15 Dumb Celeb Kids Who Forgot Their Parents Had Social Media

The children of celebrities have a very unique position, and it’s one we wouldn’t say we envy. They have more money than they know what to do with, and probably get just about everything they want, which is great. But they still have to go through all of the trials and awkwardness of growing up, just like everyone else does. The only difference is that they have to do it with tabloids and gossip sites waiting for them to trip up and do something stupid.

The kids and teens who are around today also have another level to contend with – the fact that they can put something up on social media and have it spread like wildfire in the space of just a few minutes, even if it was a mistake. Being kids, they absolutely are going to make mistakes, and that means they are going to be getting themselves in trouble at least a few times.

There are a lot of famous kids on social media these days, and many of them have quite the following just because of their famous parents. Some of them are trying to make a splash in their own right, while others are simply doing the difficult task of growing up in the public eye. Whichever the case may be, they certainly have a knack for making headlines – and getting themselves in trouble. These 15 kids probably wish that they never posted anything in the first place, and they may have had a stern talking to at home.

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15 Romeo Beckham Slams Mother's Fashion Sense

Romeo Beckham probably wasn’t mother, Victoria’s, favourite child after he posted this comparison image to his Instagram account. He placed a shot of her wearing an orange jumper and green trousers next to images of the carrot pen from Zootopia. Cleverly, she is even wearing shoes which are the same colour as the nib of the pen. He added the caption “Hilarious!!!” next to a crying-laughing emoji. Some commenters criticized Romeo for being mean to his mother, but the image is still up on his profile and shows no signs of disappearing. Considering that Victoria runs her own fashion line you would think she would be a little worried about members of her own family disparaging her fashion sense, but apparently not enough to order him to take the post down. He has also put up some sweet posts about how much he loves his mother, so maybe that was enough to soften the blow.

14 Rocco Ritchie Posts His Hate For Madonna

Rocco Ritchie’s problems with his mother, Madonna, have been well documented. He was the subject of a bitter custody battle after he chose to leave the nest and live with his father, Guy Ritchie, instead. Though she tried to get him back, it appears that Rocco is happier living away from her. When Madonna posted up her own version of the mannequin challenge, the 16-year-old was happy to air his bitterness. He wrote, 'So glad I don't live there anymore,' then proceeded to block every single account which replied to him. He eventually removed his comment, but the entire post was taken down afterwards. It came at an awkward time for the singer, as she had publicly suggested a peaceful reconciliation with her son – but this made that seem like merely a cover-up. The video showed Madonna with a group of friends at a dinner table, including Rocco’s adopted siblings.

13 Brooklyn Beckham Gets Caught Skipping School

Brooklyn Beckham made the faux pas of all faux pas, at least as far as kids of school age are concerned, when he went live on Instagram recently. He forgot that he wasn’t exactly where he was supposed to be, and that the live video was indisputable proof of this. He probably also forgot that his own parents follow him on Instagram. With 10,000 people watching the video, father David Beckham logged in to the app and joined his son’s live feed. He posted, “U should be at school”, catching the teenager out in the act. A few minutes later, he added a second comment: “That’s my shirt”. Oh dear! This isn’t the first time David has commented on Brooklyn’s live videos – when the teen did a special broadcast to celebrate reaching one million followers, David responded with “I've got 52!”. He might be famous, but he’s clearly not above some classic Dad trolling.

12 Willow Smith Flashes "Her" Chest

When hasn’t a post by Willow Smith, or brother Jaden, raised some eyebrows? She came under fire in particular when she posted an image as just a 15-year-old which showed a topless body. The body, incidentally, was not her own, but many people felt that that wasn’t the point. She was wearing a shirt which had a bare torso printed on it, and was posing in a somewhat provocative manner to show off the shirt. It quickly got taken down from Instagram, both on Willow’s account and on those that had reposted it. There was a lot of backlash as to whether it was appropriate for a girl of her age to be inciting that kind of imagery. It obviously didn’t deter her from continuing to wear what she likes and post what she likes, as she and Jaden are always causing controversy by saying or doing something out of left field.

11 Sophia Abraham Uses Snapchat Underage

Farrah Abraham came under fire when her daughter got banned from using Snapchat. Getting thrown off a social media platform is unusual in itself, but the reason behind it made it all the more bizarre. Snapchat’s terms of service state that users should be over the age of 13, and Sophia Abraham was just seven when she got her ban. Farrah defended her position and stated that it was fair to allow her daughter to use the platform, but many users disagreed and reported the child’s account after she asked others to send her messages. “I reported Sophia Abraham’s Snapchat account because she was asking for random texts from random people and she’s 7 years old,” said follower Laura. “Snap is for 13+, and her behavior on her account is concerning because of all of the perverts out there.” Snapchat officials responded to Laura’s report and let her know that the account had been taken down because of the breach of the terms of use.

10 Kelly Osbourne Rants At Starbucks (Wrongly)

Kelly Osbourne may now be famous in her own right, but really, we only know her because she’s the daughter of Sharon and Ozzy Osbourne. She has had her fair share of crazy antics throughout the years. This time, however, it was only herself that she left red-faced when she tweeted a photo of a Starbucks in New York with the caption, “SHAME on U @Starbucks #PissedMyOwnPants in this location because UR shameful employees refused to let me use the [toilet emoji] I have piss in my shoe.” The store’s spokesperson then came back with a rather embarrassing revelation. “We are working to follow up with Ms. Osbourne to clarify any confusion. There simply is no restroom in this store, and inquiring customers are typically directed to a store a few blocks away,” they said. “We sincerely apologise for any misunderstanding and hope to welcome Ms. Osbourne back for a beverage on us very soon!”

9 Reginae Carter Gets Smacked On Live

As the daughter of Lil Wayne, you would think that Reginae Carter would be untouchable. Apparently, that’s not the case. She has got into a number of highly documented fights, including one while touring prospective colleges. Her behaviour, and the people around her, were criticised again when she was hit in the head during a broadcast on Instagram live. About six minutes into the recording, another girl, presumably a fellow student, hits her several times before Reginae pushes her away. Her reaction is hugely blasé, as if this kind of thing happens all of the time. The argument appears to have started because her friends wanted her to pay for them to get some food – considering who her father is, there’s probably some expectation from all of them that she could be a free meal ticket. Many commenters believe she shouldn’t be in public school because of the difference in income between her family and theirs.

8 Kylie Jenner And Khloe Kardashian Fail At Cultural Appropriation

Two of the sisters of the Kardashian/Jenner brood have been caught out in social media posts which quite clearly display cultural appropriation. Kylie Jenner’s choice of cornrows got her into a lot of trouble with Amandla Stenberg, who called her out on the hairstyle and made some sarcastic remarks too. Khloe has also been known to wear a Native American headdress, and since she did it more than once, it’s clear that she didn’t learn her lesson. Khloe also took some shots wearing a niqab, which many people found particularly offensive since it is a garment with religious connotations. These two just can’t stop offending anybody and everybody with their choices of costume, apparently. Anyone who is of a culture which is different to theirs probably should avoid following them on Instagram, just in case you’re the next to be mocked. Needless to say, each post is met with heavy criticism and backlash.

7 Kaia Gerber Goes Too Saucy

15-year-old Kaia Gerber sparked furious criticism after posting an image to her Instagram account which revealed perhaps more than it should. Though she was technically decent in the selfie, she had pushed her bathrobe down to a position where it just barely covered her chest. As the daughter of Cindy Crawford, she has already attracted modelling roles and clearly isn’t shy about showing off her body. Most people would just rather she wait until she’s 18 to post such risqué images. Many commented that she was too young to take that kind of image, and that it was inappropriate for her to pose in a suggestive manner while underage. It’s doubtful that her parents would have had anything to say about it: one of her earliest modelling jobs courted controversy, as the then-5-year-old girl was depicted wearing just a pair of shorts, a seashell necklace, and a fake tattoo.

6 Connor Cruise Hates On Caitlyn Jenner

Connor is the adopted son of Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman, and he has made plenty of mistakes in the past when talking about his family. He very clearly considers his father and his adopted sister to be his “real” family, while Nicole and Tom’s ex-wife Katie Holmes are nothing to do with them now they aren’t attached to him. But it was a comment about Caitlyn Jenner which landed Connor in the most hot water. He spoke out on Twitter, saying that Caitlyn should not be receiving the Arthur Ashe Courage Award at the ESPY Awards– and he was quickly lambasted by Caitlyn’s fans, who felt he was out of line. "Really?? Winning the AA award for courage?? Ashton is gonna come out and yell PUNK'D," he wrote. "There are so many more important things that should be talked about…And SO MANY MORE IMPORTANT PEOPLE that actually deserve an award."

5 Scout Willis Flouts Instagram Rules

Scout Willis has long been a proponent of the #freethenipple movement, and even went so far as to design a sweatshirt which featured two topless women. Fairly soon after that, however, Instagram decided they had had enough of deleting her images and instead deleted her entire account. She took to Twitter to complain about being banned. "@instagram there is no way 2 contact you directly, I would really appreciate response b/c you took a lot of memories from me b/c u h8 nips," she tweeted. She then went on her now-infamous topless walk around New York City as a protest against the social network’s policies, hosting the images on Twitter where there is no such ban. Instagram offered to reinstate her account without the banned images, but she wasn’t happy, tweeting "They gave it back, but I don't want it....." with screenshots of the email. We have to wonder what dad Bruce Willis thought of all of this.

4 Marcus Jordan Shares Too Much

Marcus Jordan is the son of Michael Jordan, and needless to say, a lot of people are paying attention to what he tweets. That’s why it was particularly ill-advised for him to post an image of a rather intimate nature. The racy shot was only up for a few minutes before he followed it up with a comment that read “#mistake my bad”. Then the comment disappeared too. Afterwards, Jordan claimed that he had been hacked, which is about as likely a story as they come. He later added “My homies hitting me up talking about some pic that was posted from my account.. I mean really? Y'all think I don't know how to work this?”, and “Whoever it was posted it and deleted it.. THEN posted that "mistake" tweet on my page.. Lol Good one.. But #CmonSon that ain't me… This would be my what, 3rd "accidental" tweet.. #FOH”

3 Chet Haze Uses The N-Word

Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson have reportedly been very concerned about what their son, who calls himself Chet Haze, posts on social media. They’ve even told him to quit using it. “My parents, they be telling me … to stay off social media, period,” he said. “Even before this happened … They’re the old generation. They don’t get it. This is the new generation. We do things differently now.” What is the ‘this’ he’s talking about? That would be when Instagram blew up over his use of the n-word and then his self-justification after about a million angry comments. To clarify, Chet Haze is whiter than white, and his real name is Chester Hanks. Despite being 24 years old and having all the privilege in the world, it seems like he really hasn’t managed to grow up yet. He’s also been battling drug addiction since the age of 16, and has been in cocaine rehab in recent years. That hasn’t stopped him from getting up to antics like trashing hotel rooms, however.

2 Eric And Donald Trump, Jr Shoot Rare Animals

The sons of the President have come under fire for, well, a lot of things in the last couple of years. One of the big things that got them in trouble on social media was actually something that neither of them posted. Alright, so their tweets tend to be about as well-informed as their father’s do, but this image really took the internet by storm. It was of Donald Jr and Eric holding up a leopard, just one of their kills during a paid-for hunting spree. They also took down antelope, waterbuck, a great warthog, and two buffalo. It was a pretty expensive spree, all told, with estimates for the price easily in the hundreds of dollars – just for the animals alone. Sharon Osbourne was the first to grab the photos and share them on Twitter, followed by a storm of angry reposters and retweeters who were disgusted by the image.

1 Ivanka Trump Misappropriates Quotation

Ivanka Trump should be reasonably sensible, as the second-oldest child of Donald Trump’s brood and very much an adult woman. Unfortunately, this isn’t quite the case, as one of her Instagram posts from just prior to the election proves. She posted a quote image, which read, “If not me, who? If not now, when?” with an attribution to the actress Emma Watson. Who absolutely did not originate that phrase, since it happens to be one of the most famous rabbinical proverbs. She’s supposed to be an Orthodox Jew, so her post was met with heavy scorn and criticism for being so ignorant. Responses included the ever-timely, "'The difficulty with quotes on social media is that it can be hard to verify their authenticity.' -Abraham Lincoln". Sadly, this kind of mockery did not extend as far as actually keeping her family out of the White House, as we all know by now.

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