15 Embarrassing Wedding Photos That Will Make You Cringe

Weddings are meant to be a beautiful union of two individuals that are deeply in love. The photos are taken to allow the families to look back at the day with fondness and pride. But sometimes, either things go wrong, mistakes are made, or people just get a little too wild. When this happens, things seem a lot better in your head than when you actually do them. But still, you keep the photos, show them to friends, and then all of a sudden, your wedding photos go viral, and not always for the best reasons. It kind of makes you feel like the “apparently” kid, who just so happened to be extremely embarrassed after everyone started “making fun” of him.

These are adults however, so maybe they can take it. They’re getting married, for goodness sake! They should not be so easily embarrassed. It’s not like millions of people will be staring at their ignorance or mistakes forever. Okay, maybe that’s a lie. Maybe they are the laughingstock of the world. But to tell you the truth, weddings need more laughs. But since we are too sophisticated to make these mistakes, we will share other people's embarrassing pictures with you. Cry or cringe, it’s all involuntarily, so take a look at these fifteen embarrassing wedding photos.

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15 She’s Hungry!

via: huggingtonpost.com

In case you don’t know it, 99% of brides starve themselves the day of their wedding. This bride was likely deprived for hours and this is her first look at food since the day before the wedding. She’s going to act a little cray-cray at the smell and sight of it. But this angle and perspective is so unflattering. Why take a picture of such a moment? It’s intimate, and meant for the bride and her food alone. I can excuse the bride, but that photographer needs to rethink his career.

Well, you’re enjoying it, aren’t you? It may be awkward, but it’s also relatable. So don’t you dare judge that poor bride. The girl is hungry! Every bride will understand in an instant. If you don’t, well, lucky for you! You had an oddly peaceful wedding and should deeply appreciate what went into making it that way.

14 Chicken Out

via: awkwardfamilyphotos.com

Some girls get cold feet, some grooms chicken out. This is a funny play on words, but I think they took it too far. Instead of throwing rice or blowing bubbles, this couple decided to throw chickens at their wedding. Not like chicken strips or chicken legs (not like that would be much better), but whole chickens. That’s a little absurd if you ask us, or anyone else, for that matter. Besides, how much would it cost to buy everyone a chicken?

Did they really throw them out like rice? Did the whole guest list get their own fowl? These questions need to be answered. If it’s just the couple, then great, as that wouldn’t be too expensive. But even when not counting price, it’s a really odd tradition. Or at least, it is a new tradition that may be spreading; who knows? The question is: should we keep it alive? The tradition, not the chicken.

13 Accidental Grope

via: awkwardfamilyphotos.com

So, she really didn’t mean to cop a feel, but it seems like she did. Or, at least, that's what the pictures tell. That’s the thing about pictures, though; you should never believe what you see. In reality, she just touched the window at the worst possible time. The story is that no one saw the man in the photo until after it was printed. They just kept it and laughed it off. This photo is so innocent and pure. We love that it was completely accidental and the photographer didn’t even notice until after it was developed.

Either these people are sweetly innocent or totally tricky. Hopefully for everyone’s sake, they’re just naive. Because what kind of evil photographer would get this developed without telling the bride? None I’d want to have at my wedding.

12 I’d Wait A Lifetime

via: theknot.com

This is completely understandable and stands for two things: eating spicy chicken wings and beans at the wedding, but also something even more important: being willing to waiting hours, days, or even years for your love, even if they are on the pot. After all, you do know that the average person spends a total of at least three months straight on the toilet! That may not sound like a lot, but trust us, it is. So, if all that time is going to be spent on the toilet, you need to understand that bodily functions will be taking your new spouse away from you for about three months of your lifetime together. Thankfully, it’s not all at once.

Now, regardless of all that, this photo is beyond awkward. No one wants to see a man sitting on a toilet. So please, never recreate this. It isn’t funny or cute.

11 He Needed A Tissue

via: yukepo

Sometimes you just need a tissue and all you have in your hands is the dress that the love of your life is wearing. But not just any dress: her wedding dress! I sure hope that this is her brother rather than her groom. Because once she finds out he used her dress as a tissue, she’s going to be furious. Hopefully she finds out the easy way, which would be via the photos. That is much more preferable to the alternative, which would be finding his snot on her dress!

Not the greatest way to start a new marriage, but as they say, if the shoe fits. I hope this was a joke because the more I think about it, the grosser it gets. What kind of groom wipes his nose on his wife's wedding dress?

10 Ring Bearer, Bearer Of All Sins

via: youtube.com

Kids hate waiting. Kids hate pictures. Kids hate weddings. But none of them were more straightforward about it than this young man here. He really wishes the cameraman would just go away. To be honest, we all know at least one kid like this and are thinking of him right now. He's already gotten expelled from kindergarten for flirting with the girls and cussing out his teacher. He's practically The Problem Child, ready to send Charles Manson a letter of admiration.

So maybe that's an exaggeration. Maybe he's just tired of taking pictures and is generally a well-behaved kid that picks stuff up from his parents. That's way easier to swallow than the demonic child theory.

9 Formalwear Rides

via: yizchome.tk

Anyone who has ever worn anything nice knows that it isn’t normally comfortable. In this case, it seems something was riding up in places it really shouldn’t. But, it’s totally normal. But what’s not normal is this “unassuming” cameraman who caught it on camera. That’s bad, but what’s worse is that he kept it afterwards. Digital camera, everyone. No need to wait until developing the images to delete them. All you have to do is click the button.

Sadly, these poor bridesmaids have to live with this photo for the rest of their lives. Because now, millions have seen them digging their invasive undergarments out from under their… well, you know. Well, when the need arises, one really must fix the problem or else face discomfort the entire day.

8 Hi, Uncle Gary

via: lifebuzz.com

I can bet you this was an uncle. What’s with these uncles? I’m telling you, they always mess up the wedding for the couple. I’m sure this lovely couple wanted your hairy belly in their picture, Uncle Gary. Why is he shirtless and why in the world is he standing in front of the camera? Again? Yeah, just like every wedding we take him to.

To be fair, it could be a random passerby as they were having their wedding on public property. It’s unknown. But even a random passerby should know not to stand in front of women in white dresses standing next to men in tuxes. Is he trying to ruin her wedding? That’s how you ruin a wedding. I can only imagine how embarrassed the bride must be after seeing how her “perfect” photos turned out.

7 Moustache You About Your Wedding

via: SecretWeddingBlog

I don’t know who did this, but it’s brilliant! It’s obviously not on purpose and not meant to be cool, but that doesn’t change anything. We have to give them credit for creativity and entertainment. The longer you look at it, the funnier it gets. But there is one question that we “moustache.” Who wore it best?

Was it the natural groom? The adorable bride? Or even Colonel Mustard! The weirdest thing here is that they don’t just have moustaches. They have colonel Mustard’s face, or rather, the groom’s father’s face! Out of all of the faces, the person who Photoshopped this image decided to take the groom's father's face. Classic. Not that he’s not handsome, but I doubt the bride wants to wear his face.

6 Sheep And Cheap

via: loveknitting.com

It may seem rude to say that this dress looks like it was inspired by a sheep, but that’s the truth. This photo proves it! It’s great for a wedding theme based on sheep. You could have your bridesmaid sheep, your flower sheep, your ring sheeper, and your sheep “pasture” to marry the two of you. I bet she got married in New Zealand where the population of sheep is higher than the people.

Hold up! Hold up! Is this her groom? This thought just crossed my mind. Someone asked her once, “If you love sheep so much, why don’t you just marry one?” And so she did. Beautiful story, truly. I hope her name is Mary. You know exactly why. Her little lamb makes her so proud.

5 Marking Their Territory

via: express.com

We wonder if the groom is wondering if he is next. Believe it or not, this isn’t the worst it gets. There are also pictures of dogs relieving themselves while a bride and groom are kissing. But this one may be even better, considering the dogs are literally going on her dress. But what's even better is the fact that the groom is not helping at all. He seems to care about as much as he cares about the dogs themselves. The only thing he appears to care about is his jacket and whatever he just picked off of it. This relationship is broken if this photo has anything to say for it.

4 This Marriage Is Going Places

via: awkwardfamilyphotos.com

Who knew you could get marriage licenses at the mental health center? That’s one place to recommend to your friends. This couple must be confident enough and have a good enough sense of humor to do this. It’s a brave act to make fun of yourselves as they did, or at least make fun of the placement of words. Or perhaps they are actually earnest in their decision to get married there, in which case, we kind of feel bad for making fun of them. No matter what, though, this couple clearly has a lot going on. Whether it's courage or mental illnesses, we aren't sure.

3 Bride’s A Potty Mouth

via: awkwardfamilyphotos.com

The truth behind this picture is that the bride's uncle took this. Enough said. Uncles tend to have both an odd sense of humor and the inability to do anything the way a young woman would like to have it done. So, of course he didn’t notice that there was a port-a-potty in her mouth. Why would he? She didn’t tell him not to get the potty on the picture. I’m pretty sure 90% of people can imagine their uncle doing this, either purposefully as a joke or accidentally due to obliviousness.

Good effort, uncle, but no cigar. A cigar would be highly preferable to this, no matter what the circumstances were. But at least they have something to talk about and show the grandkids.

2 Everyone Gets A Piece

via: awkwardfamilyphotos.com

We don’t know if that’s the bride, but if it is, she’s strangely touching the groom less than anyone else. Why are they all touching him? That’s so awkward. You can keep asking why and never understand why all of those women are suggestively touching the groom. And why in the world is the bride being left out?

We can bet you that this photo would not fly if roles were reversed and it were the men touching the bride. This is clearly a double standard. Maybe that groom doesn’t want his aunts and her sisters touching him like that. Maybe she doesn’t either. I can only hope this is some sort of religious “good luck” sort of thing. If not, it’s totally uncalled for and downright disturbing.

1 And They Rode Off On A…

via: pinterest.com

Who in the world would think of turning themselves into centaurs? Don’t get us wrong, we like centaurs just as much as the next gamer, but this photo was done a little too realistically. If you’re going to do centaurs, it better look like a game of Dungeons and Dragons.

Part of us admires this photo because centaurs are cool and fantasy weddings are the bomb. But, this was done in the most awkward way imaginable. The only thing that would be worse would be if one of them was a fairy riding that centaur. Now that’s taking it too far. Come to think of it, there is a lot worse than this, so maybe they get a free pass with this one. The idea wasn’t too shabby, after all.

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