15 Dr. Phil Guests Worse Than The Cash Me Ousside Girl

The world has gone mad for the overly aggressive ‘Cash Me Ousside Girl’. She now has lots of money and attention for her appropriated accent and anti-social behaviour, which I imagine is NOT something Dr. Phil was aiming for when he invited her to be on his show.

Cash Me Ousside Girl claims she ‘made’ Dr. Phil’s show, and I can only assume that that is correct, because no one watched the previous 2,000 episodes of the show before she blessed the Dr. Phil set with her presence.

No one, that is, except me.

You see, I know there was a Dr. Phil before anyone caught anyone outside anything. And not only Dr. Phil, but there were other guests! Many others! And some of them were even WORSE than that loud child.


Really. We have pedophile dating mothers, mom and daughter spank buddies, secret adult video stars and a man who thinks women should be trained like dogs. All the Cash Me Ousside Girl has done is be highly irritating and turn it into lemonade.

Compared to these guests, she is a darling. I mean, if I was having a tea party and I had to pick between her and the guests on this list to attend, I would pick her. Or maybe the guy who thinks he writes Taylor Swift’s songs. But probably Cash Me. She seems funner.

So here is a list of 15 of the worst, most cringe worthy, most ‘what the hell were they thinking’ celebs and ‘ordinary’ (I use that word VERY loosely) people who have told their story to and at times disbelieving and often frustrated Dr. Phil.

15 The Guy Who Thinks He Writes Taylor Swift's Hits

No, not Kanye.

We are talking about ‘Riley’, a 23-year-old guest of Dr. Phil who is, according to him, one of the most prolific songwriters of our time. He has written hundreds of songs, most notably ‘Shake It Off’ with Taylor Swift.

Riley is adamant that he did co-write the hit, and Dr. Phil talks about his guest man kicking up a fuss in a restaurant and screaming ‘I miss Taylor!’

Well it turns out the Dr. Phil is a friend of Taylor Swift’s mother and neither she nor Taylor had ever heard of Riley.

His own mom thinks that he is lying. He is a drug and alcohol abuser who uses to deliberately hurt his parents. It is hard to tell if he believes his story himself. Perhaps on some level he does, but there is no mistaking the smile when Dr. Phil accuses him of knowing full well he did not write the Taylor Swift hit.

Worse than Cash Me Ousside?

Yes. Cash Me Ousside seems honest. She would probably fight Taylor rather than write for her.

14 Mama June

Ugh, why do we give this woman airtime at all?

Putting aside the existence of  the 'Here Comes Honey Boo Boo' at all, what the heck is going on here?

So pretty much all of the Boo Boo family has gone on Dr. Phil talking about the horrific fact that for some reason Mama June starting dating the same guy, Mark McDaniels, who molested her older daughter Anna 'Chickadee' for six months when she was eight.

And yet June let him sleep in the same bed as her 8-year-old Alannah 'Honey Boo Boo'.

I mean he MOLESTED HER CHILD. Why would she even speak to him, rather than rekindle a romance? He gets straight out of jail and into Mama June's bed. And she gets a free makeover show?

Mama June denies the romantic relationship.

Dr. Phil spoke to TMZ later and said that Mama June has a pattern of picking guys who have spent time in jail, at least half of which have done time for molestation.

Worse that Cash Me Ousside?

Hell. Yesssss.

13 Fake Cancer Lady

Everyone knows that faking cancer is a dick move. This doesn't seem to stop people doing it. Shave your head, look tired and wham! The kindness of honest people will stop them looking at your symptoms too hard.

When Jessica took her mother Patricia to ask Dr. Phil about lying that she had stage three brain cancer, the story that Patricia had been spinning became more and more ridiculous. Along with the brain cancer she had had 17 strokes. Along with that she had lost 100 pounds in 6 days. Along with that she was now a world record holding weightlifter.

Well that is all pretty sad, you think, and even if it isn't true, isn't it heartbreaking that this poor dear lady thinks this way?

Yes....until you realize that she was scamming people with fundraising efforts AND neglecting her own dog, letting the dog wander around in the squalor of her home with an untreated infected eye.

What sort of person would do that?

Is Patricia worse than Cash Me Ousside?

Is it cold in the Arctic?

I rest my case.

12 Octomom

Remember Octomom? Then Nadya Suleman, now Natalie Suleman, with her fourteen kids and money-making 'other industry' career?

Way back in 2009 Octomom became Octomom by giving birth to the second living full set of octuplets born in the US. She was a media sensation, she was everywhere, including on Dr. Phil.

Her decision to have eight children when she already had six at home, all by IVF, while on welfare angered America. She received a lot of hate, death threats and a baby seat thrown through her car window.

Dr. Phil invited the young mother onto his show to talk about her choices. It is clear that she has had a lot of plastic surgery and has a lot of anger. Natalie claims that she did not want to have eight children, she wanted one more and eight happened.

Dr. Phil asks her if her children were born with a job, to fill the void she had inside from her own unhappy childhood, but she deflects to say that she does not believe that children in big families should be raising their younger siblings. Not the question, Natalie.

Worse than Cash Me Ousside?

I would have to say yes.

Cash Me Ousside is all about getting her paper and Octomom relied heavily on welfare, having a further 18 children when she could allegedly not pay for the six she already had.

11 Sugar Mama, Sugar Daughter, Sugar Babies

I dunno about you but I don't tag-team spanking old man's asses with my Mom.

Dr. Phil's next guests, 26-year-old Rylee and her Mom are professional sugar babies – well according to Mom, SHE is still a rookie while Rylee is a 'business woman'.

Both attractive blondes, Rylee and Mom go out on dates with guys for money, but NO SEX.

They say this a bunch of times so it must be true.

In fact they have a totes norms relationship filled with spreadsheets and copies of their car payments to take on dates so that older men can pay them rather than giving them money that they might snort (Rylee's words, not mine).

One of the most normal bonding parts of their relationship is both dating guys together, especially a guy who has fantasies about being whipped by two women at once.

Rylee and Mom strip down to their underwear and whip him together, 'it' lasts for 30 minutes.

Apparently it was awkward – you think?

Worse than Cash Me Ousside?

Cash Me Ousside, to the best of my knowledge, is not whipping dudes with her mom for $300 a piece. So yes.

10 Nicholas Brendon From Buffy

Xander from Buffy was such a cutie that it is almost painful to see remnants of that fresh faced teen in the face of Nicholas Brendon.

Nicholas Brendon had gone on Dr. Phil for help with his alcoholism. Dr. Phil brought up the fact that despite coming to the show for help with alcohol, Nicholas reeked of booze. He asked the Buffy star if the smell was because had been in a bar the night before.

Nicholas had been arrested and in rehab, he really needed help. But he did not appreciate what Dr. Phil was laying down, and stormed off the set.

Nicholas claims to be suffering from depression as well, and Dr. Phil believed that Nicholas should not be giving up on himself this easily.

Invited back onto the show a few months later, Dr. Phil had a second chance to help the star. Nicholas had been arrested for choking and robbing his girlfriend, and called Dr. Phil for help. This wasn't the first time he was arrested for alleged violence against women, earlier that year he had been arrested for smashing the window of a woman who he had got into an altercation with.

Worse than Cash Me Ousside?

Probably more dangerous. Cash Me is a small girl child. Nicholas Brendon a large man. Both are aggressive. He is scarier. So yes.

9 Chuck And Amanda And Secret Adult Movies

Chuck and Amanda are a horrible couple. I don't know if they are horrible individually, but as a couple they are pretty vile. Married for six years and with two young children, they say that their marriage is built on rage, screaming and lies. Sounds like a place no one wants to be!

Chuck says he has told Amanda all his secrets, but WAIT. Of course he hasn't, he is on Dr. Phil. He has told Dr. Phil his big secret and Dr. Phil wants him to fess up. Of course he does, he is on DR. PHIL.

We aren't stupid. Dr. Phil isn't standing for this.

Turns out young Chuck was a sometimes entertainer in adult movies. He did this for pocket money before he married Amanda. He wants to do it again! On Dr. Phil's expense account! While staying in California for the taping of the Dr. Phil Show! Talk about opportunistic!

Worse than Cash Me Ousside?

I really hope so.

8 Kim Richards

Kim Richards is a former child star, aunt of Paris Hilton, Real Housewife and rather explosive personality. She has been arrested intoxicated, spent time in jail and generally raised a sort of blonde, privileged, middle aged hell due to alcohol abuse.

Dr. Phil invited her to be on his show and offered her a gift of a rehab program to help her get some much needed help.

Her list of pre-reqs was long – only a rehab centre close to home and only a 30-day program – 'diva demands', said Dr. Phil, and asked her to trust the process without the demands.

Kim was not buying it. Who knows what podunk, backwater rehab Dr. Phil wanted to send her to? Does he know who she is?

While assorted adult children tried to get her to trust with Dr. Phil, he offers her a place at a dual diagnosis treatment program on the beach nearby.

Nope. Standing up and noping off the set, Kim Richards wasn't having any.

Dr. Phil was interviewed later and expressed his concern for her.

Worse than Cash Me Ousside?

Yes, because she is more than 30 years older than Cash Me and has about the same level of maturity.

7 The Girl Who Thought That If He Hits You It Is Love

18-year-old Romina Garcia, a video blogger who wears makeup, uploaded a video that went viral for all the wrong reasons.

The video shows Romina and her makeup talking into the camera (with a really dry sounding mouth. Did she not have any water? Hydrate girl!) about her opinion that if a man hits his girlfriend he loves her, because he is putting himself at risk of jail for his woman.

More than 5 million people watched this video. Hopefully five million of them realized it was a load of crap, and that if a partner hits you it isn't your fault.

Dr. Phil got wind of all this ridiculousness and invited Romina on to his show. Now we all know Dr. Phil isn't down with violence, so it comes as no surprise that he called her on it.

While all the audience looks incredulous, Dr. Phil tells her how dangerous and irresponsible her message is, and that she wants attention.

My theory? Her makeup has gone rogue and taken over her face.

On a sad note, it appears that since the taping of the Dr. Phil episode that Romina has died of a heroin overdose. Though not much information exists on this beyond a Facebook page, if that is true, it is tragic that someone so young would die so unnecessarily.

Worse than Cash Me Ousside?

So worse. Cash Me wouldn't tell young girls to get beat. She wants to do the beating, not be beaten!

6 Dina Lohan

Lilo's mom, hasn't really got it going on.

It is relatively easy, when looking at Lilo's family, to see where poor Lindsay Lohan went wrong.

She had her family. Did she ever really have a chance?

Dr. Phil invited Dina on to his show to ask her about her life.

Dina dodged questions with deflection by constant referrals to the cameras, the sound, 'are we rolling?' – it seemed like she was trying to take over the hosting of the show!

But Good Old Dr. Phil (GODP) called her on it and wouldn't let it rest. He accuses her of being 'phoney and inauthentic'.  More than that she seemed drunk, slurring her words with exaggerated gestures.

While Dina claims that she was not drunk on Dr. Phil, her bizarre comments about his 'little tie and his little shoes', make her seem a little...lubricated.

So is Dina worse than Cash Me Ousside?

Is Cash Me the mother of one of the best and brightest actors who never reached her full potential because she was so messed up by her family? No. Dina wins.

5 The 'Obsessed Love Triangle' Of Aileen And Sandie

Both Aileen (on the right – who is a 'psycho') and Sandie (on the left – who is a 'fat lesbian whore') are in love with Chris, who is, in my opinion, a man to be pitied. He doesn't seem to want either of them.

While the story of two women in competition for a man is a tale as old as time, the insults that Aileen hurls at Sandie would be horrible... if they weren't so funny!

The rather confusing backstory is that Aileen was with Chris, then Sandie 'stole' him, then they got married and became parents, then they split up. Now Chris has no one, and no one gets to have Chris. Aileen had created a fake Facebook page and used it to troll Sandie – commenting on her Facebook posts. Aileen's main two attacks on Sandie are 1. that Sandie used to have a female housemate and so she may be a lesbian, and 2. Sandie is fat.

Aileen is undoubtedly equally fat, which she admits, but still continues to hate on Sandie for being... fat. There is lots of stalking and obsession here, and not a lot of self-awareness or remorse. I just hope Chris got out alive!

Worse than Cash Me Ousside?

I would say equal. But then it sort of tips because Cash Me is a CHILD and these are GROWN WOMEN.

Yep. Aileeen and Sandie are worse.

4 Nick Gordon

Nick Gordon strikes me as a total scumbag. Found responsible for the death of Bobbi Kristina Brown, only child of the late, great Whitney Huston, Nick was ordered to pay the estate of Whitney Huston $67 million dollars.

Don't think anyone is going to be seeing that money from this broke ass.

The first time that Nick was on Dr. Phil he was gifted a stay in rehab. After the death of his girlfriend, Bobby Kristina, Nick returned to Dr. Phil to tell his side of the story.

Of course he denies killing Bobbi Kristina – and to be honest, in both interviews he is very 'off'. There is a lot of boo-hooing and not much crying.

Nick was there for the deaths of Whitney Huston and Bobbi Kristina.

All I'm saying is... yeugggh.

Worse than the Cash Me Ousside girl?

So. Much . Worse.

3 Dick Masterson Is A Dick... Masterson

Dick Masterson (whose name is one reason I think he is really a performance artist called Melanie Van Sandwich), is a bald-headed, mirrored-Aviators-wearing manchild who is a proudly open chauvinist, who thinks that all women are whores, terrible employees, should not be allowed to vote, cannot make decisions and that they are basically only good for having kids BUT not good at raising them.

Isn't he sweet?

Dr. Phil invited this paragon of masculinity to his show to talk about his thoughts and his website 'menarebetterthanwomen.com'. Riiiiiiiiight.

Dr. Phil really does not agree. I think Robyn would be very, very unhappy if he did.

Dr. Phil nails him, telling him that his opinions are just that, opinions and rooted in generalizations and that his prejudices are dangerous. Then the hammer: "Now for you, because you don't have much of a platform and you don't have much of a voice, and you don't have much influence – it probably doesn't matter."


So who is worse?

Well, apparently men always win, so definitely Dick Masterson.

2 Farrah Abraham

Sometimes you can tell that Dr. Phil doesn't like people. He really did not like Farrah Abraham.

The 16 and Pregnant and Teen Mom alumni went on the Dr. Phil show with her own mom to talk about her drunk driving charge and her sex tape.

Dr. Phil accurately points out that Farrah is upset because he asks her questions she doesn't have good answers for, and she finds the whole situation is upsetting. Dr. Phil doesn't really care if she gets upset because she is an adult. She doesn't care what he cares about because– pout. Also eyeroll. Shake the hair.

So who is worse, Farrah Abraham or Cash Me Ousside Girl?

Let's take a minute. Cash Me, I hope you are reading this.

Farrah is a young woman who is famous for making unconventional choices. She is famous for having a baby as a teen, and famous for having two sex tapes. She gets a lot of attention.

Cash Me, I hope you don't aspire to be Farrah, because she isn't really someone you want to be.

I would say Farrah is definitely worse. But wacchout Cash Me. She is not worse by much, just a few years.

1 Was Eminem's Secret Daughter Pregnant With Jesus?

Short answer: no.

20-year-old Haley visited Dr. Phil to talk about her concerns regarding the impending birth of Jesus from her body, and looking for questions from her mother regarding her own father, who she believed to be rapper Eminem.

Dr. Phil went the extra mile, giving her an ultrasound of her swollen stomach which showed no fetus.

She came back to the show after some time in a residential facility and admitted that the baby was a fabrication, but said she still believed that Eminem was her dad and that she had told people in treatment that Dr. Phil was her uncle and therefore Eminem's dad (whut?).

Sadly it turned out that Hayley was not a manipulative liar, she was diagnosed with schizophrenia and is hopefully going to get the help she needs to manage her condition.

Worse than Cash Me Ousside?

Of course not. While Hayley comes across as a bit of a troublemaker, once we realize what is going on we can see that it is through no fault of her own that she suffers from delusions, and she should be treated with kindness and respect. Hayley, we wish you all the best.

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