15 Embarrassing Ways These Celebs Were Caught Cheating

There are many temptations that exist in this world. And if you're a famous celebrity, you better believe that one of the biggest temptations you may face on a daily (or hourly!) basis is staying faithful to your partner.

Many celebrities have struggled to bump it up with only their loved one, even if their loved one is in some cases an even bigger celebrity than themselves. Things get even more awkward for these celebrities when the ways that they chose to be unfaithful come to public light. Whether through awkward admissions or through the help of the paparazzi who seem to always be watching.

You may be stunned at some of the stories, such as Mario Lopez who cheated on Ali Landry only days before their wedding. Shaq also learned the hard way what happens when his (now ex) wife, accidentally took his blackberry and saw that his cardio was happening off the court. Nick Young and Iggy Azalea may have needed their security cameras for protection at first, but let's hope Young also used a type of protection with the random women Iggy saw him bringing home!

15 Mario Lopez Cheated On Ali Landry At His Own Bachelor Party

I've never understood the logic of being unfaithful on your bachelor party. You're literally right about to get married and you pull that shi-t? C'mon man. At least it can save the other person a lot of heartache if they find out in time.

Unfortunately for Landry, she found out about her then-fiancée Mario Lopez's douchey ways after they walked down the aisle.

Lopez's infidelity started when he elected to lie to her, saying that he was going fishing, but was then surprised with a trip to Mexico. Instead of telling Landry, he went along and partied it up. This included being unfaithful. The real kicker was having a photo of him taken with a woman by the pool, which was found by Landry's sister and shown to her. After confronted by Landry, Lopez admitted to his unfaithfulness. Their marriage was annulled two weeks later.

14 Shaunie O'Neal Destroyed Shaq's Property After She Accidentally Took His Phone

Shaquille O'Neal is one of the biggest athletes to ever play in the NBA. But he made a huge mistake in his life away from the court when he decided to buy himself and his then-wife Shaunie matching Blackberries. When Shaunie accidentally took his phone, she noticed girl after girl was blowing up the phone talking about all the things Shaq had done with them.

In an act of revenge, Shaunie then flattened the tires of several of his cars, smashed windows and wrote on his car "I cheat on my wife, I ain't sh*t" on the hood of one of his cars with a knife.

13 Seth Rollins Cheated With Zahra Schreiber, So His Fiancée Posted Their Private Photos

Hell hath no fury like a pissed off woman. And man was Seth Rollins' former fiancée Leighla Schultz pissed off that Rollins was deciding to do his cardio in the bedroom with Zahra Schreiber instead.

Schultz shared nude photos of both Rollins and Schreiber to social media. As well as this, she shared quotes on her Facebook of texts Rollins allegedly sent to Schreiber including, "I hate my life and my fiancée I just want to run away with you."

Schreiber, to her own credit, had a wrestling career going but was fired after posing photos related to Nazism on her Instagram.

12 Nick Young Busted On Security Camera Bringing Women Into The House

Nick Young and Iggy Azalea definitely had a rocky relationship. It was not helped by the fact that then-teammate of Young, D'Angelo Russell shared a video online of a conversation where Young admits to getting intimate with women that were not Azalea.

The two were able to patch things up. At least until Azalea caught Young sneaking women into the house. It definitely helped that they're both rich and famous and y'know, had security cameras! We're sure Azalea seeing random women enter the house was a lot scarier than a potential robber.

11 Hank Baskett Strayed From Kendra Wilkinson With A Trans Woman

Hank Baskett was just hoping to buy some marijuana when he approached a house one evening. But when he opened the door, he instead saw two nude transgender women making out.

Baskett then alleged that one of the women came up and fondled him through his shorts for several seconds. Baskett didn't reveal this to his wife (and Playboy star) Kendra Wilkinson, who was also 8 months pregnant, but the story broke months later.

Wilkinson was furious and flushed their wedding rings down the toilet, but ultimately chose to forgive Baskett.

10 Future Decided To Sleep With His Wardrobe Consultant, Not Then-Fiancée Ciara

Ciara is currently in a loving marriage with NFL superstar Russell Wilson. Though he's probably pretty sad as of late considering the Seahawks missed the playoffs this year. But before she walked down the aisle with Wilson, Ciara was about to do the same with musician Future.

The two even have a child together. But Future also had 3 other children with 3 other women, so it's definitely implied that he likes to sew his oats. Unfortunately for Ciara, that included him allegedly sleeping with his wardrobe consultant Tyrina Lee.

C'mon Lee, you're supposed to help him put clothes on, not take them off!

9 Kristen Stewart And Rupert Sanders Both Decided To Cheat

It isn't an easy job to be a member of the paparazzi. The celebrities are bound to not be huge fans of you. You never know when the perfect moment is going to happen. And we're sure they don't have the most steady paycheques in the world.

But whoever was on hand to capture Kristen Stewart cheating on Robert Pattinson were surely glad they got out of bed that morning. The photos were first published in Us Weekly and quickly went viral. Making the situation even worse is the fact that Sanders was cheating on his wife. And no, two wrongs don't make a right! Sanders and Stewart met when he directed her in Snow White and the Huntsman. Neither of their relationships survived the infidelity.

8 Sophia Bush Divorced Chad Michael Murray After He Cheated With Paris Hilton

It's fairly common in Hollywood for co-stars to begin an intimate relationship away from the set. Perhaps it makes sense when you consider the long hours that they work. Sophia Bush and Chad Michael Murray got along so well off the set of One Tree Hill, that they ended up getting married!

But in an awkward and embarrassing twist, Chad Michael Murray later found himself getting intimate behind the scenes with his House of Wax co-star Paris Hilton; leaving Bush out in the cold. A divorce followed shortly, but that situation definitely was not so hot! Hilton has recently announced her engagement (along with a $2 million ring). Let's hope things go smoother for her.

7 JoJo Had Fun With Then-Married Bray Wyatt

Bray Wyatt and Samantha Rotunda had what appeared to be a very loving relationship. The two were married in 2012 and she was allegedly always there for him when he was struggling. They even have two children together.

But this candid photo of Wyatt and ring announcer JoJo together helped fuel rumors that the two were bumping it up. This was confirmed when Rotunda wrote a scathing comment attacking Wyatt on Instagram. Something tells us they definitely didn't end things on the best of terms! This isn't the first wrestler that JoJo has been linked to, as reports in the past have circulated that she had engaged in some extracurricular activity with Randy Orton.

6 Kevin Hart Got Freaky At The Club While His Wife Was Pregnant At Home

It's never going to be positive when you decide to cheat on your significant other. But the situation becomes even worse when the person that you are cheating on is your wife, mother of your children and just happens to be pregnant with another. Such was the case for Kevin Hart, but the allure of Vegas was too strong.

Photos emerged, and a subsequent threat of a video, caused Hart to come out on Instagram and admit that he had been unfaithful to his wife. The two have since reconciled, but it was definitely one of the most awkward moments in 2017.

5 Jay Z Admitted To Cheating On Beyonce In His Lyrics

When you're a musician, it's only natural that the world is going to always be picking apart your lyrics and trying to find a deeper meaning. And when you're as influential as Jay Z and Beyonce, you better believe that is going to be the case. On Jay Z's song "4:44" he wrote, "Look, I apologize/Often womanize/Took for my child to be born to see through a woman's eyes."

Beyonce also publicly alluded to his infidelity with a song of her own "Sorry" that came out a year prior and included the lyric "He only want me when I'm not there/He better call Becky with the good hair."

Jay Z has recently come out and admitted that he was, in fact, unfaithful to Beyonce. A crazy enough notion in its own right, but one that became awkward when you consider the world was discussing it for a significant amount of time before it was confirmed.

4 Hugh Grant Got Caught And Arrested With His Lady Of The Night

There is no shortage of British actors who have managed to have a tremendous career in North America. Hugh Grant is definitely one that should be considered. But his career still took a hit when in 1995, he decided that he wanted to receive some downstairs loving from a prostitute in Los Angeles while in public. He then spent some time in cuffs, but not for the reasons he had probably hoped, as he found himself arrested.

An awkward situation to begin with, but even worse when you consider Grant was married to the stunning Elizabeth Hurley. Something tells us that if he wants to hire some loving in the future, he'll have them come to his house!

3 Ethan Hawke Got Caught Kissing A Girl Who Wasn't Uma Thurman At The Bar

There seems to be no question that Ethan Hawke was not faithful to his then-wife Uma Thurman. Not helping his case were rumors that circulated that he was caught kissing a 22-year-old woman at a bar.

Shocker, Uma wasn't 22! Hawke caught even more headlines when it came out that he was sleeping with the one-time nanny of their two children - Ryan Shawhughes.

Hawke has, however, come out and stated, "After a short period of working for me, Ryan went back to Columbia to get her degree. There were never any scandalous thoughts or actions back then. In the years that followed, my marriage disintegrated due to many pressures, none of which were remotely connected to Ryan."

2 Jesse James Had Affairs While Married To Sandra Bullock And Then Kat Von D

Jesse James has succeeded in various areas of his life. This includes hosting his own reality show, Jesse James Is a Dead Man, and at one time was married to Sandra Bullock. It was his 3rd marriage, but it became clear after the two split that fidelity was not something James was interested in. The two were attempting to adopt a child together when the reports broke that he was unfaithful, which left people all the more disgusted with James.

James went on to have a relationship with Kat Von D, but in that situation, he also appears to have cheated on her with a large variety of women. He has been married to Alexis DeJoria since 2013.

1 Josh Hamilton Picked 3 Women At The Bar Over His Wife

Josh Hamilton had been married to Katie Chadwick since 2004. But as you can tell in this photo that was taken in 2009, there's definitely more than just one woman in this situation. And to matters worse, Katie isn't any of the three!

Hamilton later admitted to not looking at the photos, but did have his then-wife describe them to him over the phone. Yikes! Hamilton's struggles with drug and alcohol addiction were well-known, but this was perhaps his most damning moment. The two later divorced in 2015 after another incident.

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