15 Easter Eggs You Definitely Missed In The Battlefield Franchise

One of the biggest advancement in technology for gamers has to do with the multiplayer options for gameplay. With the emergence of consoles that can connect players from around the world, there was an increased market for video games that could include first-person gameplay with a multiplayer mode. First-person shooter games had already proven their popularity due to the 2001 release of Halo: Combat Evolved. The first Battlefield video game was released in 2002, in an effort to capitalize on the huge market of gamers looking to get an all-new gaming experience for modern video game enthusiasts.

The first Battlefield game was a huge success, which inevitably led to sequels in the franchise. Just as Halo continued to evolve its games and Call of Duty started their franchise with the release of the first 2003 video game, Battlefield needed to enhance their gameplay in order to remain competitive in an ever-evolving market. The majority of the Battlefield games have focused on the multiplayer aspect, apart from Battlefield Hardline. After the initial Battlefield 1942, the franchise has churned out sequels year after year.

The most recent release, Battlefield 1, has already garnered attention from gamers and celebrities alike. EA showcased various celebrities playing Battlefield 1, including Wiz Khalifa, Snoop Dogg and Wiz Khalifa. Conan O’Brien even played Battlefield 1 with Terry Crews, which resulted in a hugely popular video that went viral. With so much intrigue over the Battlefield franchise, it shouldn’t be surprising that the game developers hid a few Easter eggs throughout the games. Check out our list of the 15 Easter eggs you missed in the Battlefield franchise and see the strange connections gamers might have missed during their gameplay.

15 Reference To Modern Warfare 2


When Battlefield: Bad Company 2 was first released in 2010, they were fully aware that it would be a game in direct competition with Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 that was released a few months earlier. Since both of these games are a first-person shooter style, they are basically catering to the exact same demographic. Battlefield: Bad Company 2 had a leg-up on the competition because gamers are always into the next big thing when it comes to the latest game releases. Yet, the game developers with the Battlefield franchise chose to put a little insult into the gameplay, either intended for the game developers at the Call of Duty franchise or for the gamers themselves. During the campaign mode for Level 9, a line in the dialogue reads, “It’s not a snowmobile… Snowmobiles are for sissies!” This is a direct reference to Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 since there are snowmobiles involved in its gameplay.

14 Basket Of Easter Eggs


By the time Battlefield 4 was released in 2013, gamers and game developers alike were hip to how popular Easter eggs had become in the gaming world. People were always on the lookout to find those hidden treasures and spread the word to their fellow gamers and online buddies. In an effort to show just how much the game developers are aware of the popularity of finding Easter eggs, they included a fun little treasure in Battlefield 4. Inside the map, Flood Zone, there is a blue crate that features a small little tidbit for gamers to find. It is a bit obscure but pretty simple to find if you look carefully. Sitting on the ground in plain sight, there is a small basket filled with Easter eggs. They are painted in bright Easter colors and there is even a sign that says, “Easter Eggs!” You have to love when it’s just that easy to find and the developers know how to laugh at themselves.

13 Killing The Gnomes


In 2011, the Battlefield franchise released its eleventh game, Battlefield 3. The game allowed the players to partake in a number of branches in the military, from being a U.S. Marine to a Spetsnaz GRU operative. Yet, not all of the gamers were solely concerned about the campaign mode. This is especially true for those in search of some fun little Easter eggs hidden throughout the game. In the map, Armored Shield, there are a number of gnomes scattered around in obscure places. Some of them can be a bit tricky to find since the grass is often overgrown and the green area isn’t exactly well kempt. However, it’s worth finding these little clusters of gnomes because they aren’t just little lawn decorations. Once you break one open, they release a small sound. To the trained ear, it sounds almost like a little yelp or an “Ow!” It may seem a little cruel to kill these harmless little gnomes but that’s nothing compared to the things gamers have to do in the rest of the game.

12 Peashooter Hidden In The Grass


When a person decides to become a game developer, it stands to reason that they are probably a fan of video games in general. So, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that the game developers for the Battlefield franchise are also fans of some of the other popular games. This was made absolutely evident in Battlefield 4. Although it was released in 2013, it featured an aspect of a game that came out in 2009. Plants vs. Zombies isn’t a first-person shooter game like in the Battlefield franchise but it definitely has a fanbase. This highly addictive game has entranced players young and old and obviously has a few friends at EA. In Battlefield 4’s map, Dawnbreaker, there is an area where the gamer can jump down off of the large boulder area and hop over the small surrounding fence. Next to a stack of pallets, there is a hidden Peashooter, which is a character from the Plants vs. Zombies game.

11 Law Enforcement Donuts


In 2015, Battlefield Hardline was a game that the franchise released as a nod to law enforcement. The gameplay revolved around criminal activity, grand heists and policing rather than the standard military style of combat. The map, High Tension, features a comical little Easter egg that references the old notion that cops love donuts. Inside the map, there is a law enforcement deployment area that has a large folding table with three bright pink boxes filled with donuts. Once the gamer approaches the donuts, coming up onto the boxes will trigger the game to unleash a few phrases. Some of the comical phrases that can be heard are, “Hell yeah, delicious donuts spotted!” and “F***ing delicious donuts spotted!” While the phrases are comical in and of itself, the urgency in the voice definitely drives it home. Things like “F***, that donut looks good!” and “That donut looks amazing!” are made to sound even funnier coming from the badass character the gamer is playing in this first-person shooter game.

10 Killing The Yeti


In Battlefield 4, gamers are dropped off into a seemingly sparse terrain on the map, Golmud Railway, with a large mountain range in the background. One of the mountains has a snowy white peak and after awhile, players can see a glint of a glimmer on the peak. The glimmer seems more like a reflection of some sort, rather than something that is natural to the environment. An Easter egg that isn’t commonly known happens when gamers shoot directly at the glimmer with a rocket. It can be a little tricky getting the perfect angle to reach the exact pinpointed area on the mountain. Gamers might have to walk a few steps back into the shadows in order to get their rocket to reach the exact area. However, it is well worth the effort since a direct hit to the glimmer will instantly put it out. It also unleashes a loud moan, presumably from killing a yeti. After all, what else would be up there at the highest peak of the mountain living up in the snow?

9 Hidden Buttons Unleash Dinosaur


The Battlefield franchise is notorious for hiding Easter eggs in areas where it is designed to be found by more than one player. This is a way for the game developers to encourage people to play together as a team and also interact with other gamers. In Battlefield 4, there is a map that features two hidden buttons in separate areas. The map, Rogue Transmission, requires two different players to hit the buttons, which are on opposite sides of the map. One button is hidden inside a small cavernous opening and the other is embedded onto a grounding steel pole. There is even a dinosaur cartoon carving in the pole, letting gamers get a hint at what the Easter egg would entail. Once both of the buttons are pushed, the gamers will all of a sudden see a plethora of trees move in the distance. It looks almost like it is in a prehistoric setting. The trees moving makes it seem like there is something large enough to create that type of motion and then of course, there is a sound of a dinosaur roar.

8 Nod To Dead Space


Battlefield 3 was released in 2011, which was also the same year that Dead Space released the sequel to their third-person shooter video game. The original Dead Space was a huge success with sci-fi elements that helped to bring on more fans to the video game series. Obviously, some of the game developers with the Battlefield franchise were also fans of Dead Space since they left a hidden Easter egg for gamers in one of the maps in Battlefield 3. In the map, Aftermath, just beyond the building with the double stairs, there is a travel building with a pile of rubble in front of it. If the gamer shoots a rocket onto the main wall, the entire wall explodes to reveal a room with two shelf units standing side by side. On the middle shelf, there is the Isaac Clarke’s helmet from the Dead Space video game series. The helmet is clearly depicted in all of its sci-fi glory and gamers can even hear the breathing sound if they stand next to the helmet.

7 Flying With A Pterodactyl


It’s pretty obvious that the Battlefield franchise has a definite thing for dinosaurs. A number of the Easter eggs featured in the Battlefield franchise have featured dinosaurs or at least eluding to dinosaurs. In Battlefield 3, gamers are flying around in the map, Nebandan Flats. All of the area looks desolate (albeit beautiful and serene). The mountains and valleys are depicted in perfect clarity with graphics that show off how Battlefield has evolved over the years. Even the clouds, sky and sunlight have a quality to it that is super impressive. Yet, gamers shouldn’t get too caught up in the view since there is something far more spectacular up in the sky. While on a sharp turn, there is a flying figure that can be seen approaching in the distance. It moves past quite quickly but on closer inspection, it is definitely a prehistoric animal. This giant Pterodactyl can be seen making its way through the sky without paying much attention to the flying aircraft.

6 Nod To Mirror’s Edge


The Battlefield franchise has a tendency to implement elements from other popular video games and apps into various maps in Battlefield games. This is a great way to show fans of the franchise that the game developers are also big fans of other popular games and it’s become a fun Easter egg hunt for players that like to seek out these little tidbit elements. In Battlefield 3, there is an obscure crate hanging off of a bridge walkway area in the map, Death Valley. It can be a bit tricky to get onto the crate since it entails falling and landing onto a relatively small area. However, gamers that do manage to get onto the crate will be pleasantly surprised. Once the gamer lands, the background music changes and starts to play the theme song from the game, Mirror’s Edge. What’s interesting about this Easter egg is that it helps to promote another game that is made from the same game developer as Battlefield. On further inspection, the crate is open and there is a yellow runner bag from Mirror’s Edge and that is where the music is coming from.

5 Miniature Spacecraft


While it’s fun for gamers for there to be hidden Easter eggs involving other game franchises within Battlefield video games, it’s even better when the hidden Easter eggs involve previous games within the Battlefield franchise. In the game, Battlefield 3, there is a map called, Operation Riverside. Inside the map, gamers are riding a dirt bike that can be taken into an area on the outskirts. In this area, there is a hovering miniature spacecraft that can be seen just above the ground. There is a logo on the side of the hovercraft that shows where the vehicle originates from. This is actually a spacecraft from the previous game, Battlefield 2142. It’s interesting to see this futuristic vehicle in such an oddball setting and it’s a major boost for gamers that are fans of the Battlefield franchise. The Battlefield 2142 game is set in a futuristic setting where there is a Cold War locked in a battle for the last remaining land that hasn’t frozen over. Yet, this map is filled with a lush and green environment.

4 It Pays To Blow Up Walls


Battlefield 3 has a number of Easter eggs that elude to other video games and even includes some nods to other Battlefield games. In the map, Epicenter, there is a part of the map beneath a blue and white striped awning area. A rocket launcher is required to reveal the hidden Easter egg within the wall. Gamers must use their rocket launcher to explode the wall closest to the adjoining building. Yet, when the launcher hits the wall, it doesn’t explode into a pile of rubble. Instead, it seems to reveal what’s behind the panel, which is a small room that contains a miniature tank. There are also photos placed on the wall inside the room. This is a nod to the other franchise game, Battlefield 1942. The pictures are screenshots taken directly from the game and the miniature tank is also an element of the game, which is set in a World War II environment.

3 Invisible Jumper


The map designers of Battlefield 3 have taken the opportunity to help promote another game that was designed by the same game developers as the Battlefield franchise. In the map, Markaz Monolith, the rooftop of one of the main buildings features a number of standing items that are quite sizable. These are actually used as ways of distracting the gamer and helps to obscure the view of one of the Easter eggs available to the Battlefield 3 game. On the very corner of the roof of the building, there are a set of red boots set on the very rim of the corner. These red boots are significant because they are worn by the main protagonist from the game, Mirror’s Edge. If the gamer stands very close to the boots, the sound effect of hearing the Mirror’s Edge character breathe can be heard. Yet, even gamers that aren’t familiar with the Mirror’s Edge character, these red boots are super spooky looking. Either it looks like an invisible person about to jump or a person that has already jumped but has taken the time to take off their shoes.

2 Appearance Of Megaladon


Sticking with the theme that the game developers of the Battlefield franchise have a major fascination with prehistoric creatures, there is an incredibly cool feature in the Battlefield 4 game. On the map, Nansha Strike, the gamers will find themselves floating around in rough waters with stormy skies above. This particular Easter egg can be a little difficult to find since it entails gathering 10 different gamers to include in this Easter egg hunt. Ten gamers must all gather around the buoy floating around in the water at the same time. This can also be achieved by having the tenth person shoot a rocket at the buoy but the effect is the same. A giant Megalodon appears out of the water and jumps into the air, only to come crashing down into the water. It’s difficult to say what is the coolest aspect of this Easter egg feature, the fact that the giant Megalodon appears at all or the giant explosion of the prehistoric animal as it comes crashing into the water. Either way, this is definitely one of the coolest Easter eggs throughout the Battlefield franchise.

1 Battlefield 1 Headphones And Morse Code

via Kotaku

Although Battlefield 1 is the fifteenth game in the Battlefield series, it is actually the first main entry into the series since the previous game, Battlefield 4. Perhaps this is what gave it its name since it’s obviously not the very first Battlefield game. However, there is already a whole lot of intrigue over their latest release since it’s starting to look like there will be a plethora of Easter egg opportunities for gamers. Every single map in the multiplayer mode has a set of hidden headphones scattered somewhere for gamers to find. As soon as the gamer comes upon one, there is a resupply noise to let them know that it has been found. Afterward, there is a broadcasting radio sound that reveals a message in Morse code. The next step for players is to break each of the Morse codes found after discovering each and every pair of headphones. Obviously, this isn’t a quick little Easter egg for the novice player but it’s definitely something to keep expert players nice and challenged in the new game.

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15 Easter Eggs You Definitely Missed In The Battlefield Franchise