15 Embarrassing Celebrity Wax Figures

You know what’s one of the best things about being a celebrity? No, not the money or the fame. Well yeah, those too. But it’s the idolization. People idolize who you are, what you do, and what you stand for. They follow your every move, and sometimes feel like they know you on a personal level. I believe it was Mr. Marshall Mathers that created the great song “Stan,” the word that has begun to categorize those overzealous fans that are willing to do any and everything for their favorite celeb. A few people even go to the lengths of trying to look like celebrities. Some even go as far as having plastic surgery in attempts to really “connect” with their fave. But for some of us, we’re okay just having our favorite celebrity on our television screens or listening to their music.

The idolization of celebrities has made people see them as immortal. They can never die. Even if they do, their legacy will continue to live on. Well not only will their legacy live on, but so will their faces. Wait, what? We’re talking about wax figures. What did you have in mind? Celebrity wax figurines have become increasingly popular, but they have been around for quite some time. The world famous Madame Tussauds has been around since the 1800s! Some wax figures could seriously fool me once, maybe even twice. But there are others that…don’t fool anyone. Here’s a look at 15 of the worst, most embarrassing wax figures ever.

15 Naomi Campbell

To start this list off, we begin with this awful excuse for a wax figure. If we didn’t add the name, would you have guessed it was her? Me neither. This wax figure popped up in the Musée Grévin wax museum in 2005 and has since been taken down. We wonder why! Naomi Campbell is one of the industry’s first named supermodels. She’s gorgeous and this wax figure is something out of an Aliens vs. anything movie. Seriously, is the head turned the right way? Why is her neck so long? I can only imagine her reaction when this figure was revealed. Luckily the Musée Grévin has replaced this monstrosity with a much better, less terrifying version of the beautiful model. Campbell and another supermodel, Cara Delevingne, both received wax figures in 2014, a rededication to Campbell. I guess practice makes… better.

14 Justin Timberlake

Okay, I know we want Justin Timberlake to live forever. But that doesn’t mean we want him to be a vampire. Justin Timberlake is hot. This wax figure is not. JT is everything this wax figure isn’t. I want to see the photo this is supposed to be based from. I know it’s a wax figure, but it doesn’t even look real. The skin is super pale and those eyes are haunting. There must’ve been something lost in translation somewhere. Maybe it’s labeled wrong? This wax figure popped up in one of the Madame Tussauds wax museums in 2014 and yes, it has been replaced. JT has been redone. Great, because this is frightening. It’s not even laughable how bad this is. Try not to look at it for too long, you might try to protect your neck. Justin Timberlake, please don’t suck my blood.

13 Sylvester Stallone

One thing we can admit here is that Sylvester Stallone has a very interesting face. It’s one of those faces that are so hard to duplicate, it may just be best to leave it alone. Or take a picture of his face and staple it on to the wax figure, your call. Of all the Stallone wax figures in the world, there may be a half of one that came close to being right. No, it’s not this one. This is probably the worst Sylvester Stallone wax figure in the world, and the company that holds it in their possession should be embarrassed. This looks more like a ripped Ray Romano with a HUGE forehead. Is this an after fight picture? The wax figure looks sad, like he knows what he’s supposed to be and what he actually looks like. This wax figure sits in the Paddock Wood family park in the “Legends of Wax” section. This legend needs to not be around anymore. We’re sorry on their behalf Rocky.

12 Celine Dion

What the… what’s with the big forehead?! Seriously, does this look like Celine Dion to you? Does it look like Celine Dion to anyone? The woman that gave us the famous “My Heart Will Go On” has something like this representing her? Celine Dion is an angel. This wax figure is a demon. It looks like the mother of Chucky. There’s so much wrong with this figure, it’d be easier to say what they got right. Nothing. Nothing is right about this Celine Dion wax figure. This one is actually angering. If it hasn’t been taken down by now, it needs to be. Then melted and used for a better purpose. I wonder if Celine Dion has seen this wax figure of herself. Did she gag like we did? If this is the way to immortalize a celebrity, I never want to be famous.

11 Jim Carrey

Another monstrosity from the Hollywood Wax Museum comes in the shape of Jim Carrey. Before I go into this, name your favorite Jim Carrey movie. The Mask. Ace Ventura. The Truman Show. You know what no one answered? The Cable Guy. Not only is this wax figure scary looking, it’s of one of Jim Carrey’s movies that people completely forgot existed. He’s done so much since and before, why pick this movie? The movie selection is bad, the wax figure is bad, it’s just an overall bad situation to put Jim Carrey in. The eyebrows are really thick and the eerie smile makes this look like it belongs in a horror flick. There are wrinkles all over the face, even in places I don’t think wrinkles belong. The ears are somewhat deformed, and when did Jim Carrey get a lazy eye? A little advice, don’t zoom in. There are some things in life you just don’t want to get a closer look at.

10 Mark Wahlberg

I know I’m not the only one who thought this was Matt Damon. Or supposed to be Matt Damon. But no, it’s Mark Wahlberg. Seriously? Seriously. Wahlberg is tough guy. This wax figure looks like he was headed to his corporate office and made a wrong turn down a road that he wishes he could escape from. It looks like a Ken doll, inspired by Matt Damon. What’s the Wahlberg inspiration behind this wax figure? Could it be from Departed with both Damon and Wahlberg in it? I don’t recall any primates in that movie. There’s been several times where the two were mistaken for each other, mostly because they have similar features. Maybe this is the reason this wax artist made the figure look more like Damon than Wahlberg, he couldn’t tell the difference. That makes the most sense, right?

9 Michael Jackson

The King of Pop, the one and only Michael Jackson! Where? Certainly not in this wax figure. There have been several wax figures made in the memory of Michael Jackson. There are a lot of good ones that look so real you want to cry because you miss him so much. But this one makes you want to cry for different reasons. It actually looks more like Little Richard, but I think that’s just the moustache talking. This wax figure’s color is confusing because before his vitiligo, Jackson had a more brown skin tone and after he appeared almost, if not, white. Maybe they tried to find a common ground? I don’t think that this Michael Jackson wax figure should still be standing, and if it were taken down tomorrow it would make the world a better place. Rest in peace, Mr. Michael Jackson. We love you and miss you.

8 Justin Bieber

Mr. Boy Wonder himself, ladies and gents. Justin Bieber! Or is it? This wax figure is giving off more of an androgynous model vibe. If that’s the look they were going for, they nailed it. Look at those chiseled cheekbones. This looks like Justin Bieber’s little sister dressed as him for Halloween. It kind of looks like The Biebs if you squint your eyes and turn your head to the side. I’m sure the Beliebers took notice, but with his fanbase they probably loved it just because it has his name on it. This wax figure showed up in Madame Tussauds Tokyo museum in 2013. But Justin, being the Bieber he is, got the royal treatment. Not only did he get a wax figure, he got an entire memorial! The wax figure serves as a monument to honor Justin Bieber’s presence in Japan. I mean… I guess that’s cool.

7 Zac Efron

Now we know there was recently a new Zac Efron wax figure released earlier this month and it is amazing. The abs, the smile, and even the armpit hair give us the Zac Efron we know and love. But unfortunately, this High School Musical Efron wax figure doesn’t do the actor any justice. The figure has a creepy, stalker like smile and the face of an old man trying to fit in as a high school basketball player. Now that would make for a great movie. Unfortunately, the real Efron won’t be able to play the character because the wax figure doesn’t look like him. Madame Tussauds revealed this character in 2008 in their London museum following the release of High School Musical 3 (they seriously made three of these movies!?). Efron’s character Troy Bolton was immortalized and now we can never forget the role he played. As if we could before.

6 Will Smith

Is it me, or does this look like a young, old O.J. Simpson? Yes, young and old at the same time. Will Smith starred on the show Fresh Prince of Bel-Air and if you watched the show, you would know that his ears were often made fun of. I’m just going to assume that whoever made this figure also watched the show because his ears are Dumbo sized. They stick out really far from his head, which makes me think that there’s an inside joke of some sort. If there isn’t, then there’s some serious explaining to do. Also, not that it matters, but his shirt is too big in the figure. Either that or his hands are too small. Smith actually has more than one wax figure in the Madame Tussauds museums and they all look like this one. Go figure. This specific wax figure was introduced in 2011 and it sits in the Tussauds Las Vegas Museum.

5 Angelina Jolie

You know who this wax figure looks like? Jennifer Aniston. I know, the history between the two isn’t the best. But now that I’ve said that, look at it again. I think the artist of this figure had an idea in mind to get the people talking. It’s like a mix between Aniston and Angelina Jolie. All that’s missing is Brad Pitt in the middle. Even if you don’t see the Jenny resemblance, you can’t deny that this wax figure doesn’t look like Jolie. The lips are nowhere near full enough. The eyes aren’t bold enough and the chin is square. The Angelina that I know in my head doesn’t have a square chin. She has a perfect, regular people chin. I know, it’s a wax figure. It can’t be perfect, but if you’re trying to imitate Angelina Jolie then you need to get as close to perfect as you can. This figure sits in the Grévin’s wax museum in Paris and has been there since 2014.

4 Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson

The Rock, a fitting name for Dwayne Johnson whose muscles are just that: hard as rocks. The Rock, over the years, has been known for his physical appearance. Should he be a professional weight lifter instead of an actor? Probably. I’m sure he’d win. Before Dwayne Johnson took over the big screen, he was professional wrestler The Rock. One of his signature markings is the People’s Eyebrow, where he raises one of his eyebrows way higher than the other one. I’ve tried to do it, it looks nowhere near as good as his. Either way, this wax figure fails to mimic the people’s eyebrow and instead looks like he’s having a hard time deciding if he wants a burger or pizza for dinner. The wax figure was unveiled in Hollywood some years ago, so we’ll forgive the body mass not being correct. But this figure looks like it’s about to bust a move on a cardboard box instead of busting out the People’s Eyebrow.

3 Meryl Streep

Another wax gem, and I mean that sarcastically, comes in the form of Meryl Streep. Granted she does have unique facial features but again we say, it’s best to leave some things alone. This wax figure looks like a man in a dress attempting to portray Meryl Streep. Why is s(he) angry? The eyebrows are turned down. I mean, if I looked like this wax figure I would be angry too. The smile looks forced. It’s like it's saying “would you hurry up and take this picture already!” It starts to look more and more creepy the longer you look at it. To make matters even worse, this wax figure was unveiled to the public a few days before the Oscars at the Madame Tussauds Hollywood Museum. It’s a sweet gesture, if only the sweetness were put more into making this Streep not lookalike.

2 Jackie Chan

One of the greatest action and adventure movie actors of all time has been immortalized in one of the worst ways. Jackie Chan’s wax figure, alongside a figure that looks like Owen Wilson, is a depiction of the duo in the movie Shanghai Noon. I’ve never seen the movie, but according to this depiction there’s a scene where Jackie Chan screams like a girl and tries to block something with his hand? That’s just my guess. The cheekbones are accurate enough, but everything else isn’t. Is it okay to say that this looks Meryl Streep and Jackie Chan had a lovechild? Or, maybe it’s an ode to the infamous Kim Kardashian crying meme? This wax duo sits in the Hollywood Wax Museum’s Las Angeles location. Oh, and Wilson is pointing a gun at Jackie Chan? That’s weird.

1 Beyonce

Finally, we’re at the end of the list and we’ve saved the best for last. Beyoncé’s latest wax figure has caused quite a conversation. Madame Tussauds has been accused of “whitewashing” Queen Bey, but denies any wrongdoing. The blame? Bad lighting. Does bad lighting account for the hips that aren’t there? Or the features that make Beyoncé herself, such as her full lips? Social media users have confused the figure for Lindsay Lohan and Britney Spears. All in all, a white woman. Beyoncé’s skin color is a light brown. The skin color of the figure? Not. The wax figure was briefly taken down and the “lighting was fixed.” The new lighting somehow darkened her skin and widened her face. It still doesn’t look like her, but it’s better than the original. Hopefully, somewhere along the lines of alterations, someone can actually get a good view of Beyoncé and realize “hey, this is all wrong.”

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