15 Facts & Photos Of Bombshell Charlotte McKinney

If you happened to tune into the Super Bowl in 2015 then chances are you came across one of the most talked about and provocative commercials of all time. Even if you didn't watch the Super Bowl, we’re pretty sure you have seen the advertisement we are talking about. Carl's Jr, the multi-million dollar company, put forth one of the most talked about commercials of all time when they challenged us all to keep our eyes on their burger while trying not to drool at the glorious model holding it; enter Charlotte McKinney. The native Floridian is 24 years old and has been turning heads and causing quite the commotion in the popular culture realm. Her remarkable resemblance to already cemented superstar Kate Upton is quite apparent, but Charlotte McKinney is a superstar of her own, and just one glance at her makes that incredibly obvious.

With a favorite celebrity crush in Paul Rudd, Charlotte McKinney is an easy-going blonde bombshell who loves humor in men and guys who don't take themselves too seriously. If this describes you even in the least then you might be in luck, McKinney is single and enjoying herself, which only makes us love her more. Her incredible looks and curvaceous physique might be hard to avoid, but when those same looks are coupled with her awesome and down-to-earth personality, she becomes even more irresistible. Charlotte is new on the scene in terms of her popularity, so we thought we’d fill you in on some fun facts about the blonde bombshell. If you’ve watched any of her interviews on YouTube or on Television it’s easily apparent that she’s a superstar that is incredibly easy-going. Without any further ado, Let’s Go!

15 She Was On Dancing With The Stars 

If any of you are fans of Dancing With The Stars then Charlotte McKinney is nothing new to you, but if you haven't seen the show you might want to rewatch it...immediately. As if we needed any more incentive to tune into a show that’s featuring the blonde bombshell Charlotte McKinney, how about a show that showcases her incredible beauty while also displaying her incredible dancing skills. Charlotte McKinney is a model with a vivacious personality, this becomes instantly noticeable when you view her dancing skills, precise, intricate, and most importantly flashy! The show is already a knockout hit, but it was even more popular when Charlotte McKinney was gracing us with her effortless beauty. If Charlotte's moves weren't enough to get you interested, we’re guessing her looks will more than make up for it.

14 Her Celebrity Crush Is Paul Rudd

Just because she has an infamous celebrity crush, that doesn't mean she’s off the market. In several interviews, she has explained her relationship situation, and she’s “single and loving it”. She embraces her role as the “hot girl”, but insist that that’s not all she is. In an interview with Esquire, she had this to say, “ I’m not interested in just being the hot girl. I’m really goofy, and I love laughing, and that such a big part of who I am.” She might be incredibly attractive and most of the time guys attribute that type of girl as being hard to approach, but she insists that guys shouldn't be afraid of approaching the hot girl. Whether Charlotte McKinney is obsessed with Paul Rudd or not is irrelevant, we’re completely obsessed with her.

13 Initially, She Was "Too Curvy" For Modelling

After taking one look at Charlotte this shouldn't be a surprise to anyone, she is as curvy as she is gorgeous, and boy is she gorgeous. Typically, high-end runway models are lengthy and skinny, and Charlotte is neither of those things. She’s 5’7” which isn't exactly short for a female, but it is for the modelling world, and she’s incredibly busty, repping a 32F bra size. Like anything else in Charlotte’s life, she overcame the odds and battled to become a first class model, with spreads in Sports Illustrated, Esquire, and GQ. Nothing about Charlotte is considered ordinary, she isn't the typical high-maintenance diva, she’s low-key and couldn't care less about what you think, which is a breath of fresh air in an industry of constant drama.

12 She's Active On Social Media

If you haven't caught on by now, Charlotte McKinney’s social media presence is one to be reckoned with. She is incredibly active most days and dominates the Instagram and Snapchat scene like no one else ever could. Cultivating a following on Instagram of over a million followers, she also reps a pretty formidable Snapchat account that allows fans to get yet another glimpse into her down-home character. She’s also incredibly funny, and this is easy to notice when you watch one of her videos on Snapchat or Instagram. She’s got a sense of dry humor that only makes us fall in love with her that much more. If you haven't already started following her on social media you need to start immediately, she posts some incredibly stunning pictures of her frame, and you definitely don't want to miss out on those.

11 She Prefers Dogs Over Cats

Is there any better indicator of a person than whether they enjoy the company of a furry feline or a cuddly puppy? We don't think so. And when Charlotte McKinney stated that she loves dogs more than cats, well, we fell that much more in love with her. In all seriousness, we would still love her if she enjoyed the company of a cat over a dog, but there is something to be said about someone (boy or girl) who prefers a canine over a feline. Charlotte’s choice of animals really speaks to a larger mystique that she has, she is a down-to-earth person who is easy going and loves to laugh, so it only makes sense that she prefers the charismatic animal over the cat.

10 She'd Like To Be A Better Cook

One thing Charlotte McKinney said she’d like to improve on is her ability to be a great cook. We know what you're thinking, probably some shrewd portrayal of the overplayed stereotype that women belong in the kitchen, but we think that it's incredibly admirable she wants to better her cooking capabilities. Charlotte McKinney is very picky about what she puts into her body, she follows a strict fitness regimen and an even stricter nutritional diet. It should come as no surprise when you gaze at her rocking body that she closely monitors what goes into her body, she’s a model for heaven's sake, and she certainly fits the bill. If she’s able to become half as good at cooking as she is beautiful then she can open a 5-star restaurant.

9 Her Favorite Rapper Is Notorious BIG

Being from the east coast it shouldn't be any surprise that the Notorious BIG is her favorite rap artist, though, admittedly she enjoys Tupac and Dr.Dre. It only seems fitting, riding around in an expensive sports car with the windows down bumping an epic Notorious BIG tune. Again, Charlotte’s awesome personality comes to the forefront as she opens up and lets us in on her favorite music to listen to, and to nobodies surprise, it speaks to her carefree and outgoing personality. Charlotte McKinney is like ‘the girl next door’ if the girl next door happened to be the steamiest and coolest girl to ever walk planet earth. If you're going to try and impress Charlotte McKinney, doing less is more; she enjoys a guy who isn't too clingy or too serious, oh, and you can’t talk about yourself too much either.

8 She Dropped Out Of High School 

When one thinks of the typical high school dropout, Charlotte McKinney might be the last thing on earth that comes to mind. But in fact, Charlotte struggled mightily with dyslexia, a unique disorder that scrambles the order of words and numbers in the affected person's head. As you can imagine, this can make standard schoolwork incredibly difficult, and before she ultimately chose to stop going to school she had to be held back 2 grades. Alongside the fact that she hit puberty around that time, and as you can see how she became incredibly curvy; so girls at school started bullying her and calling her names. Charlotte looks back on the experience and calls it “just girls being girls”, but it definitely took its toll on the superstar and ultimately it contributed to her wanting to stop going to school altogether.

7 Her Favorite Drink 

Charlotte McKinney looks like a girl that likes to party, and pictured here you can tell that she fits into the nightlife scene just perfectly. She says that her favorite party beverage when she’s out on the town is Tito’s vodka, which appears to suit her perfectly. There’s nothing stereotypical about a curvy blonde enjoying a chilled vodka soda out with her girlfriends...right? We would gladly spend our entire paycheck and even dip into our 401k account to keep a steady flow of Charlotte’s favorite drink if it meant that we could hang out with her all night. Charlotte McKinney has probably never had to buy a drink in her life, and we don't blame the guys one bit for buying her countless rounds.

6 Her Carl's Jr. Commercial Was The Most Successful Ad EVER For The Company

The overnight success that Charlotte McKinney ultimately catapulted into a successful modelling and acting career began with her infamous Carl's Jr. commercial that aired during the Super Bowl. Since that day, the ad cultivated the most views that the company has ever generated, topping over 8 million views on YouTube alone. Charlotte McKinney, when asked about her success in her career, was absolutely ecstatic about her commercial and even said that her parents loved it! Charlotte is certainly not lacking any confidence, she has started appearing in high budget films like Baywatch, and Joe Dirt 2. She said that she eventually wants to transfer from a model to a full-time actor, but for now, she’s just embracing and enjoying this time in her life.

5 Her Favorite Game Is "Mario Tennis"

Step aside Anna Kournikova, Charlotte McKinney is as hot as it gets when she’s wielding her Wii controller and indulging in an epic game of Mario Tennis. Again, Charlotte’s awesome personality comes to the forefront as she reminds us that she doesn't live an extravagant lifestyle. A date with Charlotte McKinney might start with some fun at the beach, an awesome dinner at a reputable restaurant, followed by wine and a movie to cap off the night. She doesn't need anything too crazy, she admittedly doesn't take herself too seriously and isn't looking for a man who takes himself too seriously either. You might want to fine-tune your tennis skills if you're preparing to take Charlotte out on a date, she says she’s pretty good and enjoys beating everyone she plays!

4 She Draws Comparison With Kate Upton 

When you take one look at Charlotte McKinney it is immediately apparent that she looks shockingly similar to the other blonde bombshell; Kate Upton. While the resemblance is clear, McKinney isn't having it. When asked about the comparison she had this to say, “I'm over it. I believe we’re two totally different people who have to different career paths. I admire her so much, but I'm not the next Kate Upton”. We understand it can be annoying to be constantly compared to another model with big assets, but even we can't help but draw the same comparisons. While Kate Upton is probably more “curvy”, Charlotte is undoubtedly prettier (and not much less curvy!). It’s not a bad problem to have in our estimation, Kate Upton has widely been considered the steamiest girl in America for a while now, but she better watch out!

3 Her Favorite Dessert Is Chocolate 

Even though Charlotte McKinney follows a vigorous nutritional regimen, that doesn't exclude her from the guilty pleasure of the chocolate variety. In fact, she even admitted that during the infamous Carl's Jr commercial she was actually taking bites and eating the glorious hamburger. In a recent interview Charlotte said that her favorite dessert was anything that included chocolate, so if you're trying to send her an appropriate Valentine’s Day present, a nice box of chocolates might be the best choice. Charlotte McKinney is an outgoing and charismatic personality in the realm of popular culture, so it’s not such a surprise to find out that she's someone who likes to indulge in a nice piece of chocolate from time to time. We doubt that you have ever seen someone so innocent and beautiful eating a donut as you see pictured above, and for that, we fall into an even deeper spiral of love with Charlotte.

2 She Hopes To Become A Full-Time Actress 

If Charlotte McKinney doesn’t look like a drop dead movie star already, then we’re not sure what you're looking for in an actress. She has already proven that she has the rudimentary talent required for acting, and has made it publicly known that she would like to continue her acting career and even advance it into a full-time gig. She has been featured in some blockbuster movies already, including Baywatch, Joe Dirt 2, and an upcoming role in the huge movie Flatliners. Movie producers and cast managers seem to have caught on to Charlotte’s epic potential, so you can look forward to catching Charlotte on the big screen near you in the very near future.

1 Most Attractive Quality In Men: Humor 

If you are a guy who doesn't take himself too seriously, doesn't talk about himself too much, and is great at telling jokes and keeping others laughing; then Charlotte McKinney just might be the right girl for you. She admittedly loves a guy who's humorous, it’s the most attractive thing she is looking for and it is definitely a must when she’s qualifying candidates for potential boyfriends. While she currently is single, she’s definitely interested in looking for “Mr.Right”, and if you think you got what it takes then you should definitely give it a shot. As one of the hottest girls on the scene right now, Charlotte is certainly a breath of fresh air when it comes to the ‘standard’ personality of the devious blonde bombshell cohort.

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