15UFC Fighter Pulls Off Securitas Depot Robbery

UFC fighter - Securitas bank robbery
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Billed as the largest cash robbery in Great Britain when it took place back in 2006, the Securitas Depot heist was masterminded by former UFC fighter "Lightning" Lee Murray. The plot was brutal. First, the night before the robbery, the thieves kidnapped the bank manager by masquerading as plainclothes cops.

They took him to a remote farm, while another group kidnapped his wife and child and brought them to the same location. With his family under threat, the manager returned to the branch with the thieves in the early hours of the morning. Once their van was inside the bank, the gang overpowered security guards and let the rest of the thieves, armed with weapons that included an AK-47, into the bank. After the bank manager deactivated the alarms, the thieves helped themselves. One of the gang had previously cased the joint and taken pics, so they knew exactly where to go. At that, the gang had to leave £153 million behind because they didn't have any more room in the truck. Murray didn't enjoy the money for long, however. He was caught about four months later in Morocco, where police also discovered drugs. He's now serving a 25-year sentence in that country.

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