15 Epic Christmas Fails That Would Make Santa Cringe

Christmas is supposed to be a magical time for anyone who participates in the holiday. You have fun parties with friends and family and celebrate each other and the past year. What you expect to happen doesn’t always play out how they should, however, and every once in a while, you run into some problems.

A fail isn’t always a failure, it’s just when something didn’t go as expected and turned out to be pretty funny. Christmas is a great time to really think about fails. We always want to have the prettiest decorations, festive and fun foods, and amazing displays. What actually ends up happening, however, are some funny situations we might have never expected in the first place! For this list, we’ve gathered 15 moments that people tried to celebrate the season but ended up doing something crazy or funny instead.

Do you have a pretty big Christmas fail that people still talk about today? Maybe you set the tree on fire or lost everyone’s presents? Don't feel so bad. Here are 15 Hilarious Christmas Fails We Can't Get Over!

15 That Doesn't Look Like Candy

Most of us don’t even know the origins of stockings or why we use them, but we know all about stocking stuffers! Stores set up so many areas with convenient inexpensive gift ideas for you to put inside the stockings of your loved ones. Candy is always a great stocking stuffer everyone enjoys receiving in their stocking each and every year. Someone messed up big time when it comes to this advertising section, however. This had to have been done on purpose as a joke by a bored employee; how else does something like this happen? It’s pretty funny to imagine someone who actually thought this was supposed to be candy shaped like batteries.

14 Squad Goals

This actually isn’t a fail but goals we have for our next Christmas card. These people don’t really look like they actually want to be getting their picture taken with Santa. Do you think they were forced to go there by all of their family members, or do you think this was all just a big stunt? Either way, Santa was really holding up his end of the picture and is doing great smiling happily with everyone else in the photograph looking absolutely miserable. We would have loved to have been there to watch this whole scenario go down and see who was working. Did they have to wait in a long line or were they just bored walking around a mall and decided to hop in for a quick picture?

13 Santa's Turning Up The Heat

Christmas is supposed to be the most wonderful time of the year. Everything seems magical. There are lights everywhere, pretty gold and silver decorations, and happy faces always wishing you a good holiday season. One thing that you wouldn’t want to see around Christmas is the image above. We want to know who messed up their job that day and potentially traumatize every kid who had to witness this. This would be a really cool Halloween decoration, but the fact that it’s supposed to be a cheery Christmas decoration has us rolling. Of course, we surely wouldn’t laugh if anyone had gotten hurt, but they seemed to have had things under control — after the fire had already started burning Santa. What would you do if you pulled up to this site with some kids? Not a good look for anyone on Christmas, especially Santa.

12 Cats Are The Original Scrooges

Cats love Christmas, but for a different reason than we do. Once we start pulling the trees and other decorations around, cats suddenly think they get to chew on everything that we’ve worked so hard to set up. The cats probably think that we do all of this for their enjoyment. It only takes a couple seconds for most of our cats to start climbing and chewing on the tree before we even get the ornaments on, like the cat did in the Snap above. It’s pretty cute to see them climbing around in the trees, and it's in their nature to be adventurous tree climbers. It’s still pretty annoying to have decorated your beautiful tree and then to hear some rustling around, only to find two evil eyes messing around inside. At least you know that if you’re a cat owner who has an annoying cat terrorizing their tree, you’re definitely not alone.

11 No Thanks Santa

There’s something about vintage photographs that make them terrifying. In a time when it took longer than a couple of seconds to snap a picture, people got in the habit of keeping a straight face when having their picture taken so they didn’t get tired holding a smile for so long. The result is stern faces and scary expressions in a lot of old photographs. To add to the already-creepy picture you see above, you have the wackiest looking Santa ever. Santa is supposed to be a friendly and inviting guy. He takes care of kids every year and should be warm and welcoming. This Santa looks like he rose straight from hell and is here to take your gifts, your kids, and your soul. We’ll definitely pass on sitting on this guys lap if we ever ran into him in the middle of a mall.

10 Great Lighting Design

When something looks like the male anatomy when it's not supposed to, we have to wonder, do we have dirty minds, or did the person who designed this have the dirty mind? The fact that this image has been shared so many times comforts us in knowing we’re not the only ones who see something more than a candle in this streetlight. There are still a lot of freaks on the Internet, so we still have to remember that our adult minds see things that weren’t meant to be every once in a while. Still, this light totally looks like a dude’s you-know-what and if you haven’t seen it yet, once you do, you won’t be able to un-see it ever again! The thing that makes this design so funny too, is that it’s displayed multiple times throughout the streetfor everyone walking around to see!

9 A Guy's Mom Cut This From Their Backyard

One of the most important parts of Christmas is having a beautiful Christmas tree to display all the pretty ornaments and protect all of the plentiful gifts you’ll be giving to your family. Some people like to have fake trees and others like to have the real deal. For the woman who chopped down the tree in the photograph above, she decided that she would get the real deal straight from her backyard. The funniest part about this is is the fact that she chopped down one of her own weird-looking trees to use instead of just buying a nice one. She certainly saved money, but this is the wackiest-looking tree ever! She could have  at least trimmed it up a bit so it looked more like a tree and less like a branchy green thing! Do you know someone who would use a tree from their own backyard?

8 Would You Eat This?

Pinterest fails have to be some of the funniest things out there, and every Christmas, we get more hilarious pictures of people who just aren’t as good as they thought they were. Some people post recipes and projects that seem so easy. They give you simple step-by-step guidance and tips on how to get the perfect result. No matter how hard you try, however, sometimes you just end up with a Santa that looks like it’s going to murder you and your family on Christmas night once you fall asleep. It’s hard to get picture-worthy food, but this person seriously messed up to get something so scary! They seriously nailed it when it came to making something terrifying for a Halloween snack. This is a bit too scary to give the kiddos on Christmas morning, however. We’d still eat it though.

7 Who Designed This Candle?

Not only is there a serious design flaw here. The wax is dripping all over the figure in this candle holder, but it also looks like a male did his business all over her face. Sure, maybe we have dirty minds, but you have to admit you see what we’re talking about. If it were red, it would look like someone dripped blood all over her. This is one that just had to be the result of a bored designer seeing how much they could get away with. Christmas decorations are supposed to be innocent and religious, but this is just nasty! Maybe a green candle would be okay, but with the Internet’s dirty minds, we’ll always see something weird with this candle. Who would actually use that as a regular decoration that they thought was pretty anyway? It isn’t really all that cheery to begin with.

6 Actually A Good Idea 

Wrapping presents can be one of the most stressful things to do during the holidays. You have to make sure you have enough wrapping paper when decorating the gift, all the while knowing that your beautiful work is just going to get ripped up within seconds and tossed on the floor. If we didn’t wrap our gifts, however, most of the fun would be taken away from opening gifts on Christmas morning. Who doesn’t love to tear apart their gifts? That’s why, even though most would call this a fail, we have to admit we might use this trick this Christmas when things are getting limited and supplies are running low. You don’t always have enough paper to cover the entire package, so what’s so wrong with doing things this way! We wouldn’t care if we got a present like this because we still get to keep the present!

5 She Tried Her Best

One of the best things about little kids is that they do some funny stuff without meaning to. This little girl just wanted to express her love for Santa Claus, but instead, she kind of admitted her admiration for Satan. It still makes for a funny mix up when it comes to little kids, since she's not the first one to make this mistake. She looks kind of chill about it all, too, and clearly has no idea what she actually wrote, or is she completely aware and she actually really does love Satan and not Santa.

4 What Kind Of Lights? 

The product displayed in the photograph above is supposed to say "Flickering Lights" and it says just that. But because of how close the capital "L" and "I" are to each other, it looks like a "U" and makes it look like it says "F*CKERING LIGHTS." This happens often when it comes to people spelling and writing things out. What we don’t realize is that if you put two letters too close to each other, they can sometimes make other letters! The designer might have noticed this and not cared, or maybe they didn’t realize what they had done until it was too late. It could have been fixed by simply making the rest of the letters lowercase instead of having it all caps. That wouldn’t have been as fun, however, so we understand if the designer was completely aware of what they did and decided to keep it that way.

3 Who Else Needs To Do This To Their Tree? 

Does anyone else have to do this to their tree to keep it safe during the holidays? The point of having a Christmas tree is to have something pretty to look at and gather around during the holidays, but they quickly become an eyesore when you have pets that won’t stop messing things up every time you have your back turned. A lot of people have come up with creative solutions to make sure their tree stays safe, like putting it up high, using pet-friendly ornaments, and even hanging the tree from the ceiling. This person decided to just go for it and put up a fence around their Christmas tree. Now they don’t have to worry about anyone chewing on it or knocking off ornaments. This house probably doesn’t have a cat, though, or else they would have realized it was just another fun thing for a cat to climb on!

2 Would You Go To This?

When it came to the little girl’s drawing, we understand that she got a little mixed up. Kids are always mixing letters and words up because it isn’t easy to learn how to read and write. We’ve all been there. This person, however, missed the mark, or should we say, marquee, when it comes to making signs. Hey, maybe they did actually mean to say that they were having a meal with Satan. There’s always a chance that someone highjacked this sign too, but we also like to imagine that someone just doesn’t know how to spell.

1 That Santa Looks Wrong

One of the greatest parts of the holiday season is all the candy you get to eat. Sometimes,  you even get to eat candy that looks like Santa himself. What better way to celebrate the holiday season than to bite off Santa’s head. That is until you unwrap the foil and realize that this is what the chocolate actually looks like. Okay, someone did this on purpose this time, right? After all the things we’ve seen on the list, we can’t believe it anymore that this actually made it through all the stages of production and found its way to people’s homes all across the world who were just trying to celebrate Christmas by chomping on Santa. They’re going to get a mouth full of something else when they indulge in this treat. If you don’t understand what we’re talking about with this Christmas fail, good for you for having a clean mind!

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