15 Exotic Models Who Dominate The Fashion Industry

Oscar Wilde once said: “Beauty is one of the great facts of the world, like sunlight, or springtime, or the reflection in dark waters of that silver shell we call the moon." I doubt that anyone could disagree with these wise words. I wonder if there is anything more extraordinary than seeing a joyful soul of a woman in a graceful body.

When we start to talk about people, I must say that there is nothing more gorgeous than a person of a mixed-race origin. That is one of many reasons why the world must embrace the love between people despite their race, nationality, or whatever else. Don't you believe me? Well, there are plenty of models in the world who prove the fact that mixed-race people are so often more charming and charismatic. Just think of it this way - if having all the best qualities of one race is dope than having all the best qualities of two different races doubles the dopeness. See it for yourself.


15 Adriana Lima

Adriana Lima might easily be the most beautiful woman in the world. She is a Victoria's Secret Angel since 1999, and that makes her the longest running Victoria's Secret model. She was even named "the most valuable Victoria's Secret Angel", and that only proves how professional and respected Adriana Lima is. In 2014, Lima became the world's second highest paid model with earnings of over $8 million. One does not need to be a fashion or beauty expert to understand that Adriana Lima is a true hottie. Where is it all coming from? Adriana Lima claims to be Afro-Brazilian, but she also has some Swiss, Japanese, and West Indian ancestry. Adriana has a very colorful family tree, and she must be super excited about it. Just look at her: blue eyes, dark hair, perfect curves, and full lips. How can someone not fall for it? On top of that, Adriana donates a lot of her money to the charity and is a devoted Roman Catholic.

14 Stephanie Rose Bertram


Stephanie Rose Bertram is only 22-years-old, but she has already become a  respected name in the fashion industry. Her modeling career started at the age of 13 when her mother signed her up for a modeling agency. By the age of 18, she moved to the USA, and at 20 she became the first ever Belgian model to be featured in the Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue. Rose has a deal with Marilyn and working with companies such as L'Oréal, H&M, or Primark. Where did she get all that beauty from? Well, her father is Belgian, and her mother is Senegalese and Portuguese. That explains those beautiful curly blonde hair and deep green eyes. Gorgeous women like Stephanie Rose Bertram don't stay single for long. At the moment, Rose is dating a professional Dutch soccer player Gregory van der Wiel. What a lucky man he is.

13 Chanel Iman

Chanel Iman is absolutely stunning! You probably know her if you are following the world of fashion as Iman is one of the top 30 models of 2000's according to Vogue Paris. She is best known as a Victoria's Secret Angel, but in her long career, she has walked various runways for Gucci, Burberry, Versace, DKNY, and dozens more. Where is this unique beauty coming from? Chanel Iman's mother is Korean, and her father is African-American. Who is she then? An iconic beauty. On top of that, Chanel has an angelic face. If I were running a fashion house, Chanel Iman would definitely be the face of it. This woman is not only beautiful. Chanel has a degree, her own business, and she is also actively helping those in need. In 2011, Chanel went to East Africa where she worked with the locals to fight that year's drought. Such an inspiration!

12 Noemie Lenoir


Noemie has African (her mother is Malagasy) and Caucasian (her father is from France) roots, and it is pretty obvious that she inherited all the best qualities of her ancestors. In her long modeling career, Noemie is mostly known for her work with Gucci, L'Oréal, Victoria's Secret, and Gap. Even though Noemie is considered to be one of the most successful models in the world, she also likes to work in other industries as well. If you watch Rush Hour 3 carefully, you will see that Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker are not the only stars in the movie. Noemie is also featured in Usher's single "Hey Daddy (Daddy's Home)". So yeah, she has a lot of job offers with those beautiful looks. Things are not always so perfect, though. Noemie Lenoir attempted suicide in 2010. Gladly, she was saved and in 2011 Naomie stated that she had done "something really, really stupid." We can only be thankful that she failed.

11 Katja Shchekina

The world thinks that there are only pirates in Somalia and communists in Russia, but it is not completely true. Apparently, if you look at the Russian model Katja Shchekina, you will understand that those nations are also absolutely gorgeous. Katja has a long list of accomplishments in her modeling career. She appeared in Vogue Italia and Vogue Paris. She was also featured on a cover of L'Officiel and walked the runway for top designer houses such as Givenchy or Victoria's Secret. No wonder that everybody in the industry wants to have at least a little bit of her beauty. I mean, who wouldn't? Anyway, in 2008, Katja got married and quit modeling. That is such a shame, but Katja knows better what she wants to do with her life. Even though she is not showing any more of her beauty to the world, she will forever be remembered as one of the most stunning mixed-race models ever.

10 Felicia Fo Porter


Are there any of you fans of America's Next Top Model? Well, you might remember Felicia Fo Porter from Cycle 12. She has made it all the way to the 11th episode and ended up as a 5th runner-up. And that was enough for Felicia to get her foot in the door. She has been modeling ever since, and you might have seen her as the face of Reebok, Target, and Nike campaigns. At this moment, she is signed with Nous Model Management. Could you make a guess what is her ethnicity, though? Felicia's parents are African-American and Mexican, and we can see how perfectly those genes work together. I cannot help myself but fall in love with Felicia's freckles. They add so much charm to her already breath-taking look that it makes me puzzled how she didn't win ANTM. Well, my guess would be that it was not because of her appearance.

9 Zendaya Coleman

Zendaya Coleman is exactly what every girl dreams to be these days. She is ambitious, hot, hard-working, and smart 20-year-old woman. Zendaya does it all - she is an actress, singer, model, and dancer. I don't understand how can a one person do so much, but apparently it is possible. We will be able to see Zendaya in a new Spider-Man movie, which is coming to cinemas in July 2017. On top of that, Zendaya Coleman is working a lot on her clothing line Daya by Zendaya. I could be naming all her accomplishments for days, but let's get back to the topic. Zendaya Coleman has one of those faces that you cannot forget. Her father is African-American; her mother has German and Irish roots. That once again proves to be a perfect combination and Zendaya is just one of a million reasons why racism is completely wrong and should be wiped off the planet Earth.


8 Kelly Gale


Kelly Gale is a mixed-race model from Sweden. Her mother is Indian, and her father has Australian and Swedish roots. It takes just one look to see that she has some mixed genes and oh boy, she's got all the best features from both of her parents. Kelly Gale is only 21-years-old, but she has already been modeling for Victoria's Secret for quite a while. Also, she is the Playboy Playmate of the Month for September 2016. However, when Kelly was 13, all the kids at school hated to see her succeed and bullied her so much that she even had to change schools. This unfortunate event only made Kelly stronger. These days she is living a healthy life, trains for 3 hours a day, and is paying a lot of attention to the food that she eats. And we can see the results on that perfect body of hers.

7 Devon Aoki

Devon Aoki is probably best known for her roles in 2 Fast 2 Furious and Sin City, but she is also a professional model. At the age of 13, Devon Aoki was introduced to Kate Moss, and her modeling career has been growing ever since. At the age of 16, she replaced Naomi Campbell and became the new face of Versace. I don't know if any girl who has done this at such a young age. So why has everyone fallen in love with Devon's beauty? Well, Devon Aoki has Japanese, English, and German roots, and that is one heck of a combo. She is also happily married with two kids at the moment, so we are safe to say that Devon's life is as beautiful as her looks. And that is a great achievement.

6 Jasmine Sanders


At first, you might think you don't know who Jasmine Sanders is, but I am pretty sure that you have seen her quite a few times on Instagram. Jasmine goes by the name @golden_barbie and has 2.2 million followers. Jasmine is also good friends with Kim Kardashian, which makes her star shine that much brighter. If you haven't seen the photos of Kim and Jasmine by the beach, you have to start googling. I tell you - it is something else. On top of that, Jasmine has worked with Jaden Smith for Glamour. So, it looks like this girl is unstoppable. Her flawless golden skin and pale eyes stand out in the crowd. Jasmine must be extremely happy to be of both African-American and German descent. She is like a child of Tyra Banks and Heidi Klum. Mark my words - we will hear about the "Golden Barbie" more and more each day.

5 Yumi Lambert

Yumi Lambert has a unique look that shocked the entire fashion industry. It is obvious from the first glance that her ancestors are from different places around the world. Her mother is Belgian and father is Japanese. What can I say? Those Asian and Caucasian characteristics look amazing on Yumi Lambert, and she must be thankful to her parents for such a perfect genetic foundation. People chose their significant others despite race or nationality, and we can see that it only brings beauty to the world. Yumi Lambert is only 21 at the moment, and she has already made a lot of deals with the most influential fashion houses. Obviously, no one wants to let go of this unique lady, and that makes her career very promising.

4 Sabina Karlsson


What happens when a Swedish man meets a Gambian woman? The answer is simple - Sabina Karlsson. Sabina is a mixed-race plus-size model from Sweden. She has the most beautiful and charming face in the world. I know that she's not your typical beauty, but those freckles and red hair fit perfectly with her dark eyes. This beauty makes any man forget about the existence of time. If you want to make sure that I am telling the truth, visit Sabina's Instagram @thesabinakarlsson and see it for yourself. Did I mention already that she is a plus-size model? Oh yes, Sabina used to be a size 2 model, but one day she understood that health is more important than those stupid standards and became one of the most successful plus-size models in the industry. That is not a big surprise as her looks are one in a million.

3 Dana Tyne

Dana Tyne is a model from New York. Her career is still growing, but we can already see that she has all it takes to be on top. It only takes a second to be mesmerized by her breathtaking looks. If Dana possessed any acting skills, she would be perfect for the roles of ruthless and strong women, don't you think so? Anyway, how come she looks so perfect? It is a mix of her genes and hard work that keeps her body in a perfect shape. Talking about her genes, Dana Tyne;s heritage is comprised of both African-American and Danish roots. Her African-American side is obviously more dominant, but some small Caucasian features separate Dana from other beauties in the industry. If I were responsible for signing models, I would call Dana right away.

2 Coralie Jouhier


Is there anything more charming than a curly redhead? I bet that many girls would die for a chance to own Coralie Jouhier's hair and there is no shame in that. In a matter of fact, Coralie must be thankful to her roots for all the beauty she possesses. Coralie is both French and Senegalese, and that surely reflects on her looks. I bet that whenever she walks into a room all the ladies turn around to catch a glimpse of her beauty. Needless to say that Coralie's features made her a very successful model. However, Coralie is not modeling anymore because she is busy managing her vegetarian café shop. So, not only does this woman have all the attributes to make any guy fall in love with her, but she's also very healthy and independent. Do you need any more reasons to visit Paris?

1 Jade Thompson

Even though the mixed-race models are still a minority in the fashion world, we can see it changing. For instance, Jade Thompson, who has African-American and Caucasian heritage, won the Britain & Ireland's Next Top Model Cycle 7 and her career has been growing ever since. Well, when you look like a ginger Scarlett Johansson with freckles, you know that you will do just fine in the beauty industry. At the moment, Jade Thompson is working with Models 1 Agency and Next Models Miami. She has only turned 26 in January, so she's still quite young. All the ignorant racists who think mixed-race models can't be successful should look at Jade. Beauty has no rules and no limits, so let those gorgeous ladies be the final reason for the world to overcome any kind of discrimination.

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