14Life Lessons At Walmart

This dad has his own ideas about how to teach his daughters important life lessons, such as the appropriate length of shorts. He's wearing a shirt that reads, "Ask my girls if they still think short shorts are 'soo' cute!!" I'm willing to bet that they don't. Most people would

be mortified if their father wore this out in public. The guy ruined a shirt by writing his message all over it although, let's be honest, it was a super ugly shirt, anyway. But to make matters worse, he also donned a fugly belt and tiny little cutoff shorts over longer spandex ones. But he must be doing something right because his daughter doesn't seem put off by it at all, and she's even holding his hand. Give her a few more years and that won't be the case, though. And by that point who knows what her dad will be doing to teach lessons about the next teen phase after clothing: boys? Side note: I especially love how he incorporated the characteristic teen dramatic "soo" into his statement. It was a nice touch.

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