15 Facts And Photos Of Kim Zolciak (That She Doesn't Want Us To Know About)

It’s without a doubt that Kim Zolciak has managed to become the breakout star of the original cast of The Real Housewives of Atlanta. While her co-stars have faded away into celebrity obscurity (with the lone exception being her former BFF NeNe Leakes), she’s still making headlines to this very day and that’s because of several good reasons. She’s brass, she’s outspoken, she’s unfiltered and she’s got a larger-than-life family. There’s no one who has the same determination as Kim Zolciak in the entertainment world to make it for as long as she has so far.

But at the same time, there are plenty of things that we don’t know about Kim along with a couple of unsolved mysteries about her past. We don’t know much about her family, her upbringing, or her baby daddy. She might have become famous because of a reality television show, but there’s a long of things she’s definitely held back from the cameras.

With all of that being said, here are 15 facts and photos that Kim Zolciak doesn’t want you to know, or see, for that matter. Check it out below and let us know what you think.

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15 Who Her Baby Daddy Is

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While there’s no denying that Kroy Biermann is the father of Kim Zolciak’s four younger children (because, my goodness, they all just look so much like him – the man has got some strong genes!) we still don’t know who the mystery baby daddy is of her two older daughters, Ariana and Brielle. As a matter of fact, the only thing we do know is that Kim used to call him “Big Daddy” during the earlier episodes of The Real Housewives of Atlanta.

While there have been plenty of rumors and plenty of guesses, Kim has never confirmed the identity of her daughter’s father. We don’t even know if the two girls even have the same father, as Kim refuses to speak about her past in public. What we do know is that none of that matters anymore for Kim, as Kroy officially adopted Brielle and Ariana after the couple got married in 2011.

14 Kim’s Kardashian Aspirations

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Kim might not want to admit to it, for many of her fans, it’s pretty obvious to them that she’s had Kardashian-like aspirations for years now. Heck, she’s even been trying to build her own Kardashian family by size, too! She even named her first fashion line Kashmere Kollection, which definitely has a Kardashian touch to it.

What’s more, reports once indicated that Kim was thinking about relocating her family from Atlanta to Los Angeles to help kickstart her daughter Brielle’s television career. She was supposed to land a job as a correspondent for the E! Network, but sadly, that never happened. We can only wonder if a certain Jenner spy had something to do with it. The entertainment world just isn’t big enough for two Kims to handle at once!

13 Her Weight And Possibly Photoshopped Pics

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While there’s no doubt that no one should talk about a woman’s weight (in private or in public, for that matter) when it comes to Kim Zolciak, it’s just hard not to notice her very different appearance whenever she’s in front of the camera or away from one. In many of her Instagram selfies, there’s no denying that Kim looks like a perfect 10. Yet, when you see her in paparazzi or red carpet photos, she looks like an entirely different person. What gives?

Now, we don’t want to make any accusations here, but cameras aren’t supposed to lie. But it’s 2017 and with all of the filter apps and photoshopping tools readily available, we do tend to get many altered images. Now, we’re not saying that Kim is making herself look skinnier in her sexy bikini photos, but girlfriend does have a lot of explaining to do!

12 Why She Really Left Dancing With The Stars

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Kim Zolciak knew that joining the cast of Dancing With The Stars would do wonders for her television career and of course, keep her name in the headlines. Every reality star wants to land an opportunity to perform on the show, as they know that it will take them to places they’ve never been before.

And even though Kim had all of that at her fingertips, she suddenly quit the show when she suffered a mini stroke back at home in Atlanta. And because of her health issues, she wasn’t able to fly back from Atlanta to Los Angeles. According to Dancing With The Stars rules, she was automatically eliminated because she couldn’t be present during the broadcast. What makes things very mysterious, though, is that after Kim’s mini-stroke, she never spoke about it again. And she’s never had any real health problems after the incident, either. A lot of fans couldn’t help but wonder why she was even back home in Atlanta in the first place.

11 Her Family And Her Childhood

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Kim Zolciak rarely talks about her childhood and her family. As a matter of fact, her fans almost never see her parents or her brother on her reality television shows. She was born in Florida back in 1978, but moved to Connecticut with her parents and her brother Michael.

And while Kim has remained mysteriously mum about her beginnings, we do know that she was brought up in a very strict household. Her parents were devout Catholics and attended church every weekend. She attended the East Catholic High School and went on to take up nursing at the University of Connecticut. We don’t know if Kim has a relationship with her parents behind the scenes or if they simply don’t want to appear on her reality shows. We also don’t know if she still talks to her brother Michael.

10 Why She Joined The Real Housewives Of Atlanta 

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No one knows the real reason why Kim Zolciak wanted to join the cast of the Real Housewives of Atlanta. She was part of the original cast in the show’s first season back in 2008. All we knew about her was that she was a single mother to two daughters who lived a somewhat lavish lifestyle in Atlanta.

To make things even more bizarre, we never knew what her real job was or what her source of income was. All we knew is that she had a mysterious “Big Daddy” who supported her and her two children. Unfortunately, though, we never saw his face and Kim never explained how she met him, how she sees him, or how he was still a part of her life, for that matter.

9 Her Smoking Habit

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For the longest time, Kim Zolciak had a bad smoking habit. She never made any excuses for it. Her ex-publicist even called her a chain smoker and what’s worse, she was even caught smoking while she was pregnant (a claim that she denies).

Kim once said that she has a very addictive personality but she never explained how her smoking habit came about. She did say that she now has a completely different outlook on her life and her health, explaining, “I did smoke. I quit a few years ago. I definitely loved cigarettes, which was so odd because I love white teeth and pretty skin. I just started very young so I kind of contradicted all that I believed for many, many years. I read a book and never smoked again. It was the Easy Way to Stop Smoking by Allen Carr. I smoked a pack of cigarettes while reading it, and I never picked up a pack of cigarettes again. I have a very addictive personality, and for someone like myself who has smoked since I was 15, I promise you, it changed my life.”

8 What Happened To Her Country Career

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Shortly after she left The Real Housewives of Atlanta, Kim was destined to become a country music star. It’s safe to say that no one really saw this coming. She recorded a few songs, including “Tardy for the Party,” and “Love Me First,” a song she dedicated to her husband Kroy Biermann. She also hit two other hits, “Google Me” and “Ring Didn’t Mean a Thing.” And the surprising part is that the songs were actually catchy and that her fans liked them!

But suddenly, her country music aspirations went nowhere pretty fast. No one knows why she gave up on her singing careers and strangely enough, Kim has never really talked about it, either. She just swept it under the rug, like the rest of her failure and disappointments. Instead of singing, she has been focusing on her reality television career and promoting products on social media to help pay her bills.

7 Her Alleged Money Woes

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It’s no secret that Kim Zolciak has a huge spending habit. She loves wearing the best of the best and has a shopping addiction that no one can really match. Her larger-than-life closet has shoes and clothes that she’s never worn before, yet she keeps adding to her collection. On top of that, she lives in a huge mansion in Atlanta and is responsible for the six children in her family.

Yet at the same time, her husband Kroy Biermann hasn’t been employed for well over a year now. He was suddenly let go from the Buffalo Bills after he was transferred from the Atlanta Falcons late last year and since then, has struggled to find a new team to sign on. Yet, that doesn’t seem to bother Kim Zolciak in the least. She’s still living the life of an A-lister and spending money like there’s no tomorrow, according to her critics. Sooner or later, the jig will be up.

6 Her Relationship With Her Daughter Brielle

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There’s no denying that Kim and her daughter Brielle are very close. As a matter of fact, some people think she is too close and that she treats her more like a best friend than a daughter. Kim has said things that have been rather questionable in the past.

But here’s what everyone wants to know: is Kim trying to make Brielle into another Kim Kardashian? Is Kim looking to walk in Kris Jenner’s shoes by making her kids into huge celebrities? For some of Kim’s critics, that seems to be the case. Knowing all too well about how her own star might start to fade, she might be relying on her kids to pull in their fair share of work.

5 Her Return To The Real Housewives Of Atlanta

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For several long months, Kim toyed with the idea of returning to the Real Housewives of Atlanta. After all, it was the show that helped make her into the household name that she is today. Because Kim tried so hard to distance herself from her Real Housewives roots, her fans were pretty surprised to see that she agreed to come back to the show in 2017.

And as much as she didn’t want to take a few steps back, Kim joined the show because she knew it was something she needed to do, according to her friends and family members. After all, it’s not easy trying to pay a mortgage on a huge mansion and raise six children at the same time. That’s why a lot of viewers believe that she came back: because she needed to, not because she wanted to. Kim has not confirmed this, though.

4 Her Household Staff

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It’s without a doubt that Kim has a team of assistants that make her look as good as she does, along with a household staff that helps take care of her home, her pets and her six children. There’s no way that she could do it all on her own. But at the same time, a lot of people can’t help but wonder what kind of mother she is behind closed doors.

There’s no denying that Kim loves all of her kids. She’s definitely shown it in front of the cameras and she shows it on social media. But does she have the time and dedication it takes to give each one of her children the love and individual attention that they need? That’s what fans want to know. Does she wake up in the middle of the night or does she send her nannies to do the job? Is she the supermom that she claims to be on reality TV, or does she rely on her staff to do everything for her?

3 Her Friendship With NeNe Leakes

via: bravo.com

During the first season of The Real Housewives of Atlanta, Kim Zolciak and NeNe Leakes were the best of friends. They had each other’s backs. They partied together, helped raise each other’s kids, and teamed up with one another during their feuds with the other cast mates.

But things began to go downhill pretty fast after NeNe moved to Hollywood and began her career in television. It’s safe to say that Kim and NeNe were fighting for the spotlight and as a result, their once-tight friendship fell apart. Unfortunately, things have gotten pretty nasty between them, with accusations being thrown left and right. NeNe even hinted that she wouldn’t return to The Real Housewives unless she was offered more money than Kim. According to her, she’s the star of the show. Ouch. You know Kim is going to come back hard with that one.

2 Kim’s Wig

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This might be the biggest mystery of all. Kim has stated that one of the reasons why she wears wigs in public is because they are easier to maintain. Even though her natural hair is just as “fierce” (according to Kim) she loves to wear wigs because it’s a lifestyle choice. In other words, she chooses her hair the same way she chooses a different outfit everyday. And she has no shame over it, either.

She once said, “My hairdresser Nikki can curl it on a mannequin or braid it or do whatever and just put it on my head and I’m out the door,” she explained. “It’s like having a chef. I want to spend more time with my kids than cook and I hate cooking so I hire a chef.” Do you believe her?

1 Where Is Ariana?

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No one really knows just how close Kim is with her other daughter, Ariana. And while she does show up on her mother’s Instagram feed, she’s not a prominent fixture the same way her big sister Brielle is. She doesn’t travel with her mom and she doesn’t attend special red carpet events. That, of course, might be because she’s still in high school.

Then again, Ariana might not want to be a part of the celebrity circus that her mother and older sister are in. She’s not even as active on social media the same way they are. Sure, she loves her parents and she loves her family, but there’s a strong possibility that she might go a different route in life – like college. What do you think?

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