15 Facts And Photos Of MTV's Siesta Key Girls

If you were a fan of the old MTV hit show Jersey Shore, then Siesta Key is the show for you. It’s a classier, wealthier, “cleaner” version of the notorious Jersey Shore, and unlike the guido drama that catapulted the Jersey Shore to infamous notoriety, the Siesta Key is a much different demographic in an affluent suburb, unlike anything you've ever seen before. If you haven't tuned into the new show, you can expect to see beaches littered with beautiful women, mansions the size of 50 houses, and pretentious individuals flopping around the bodies of water they visit; and lots and lots of alcohol. While most of these things are individually a cultural fringe that is likely to make us all resent them, when it all gets combined into a conglomeration of madness, it just seems to work.

The individuals on the show might be a little rough around the edges, but we’re guessing the last thing you're focused on when you're staring at beautiful girls running around the beaches is their personality. If you can give the show enough of your attention to let it lure you in just a bit, we think you'll find out enough about each character to actually enjoy the show a bit. Sure, this isn't the program you're going to want to turn to if you're looking to broaden your horizons or learn an interesting fact or two like you would on the History channel, but it is a bit different than the average reality tv series.

The people on the show are as attractive as they are crazy, and they enjoy some of the finer things in life and make no bones about it. The girls might be some of the best looking around, but at the end of the day, they're just regular people like us, except they have just a little more money than most.


15 Juliette's Steamy Smile 

Juliette Porter is pretty much the main female on the show, and for reasons that are more obvious than most, you can likely see why. She is a stunning figure with a character that is rivaled by no one else on the show. She isn't a beauty without the brains however, she is majoring in political science when she attends college and has big dreams and aspirations when she grows up. She is involved heavily in the drama that ensues on the show, and she seems to handle herself with pride and poise (for the most part) when it comes to the challenges that erupt on the volatile realm of Siesta Key. Juliette is the main voice of reason (and retribution) when chaos occurs on the show, and Juliette handles herself with an iron fortitude and a charismatic personality.

14 Kelsey Killer Charisma 


Kelsey originally joins the show as the “new girl” who has moved to Siesta Key from out of town. She is likely the best “new girl” any of us have ever laid our eyes on, so it shouldn't come as a surprise that she also landed a pretty formidable modelling gig in New York City during the filming of the show. As you can likely already imagine, Kelsey is a big hit with the guys on Siesta Key, and we don’t wanna spoil any of the show, but things hit the fan when Kelsey’s boyfriend Garret thinks she’s acting suspiciously with other dudes on the show. Kelsey is battling her own demons as well, with a mother that is battling Multiple Sclerosis, and the quarrels that come with being the ‘new girl’, there is drama at every turn for the blonde bombshell.

13 Candid Juliette

Juliette Porter undoubtedly has a future in the modeling industry, I mean just take a look at her. She meshes perfectly with the cultural vibe that Siesta Key holds, and she makes no bones about her demonstrative hold as the shows number one diva. Juliette may cause a lot of drama, but she also holds some key friendships that she isn't afraid to defend. Some of the show features Juliette sticking up for her longtime girlfriend when guys on the show start berating her. There's also another wonderful scene of Juliette reprimanding her boyfriend Alex for cheating on her. Juliette catches herself in the middle of a lot of drama, but then what would the show be if it wasn't laced with beautiful women and steamy drama?

12 Party Girls 


This picture probably isn't all too uncommon of a theme when you log into Facebook and scroll down your newsfeed. Part of what makes the show so awesome is the ability to relate to a lot of the characters. Sure, you might not be attending black-tie galas and living in unbelievably large mansions, but these individuals are at the end of the day just human beings like us, and that shows intermittently throughout the show. Like you and your best friend on a Friday night, the girls of Siesta Key show that even they aren't immune from a drunken Friday night photo with their iPhones in one hand and their beverages in the other. Pictures like this one just make us want to drop everything and go enjoy the party right alongside these babes.

11 Road Selfie 

Not even Juliette and her friend Chloe are exempt from taking the classic “driving selfie”, it’s just that they do it better than most of us could ever dream. These girls have made it big time for a reason, their lives are jam-packed with interesting drama, expensive wardrobes and lifestyles, oh yeah, and they’re smoking hot. Chloe, the one pictured here behind Juliette, is likely the most real and intimate character that is revealed on the show. She has longtime friendships with the girls and guys that are featured on the show, and she cuts no corners in telling others how she’s feeling. She is the recipient of quite a bit of portentous bullying on the show, and she stands her ground and draws a proverbial line in the sand, and holds others accountable for crossing it.

10 Beachside Chillin' 


Pictured here is Madisson, one of the natives of Siesta Key. She is pretty laid back on the show, as a matter of fact, she is probably the most quaint of the individuals on the show. She’s another case of a beauty that also has the brains; throughout the episodes of the show, she is trying to find a landing spot for her newfound career in engineering. She has been studying the field and finally cemented the knowledge required to make a career out of it. Think what you want about her looks and her demeanor, but the girl is anything but dumb. Madisson is the stereotypical nerdy girl, but after one glance at her, you can understand why she’s constantly bucking the stereotypes.

9 Steamy Revenge 

In one of the best episodes and most drama-filled moments of the show, a culmination takes place that is the boiling point of quite a bit of drama. Juliette finds herself in the middle (no surprise here), and it has to do with Kelsey and her boyfriend Garret. Without spoiling the show for you, we can only tell you that there is quite a bit of drama relating to who’s waking up next to who after a long night of partying. In the picture shown here Juliette is insidiously plotting her revenge, and it just so happens that what she ends up doing reverberates quite a bit of drama through the group of friends. It is one of the best episodes of the show and Juliette per usual takes center stage.


8 Amanda's Steamy RBF


Amanda is on the fringe of the group, she isn't shown throughout the show all that much, but when she does appear, she causes a thunderstorm of emotion. In one the earlier and more gruesome episodes of the show, Amanda gets into an all-out brawl with Chloe, and actually ends up breaking her nose. Chloe ends up having to have plastic surgery to fix the damage done to her in the brutal and epic scene. Amanda knows how to have a good time, but when the alcohol and emotions finally boil over; she wastes no time letting everyone know how she feels, whether its throwing verbal punches or outright haymakers. Amanda is one of the sassiest and most attractive girls on the show, and she’s most likely restrained from appearing in every episode because of her volatility.

7 Classy Chloe 

Chloe is by far the most real and down to earth girl on the show, she’s a native of Siesta Key and has known most of the characters on the show for all her life. She runs into quite a bit of drama (most of it she’s defending herself and not causing it) and she nevertheless stands her ground and doesn't allow herself to get caught up in most of it. Whether she’s deflecting the rude and cruel fat jokes that the pretentious guys on the show are throwing at her, or she’s literally defending herself from a brutal beatdown from other girls on the show, Chloe does it with class and remains true to herself. Chloe is straightforward with everyone she converses with on the show, a characteristic that has become all too uncommon with people around the world; so for that, we love her.

6 The Crew 


Okay, we know what you’re thinking, and yes your right these people do look cut out from a billboard on the Southern California coastline, but we promise they're more than that. While they would fit right in with a red-carpet showing of a new hot blockbuster movie, they do live (somewhat) normal lives and have dreams and aspirations just like the rest of us. The drama that ensues between the clashing of these people's personalities is rarely rivaled on television, and they get real with each other more than a time or two on the show. At the end of the day, the first impression one might draw from a picture like this can be misleading; they're actually pretty genuine and real people.

5 Fantastic Physiques 

A picture is worth a thousand words. If any of you have tuned in to watch the season of Siesta Key you would know that these three are basically the root of all evil when it comes to drama on the show. The ‘love triangle’ that exists between these three is definitely a driving factor for the dichotomy of friendships that result at the end of the season. They’re incredibly attractive and it should come as no surprise that heated warfare erupts between the three protagonists of MTV’s show Siesta Key. You can probably guess what happens; like all good drama filled shows, there are a few flirtatious moments that reveal a hidden lust for each other, and that never goes over well when the knight in shining armor already has his princess. No matter which way you look at it, these three individuals are smoking hot. 

4 The High Life 


The episode pictured here involves the all-too-cliche “Great Gatsby” themed party. It’s everything that you're imagining currently inside your head as you read these words; black suits and ties, pinkies out when drinking champagne...the works. But we must say that these girls in Siesta Key fit the bill exceptionally well. They may look cut out of a GQ magazine, but they definitely have the class that is required when trying to emulate the incredible them of The Great Gatsby. This episode might be a bit ‘too much’ for anyone who doesn't appreciate a nice black-tie gala event, but we promise it’s nothing you can't handle; and besides, you get to stare at all these beautiful women. The individuals in Siesta Key live up to all the hype when they dress for success, which is usually every single day.

3 Out On The Town 

This picture might give you the interpretation that these girls are every bit as pretentious as they are made out to be, and while on its face, that argument can be defended, once you watch the show to understand who these women truly are we promise you'll get a much different interpretation of them. While they are aesthetically magnificent, most of these girls are beauties with brains, and they're driven women headed back to college to make careers out of themselves. They may drive Mercedes and BMWs, but they're also driven academically, and for that, we must give them our respect. If the impression you’re getting is that these girls are ‘stuck up’ and ‘rich’, we can see why you're getting that read, but we’re telling you there's more than meets the eye.

2 Steamy Snapchat 


One thing these girls don't miss out on is having fun, the entire show takes place during the wild and wet summer in Siesta Key. They go to friends rap performances, parties, galas, and just kickbacks by the pool; and it never appears boring. They aren't afraid to let their hair down and have a good time, and while this picture probably resembles the last Snapchat story you uploaded, we can bet that the girls on your phone probably didn’t look as good as these ones. Most of us can relate to letting loose on the weekend and having a good time, and the characters on this show are no exception to this rule, and it adds quite a bit of drama to boot, so we love it that much more.

1 Hot Tubbin' 

In one of the shadiest and sinister scenes in the show, Kelsey gets into the hot-tub late at night with Alex, the main male character on the show. While both individuals have significant others, they waste no time talking and getting to know each other without getting awfully close inside a jacuzzi in Alex’s mansion. As the two dry off and disappear away from the cameras into Alex’s room, from there the curtains close and we are left to wonder whether the two broke serious rules in the dating game. The rumors start to spread and the accusations start flying, and all that is left is conjecture and a bit of ‘he-said-she-said’, which of course, never ends well for any parties involved.


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