15 Expensive Things Johnny Depp Bought That Will Make Him Go Bankrupt

Johnny Depp used to be on top of the world and can do no wrong. He was at first a teen idol from the 1980s due to his hit TV series 21 Jump Street. He then left that to pursue a career in film, with him collaborating with Tim Burton to portray roles like Edward Scissorhands and Ed Wood, for which he received a Golden Globe nomination for Best Actor. Following those groundbreaking films were mostly art house projects and the occasional non-mainstream hits like Don Juan DeMarco. He was no longer a teen idol. He was supposed to be a has-been. However, as luck would have it, he'd have a career revival the likes of which wouldn't be seen up until with Robert Downey Jr. later on. He landed the role of a lifetime as trickster pirate Captain Jack Sparrow in the hit Pirates of the Caribbean franchise.

From there, he went on to make box office gold not only with the Pirates films but also with his renewed collaboration with Tim Burton in films like the live-action Alice in Wonderland films and a reimagining of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory where Johnny got to star as Willy Wonka. However, things took a turn for the worse when he started having some major issues in real life: a painful divorce from his wife that led to accusations of domestic abuse, a public addiction problem and an even bigger problem, which is managing his finances. With that said, here are the 15 things Johnny Depp bought through the years that will make him go bankrupt.

15 14 Residences Amounting To $75 Million

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Johnny Depp has made a lot of money through the years. His net worth is $200 million, which comes as no surprise to many a fan that has seen his billion-dollar box office hits. However, to blow off almost half a billion dollars of wealth is something we haven't seen since Mike Tyson earned (and squandered) $300 million. Iron Mike's in better financial shape now, with him no longer in debt and living off a humbler but still rich net worth of $1 million.

As for Johnny, 14 residences worth $75 million should help push him through bankruptcy. He spent $75 million to get, furnish and improve 14 residences. This includes a Kentucky horse farm, L.A. penthouse lofts, a number of Hollywood mansions and a 45-acre chateau in the south of France. Each home has a full set of caretakers.

14 $3.6 Million Private Island

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Houses are a more forgivable investment. They're still part of your assets and their worth should only grow through the years, especially if they're connected to an A-list celebrity as big as Johnny. However, what's Depp's excuse for buying an entire island? Who needs one? What would possess you to buy one? Sure, at $3.6 million, the private island sure comes cheap. However, he doesn't really need one. Just like he doesn't really need 14 fully-staffed houses.

This is why when Depp sued his former business managers for mishandling his wealth for $25 million, they filed a cross-complaint that shows how the actor is living an extravagant lifestyle where he spends $2 million a month. Could these business managers from The Mandel Company or TMG be blamed for the "gross mismanagement" of his affairs and taxes? Or is he an uncontrollable spendthrift who's throwing his ex-business managers under the bus in order to get an extra $25 million off of them to pay for his debts and careless spending?

13 $18 Million 150-Foot Luxury Yacht

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Johnny claims that he didn't know he had financial troubles until March of 2016 and blamed his financial managers TMG for it. However, TMG struck back and pointed out his lavish spending habits that even they couldn't control, like the time he bought an $18 million, 150-foot luxury yacht. TMG included information like this in their cross-complaint.

They pointed out that they've done everything within their power over the last 17 years (they've been around managing Depp's money for that long) in order to protect Johnny from his own overspending and keep him financially solvent. Reportedly, back in 2016, billionaire author of the Harry Potter series J.K. Rowling bought the yacht off of Depp, who was cast in Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them.

12 45 Luxury Vehicles Costing Millions

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If Johnny only purchased several houses, a fleet of cars and an island at his level of richness, it'd be understandable. They're long-term investments that add to his great wealth. But that's just the first three items on this list. Like Floyd "Money" Mayweather, Johnny has a whole fleet of luxury vehicles that cost millions of dollars, like the vintage 1959 Corvette and many other comparable vehicular purchases worthy of a museum of automotive history.

His vehicles include sports cars, golf carts, boats, bikes and the likes. He also flies on a private jet that costs him $200,000 a month. During their divorce, Amber Heard was given two of his sports cars as part of their divorce settlement. This is why his claims that TMG failed to pay his taxes on his behalf and did shady dealings like overpaying for security and other services or making unauthorized loans that cost him tens of millions of dollars might seem questionable. He's the cause of his own financial trouble because he's such a big spender.

11 Expensive Wines Costing $30,000 Per Month

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Johnny Depp's tumultuous divorce from Amber Heard (who was seen in the arms of billionaire inventor and PayPal founder Elon Musk) included a hidden camera that showed Johnny's flaring temper whenever he was consuming too many drinks. How many times does he do this? How much wine does he even consume? Reportedly, he spends $30,000 on wine alone. It's wine that he consumes excessively as well, leading to his divorce from Amber.

This isn't just any wine you can buy from the liquor store either. It's wine flown from all over the world for his personal consumption. Indeed, TMG doesn't have the power or ability to control Johnny's excessive spending or his numerous vices, including his apparent addiction. Once the actor becomes completely bankrupt, he should remember his bills for wine when asking himself, "But why is the rum gone?"

10 70 Collectible Guitars

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As with many millionaires, as long as the money kept coming (and it sure did flow during the Pirates of the Caribbean sequels that grossed billions of dollars at the box office), the actor practically had carte blanche over his expenses up until he ended up in dire financial straits. Because Johnny viewed his immense wealth as something he couldn't spend within his lifetime, he also bought 70 collectible guitars.

In fairness to the megastar, he was so good at playing the guitar, Joe Perry, the lead guitarist from Aerosmith, asked him for lessons. So the guitar collection he has isn't for show and he can play every last one of the musical instruments. He's also been an avid music fan even before he starred in the musical Sweeney Todd. However, if someone can point out a reason for why someone that's immensely rich and famous as Depp would end up with financial trouble, then this might be a viable instance to point to.

9 Rare Hollywood Collectibles Costing Millions

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Although hardcore Johnny Depp fans might cry foul over TMG's claims that the firm didn't have the power to help Depp make wiser financial decisions as his financial management team, they couldn't possibly excuse how the object of their adulation bought rare Hollywood collectibles costing millions of dollars when the superstar really didn’t need them. Sure, they could say the actor can spend his wealth in any way he wants.

If he wishes to get rare and expensive collectibles from co-star Marlon Brando and the inimitable Marilyn Monroe, then more power to him. However, he has so many of these items, heirlooms and mementos that he needs to also pay for 12 storage facilities to keep them safe. This is just one of many reasons why TMG failed to keep Depp financially solvent for the past 17 years, despite him making hit after hit for most of the 2000s and 2010s.

8 Multi-Million Dollar Home For His Mom

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Let it be known that no good deed comes unpunished. It's heartbreaking, but disappearing wealth doesn't only happen because someone is too self-absorbed to stop their excessive spending for themselves. It also happens because of their extreme generosity, to their own detriment. Not everyone can end up like Bill Gates, whose charitable works somehow made him richer for some reason (maybe Johnny should get Bill's financial advisers instead).

Even though this is a list of why Johnny might end up bankrupt one day, who could condemn him for buying his own mother a multi-million dollar home — a 41 acre Kentucky ranch? This is the dream of many a wannabe millionaire, whether it's a YouTuber who just started gaining traction with their YouTube channel or an entrepreneur of a startup whose business is beginning to blow up. This is an admirable act on behalf of Depp, but being too charitable can also result in his bankruptcy one day.

7 He Hires 40 Full-Time Employees

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As touched upon earlier, if you have 14 properties under your name, then you'll also have to pay staff like security guards, servants, cooks and so forth, for its upkeep. Since they're staying in that house, they'll also have to be paid for their respective meals and daily necessities. However, those people on his properties don't refer to his other 40 full-time employees that cater to his and his family's every need around the globe.

These people are the ones who handle his personal affairs, as opposed to firms like TMG that deal with his finances (albeit poorly in his opinion, hence the lawsuit against them). These workers are stationed all over the world and cost him $300,000 a month, including daily security for himself and the rest of his family. Instead of doing something that will result in him getting more money from his money like renting out his expensive rooms or building a condominium for rental purposes, he did something extravagant.

6 Spending $3 Million On An Old Friend’s Last Wish

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The Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas star is actually close friends with the real-life person the film was based on: Hunter S. Thompson, the innovator of Gonzo Journalism (wherein the journalist himself becomes part of the story he's reporting rather than being a neutral observer and reporter). And as established earlier, it pays handsomely to be the good friend of Johnny Depp. When the eccentric journalist passed, Johnny paid respect to him in the way that only he could accomplish.

The actor spent $3 million to shoot Thompson's cremated remains from a cannon. Although it was a sweet gesture from Johnny on Hunter's behalf, it's ultimately an expensive one that could lead Johnny to the poor house in case, for example, J.K. Rowling or the producers of Fantastic Beasts were to end up dropping him from his starring role in their franchise. This could be due to pressure from the #MeToo and #TimesUp movement that rocked Hollywood and sent powerful people like Harvey Weinstein packing.

5 Art Collection

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Johnny's 14 houses or even his private island is probably like a museum at this point. Why? Where else would he house his extensive art collection, which he spent millions to acquire? It's actually made up of 200 collectible pieces from world-renowned artists like Jean-Michel Basquiat and Andy Warhol, among many other artistic greats from past and present.

One of the art pieces Depp owned is Self-Portrait by Basquiat. It "was owned" instead of in present ownership because he already had it put up to auction back in 2016 at Christie's, which is around the same time he found out he was in dire financial straits. There, it fetched a pretty penny of over $4.7 million. This should help pay off his many debts, including his lawsuit against TMG that he's obviously suing in order to get back some money.

4 Archiving His Art Collection

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Here's a minor correction on the earlier entry. Instead of Johnny doing the commonsensical thing and placing his collection of gorgeous paintings and sculptures in his 14 properties (which surely has more than enough space in them to give a home to each and every one of the art pieces) or even on his private island, he opted to archive them separately from his existing properties.

That's right! He spent another million dollars to have his entire collection archived in warehouses and containment chambers as though they're relics like the Arc of the Covenant. This probably even makes him the world's most organized hoarder, as a Business Insider article reveals. How appropriate of Jack Sparrow to bury his treasures. Too bad he had to take out some of his gold coins in order to pay off his growing debts.

3 Funded A Startup Music Label Run By His Childhood Friend

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Johnny is a sweetheart. He's a "fool" with his money that's soon "parted" from him, but he's still a sweetheart (at least when he's not out of it and stressed, as ex-wife Amber might attest to). He knows how to treat loved ones right. Aside from buying his mom a mansion, he also funded the startup label run by his childhood friend. This cost him over $4 million. He can be accused of being many things, like an addict or a violent spouse, but he can never be accused of being a bad friend.

The unfortunate thing is that his friend wasn't very good at running his startup, which eventually forced Johnny to cut his funding. The short-lived company never made any revenue. This splurging didn’t only happen with this one friend either. He has given over $10 million in financial support to his friends, which goes to show that it pays to be the friend of a megastar like Johnny. Too bad he can't get a return of investment from them, especially from at least one friend who had a business venture in mind.

2 Expensive Luxury Jewelry

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Like a highly successful rapper who wishes to showcase his incredible wealth, Johnny is also infamous for his so-called "bling-bling." He has made it a habit to buy many pieces of expensive world-class jewelry, so much so that lately in many events, the once stylish and chic actor now looks like a wax figure of himself turned display mannequin in a jewelry store. Only Mr. T could possibly beat Johnny when it comes to bling.

He no longer sports his youthful minimalist or gothic look. Nowadays, even as his finances are going through a downward spiral of sorts, he still makes it a point to wear even more jewelry as if in defiance of his bankruptcy on the horizon. He couldn't help himself and it's arguable that he's only getting worse, what with his big comeback as Jack Sparrow, Willy Wonka and Sweeney Todd winding down and his excessive spending catching up with him.

1 $400,000 For A Single Diamond Cuff

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Earlier on, Johnny's propensity for buying bling-bling was exposed by the counter-suit filed by TMG, which also lifted the lid in regards to his alleged extremely extravagant spending habit that has him spending $2 million a month. How bad is Johnny's addiction to jewelry? The Hollywood Reporter reveals that he once purchased a single diamond cuff for $400,000. Money really is no object for Depp until he ends up becoming Johnny In-Debt instead.

That's almost half a million. Many students wish they had that kind of money to pay off their student debt. What's more telling is that the purchase wasn't for any special occasion, like him attending the Oscars or Golden Globes. The cuff was something of an impulse buy instead of a careful investment that most men buying diamond cuffs would take into consideration. At least buying his mother a mansion is understandable.

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