15Every Detail Matters

Throughout the whole show, everything that's been on the Game of Thrones set has been made specifically with the history and lore of Westeros in mind. This is why different regions and characters dress in certain ways, to the point where their cultures feel real. The same goes for the

things they use.

Tommy Dunne, the weapons master for Game of Thrones, sat down with Mental Floss to talk about the process he goes through to make all those weapons for all those characters every single season. He draws a lot of inspiration from history but recreates his weapons using modern day techniques and materials. For example, the hero weapons are made with steel blades, but the weapons the cast actually uses for fighting are made of aircraft aluminum, which won't hurt anyone.

If you're an extra on the show doing some sort of fighting or stuntwork, your weapon's blade is probably made of rubber. The shields are made of plastic (except for the aluminum shields of the Unsullied). As for arrows, apart from rubberized tips, they're the real deal. "An arrow has a residual strength, so once you let go of that string on the bow, it creates a bend in the arrow itself. If you have weak wood, it will shatter straightaway," Dunne explained.

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