15 Exercise Habits Shared By The Stars

ave you found yourself staring in envy at the gorgeous bodies of those rich, famous folk and wishing you could get the same look yourself?

Have you found yourself staring in envy at the gorgeous bodies of those rich, famous folk and wishing you could get the same look yourself? Does your own fitness regime leave you feeling uninspired and fail to deliver results? Perhaps you could pick up a tip or two from the stars themselves. Below, we reveal some of your favourite celebrities’ fitness secrets. Many of the tips below can be tried yourself, and they don’t cost as much as you might expect!

When it comes to ditch the fat and feel healthy, Hollywood’s beautiful people certainly know a thing or two. While Photoshop and professional make-up certainly plays its part, there is no denying that celebrities tend to look fantastic in real life as well. It is true that plastic surgery can be thanked for some of these celebrities’ looks, but many can credit their own effort and dedication. A whole of hard work goes into keeping abs toned, arms slender and skin looking supple. So just how do they do it - and could you do the same at home.

14 Victoria Beckham – Yogalosophy


Many celebrities have sung the praises of Mandy Ingber’s yoga program, Yogalosophy, including Kate Beckinsale, Jennifer Aniston and Brooke Shields. One recent champion of the yoga-mindfulness fusion workout is Victoria Beckham. The fashion designer and former Spice Girl, famed for her slim figure, swear by the routine and say she completes it at least three times a week to keep in shape. Not only does it seem to keep her incredible figure in trim, but Mrs. Beckham is always happy to show off her incredible flexibility and strength in her quirky Instagram posts! You can find Yogalosophy workouts online, or start with a simple ‘yoga for beginners’ tutorial on YouTube.

13 Gigi Hadid - Ballet And Boxercise Classes


A strict diet is not the key to success, says top supermodel Gigi Hadid - and nobody can deny that Gigi looks fantastic! “Eat clean, stay fit, have a burger to stay sane,” the runway model has been quoted as saying. Gigi is not afraid to pick a calorie-laden lunch, because she knows she can work it off at her ballet fitness class.

Gigi Hadid has been spotted attending Ballet Beautiful, the academy which schooled the performers on ballet movie Black Swan. The classes there are run by respected trainer and celebrity coach, Mary Helen Bowers. Ballet is a great exercise for overall fitness and stamina, because it uses the core muscles and requires strength and discipline. While Mary’s classes might be a little out of your price range (or your geographic range), you can try the exercises yourself at home with this handy workout guide.

12 Jessica Biel & Justin Timberlake - Work Out Together


The megastar couple can often be seen together in their running gear, getting in an early-morning jog or a relaxing weekend run. Despite having their little boy Silas back in 2015, the pair still makes time to exercise regularly, and they usually do so together. Having a friend or a loved one with you while you work out can be a great motivator. Not only can you encourage each other and track each other’s progress, but you can spend quality time together and have fun with each other as well. If running is not your thing, consider a sport you both enjoy: Jessica and Justin often play volleyball or tennis in their spare time.

11 Jennifer Aniston - Spinning Classes


Spinning is not for the faint-hearted. For the uninitiated, it is basically intense cycling on a stationary bike, while intense music plays and an instructor yells at you to go faster. Yet somehow, it is quite addictive and it certainly creates results. Many celebrities, including movie and TV star Jennifer Aniston, swear by the popular gym class. Though it might seem like hell during the exercise session, spinning is incredible for boosting the heart rate and getting the blood flowing, and for helping to drop the pounds as well. 47-year-old Jennifer is certainly looking better than ever, so it might be worth putting your name down for the local spinning class as soon as possible!

10 Scarlett Moffatt - Clean Eating And Cardio


As Queen of the Jungle 2016 and the undisputed star of Gogglebox, Scarlett Moffatt made no secret of her love of junk food. “Last year I got a Christmas card from Greggs,” the reality TV star joked to journalists recently. However, shortly after leaving the I’m A Celebrity jungle, Scarlett started a tremendous weight loss effort and was able to drop from a size 18 to a size 8. Her secret? Clean eating and plenty of exercise. Scarlett swears by the cardio routines she now does daily, as well as a diet packed with vegetables and protein. She has cut out junk food and cooks all meals from scratch, using fresh ingredients. There’s no doubt it has worked for her either: she is looking fantastic, and she even has her own fitness DVD out.

9 Kate Winslet - Home Workout DVDs


Not all celebrities have the time or the lifestyle to spend hours in the gym - some are busy working parents, just like us. Kate Winslet keeps her stunning figure by working out for free at home - something we could all certainly manage to do! Mum of three Kate swears by home workouts, and never steps foot in the gym herself. “No one’s looking at you or telling you to work harder,” she says of her home routine. Actress Kate follows home workout DVDs which include yoga, Pilates, dancercise and aerobics. She also has a treadmill at home, and enjoys jogging occasionally or going for walks with the children. Just getting out of the house more, or ditching the car in favor of walking, can make a big difference to overall fitness levels.

8 Jennifer Hudson - Weight Watchers


Even celebrities need a little help from a support group and an expert, and singer Jennifer Hudson certainly embraced the Weight Watchers spirit when she dropped over five stone on the program. The Voice judge praised the program, saying it changed her attitude to food and helped her develop a new way of life where food was concerned. To support her weight loss, Jennifer started a daily cardio routine with a personal trainer. Today she is at her slimmest in many, many years and says she has never felt so healthy. Weight Watchers has local support groups across the country as well as menu plans and fitness routines available online. Fad diets are not always the answer - instead you should work hard and eat well for steady but sustainable weight loss.

7 Britney Spears – Swimming


While many of us would love the body of Britney Spears, not many envy the hard work she puts in to pull off her intense live shows. Dancing definitely keeps Britney in shape, but when she is not practicing routines and performing live, she prefers a more chilled form of keep fit activity. Britney is very keen on her home swimming pool and will take a swim several times a week, which helps to keep her toned. Although a home pool is a luxury for the celebs, there is nothing stopping you hitting the local pool and swimming a few lengths yourself. Swimming is one of the best exercises for burning up calories and dropping weight, and it is also fun to do.

6 Blake Lively - Fresh Ingredients And Regular Chocolate


Chocolate might seem an unlikely fitness secret, but actress Blake Lively swears by it. Never denying herself a treat and instead focusing on good, fresh ingredients in her balanced meals, Blake has kept a gorgeous figure before, during and after pregnancy. She also includes daily workouts in her routine, including swimming and cardio. Blake actually states that she makes four meals a day, but keeps portions small, and that each includes protein, vegetables and a slow-release carbohydrate for energy and stamina.

Veganism isn’t for everyone, but pop diva Beyoncé and her husband are firm advocates for its health benefits and the pair regularly shares pictures of their healthy vegan meals on Instagram. Even during pregnancy, the couple has indicated that they will continue with the vegan diet and they certainly look like they are seeing some benefit. Along with her strict animal-free diet, Queen Bey also carries out a strict routine of cardio, squat kicks and lunges with her personal trainer. With one of the most enviable bodies in the world, any fitness tips Beyoncé can share with us are welcomed! You can discover the 22-day vegan challenge for yourself online.

5 Katy Perry - Bike Riding


Pop sensation Katy has made no secret of her love for cycling. She is regularly snapped hitting the streets on her own bike, and she often rents cycles when travelling away from home as well. Cycling is a great activity for toning the legs and building muscles, as well as for burning fat and improving heart function. Not only that, but it is completely free and a whole lot of fun. Take Katy’s example and bring pedal power into your own fitness regime. It you don’t feel confident out on the roads, try a stationary bike in your home instead.

4 Jennifer Lawrence - Circuit Training


No, not running laps - circuit training is a series of exercises, performed in repetitions and cycled several times. Each is designed to work a different part of the body. Hunger Games star Jennifer Lawrence swears by the routine her personal trainer uses, which combines body weight squats, push-ups and sit-ups. For filming, Jennifer also had to master several sporting disciplines which she has kept up for fun and fitness since - including archery, rock climbing, rope courses and track sports. It certainly must be doing her some good, because J-Law always looks sensational and has an enviably toned body.

3 Christina Aguilera - Give Up Alcohol


Not only is alcohol packed with calories, but a hangover greatly reduces your motivation for a daily workout. After battling with weight gain and personal issues for many years, pop diva Christina Aguilera has finally taken control of her weight, her health and her fitness levels by cutting out alcohol and concentrating on clean eating. The songstress is not keen on the gym and would rather spend time with her family, but she has incorporated family time and play into her fitness regime instead, spending more time walking, cycling, swimming and playing sports. The changes have certainly worked, with Xtina losing an impressive 3 and a half stone overall.

2 Khloe Kardashian - Portion Control


While a personal trainer and a strict daily fitness routine play a big part in Khloe Kardashian’s body maintenance, the reality TV star also thanks her dedication to smaller portions and sensible mealtimes. “You have to train your body to eat less,” the young aspiring actress told the media recently. Among other things, swapping hummus for cheese and white pasta for fresh vegetable has led to the young star’s dramatic weight loss. Khloe also credits her five-day workout routine, which gives her two days off, for her success. “Relaxing and recharging is just as necessary as the exercise part,” stated the youngest Kardashian recently.

1 Michelle Obama - Hula Hooping


Once a popular playground activity, hula hooping is now a key workout trend with many famous faces hailing its benefits. One such hooper is former First Lady of the United States and political campaigner Michelle Obama. The 53 year old mum of two keeps in shape with routines and workouts by Hoopnotica, who also run classes in hoop exercise. Hoopnotica also provides DVD tutorials which are fun, simple and can be done at home. The hoops themselves can be ordered through the fitness company, or you could use any standard hula hoop instead. Not only is this a great exercise for burning calories, but it also tones core muscles and improves overall fitness and flexibility. Plus, it’s a lot of fun!

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15 Exercise Habits Shared By The Stars