15 Dumb People Taking Selfies In Inappropriate Places

With the growing social media trend, people seem to be getting more insensitive and inappropriate than ever. Things we would never dream of sharing with the world are now plastered all over the web for all to see. But sometimes we make a fool out of ourselves in unintentional ways. Take the "selfie" craze, for example. You've all seen them, you might've even taken part in a few selfies yourself. But most of the world knows that in certain situations, it's not considered appropriate to take a selfie. Places like war memorials and funerals are generally not suitable for selfies. For the vast majority of us, this is just common sense. But a large portion of the population seems not to understand this simple fact. And the worst part is that these people are growing in number every day.

We seem way too connected with the virtual world and our phones these days, and it seems to be affecting our ability to behave in a socially responsible way. Everything is seen as a photo opportunity and no one really stops to experience the things that are happening around them. And this makes us lose touch with the seriousness of certain situations. Eventually, our lives just become a cartoonish, 2-dimensional reflection of our social media accounts, when it should be the other way around.

Here are some of the most inappropriate selfies ever taken. By the end of this article, you will be cringing hard. Let this be a lesson to you– whenever you next take a selfie, think about whether it's really the right thing to do.

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15 Injury Selfie

via: someecards.com

Who honestly finds the time to take a selfie after getting into an accident? She even manages to break a little smile, even though she has what appears to be a painful injury. What is it about people that makes them want to do this? It's pictures like this that make it clear that there is something seriously wrong with our culture. Maybe, just maybe, when you're injured you should get some rest and stop worrying about posting to your social media accounts!

The selfie, which was posted on Facebook, is captioned: "Broken jaw, fractured ear canal, need dental reconstruction, 6 stitches on my chin, huge black eye... Thankful for no brain damage and for my loved ones who rushed in." That seems like a long list of pretty serious injuries... But hey, I guess it didn't stop her from taking a selfie, right? All I can say is wow.

14 She's Having Contractions!

via: ebaumsworld.com

Here's another extremely strange selfie that was taken in a pretty inappropriate situation. This man thought it would be funny to take a selfie while his teacher was having contractions in the background. This is clearly real and you can see by the look on his teacher's face that she really is going into labor. She's probably on the phone with her husband or the ambulance, and this guy is just grinning like it's the coolest thing ever!

To be honest, this one is not as bad as many of the other selfies on this list. After all, it's not like he could have done anything, other than sit back and watch. While some of the other selfies on this list feature people smiling while others are getting attacked or drowning, this guy has no medical training and is pretty innocent in his decision to stand by and watch.

13 Worst Hashtag Ever


At first glance, this selfie doesn't seem like too big of a deal. Yes, this woman is next to the 9/11 memorial, but she's not acting inappropriately, and seems to be acting in a respectful manner. She is smiling, but it's not overly happy or making light of the situation. But then you notice her hashtag. She has captioned this photo, "Selfie at the 9/11 memorial #hungover." Why on earth did she decide to share the fact that she was hungover? Was it some kind of joke? If so, then that definitely is being disrespectful. If not, she's still advertising the fact that she's feeling the effects of alcohol while at the 9/11 memorial. So either way, this photo belongs in this list of inappropriate selfies.

9/11 was a terrible event that lives in the memory and subconscious of us all. It was one of the worst attacks on US soil, and it really shook a lot of us up. It's a great thing that we have memorials like this one to remind us of who we lost that day, but some people just can't be respectful. As you will see, however, this girl isn't the only one.

12 Fight Selfie 

via: ebaumsworld.com

If you've been to high school, selfies like this one are hardly surprising to you. High school culture is of course where some of the most brainless things happen in society, so it comes as no surprise that this selfie was taken. This guy grins stupidly into the camera as a boy and two girls seem to be in the middle of a fight. This man is not making any effort to help break up the fight, or use his phone to call for help. Instead, he uses this opportunity to take a selfie of the event in the hopes that it will win him "internet cred." Well, congratulations, you made it.

It's worth pointing out that this boy is hardly the only one with this mindset. As you can see, many students are just watching as this fight takes place. Many of them are also taking photos or filming it with their phones, and some are even laughing. But again, if you've ever been to high school, this behavior is hardly surprising.

11 Stag Party At The 9/11 Memorial

via: thesun.co.uk

This group of insensitive English men were seen taking selfies around the 9/11 memorial, at ground zero of the World Trade Center attacks. They were completely inappropriate in their behavior, acting jovially and joking around, even making the incomprehensible decision to bring a blow up doll with them to the memorial, where thousands lost their lives. Those who are familiar with tourists know that they can be some of the rudest and most insensitive people when they travel to other countries.

As it turns out, this group was actually a British stag party, and it looks like they had been partying for days before these pictures were taken. In the end, police officers had to ask them to leave the site. One woman, who lost her husband in the attacks, commented: "I’m speechless. I don’t even have any words for that– that’s a disgrace. That is sacred ground, I lost my husband and I don’t even know what to say– it’s disgusting."

10 Yoga At The Holocaust Museum

via: lolwot.com

Historical sites that are arguably even more sensitive and serious than the 9/11 memorial are the many Holocaust memorials around the world. Most of these are in Europe, and they are a heavily frequented destination for students going on school trips, or families traveling across Europe. Most of the time, people are incredibly respectful when they visit these sites, as they know the tragedy that these places represent. But some people, like this hapless young girl, never got the memo.

For whatever reason, she decided that this was a great place to show off her yoga skills. She got on top of the stone rectangular prisms, which are there to represent the honored Jewish prisoners of war, and struck a yoga pose. She then captioned the picture: "Yoga is connection with everything around us," adding several heart and smiley face emojis. Words cannot describe how insensitive and inappropriate this was.

9 Nurse Too Busy With Selfies

via: lolwot.com

Here's another girl who probably shouldn't have been taking this selfie. As a medical professional, she has a massive responsibility to make sure that her patients are well looked after. You could even make the argument that her job is one of the most important on Earth. If she doesn't pay attention and focus, the people around her could lose their lives as a result. Perhaps this is why there is constantly such a massive debate about healthcare in America.

But this medical worker seems more concerned with taking selfies in the mirror than looking after her patients. As you can see in the background, the patient behind her looks like she isn't doing well. Maybe she's just sleeping, but from this angle it seems like she has an expression of discomfort on her face. Maybe this woman should put down her phone and do her job; just a suggestion...

8 Super Insensitive Selfie

via: someecards.com

Here's another selfie that might just be the most insensitive of the bunch. This young girl is seen taking a selfie outside the infamous Auschwitz Concentration Camp, which has been kept standing so that people never forget the tragedies that occurred there. You would think that because the Holocaust is such a major part of modern history, more children would understand the seriousness of this topic. But it seems like no matter what we do, there will always be children like this girl who completely miss the point of visiting memorials like this one.

Not only is she smiling as if she's taking a picture next to the Leaning Tower of Pisa or the Pyramids of Giza, she also adds in a smiley face emoji for good measure. I wonder what's going on inside of her mind right now. Not a whole lot, I'm sure.

7 Very Empathetic Selfie

via: lolwot.com

Sometimes the most insensitive selfies are not when people smile at the the memorials of death camps, but when they pretend to be concerned. It's especially inappropriate if they make comical expressions of mock concern, like this boy is doing. It's almost as if he's making a joke out of the grief that you're supposed to feel when you go to a funeral. Either that, or he's so incapable of feeling genuine emotions that his behavior has been reduced to cartoonish caricatures of the human emotional palette.

On the other hand, you have to accept that many children are simply incapable of fully coming to terms with grief. Many of them have never really sat down and thought about it. Because of this, they fail to fully appreciate it and the pain it can cause.

6 Taking A Selfie Instead Of Helping

via: lolwot.com

Does this guy actually know there's someone seriously struggling to swim behind him? This isn't really clear from just the photo alone. It's definitely one of the weirdest selfies out there on the internet, and not one that you would want to share. If you think about it, it seems inconceivable that this man wouldn't be able to notice this poor boy sinking behind him. Drowning people usually splash around loudly and scream for help. This makes it even more likely that this guy is just a complete jerk, and enjoys taking selfies with people suffering in the background.

If you look closer, it seems like the boy in the background is on some kind of makeshift raft– or was on some kind of makeshift raft. It looks like this raft completely fell apart. This makes it even more likely that this man wanted to take a selfie with this boy (possibly his son) failing hard in the background.

5 Risking A Whole Lot For A Selfie 

via: lolwot.com

I'm not even sure what to think about this selfie. If you haven't noticed it yet, there's a train heading straight for this guy behind him. Judging by the blank and oblivious smile on this guy's face, it seems like this dude has no idea of the rapidly approaching train behind him. Why, oh why did he decide to take a selfie here, of all places?

This is a classic example of people being so connected to the virtual world that they seem unable to navigate the physical world around them. We have become so connected to our phone that people have no idea about basic things like not standing on the train tracks when a train is approaching.

4 The Ultimate Yolo Selfie


This girl is clearly living her life to the fullest. "You only live once," as they say. Some people like to live respectable lives. Others like to party hard. And some... well, some just want to watch the world burn. This girl definitely falls into the last category. While other people on the beach are looking at the burning ship behind them with concern, this free spirit seems to revel in the mayhem and destruction, laughing at it and grabbing a bottle to enjoy the show.

Most normal people would be afraid or shocked by such an event. But I guess some people just aren't born with those emotions. I think all the people on this article are like that, although this girl seems to know exactly how bad she is. She's not event trying to hide the fact that this selfie is inappropriate as hell– she's celebrating it!

3 Peace Out, Grandma

via: ebaumsworld.com

This pretty much sums up what an "inappropriate selfie" is all about. The audacity of this man to take a selfie with his grandmother, who has recently passed away, is astounding. Does he not realize how blatantly wrong and disrespectful this is? Here's a word to the wise: if you want to honor someone's memory, do it in a more tasteful way than taking a selfie while you give the "peace" symbol at their funeral. It is shocking that he even posted it on social media. There are much better ways to show your respect.

But one has to consider that there might be cultural differences when it comes to how we honor those who have passed. This man might have been very sincere in trying to show his love for his grandmother. In his mind, he might be showing her the utmost respect. Maybe it's not this man we should be blaming, but the society and culture in which he was raised.

2 Plane Emergency Selfie

via: lolwot.com

Here's another guy who lacks some basic emotions, such as empathy and fear. He seems to be amused by what seems like a fire in the passenger area of a plane. While everyone is freaking out, coughing, and trying to cover their mouths from the smoke, this guy calmly takes out his phone and takes one of the most inappropriately-timed selfies of all time. We're not even sure what happened here, but luckily it seems that everything turned out fine.

To those who have a fear of flying, this scenario is something of a nightmare. These people are just praying that something like this doesn't happen to them. But it takes a special kind of person to care so little about something that could potentially threaten their own life. This guy is possibly the coldest and most emotionless man ever.

1 Major Accident Selfie

via: lolwot.com

Here's a selfie that isn't so innocent. This guy obviously was on his way home from school when he came across this site of a major car accident. Clearly someone has been hurt. But this guy is completely oblivious to this fact, and only sees an opportunity for the "most awesome selfie ever." I mean, seriously, can you get any more insensitive? You can even see what looks like bystanders and firefighters standing next to the accident with their heads down in respect, but this guy obviously isn't capable of such complex emotions.

Just check out the look on his face! I don't even think this guy means to be insensitive– he might genuinely believe that the site of a car crash is a cool thing and a great place to take a selfie. I wish he was the only one, but as you will see, there's plenty more where that came from.

Sources: thesun.co.uk, lolwot.com, ebaumsworld.com

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