15This Dad Made The New York Times For Using His Daughter's Hair As a Leash

While many crazy Walmart shoppers wind up on the internet for their appearance or behavior, this Texas dad wound up in the New York Times. This is pretty impressive for a simple trip to Walmart. But what he did while shopping for chicken breasts was questionable at best. At its

worst, it constitutes child abuse or some form of it. It's hard to tell from the photos, but if you look very closely, you'll be able to see that he's fashioned a leash out of his daughter's hair! He has it wrapped around the cart handle under his hand. The poor little girl is visibly upset. Her hair is being pulled, and she's walking bent over to keep the "leash" looser. The video of this went viral in 2016, and in it, the little girl can be heard begging her father to stop, telling him he's hurting her and promising not to "do it again." The woman who filmed it, Erica Burch, said she had approached the man and that he had told her to mind her own business. Unfortunately, police said that it was discipline and not abuse because, in order for it to be abuse, the girl would need an injury. Social media, however, disagreed, and outrage ensued. Hopefully, this dad was embarrassed because he should be.

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