15 Embarrassing Pictures The Trumps Don't Want You To See

When Donald Trump announced that he would be running for president, everyone thought it was a big joke. However, as the months passed, Trump began gaining a large group of supporters and his candidacy

When Donald Trump announced that he would be running for president, everyone thought it was a big joke. However, as the months passed, Trump began gaining a large group of supporters and his candidacy went from being hilarious to petrifying.

Now, believe it or not, but Trump has found his way into the White House and his calling the shots for the American people. While some people might be thrilled that President Trump beat Hilary Clinton in the race to the White House, it’s only a matter of time before they bow their heads in shame and think, “What have I done?” The sad part is, whether Trumps supporters continue to praise him or not, he is still the elected POTUS, and shall remain as so unless impeached.

Trump and his family have been in the limelight since they were born (with the exception of his wives). This is because Trump’s father had also been a wealthy business man who made the tabloids. However, since Trump inherited his father’s fortune, whether or not he has lived up to his name is questionable. With Trump’s many bankruptcies, racist and sexist comments, and divorces, it has become known that he isn’t the stellar guy he plays himself out to be — nevertheless he is now the President (gulp).

If Trump did one thing right it was raising his children to be smart, respectful, and business-oriented. As time progresses, however, his family’s good-standing is also becoming questionable.

15 The One With The Hair

via The Daily Beast

Trump's hair has been a discussed topic ever since he appeared on The Apprentice USA. This is because his hair style has been seen as ridiculous and off-putting, causing many people to believe him to be wearing a toupee. Although his hair might look fake, this picture says it all — it's real. If Trump's hair had in fact been fake, it would have blown away with the wind, however, it did not. Instead, it held on for dear life and showed the public why Trump is found of the combover — he's partially balding on top.

When it comes to Trump, his hair is something that he holds dear. In fact, Amy Lasch, Trump's former hairdresser on The Apprentice, stated that Trump doesn't let hairdressers cut or style his hair, and does it himself. According to Lasch, Trump only keeps a hairdresser around on set to maintain his hairdo.

14 Melania Trump's Revealing Pictures


Before Melania Knavs became Melania Trump she had made a living off of modelling in Yugoslavia. Her modelling career, however, wasn't always a decent one and now decades later, she has been receiving some backlash for her provocative pictures. While many presidential candidates would think twice about running for office with a wife who has been seen as a sex symbol, Donald Trump did not. In fact, he embraced it and often views Melania Trump as a trophy-wife.

Nevertheless, Melania Trump's past has often come back to bite him in the butt. Especially when it was revealed that his wife had taken 10 modelling jobs in the United States before having acquired her green card. Despite President Trump's firm laws on immigration, he is married to someone who has illegally worked in America.

13 Trump's Trust Issues

via Slate

Donal Trump's marriage to former model Melania has always been questionable, especially since their looks are on two entirely different spectrums. Although the couple have been married since 2005, their love has often been seen as a sham. This is because their marriage appears to be loveless and simply a ploy for Melania to live a life of luxury, and Trump to have something pretty on his arm. With this in mind, it is no wonder that the picture of Trump spying on his wife's vote went viral in November of 2016, while the couple was voting in New York City.

While many presidential nominees wouldn't think twice about their spouses voting for them, Trump had second thoughts on the matter. This caused him to throw a curious eye to Melania's voting card, which was hilariously caught on camera.

12 An Unhappy Looking Melania

via Slate

It is common for the First Lady to be nothing but smiles on the day of her husband's inauguration. However, when it comes to Melania Trump, many have viewed her grim expressions as a plea for help. It is not secret that Melania is not First Lady material, but during Trump's inauguration it became painfully obvious that she was dreading the job. In Melania's defence, she probably stood by her husband during his candidacy with the reassuring fact that he would never be sworn into office — a thought that many other Americans also believed to be true. Sadly, Trump won the election and has made the Oval Office his own.

During Trump's inauguration, Melania could be seen faking smiles, only to turn around and look like she was living in a nightmare. Because of this, First Lady Melania Trump has become an internet sensation, and people have begun using the hashtag "Save Melania".

11 A Very Awkward-Looking Embrace

via Reddit

Throughout the years, Donald Trump has made his love for his eldest daughter disturbingly obvious. In fact, he has on more than one account stated that his daughter, Ivanka Trump, is the most gorgeous woman in the world and that he would love to have taken her for a wife — if she hadn't been his own flesh and blood. The worst part is that Ivanka has never seemed bothered by her father's come-ons, and has laughed them off graciously. While most people would be horrified to have their father comment on their 'hotness' on live TV, Ivanka has never seemed to bat an eyelash over his weird comments.

That is, until this picture was taken of Trump and Ivanka. In this picture, we clearly see Ivanka's disdain towards her father's embrace. So much so, that their hug looks forced and extremely uncomfortable. Ivanka might have the best poker face in America, but you can't deny what her body language is saying in this particular photograph.

10 Barron Trump, Bored As Usual


Barron Trump was born in 2006, one year after his parents were married. While the boy might be a spitting image of his father, Donald Trump, you cannot deny that he shares some similarities with his mother, Melania. Barron, who has also become an internet sensation, is famous for his looks of sheer boredom. Throughout Trump's candidacy, Barron can be seen yawning and looking miserable on many different accounts. Sure, the boy might only be 10 years old, but would it really kill him to smile every once in a while? At his age, I'm sure he's dreaming of playing video games and getting out of his First Boy duties, but sadly he's in for a long ride.

Barron Trump's obvious boredom and general unhappy look is something that he must have inherited from his mother, as both Melania and Barron can be seen looking grim during countless events. In fact, just looking at Barron's face is enough to make you want to yawn!

9 Eric And Donald Jr. Go Hunting

via Washington Post

While many of us believe that Donald Trump raised his children to be intelligent and kind, it has become obvious that we were wrong. If looking at this picture of Trump's oldest sons holding up a dead leopard with pride doesn't give you the creeps, you might need to go get some help. When asked about his sons' hunting pictures, Trump defended them by saying that they love hunting, and seemed proud of their latest killings.

Donald Jr. and Eric Trump have been hunting for many years now, and even fly all the way to Africa to find their game. In fact, Trump's sons have been seen smiling over dead animals, and even cutting off elephant tails and holding them up to the camera while laughing. Instead of feeling remorse for killing these majestic animals, Donald Jr. and Eric go after endangered species and appear to have no conscience whatsoever.

8 The Turkey Neck Picture

via The Quad-City Times

What makes President Trump absolutely hilarious is his vanity. For someone who has never really been fortunate in the looks department, he sure is obsessed with beauty and being seen as desirable. For this reason, Trump becomes extremely insulted whenever someone says something about his appearance. For instance, should anyone laugh about his hair, double chin, turkey-neck, or 'small hands', Trump will not hesitate to throw a potential lawsuit in their face.

As a matter of fact, Trump's vanity is so strong, that he once brought up his double chin during an off-the-record meeting with over 30 associates, and asked for unflattering pictures of him to be removed off the media. Unfortunately for President Trump, his double chin is here to stay, whether or not he tries to hide it behind a high collar. He is seventy years old after all!

7 Barron Trump, Refusing To Hold His Mother's Hand

via ACI Information Group

There comes a point in every mother's life when their son refuses to hold their hand. While the age in which this occurs might differ, it always comes as a shock to a mother who has yet to come to terms with the fact that her son isn't a little boy anymore. For Melania Trump, this occurred during her husband's inauguration. During the inauguration, Melania attempted to grab hold of her only child's hand, only to have him rip it away from her in a haste.

Although Barron Trump is only ten years old, he has learned pretty quickly that holding his mother's hand in public is a big no-no. The pre-teen made it clear that he was not interested in holding Melania's hand while they marched down the street side-by-side, and embarrassed her ripping his hand away from hers — an act that was caught on camera.

6 Tiffany Trump... Modeling?

via The Dawg Shed

Tiffany Trump is the daughter of Donald Trump and Marla Maples, Trump's second wife. Although Tiffany is a beautiful young woman, she has been known to not be as photogenic as her older half-sister Ivanka. Instead of pursuing a career in business like her father, Tiffany has chosen to pursue modelling like her step-mother, Melania Trump. However, while walking down the runway during her big debut at the New York Fashion Week, Tiffany's looks did not seem to mirror her sister's.

While Tiffany's good looks are indisputable, this particular picture made headlines all over America, and not for the right reasons. In this photograph, Tiffany's face seems rather oily and her makeup does not seem to compliment her face. Instead, the smokey-eyed look made her eyes appear small and lop-sided, while her face looked a little off-kilter.

5 Ivanka Trump With Paris Hilton

via The Daily Beast

Ivanka Trump and Paris Hilton grew up together. This is because both their fathers were successful business men who found comfort in each other's presence. As a result of this, Ivanka has attended many of Paris' parties, and has had to fight off the reputation that came attached with Paris. While Paris has become successful on her own terms, Ivanka has chosen to hit the books and follow in her father's footsteps.

On many accounts, Donald Trump has commented on both his daughter's and Paris' looks, going as far as calling Paris 'hot' when she was only twelve years old. In this picture, we can see Ivanka and Paris posing for the camera, but instead of Ivanka looking gorgeous like she usually does, her face appears to be warped (blame it on the alcohol). Although Paris and Ivanka speak openly about their friendship, it goes without saying that Ivanka is probably embarrassed about this particular photograph.

4 Trump Looking Plump

via Voat

In today's day and age, fat-shamming has become something that occurs on a daily basis, and if there's one person who is particularly fond of it, it's Donald Trump. This may cause many people to raise their eyebrows, especially since Trump's physique has always carried some extra weight. Sure, he might have been slimmer in his youth, but as time progressed Trump became a very plump man. Now I know what you're thinking, how could someone fat-shame other people when they're also fat? Well it seems that Trump is unaware of his body's current state, or simply in denial.

Despite the extra weight he carries, Trump has had no problem commenting on the weight of dozen's of people. In fact, he has called women Miss Piggy, told them that they should diet, commented on their food choices, and even called men "fat f-cks". While fat-shamming is an evil thing to do, it's about time that Trump took a long look in the mirror, and went on a diet of his own.

3 Eric Trump Taking The Backseat

via The Washington Post

While many parents refuse to comment on which one of their children is their 'favorite', Donald Trump has made it very obvious that beauty plays a crucial part in his life-choices. Take this picture for example, at the front of the line is Ivanka Trump, President Trump's favorite child. While some people would want to argue the fact, there really isn't anything to say about it. Ivanka is Trump's pride and joy, and it's because she is gorgeous.

Instead of having his children pose side-by-side, they have been placed in a particular order, one where Eric takes the backseat and Ivanka takes the wheel. If there was going to be an order, it should have been by age, right? This would mean that Donald Jr. would be in front, followed by Ivanka, and lastly Eric. However, it seems that looks and not age were used to depict the order of this photograph.

2 The One With Three Babies

via The Huffington Post

It's no secret that babies have the ability to pick-up on vibes, which is why they sometimes cry when they're in the arms of someone they do not know or like. For decades, presidential candidates have used babies as a way to show that they are likeable and caring, but this political tactic doesn't always work in a candidate's favour. Donald Trump might have had five children of his own, but it is no secret that he does not enjoy a baby's presence. In fact, when he attempted to hold a baby during a rally in Virginia, it began crying and Trump could be heard saying," You can get the baby out of here."

In this particular picture, President Trump is seen holding twins, and mocking them as they desperately try to get away from him. Instead of trying to settle them down, Trump chose to mimic them and become a baby as well.

1 Trump And His Trophy Daughter

via Reddit

If you thought that Donald Trump and his daughter, Ivanka, had a weird relationship, it's about to get a lot more awkward. During an interview with the New York Daily News, Trump made it clear that he thought his daughter, who was seventeen at the time, was 'hot', and if you think that's bad, wait until you read what he said afterwards, “I have a deal with her. She’s 17 and doing great — Ivanka. She made me promise, swear to her that I would never date a girl younger than her. So as she grows older, the field is getting very limited.”

What's scary is that Ivanka actually feared that her father would date someone younger than her — at seventeen years old. Although Trump has two daughters, he has never taken these types of pictures with Tiffany, his youngest daughter, and has time and time again commented on Ivanka's assets.

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15 Embarrassing Pictures The Trumps Don't Want You To See