15 “Entertainer” Transformations That Made Us Feel Uncomfortable

The entertainment industry as a whole is well-known for choosing to put people on pedestals that are beautiful beyond belief. This stands for actors, musicians, athletes, newscasters. Hell, we’d even include politicians among this group but there is another category where this is arguably even more true—adult entertainers. Based entirely around turning people on, these pros are solely hired based on their ability to get the motors of those that see them do their thing running. As a result, it is of paramount importance that those hoping to make a career for themselves in that industry have to make sure they keep their looks up.

Making it necessary for someone to look incredible in order to keep their job is going to put an immense amount of pressure on some of them. That is why we’ve seen such a huge influx of famous people over the last few decades that look as though they’ve butchered their looks by going under the knife one too many times. This holds especially true for those in adult entertainment because their jobs require them to let people see every inch of their bodies, which gives so much more canvass to alter dramatically. These alterations can take a lot of forms. But over the years, we’ve taken note of several instances where these entertainers have changed their looks in unfortunate ways. This realization inspired us to put together this list of fifteen “entertainer” transformations that made us feel uncomfortable.

In order for someone to be up for inclusion on this list, that person needs to have made a living at one time for her work in the adult industry on film. Whether that means routinely posing for magazines like Playboy or their more controversial counterparts or taking part in XXX films is of no importance. Next, they need to have altered their looks in a fashion that is rather unfortunate to see. The final thing to take note of is that it doesn’t matter if these physical changes took place while they were still working in their business or after they retired, as long as it came to light.


15 Audrey Bitoni

Someone of a mixed Italian, German, and Spanish descent, Audrey Bitoni’s career went to another level when she was named the November 2008 Penthouse Pet of the Month. Going on to transition to the hardcore industry, she would go on to appear in at least eight productions in her first few years in the business alone. Starting out with a relatively innocent look, it didn’t take too long for her image to mature greatly. Now known for several tattoos, lip injections, her much larger chest, and a gothic appeal, she has made quite the pronounced change. Someone who has garnered a large fan following, she has hundreds of thousands of followers on Instagram and Twitter.

14 Atletta Ocean


A Hungarian woman whose career has been as a glamour model and adult film star, at one time, Atletta Ocean was a natural-looking young woman who placed in the top 6 at the 2006 Miss Hungary pageant. First appearing as an entertainer on film in April of 2007, she has since appeared in productions in Europe and America over the years. Looking practically nothing like the way she did at the start of her career, she has spoken publicly about her extensive plastic surgeries. Included on that list, at the very least, are breasts augmentations, nose and lip jobs, on top of hinting at liposuction and other unnamed operations. In January of 2012, when she had lip implants put in, she posted on Twitter about how awful the process was, saying “it was so painful,” which makes us hope that she is happy with the outcome.

13 Amia Miley/Moretti

She is one of many adult entertainers who has changed her name during the run of her career. On top of that, we can only assume that neither of these names are the one Amia was born with. Seen in the music video for Britney Spears’ song, “Work B*tch,” she has also taken part in campaigns designed to convince people to practice safe s*x. Retired from shooting scenes for adult movies since the year 2011, for years afterward, her previously shot work was still included in contemporary releases. Starting out her time in the business looking like she would be at home on any college campus, over the following years, she underwent a series of plastic surgeries that forever altered her body. Between pronounced lip injections, crafting a muscular physique for herself, and a boob job that was far from successful, her early fans would likely be shocked by how she looks today.

12 Monique Alexander


Like many other adult performers, Monique Alexander started out her career as a stripper before transitioning to onscreen work. A former “trophy girl” at the AVN Awards in 2002, she would go on to be inducted into their hall of fame in 2017, which is quite the turnaround for her. Appearing in mainstream productions like the movie Spider’s Web and Crank: High Voltage, as well as the show Entourage, for a time, she was also a sports reporter for Radio’s The Phil Show. Tapped to argue on behalf of the industry during a debate held at Yale University in 2008 which aired on ABC’s Nightline, she is also a very intelligent woman. Starting out her career looking like she would be the woman everyone on a typical street would have a crush on, since then, she has undergone extensive plastic surgeries and has a tattoo sleeve on one arm.

11 Rebecca Linares

A Spanish performer who spent much of her life living in Barcelona, Rebecca Linares started appearing in adult films back in the year 2005. Evidently, at the time, there wasn’t much demand for such work in Spain so she began to work in countries like Berlin and France before moving to Los Angeles in 2006. Able to make enough of a mark that she appeared in the pages of Maxim Magazine, she was also the focus of a documentary on her life and career entitled Las Vegas, Nena (Come to Las Vegas, Baby). Like many of the women on this list, when she first came to prominence, she had more of an everyday look before surgically altering her face and chest extensively.

10 Jessie Rogers


Born in Goiânia, Brazil, Jessie Rogers started out her career as a traditional model in New York prior to joining the adult film industry in 2013. Nominated for and winning many trophies at the AVN, NightMoves, XBiz, and XRCO awards, as well as some shows that are decidedly more vulgar-sounding, her film work has been celebrated since the beginning. Also well-known for appearing on YouTube, she has a lot of fans from uploading a series of videos playing video games, as well as a viral video called “6 Reasons Why You Can Still Hate The Miami Heat.” Starting out her adult career looking like the very definition of barely legal, it would be understandable if watching her material came with some guilt in the hearts of older viewers. Since then, she has extensively altered her body and despite the fact that her career began recently, she looks like she has aged a great deal more than that.

9 Tera Patrick

One of the biggest stars included on this list, Tera Patrick spent several years in the business in one form or another, but retired from shooting full-fledged scenes in 2008. Inducted into the NightMoves, AVN, and XRCO Hall of Fames over the years, she is a former Penthouse Pet of the Month and continues to work for adult companies, including Playboy TV. Able to crossover to a degree, she has appeared in shows like Aqua Teen Hunger Force, True Hollywood Story, and Secret Lives of Women as well as movies like Blades of Glory and Angel of Darkness: The Legend of Lilith. A beautiful woman who is best remembered for her large chest, dark hair, and heavily made-up but natural-looking face, she has changed a lot since then. Now someone with very colorful hair and very fat lips, you can still tell who you are looking at but she is quite different.


8 Brooke Banner/Brand


Starting out in the adult film industry in 2005, she has appeared in more than 350 scenes over her lengthy career. Able to make some minor forays into the mainstream media, Brooke appeared as herself in an episode of the show Californication. She has also worked in adult spoofs of shows like That ‘70s Show. Starting her career out as a beautiful blonde, she was anything but plain Jane. However, she seems decidedly unremarkable in comparison to how she looks today. Having undergone plastic surgeries that have rendered her face barely recognizable and made her chest a lot larger, she also opted to receive a lot of tattoos.

7 Nicole Aniston

Of course, Nicole Aniston’s last name brings to mind a much more famous Aniston, but this adult film star and model has done enough to be a known entity to a lot of people in her own right. Entering the industry in 2010, she would be named the Penthouse Pet of the Month in August of 2012 and Pet of the Year in the following year, which is an accolade given to only very few people. Starting out her career as a bottled blonde with a very sweet-looking face, since then, she seems to have had a permanent duck face and aside from her eyes, her face isn’t one her early fans would all. In an interesting twist, however, these days, her hair color looks a lot more natural.

6 Madison Ivy


Said to have been born in Munich, Germany, Madison Ivy was brought up in Texas before starting an exotic dancing career that served as her entrée into the adult film industry. Coming into contact with another performer by the name of Aurora Snow, who gave her the contacts to enter the business, she seems to have been a natural both in looks and affinity to the adult film world. Known for her extreme flexibility, she also works as a yoga instructor which is an ability that has helped her to stand out among the competition. Someone that has undergone a long list of surgeries, starting out with her breast augmentation in 2009, the change in her look has been say the least.

5 Lela Star

A performer of Cuban descent, Lela Star started out working for films produced by Hustler before being signed to a contract by ClubJenna, a highly coveted gig in 2007, under the name of Lela Undone. Going on to appear in more than one hundred productions, she also appeared in a music video for the song “Set It Off” by Kardinal Offishall. Up for more than one AVN Award over her lengthy career, she would go on to announce that she was retiring in 2011 but has since made a comeback of sorts with at least two scenes to date. At first seen in the industry with a sexy, but sweet, look, since then, the many plastic surgeries she has undergone have made her face look puffy and extremely different and her chest grew a number of sizes.

4 Krystal Steal


From one former CluJenna performer to another, Krystal Steal was the first woman signed by the company and she would go on to have a huge career, especially in the mid-2000’s. Said to have worked as an exotic dancer at the age of seventeen due to her use of a fake ID, she would go on to debut in the adult film industry in the year 2001. Also signed at one time by the company Pleasure Productions, during her run in the industry, she was in heavy demand. A buxom blonde with a gorgeous face, we’re not even sure what has caused her look to change so dramatically. But if it weren’t for her public social media accounts, we’d disbelieve we were looking at the same woman.

3 Angelina Valentine

An adult entertainer of Venezuelan and Italian roots, unlike several of the other women listed here, Angelina Valentine, from the start of her career, had a rather dark look. Despite that fact, she looked positively natural in comparison to the version of her that exists today. Said to have moved to Los Angeles, specifically with the intention of becoming an adult film star, she was able to do just that, including appearing in over thirty productions over her career. We hesitate to describe the look she has today as we have no desire to be unnecessarily nasty, but we will say that if we saw her in public, we may just opt to cross the street to avoid her.

2 Asia Carrera


At one time, Asia Carrera was seen as one of the most powerful and sought-after women in the adult film industry. But ever since she left the business, we are sad to say things haven’t gone well for her. An extremely intelligent woman who is said to have gotten 1440 on her SATs, she used her smarts and iron will to rise to the top of her industry. Appearing in a mind-boggling four hundred plus productions over her career, during her run, she seemed almost omnipresent and had one of the most flawless faces and bodies around.

Since leaving the business, however, she suffered the tragic death of her husband in a car accident which she says drove her to alcoholism and has physically taken a toll on her. Making headlines for her choice to wear a colander on her head in her driver’s license photo because she is a follower of the Flying Spaghetti Monster religion, she identifies as a Pastafarian. Her religious affiliation was shocking to many but so was her tired and rundown face that looks nothing like the one the world had come to know at the height of her career.

1 Jenna Jameson

Undoubtedly one of the most famous adult entertainers of all time, Jenna Jameson is of the same caliber of people like Ron Jeremy or Linda Lovelace. The founder of ClubJenna, she broke ground as a performer who wasn’t content at that. She eventually became a director and producer proving that the stars could run the business too. Also appearing in mainstream productions, she was a part of movies like Private Parts and Zombie Strippers, as well as shows like Sons of Anarchy.

Always a bottled blonde that embraced a stylized and heavily made-up look, she was absolutely alluring but somewhat natural. That has very much changed as there is no debating that she hasn’t gone under the knife far too many times. Slowly looking less and less like the woman the world had come to know during her time in the business over the last several years, her face, ears, chest, and body all seem to have been surgically altered. On top of that, she also has a tattoo arm sleeve these days too.

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