15 Easter Eggs We Missed In Grand Theft Auto V

Rockstar Games has a tight grip on its fan base. Players just can't get enough of their games and it looks like this will be the trend for years to come. Most of Rockstar's games have met commercial success and this includes Bully, Red Dead Redemption, and the global phenomenon, their Grand Theft Auto series.

The latest entry in the popular and sometimes controversial franchise was released way back in 2013. That game is none other than Grand Theft Auto 5. This entry was an amazing experience from beginning to end and players loved it. In the latest instalment, players got to control Trevor, Michael, and Franklin as they started heists in the huge open-world of Los Santos.

As with most Grand Theft Auto games, the world in Grand Theft Auto 5 is nothing short of amazing. It's huge and filled to the brim with secrets to be discovered. To date, players are still discovering the secrets hidden by Rockstar in the game's open-world and there are some that are just way too memorable. Here are the 15 best Easter Eggs in Grand Theft Auto 5.

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15 The Hatch From Lost

Rockstar loves adding in pop culture references to their games and Grand Theft Auto 5 is no exemption. There are a ton of pop culture references in Grand Theft Auto 5 and one that players might be most familiar with is hidden deep in the ocean. Using the submersible or by scuba diving, players can come across the famous hatch from Lost.

The hatch is located to the far east of the map, over the coast near the San Chianski Mountain Range. Players can't get near the hatch, as if they do, they'll die because of the crushing pressure. Players can hear a faint tapping from the hatch, but since they can't get near it, what remains behind the hatch will be a mystery unless players find a way to get near it without dying.

14 Mount Chiliad Mystery

Since the game is 4 years old now, it's easy to assume that most of the secrets hidden by Rockstar have been fully uncovered by now. That isn't the case, though, with this game being so huge, players are still uncovering secrets. Even more surprising, there are still unsolved mysteries to this date. One of those unsolved mysteries happens to be the Mount Chiliad Mystery.

The hunt for answers to this mystery began when a player discovered what looks to be a map of Mount Chiliad inside a cable car. It's not just a regular map though, as there seem to be patterns and hints to something bigger. No matter what the players have done with the mystery, there's still no definitive answer as to what the map is referring to. Even Rockstar is keeping a tight lip when asked about the Mount Chiliad Mystery and at this rate, it looks like we may never know about the secrets the mountain holds.

13 UFOs

This is perhaps the coolest Easter Egg in Grand Theft Auto 5. For starters, this is the only Easter Egg that requires players to finish the game first. Many rush through the game's campaign just to square off against the UFO, and that says a lot about this extraterrestrial encounter found in several parts of Los Santos.

Once players have finished the game, they can encounter UFOs at three different spots in the map: Beam Me Up, Fort Zancudo, and Mount Chiliad. Aside from that, if players visit the Grand Senora Desert, the Tongva Triangle, and also the Oceanside of Palomino Highlands at dusk, they'll be abducted by the UFO. If they don't escape, their character will wake up early in the morning with a huge chunk of his health taken off.

12 The Goatman

With all the creepy Easter Eggs in the game, Grand Theft Auto 5 could pass off as a really decent horror game. Rockstar's persistence to scare us at a time when we least expect it most is very unnerving. Some players have unknowingly come across a creature known as the Goatman. True to its name, the Goatman is a creature that's part human and part goat. This serves as one of the rarest Easter Eggs in the game to date.

Many players have reportedly encountered Goatman in the hidden area of Catfish View. Goatman doesn't last long in the eyes of the players though, as he will disappear once the player sees him. Goatman has been debated in the Grand Theft Auto community countless times already. While there is proof that players have come across this monster, many dismiss the proof as just an edited hoax. Whatever the case, players aren't exactly wanting to come across Goatman anyways.

11 The Big Orange Ball

There are a lot of concession stands scattered throughout Los Santos, and what players are probably most familiar with is the Big Orange. This store has a huge orange ball on top of it and it didn't take players a long time before they figured out that the ball can be detached. If players shoot the ball, punch it, or just hit it with anything, it will fall off and from there, what the players can do with the Big Orange Ball is up to their imagination.

Once the ball drops, players can play with it for as long as they like (or for as long as they can). In the game's online mode, players use the Big Orange Ball to play football using cars. It's one of the more creative ways of using this giant ball, but others don't put in much effort when thinking about what to do with it. If used correctly, the Big Orange Ball can be used to cause total destruction inside the game.

10 The Infinity Killer

Merle Abrahams was convicted of a series of murders which resulted in the death of 8 civilians. Though Abrahams is already incarcerated, the bodies were never found. Merle left a series of clues written on a rock near his house in Sandy Shores. If players are clever enough, they can probably locate the 8 bodies of the Infinity Killer's murders. There's no reward to finding the bodies, though the experience is fun.

What's great about the Easter Eggs in Grand Theft Auto is that most of them aren't simple to see for yourself and then leave it be. There are a few Easter Eggs in the game that gives players a few more things to do in the game. One of those special Easter Eggs is the mystery of the Infinity Killer. Players can partake in the mystery by locating all of the bodies that the killer hid all over Los Santos.

9 Hefner's Mansion

For those who are asking, yep, Los Santos is inspired by Los Angeles. Rockstar made it clear that Los Santos is a fun place to be despite the destruction caused by Trevor, Michael, and Franklin. There are a few spots to be at in Los Santos, but a few players have probably made a stop at one of the many hotspots in the city, one of which is a near complete replica of the Playboy Mansion.

The Playboy Mansion is near the Los Santos Golf Club. In the daytime, the replica is a boring old place and there really isn't much to look at. However, if players visit it at night, they'll see that the place has transformed into something wilder. There are old men in the mansion and, more importantly, the place fills up with ladies in bikinis. A true testament to the real-life location it is based on.

8 The Abandoned And Haunted Mineshaft

It's amazing to see the effort the developers put into creating the huge world of Grand Theft Auto 5. The sheer size of the map just screams that there are secrets to be found and discovered. There are a few secrets that we'd rather keep under wraps though as they are creepy and unsettling. One of the scariest Easter Eggs in the game has to be the abandoned mineshaft hidden on the map.

The abandoned mineshaft is in a hidden area of Great Chaparral. Players should bring a flashlight while in the mineshaft as it's really dark. Inside the mineshaft are a lot of mining equipment and a dead body. The dead body is believed to be of Isaac; a central character in a murder mystery in the game. While this is already creepy enough, the creepiest part is the fact that players will be able to hear footsteps if they're near the body.

7 Calling In A Bomb

A neat feature in Grand Theft Auto 5 is the cellphone. Players can do a lot of things with this special gadget and it's really an interactive feature in the game. Players can use apps, a camera, and most importantly, players can make calls with the cell phone. If players dial in a few specific numbers, they can activate a few Easter Eggs already. Four years after launch, players are still discovering numbers to call in the game.

One of the numbers discovered late to call in the game is 1-999-367-3767. Calling this number will trigger a small explosion nearby. That's not all of it. If players open their phones again, the theme of the cell phone will turn all black. Players speculate that this number was added in by Rockstar late into the game's release. Many are believing that there's more to the number than just the black theme and a small explosion.

6 Zombie In Los Santos

When Grand Theft Auto 5 launched, fans instantly wanted the game to have zombies in the open-world. That hasn't happened yet, but with mods players on the PC version of the game can have fun with the undead. For those stuck in the PlayStation and Xbox versions, they can at least meet and interact with a zombie-fanatic out on the streets of Los Santos.

The Vinewood Zombie, better known as Graham, is actually just a human with an intense fascination with zombies. He takes his fascination to a point where he's always seen in his zombie outfit. If players hang around Graham to observe him, he'll be heard constantly talking about the undead. At times, Graham's mother will call him and we'll hear Vinewood's local zombie defend his way of life to his mother. When playing as Trevor, the players' conversation with Graham gets even better.

5 The Frozen Alien

Aliens and the open-world in Grand Theft Auto games seem to go hand in hand, and Rockstar loves adding in a few Easter Eggs featuring our friends from outer space. Out of all the extraterrestrial Easter Eggs in the game, the best one has to be the frozen alien in Grand Theft Auto 5. If players get past the creepy view, it's actually a pretty nice Easter Egg.

This Easter Egg can only be found at the opening mission of the game. While driving the getaway car in the snow-covered road, players can see this alien if they choose to make a sharp right turn just before the bridge. If players do this, the mission will result in a failure after a few seconds. If players get up close and personal to the alien underneath the frozen river, they'll have 5 to 6 seconds before they get a game over and the mission restarts.

4 John Marston Is Your Dad

Shortly after the release of Grand Theft Auto 5, Rockstar released an online component for the game called Grand Theft Auto Online. The best part was that the online component was free! When starting up the online component and creating a new character, players can tinker with more than just the stats and overall appearance of their character. They can also choose the parents of their character.

If players tinker with the character customization feature that allows them to change their character's lineage, players can eventually get John Marston as a dad. John Marston is the main character in Rockstar's classic game, Red Dead Redemption. Although having John Marston as a virtual dad doesn't add anything to our characters, it felt pretty cool to have an amazing old west sheriff as our virtual dad. Would've been better if he made gun handling easier though.

3 A Nod To San Andreas

Grand Theft Auto 5 features the largest open-world the series has ever seen. When it was first revealed, it was obvious that secrets were bound to be in the countless areas of Los Santos and the San Andreas open. One of the best things that Rockstar has done with regards to the open-world was that it added Grove Street into the world map. Those who've played Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas now this place like the back of their hands.

Grove Street is the home of San Andreas protagonist, CJ. In the mission Hood Safari, players are taken back to Grove Street while in Grand Theft Auto 5. If players eyes are keen enough, they'll be able to spot three characters that look like CJ, Big Smoke, and Sweet; central characters in San Andreas. It was a good nod to the PlayStation 2 classic and players were very appreciative of this neat Easter Egg.

2 The Ghost Of Mount Gordo

Developer Rockstar loves giving us cheap scares. Those who aren't too careful might be on the receiving end of a good scare while in Mount Gordo. In one of the most popular Easter Eggs in Grand Theft Auto 5, the player gets the shock of a lifetime by seeing a ghost somewhere in one of the landmarks of the game's open world.

If players hang around at Mount Gordo when the time is between 11 PM and 12 AM in-game, they'll be able to spot a ghost at the top of the mountain. Moving too close to the ghost will cause it to disappear. If players are brave enough to go where the ghost was, they'll see the word JOCK, written in blood. Players investigated the word and it was revealed that JOCK refers to Jock Cranley, a man who killed his wife.

1 Bigfoot

In Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, players scoured every inch of Los Santos to look for the Bigfoot. Yes, that same Bigfoot that people in real life are also looking for. There was no actual Bigfoot in San Andreas and it was all a hoax that everyone wanted to believe. In Grand Theft Auto 5, Rockstar commemorates this hoax with an Easter Egg for the ages.

During the mission, Predator, Michael is tasked with finding the O'Neil brother in the woods at night. Players will have to use the thermal scope of a sniper rifle during the mission. If players zoom in on a dot at the bottom right part of the screen, they'll see a creature that resembles the shape of Bigfoot. Shooting the figure does nothing though and after a few seconds, it disappears into thin air, never to be seen again.

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