin everything?

1 Differences With Her Sisters

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Misty has three sisters named Daisy, Violet, and Lily. Misty is the only one not named after a flower, which is typically a sign of being different from those within the family. That's a little writer's insight for those reading...

Misty is indeed different from her sisters in other ways as well. All of her sisters are older and present themselves in a glamorous fashion and fit more traditional gender stereotypes for women than Misty. Unlike Misty, her sisters are always together and seem to be inseparable.

Seemingly this gives insight as to why Misty wishes others saw her as more ladylike. It does start to make a lot of sense when you start to think about it.

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