15 Easter Eggs In The Big Bang Theory Even Die-Hard Fans Missed

Geeks and nerds everywhere love The Big Bang Theory. Sheldon, Leonard, Howard, and Raj are proud nerds who love superheroes like Superman and sci-fi movies such as Star Wars and Star Trek. They are into The Walking Dead and Game of Thrones. Between Sheldon and Leonard's apartment and Penny's place across the hall, we have a jam-packed Easter Egg fest of tee-shirts, numbers, and movie and TV memorabilia that just does not stop. References to superheroes and sci-fi characters abound. And, even better, once a prop like a sword or a comic book appears in an episode, it stays in the apartment as a reminder of what has gone down, a kind of permanent Easter Egg museum. In addition to the movie and TV homages, we have scientific Easter Eggs, those numbers that Sheldon loves or the formula scribbled on a whiteboard. Heck, not even the opening or closing credits are Easter Egg-free. If there was a league table for TV shows with the most endearing Easter Eggs, The Big Bang Theory would win, hands down. Here are 15 The Big Bang Theory Easter Eggs that you may have missed.

15 Barenaked Ladies - 109 Images And The History Of Earth

Let's start at the very beginning; like the credits. First, there's the theme song rocked out by The Barenaked Ladies. You're probably singing along or humming and not noticing. Not noticing what? See, there are 109 images that flash by during the credits. It's like 109 pictures that do a split-second run-through of the history of mankind, with everything from break dancers to Martin Luther King to wars to Playstation and even space launches. The birth control pill even appears. Then, there's the longest sequence with an Egyptian pyramid, complete with what looks like the Illuminati eye. Some swear it is the Illuminati symbol. So, stop humming along and start pausing. It's like a two-minute history of earth. And, it's a lot of fun.

14 Sheldon's Tees Mirror His Emotions

Sheldon's tee-shirts have become a fan favorite that are sold online. Loyal fans snap them up, even if CBS is charging around $25 for each one; plus, $7 for shipping. But did you know that the color of the shirt he's wearing usually represents his emotional state? The red shirt with the Red Lantern logo means he's mad, in a rage, or p*ssed off big time. When he's feeling happy and friendly, he dons the Purple Lantern tee which stands for love, friendliness, and caring. Green Lantern tee is for bravery. Blue Superman equals hope and yellow Hawkman says fear. What does the green "I 'Atom' Coitus" tee say? You figure it out. Our favorite is the pink tee that says "scientists do it...periodically."

13 Penny's Fridge Pictures

The thing about Penny is that she doesn't seem to have any friends other than Leonard and Sheldon and their gang of weirdos. Oh, a couple of times, her so-called "friends" made brief appearances, but Penny comes off as the most mysterious character on the show. Who are her friends anyway? Aha! Look at her fridge; it's full of pictures. Zoom in on it and guess what? It's Kaley Cuoco (who plays Penny) snapped with the show's cast and crew, together with some vacay pictures and a few "girls night out" ones. We bet the one particular snap of her with a girlfriend on a night out isn't there. Why? One of them is falling over...in the streets no less. But, they are having a very good time.

12 Chuck Lorre Vanity Cards - Blink And You'll Miss It

Chuck Lorre is one happy dude. The creator of The Big Bang Theory, Two and a Half Men, and Mike & Molly is worth a cool $600 million. And, he's a very hands-on rich and creative guy. At the end of each episode of The Big Bang Theory, he inserts a kind of "vanity card," with his opinions and musings, mixed in with memorable quotes and anecdotes from his life. Blink and you'll miss it. In fact, Lorre has been inserting vanity cards at the end of every show Chuck Lorre Productions has put out. And, every single one is different. You should have seen how he let loose on Charlie Sheen when he left Two and a Half Men under the heading "Breaking News." If you don't want to freeze-frame these things, you can check them out on Lorre's website (for $185) or you can buy his compilation of them, What Doesn't Kill You Makes You Bitter. $185? No wonder he's rich.

11 Amy's Apartment Number Is Pi

Shamy—Sheldon and Amy. When they first "did it", fan sites went nuts. A while back, fellow geeks–Howard and Raj–did a sneaky thing and put Sheldon up on a dating website. He was matched with Amy. Two brainy geeks. For a while, it was kind of a platonic friendship with hints of more. Sheldon would say she's a girl and she's my friend, but she's not my girlfriend. It took them a while to become a couple; but when they did, fans loved it. And, Amy's apartment is Number 314, the same number as Pi. That's 3.14. Ask any mathematician. They'll explain it to you. So, will Amy say yes to Sheldon's proposal? You'll have to wait for Season 11 in September.

10 Sheldon Is Obsessed With The Number 73

The number 73 is all over the place on The Big Bang Theory. Why? Because it's Dr. Sheldon Cooper's favorite number. He's even got the "73" tee-shirts to prove it. See, Sheldon actor, Jim Parsons, was born in 1973. And, take the 73rd version of the show. It was called "The Alien Parasite Hypothesis." In that episode, Sheldon says that 73 is the best number because it's the 21st prime number, and its mirror number (37) is the 12th prime number. Think about it. Mirror and mirror. Plus, 21 is 3 times 7 (as in 37). He went on from there, but you've probably had enough "geekiness" and "nerdiness" Sheldon style. Sheldon is obsessed with 73. Leonard was more to the point. He said 73 was the Chuck Norris of all numbers.

9 Blossom Shows Up

Every Halloween, Amy and Sheldon discuss what costumes they are going to wear. Amy wants to go as a couple and is thinking Romeo and Juliet. So, what's Sheldon's idea of a couple? How about Star Wars' lovable robots R2-D2 and CP-30, he says to an incredulous Amy. One year, Amy's list included Blossom and Joey. Back in the 1990's, actress Mayim Bialik, who plays Amy, played Blossom Russo in TV's Blossom. Poor Blossom, who spent years living in a house full of men, longed for a normal life. And Joey? That would be Blossom's brother, the not-so-smart but lovable Joey Russo. Another Easter Egg is that TV characters Dharma and Gregg appear on the costume list. They are characters from another Chuck Lorre show, Dharma & Greg.

8 Blossom And The Physics Bowl Team

Way, way back in 2007, during the first season of The Big Bang Theory, Mayim Bialik gets a mention on the show. See, Raj wants to kick Sheldon off the Physics Bowl quiz team and nominates "the actress who played TV's Blossom" to join instead, adding "she's got a PhD." At the time, Mayim Bialik was working on a PhD in neuroscience. But by 2010, she had decided that life as a research scientist was not for her. So, PhD in hand, she chucked neuroscience and returned to acting. In 2010, she joined The Big Bang Theory playing essentially herself, a scientist. By the way, Sheldon's team lost to Howard's team. So Raj was on the right track after all.

7 Wil Wheaton's House - Enterprise's Registry Number

Actor Wil Wheaton played Wesley Crusher in TV's Star Trek: The Next Generation. And on The Big Bang Theory, he plays himself. It's kind of confusing, but there it is. In the beginning, Sheldon and Wil don't get along at all. Wil calls Amy an a**hole and Sheldon and Wil almost come to blows. Later, they become sort of friends. And when Sheldon drops by Wil's "house" in the show, the house number, 1701, is clearly visible in the shot. Get it? No? Trekkies know that 1701 is the registry number of the USS Enterprise. Its full designation is NCC-1701-D. In this shot, Sheldon had come to pick a fight with Wil. He even made a fist. We guess a black tee-shirt means "fight" or some such.

6 Sheldon Is Obi

Sheldon is, as we all know, into science. He's a geek and a nerd who wants to be a respected scientist. So, in one of the early shows, he goes to a science awards ceremony. Will he win? Won't he win? And he gets so nervous he does what any self-respecting scientist would do. He gets roaring drunk and ripped his pants off, right there in front of video cameras. By the next morning, a hungover Sheldon has blacked out the incident, until he discovers that it's gone viral on YouTube. Then, the closeup shot that shows his YouTube user name is "OB1," a not-so-subtle reference to Star Wars sage Obi Wan Kenobi. Watching the video, Leonard is grossed out and Penny is just loving it.

5 Hello Indiana Jones

Sheldon is forever coming out with scientific mumbo jumbo and scribbling on whiteboards. Whiteboards are filled with formulas and pictures. Sometimes, things that look like phallic symbols pop up. Where does it all come from? The mumbo jumbo, scientific terminology, and (usually) the scribbling comes from a physicist at UCLA. The scientist, Dr. David Saltzberg, has even sent scripts with instructions to "insert science here." But once, fans noticed a whiteboard that looked familiar. It was a "where have we seen that before" moment. It turns out that the whiteboard was lifted from the first Indiana Jones film, Raiders of the Lost Ark. Fans were cheering and scientists were wincing because the whole thing was just a random series of numbers and symbols.

4 The Original Song And The Cell Phone Ring Tone

Way back eleven years or so ago, when the program was in development, the credit theme song was supposed to be a 1980's hit song, "She Blinded Me with Science" by Tom Dolby. Then, shock horror, the original pilot show was turned down by CBS, and it was back to the drawing board. Major changes were made to all aspects of the show, including the opening song. The Dolby song was scraped in favor of the current one sung by The Barenaked Ladies. But, never one to lose a useful Easter Egg, scriptwriters made certain that the Dolby song was heard as Howard's ringtone over several shows. It's like a blast from the past, with a throbbing 1980's beat and a touch of horror movie vibe.

3 Easter Egg Props

We know Sheldon (Jim Parsons) and Leonard (Johnny Galecki) love all things Star Trek and Star Wars. Not surprisingly, they also love Game of Thrones. Penny likes the show too because it has coitus and dragons. Anyway, in one too-funny episode, Sheldon and Leonard bought a replica of Game of Thrones' character Jon Snow's Longclaw sword. After the show in which it was featured, it was hung on the wall of the boys' place and has stayed there ever since. The show is full of Easter Eggs like that. Posters, comics, film memorabilia, and even figurines appear in a show and then go on to litter Sheldon and Leonard's apartment. It seems real; the way normal (or not so normal) people live. Fans love to spot the prop and race one another to name the episode. Sounds like fun to us.

2 The Apartment Flag On The Fridge

Of course, Sheldon and Leonard have an apartment flag. It's a lion rampant on an azure-blue field. There's even a tiny version on their fridge. Sheldon has explained that if things are in crisis (which they often are), the apartment's flag must be flipped and go into upside down mode. If things are cool and calm, the flag goes way up. So, if you check out the fridge during bad times, the flag will be upside down. If you watch an episode in which (rarely) everything is going just great, it'll be right way up. It's just a bit of fun in a show that interjects more than normal fun Easter Eggs to entertain fans... and keep them coming back for more. Personally, we like the shot of Leonard wearing nothing other than the full-sized flag while doing laundry.

1 Stan Lee And Judge Kirby

In 2010, Marvel wizard and comic icon Stan Lee did a guest spot on the episode entitled "The Excelsior Acquisition." The nerds were all excited because comic book legend Lee was going to be signing autographs at a comic book store. The only thing is, Sheldon can't make it 'cause he ran a red light and has to attend traffic court. Well, Penny takes him to court and ends up insulting the judge. So, Sheldon lands behind bars. The judge was "J. Kirby," a nod to Lee's chum and contemporary, comic book writer Jack "The King" Kirby. Penny takes Sheldon to Stan Lee's house, and the episode ends with Lee taking out a restraining order against Sheldon. A very Sheldon moment.

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