15 Facts And Photos Of American Horror Story’s Emma Roberts

Emma Roberts has been in the acting world now for more than a decade. Her most recent project was Scream Queens, but she has gained fame worldwide for her appearances in two seasons of American Horror Story. Roberts has risen through the ranks in the acting world after finding roots as an actress at the tender age of five. Despite the fact that many child actresses don't usually manage to grow older in the spotlight, Emma has been a huge exception after growing up on Nickelodeon show Unfabulous and coming from a family that always ensured that she remained grounded.

Even though Emma has been in the spotlight for the past 17 years, she is an actress that has easily been overlooked by many fans of the films she has starred in. After switching from TV to film back in 2007 and then coming back to TV in 2013, Emma's career has been a hard one to follow, but definitely one that is worthwhile. The following list looks at 15 of the best facts and photos that are known about Emma Roberts, who is known to be both a talented actress and an incredible singer.


15 She Did Well At School But Was Always In Detention For Being Late

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Despite always having her head turned by the acting business from a young age and spending a lot of time on sets of her aunt's films, Emma was still able to have a relatively normal upbringing and even went to school rather than getting homeschooled.

She confessed that she did quite well in school for a number of years, but was always late for school so she ended up in detention. Emma has tried her best to try and find time to study around her commitments in the acting world, but it seems that whenever she makes a plan there is always a problem. Instead, she is trying to make up for this by reading. She has confessed that she is now something of a bookworm and reading is something that she can do no matter where she is. Emma will be used to reading at this point, considering many of her roles required her to prepare by reading into her character's background.

14 Baking Is One Of Her Favorite Things To Do

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Even though it seems that Emma has a really hectic life and she rarely has time to enjoy the things that she once did before her career kick-started, she is able to de-stress by baking. Emma has loved baking her entire life and her favourite thing to make is peach pie.

The American Horror Story star has shared her recipe to make the perfect pie online so that all of her fans can join in on the fun as well. Baking has been a past time that Emma has enjoyed for a number of years and has stated that one of the goals that she has for her future is to be able to write her own cookbook. Many people find baking therapeutic when they are used to being stressed at work, so baking pies could be Emma's way of de-stressing and being able to find a healthy balance in her life.

13 Emma Was So Obsessed With American Horror Story That She Begged To Be On It

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Emma has been seen most recently on American Horror Story alongside her former fiancé Evan Peters and in Scream Queens alongside her best friend Lea Michele. It seems that when Emma found out about American Horror Story, she was so obsessed with the show and wanted to be part of it so much that she actually begged Ryan Murphy to allow her to be cast on the show.

He went on to make her part of the show for two seasons before Murphy then made the decision to make her the star of Scream Queens. She accepted the part in Scream Queens before she even knew what she was doing. Murphy reportedly called her and said, "You, Jamie Lee Curtis, horror," and she accepted immediately. She stated that Chanel is one of the funniest characters she has ever played and it seems that the show has allowed her to become friends with former Glee star Lea Michele.

12 She Is Addicted To Caffeine And Can't Function Without A Starbucks In The Morning

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Sometimes people like to compare themselves with celebrities all the time, even though it seems that celebrities are completely different to ordinary people. That being said, we can all probably relate to the fact that Emma has a caffeine addiction and has to start her day with a Starbucks otherwise she can't guarantee that she will be a nice person.

Many people refuse to start their days until they have had caffeine so that they know they are truly awake and now that it's been confirmed that this celebrity is in the same position, we can assume that this obsession can't be a bad one. The list of celebrities who have become slaves to their caffeine addiction is probably a lengthy one, but if coffee is the only thing that Emma is currently obsessed with then it seems that we will never have anything to worry about with the former Unfabulous star.

11 Many Of Robert's Acting Jobs Have Been Cancelled

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Despite being part of some of the most popular TV shows and movies over the past decade, it seems that Emma doesn't have a lot of luck when it comes to acting jobs. She has landed a lot of parts in various series pilots and movies that have gone on to be cancelled, not picked up by any networks, or were dropped because of budget problems.

Back in 2003, Roberts was scheduled to shoot an independent film called Daisy Winters but the film, which would have been her first lead role, never began shooting due to financial problems. Following the release of Nancy Drew back in 2007, there was a sequel planned as well as a film called Rodeo Gal with director Andrew Flemming, but these films were never made. In 2013, Roberts was cast in a pilot for Fox called Delirium, based on the Lauren Oliver novels, but Fox decided not to pick up the show.

10 Emma Is A Talented Singer And Actress

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For her role on Unfabulous, Emma needed to be able to sing since her character was always seen with a guitar. At just 13 years old, Emma was thrust into the world as both an actress and a singer and it seems that the producers of Unfabulous thought that she was talented at both.

After Unfabulous ended back in 2007, Nickelodeon wanted to help kick-start Emma's singing career. She released her first album in 2005 called Unfabulous and More, which served as the soundtrack to the series. The album peaked at number 46 on Billboard‍‍'s Top Heatseekers chart. She also sang on the soundtrack to 2006 film Aquamarine where she portrayed one of the lead characters. Before this, she had also recorded a song for the soundtrack to 2005 Disney film Ice Princess, called "If I Had It My Way." Her music has taken a backseat to her acting career in recent years.

9 Emma Attempted To Start College In September 2011

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Emma's mother always wanted her to have a normal childhood, but it seems that her acting career got in the way. This is why Emma decided to attempt to go to college back in 2011 at 20 years old.

It seems that her college life didn't work out the way she planned it. She attended Sarah Lawrence, but college life only lasted for around four months since it was reported that in January 2012 Emma has put her studies on hold to concentrate on her work commitments once again. Emma has always been a person who has attempted to gain an education, but acting has always gotten in her way when she's tried. She has been so busy over the past five years that she hasn't tried to step back into her college life yet but it is thought that she will in the future.


8 Roberts Was Arrested After A Domestic Dispute Back In 2013

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Emma has done quite a good job over the past few years of remaining an incredible role model to the girls who have grown up backing and supporting her. The former child star's only brush with the law came when she was 22 years old back in 2013.

While Emma was staying in a hotel in Montreal, Quebec with boyfriend Evan Peters, it was reported that someone overheard a dispute coming from their room and called the police. After a heated argument between the two, the situation became violent and they began hitting each other. When the police arrived a while later they arrested Roberts but didn't arrest Peters because Emma didn't have any visible injuries. Peters didn't press charges and Emma was released a few hours later before the couple released a statement claiming that it was all a misunderstanding and that they were working together to move past it.

7 Emma Was Once Engaged To Evan Peters

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Emma met Evan Peters when they worked together on the movie Adult World back in 2012. While they didn't hit it off right away, Emma stated that she was attracted to Peters, but he didn't speak to her the entire time they were filming the movie together, which made Emma feel slightly uncomfortable throughout their time working together.

The couple officially began dating in the summer of 2012 before Emma joined the cast of American Horror Story, a show that Peters had been part of since 2011. Peters proposed to Roberts during a trip to London back in January 2014 before they then spent the rest of the year in a rollercoaster of a relationship that saw them either screaming at each other or making out. The couple's on/off relationship finally reached its endpoint back in May 2016 when the two called off their engagement and decided to call it quits for good.

6 Emma Has Dated Alex Pettyfer, Dathan Kuppin, And Chord Overstreet

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Growing up in the public eye means that your relationships also become public knowledge. Over the past decade, Emma has been linked to the likes of Alex Pettyfer, Dathan Kuppin and Chord Overstreet.

It seems that Emma and Alex met on the set of Wild Child back in 2007. The couple was so in love at one point that Pettyfer had Emma's initials tattooed on his ring finger, but the couple still split a year later. Emma then moved on to date tennis player Dathan Kuppin but their relationship ended back in 2011. Emma then met Glee actor Chord Overstreet in Coachella in the summer of 2011 but their relationship had lost its spark by the summer of 2012 since reports suggested that the couple were volatile and always seen arguing. Emma then moved on to a relationship with Evan Peters.

5 Her Aunt Is Julia Roberts And She Appeared Alongside Her In Valentine's Day

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Emma Roberts' path into acting has been quite a simple one since her aunt is one of the best-known actresses in the world. Pretty Woman star Julia Roberts was one of the main inspirations for a young Emma Roberts and the two were actually able to star in a film together back in 2010 when they were both cast in Valentine's Day even though they never appeared on-screen together.

Julia isn't the only famous member of the family since her father Eric Roberts has also had a career that has spanned more than four decades. He has appeared in more than 400 films and her other aunt Lisa Roberts Gillian has tried her hand at a career in acting too. Her mother Kelly Cunningham, wanted her to have a normal childhood but it seems that Emma wanted something different. Her mother and father divorced when Emma was young and have both moved on to re-marry, which means that Emma currently has two sets of parents.

4 Emma Rose To Fame As A Nickelodeon Child Star

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Emma has become well-known over the past few years after appearing in Scream Queens and American Horror Story, but Emma has actually been in the public eye for a long time and the public first started taking note of the talented youngster more than 13 years ago when she was cast in Nickelodeon teen show Unfabulous.

Emma portrayed the main character, Addie Singer. The show was one of the most watched TV shows in the US for teenagers in its debut year. It ended after just three seasons in 2007. Emma narrated all of the episodes and singing was a huge part of her role. This thrust her into the spotlight in both the singing and acting world at just 13 years old.

3 Made Her Acting Debut At The Age Of Nine

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Emma got the acting bug when she was quite young and it's reported that she spent most of her childhood on sets of her aunt's films knowing that one day this would be the career that she would step into. Emma was just five years old when she stepped onto her first TV set, but she didn't make her official acting debut until she was nine years old.

Emma landed a role in 2001 film Blow. This was the first film she ever auditioned for and landed the role straight away. In the film, she portrayed a character called Kristina Jung who was the daughter of Johnny Depp's character, which was quite an introduction to the world of acting. It wasn't until she landed the role in Unfabulous three years later that she was truly thrust into the public eye, but she has seemingly grown up on TV ever since, appearing in a number of teen-focused series' and movies.

2 Emma Is Still Best Friends With Aquamarine Co-Stars JoJo And Sara Paxton

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Emma has appeared in a number of movies over the past few years, but when she was growing up she made good friends with Aquamarine co-stars JoJo and Sara Paxton. The trio were the main stars of the popular show and even a decade after the film was released these three stars are still said to be just as close as they once were.

Emma has appeared in a number of movies and TV shows over the past decade, but Emma hasn't been able to make friends that have lasted as long as her bond with JoJo and Sara. These women have all grown up in the spotlight; Sara has had a career that has focused on acting while JoJo's has been focused on her musical talents. JoJo and Sara have both had a positive impact on Emma's career over the past decade and this could be why their friendship has lasted so long.

1 Emma Has A Baby Blanket Called Steve

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Emma definitely didn't have a normal childhood by any stretch of the imagination, but she likes to keep a reminder of her life growing up because she still has her baby blanket, which she called Steve.

No one knows why she named her blanket Steve, but the fact that she has kept it for so long makes sense, since her parents were together for a few years while she was younger, so this could be her way of remembering a better time. Many children are seen as hoarders because they keep toys or objects from their childhood into their adult years. Emma is just another one of these children who feels comfort from being able to take a piece of her childhood wherever she goes. This was perhaps most helpful when Emma was starring in shows at a young age and spending a long time away from her family.


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