15 Disturbingly Inappropriate Celebrity Tweets

With the advent of social media, the way that most of us see celebrities has been altered.

With the advent of social media, the way that most of us see celebrity has been altered. No longer people we only watch on our screens or listen to, some of them have gone from untouchable to within our grasp in at least a small way. The ability to reach out to them with words on platforms like Twitter has given people the ability to feel closer to them even if it is solely on a superficial level. However, not all of the side effects have been positive as these folks are just like the rest of us, complicated and stupid from time to time. As a result, there have been several incidences in which some of the most famous people alive post things on Twitter that we rightfully react to with shock and disgust.

There is no doubt about the fact that in today’s politically correct world, people have become more sensitive in general. Some of that is a good thing, as we are right to get upset when something horrible is said even if it was accepted in the past, and some of that is a bad thing, jumping to the conclusion someone is awful too quick sucks. The thing that really shocks us, though, is the cases in which someone makes a statement that is likely to offend everyone and thinks nothing of it, especially when it comes from a superstar. After all, if your livelihood is dependent on people continuing to support your work the decision to think out your words so poorly is the epitome of foolhardy. Yet, despite that seeming like the most obvious thing in the world, there are still famous people who don’t seem to have gotten that message. Coming to that realization is what inspired us to put together this list of fifteen disturbingly inappropriate celebrity Tweets.

In order for a Tweet to be considered for inclusion on this list, it first off needs to have been put out there by a celebrity. It doesn’t matter what they owe their notoriety too, so that means actors, athletes, musicians, newscasters, hosts, and anyone else who has a sizable fanbase had their words in the running. Next, their Tweet needs to have content that is inappropriate to the point that it is shocking or offensive in some way to reasonably minded observers. So, without any further ado, let’s get to the list.

15 Chris Brown & “Chilvalry”

At one time Chris Brown had a squeaky clean image that allowed him to appear on shows like The O.C. or movies like This Christmas and Stomp the Yard, but those days are far behind us. Still a popular singer with a lot of people, there is no question that Chris is one hell of a performer and had he managed to remain beloved he may just be this generation’s superstar. Instead, despite still selling lots of albums, Chris is best-known by a lot of people as the guy who beat his famous girlfriend, Rihanna, up one night in 2009. Surrounded by controversy ever since, his reprehensible deed follows him wherever he goes which has resulted in him freaking out several times which makes him seem like an even worse person. That is what makes his misspelled Tweet about chivalry all the more galling to anyone who knows his history, as an admitted woman beater should have nothing to say on the subject.

14 Bow Wow & DUI

First coming to prominence as Lil’ Bow Wow, he began rapping at the age of six and upon meeting Jermaine Dupri at age eleven, was given a record deal. Selling a lot of albums when his debut record was released the following year, that gives him the distinction of being a former child star. Therefore the fact that he has made some dubious decisions is a little bit more understandable as it seems that almost all of his peers wild out to some degree once they get a little older. Still, whether he has an excuse or not the choice to drink and drive isn’t only irresponsible and dangerous to him but the fact that he could’ve killed others makes it reprehensible. That is why we are disgusted by his Tweet that not only reveals he is doing just that but seems to be boasting about it as we can’t think of any other reason he’d incriminate himself like that.

13 Drake Bell on Caitlyn Jenner

A former child star, Drake Bell came up on shows like The Amanda Show before starring in the series Drake & Josh which earned him a sizable fanbase. Taking on the voice role of Peter Parker and Spider-Man for the first time in 2012 as part of the Ultimate Spider-Man series, it remains one of his most important roles as he has played him in 4 shows to date. An actor who has predominantly played innocent and even heroic figures, we’re surprised that he would want to take such a public stance against acceptance. Tweeting about Caitlyn Jenner after her transition was announced, Drake thought it was a good idea to state that he would still be calling her Bruce. Obviously, people did not take his statement well and he apologized soon after a backlash. Saying he “in no way meant to hurt or demean those going through a similar journey” and his comment was “made in innocence”, it sounded hollow to us. After all, Tweeting that you were unwilling to accept Caitlyn’s new self like you are the arbiter for some reason, seems anything but innocent, especially when you weren’t involved, to begin with.

12 Hulk Hogan & His Daughter’s Legs

At one time a beloved wrestler whose character stood for all that was right in the world, Hulk Hogan’s image has been so heavily tarnished since it is incredible. The fixture of a series of controversies since his family joined him in the spotlight of a “reality” show, he has been caught saying racist things and in horrible conversation with his son. However, his relationship with his daughter has caused people to feel uncomfortable in the past too including an incident where he accompanied her as she unveiled a nude photo of herself. Later Tweeting a picture of his daughter from the side in a skirt, he simply wrote Brooke’s Legs which struck almost everyone as odd. Seeming like something that would be more natural for an admiring teen or her significant other to post, it is the definition of inappropriate even if she defended him.

11 Jason Biggs’ Malaysian Airlines Joke

An actor who will likely always be known as Jim from the American Pie series, Jason Biggs has appeared in several other films like Loser and Anything Else since. Given a bit of a resurgence when he played a pivotal part in the first couple of seasons of Orange is the New Black, you’d think he’d be on his best behavior. Instead, when a Malaysian Airlines airplane disappeared, during a time in which its final resting place was unknown but the occupants were believed to have quite possibly met their maker, he opted to joke about it. He was ignorant enough to ask on Twitter if anyone wanted to buy his frequent flyer miles with the airline in a poorly timed and poorly thought out joke. When people were upset he wrote a follow-up Tweet about it being an “f---ing joke” before eventually apologizing while co-hosting The View.

10 Bret Easton Ellis on Kathryn Bigelow

An author who is far from afraid to tackle controversial topics, Bret is responsible for stories like Less Than Zero and American Psycho, which have turned him into a literary star. For some reason in the last several years he has felt the name to get involved in controversial film relate subjects like the fervor around the upcoming film, The Batman. You’d think he’d have learned his lesson after having to apologize in 2012 for a series of Tweets decrying the praise director Kathryn Bigelow has received. Contending that the Oscar-winning director and industry leader is only praised as much as she is because she is a “hot woman”, his words were nasty and uncalled for.


9 Kenneth Cole & Cairo

Creating Kenneth Cole Productions Inc. in 1982 in order to preview his line of shoes, he was unable to afford even a hotel room to show them off at the time. Since then, Kenneth’s career has since taken him to the top of the industry. Included on Forbes' annual list of 200 Best Small Companies four times over the years, that is a testament to his ability to turn heads when he puts his head down and creates fantastic fashion. On the other hand, he can get lots of attention just by using one of the most important and violent demonstrations in recent history to promote his clothing line. Tweeting “millions are in uproar in #Cairo. rumor is they heard our new spring collection is now available online”, it trivialized an important fight in which many gave their lives.

8 Bubba the Love Sponge & Haiti

For those of you who don’t know who Bubba the Love Sponge is, he was recently embroiled in the Hulk Hogan Sex Tape controversy as it was his wife in bed with The Hulkster. However, his main claim to fame is as the host of The Bubba the Love Sponge Show, a radio show that does its best to follow in the shock jock footsteps of Howard Stern. Perhaps we shouldn’t be surprised then that in 2010 in the aftermath of the horrific Haitian earthquake that he Tweeted against the efforts to raise money to offer relief to those affected. The fact that he went further on his radio show referring to Haiti as a shambles and horrible country and saying that the deaths were a “cleanse” does nothing to diminish his awful Tweet. Working for TNA Wrestling at the time, now known as Impact Wrestling, he was involved in a fight with a female wrestler who was upset by his statements afterward and then fired.

7 Donald Trump’s Accusation

Donald Trump is the President of The United States of America, so you’d expect his Twitter account to be a place used to inform the people of his plans for the country. Instead, it has become the home of a series of Tweets attacking his opponents, both political and personal, and on one Saturday morning the outlet he used to accuse his predecessor of a serious crime. Posting a series of four Tweets alleging that Barrack Obama had personally had his Trump Tower phones wiretapped while Donald was campaigning, it resulted In a controversy that continues at the time of this writing.

To date, Mr. Trump has yet to provide any evidence to back up his claim to the American people which makes it look like a story he got from Breitbart News and ran with which is inappropriate enough. However, if we were to assume that all of his claims are completely accurate, then it is still disturbing that he chose to reveal something that serious in a series of Tweets that include a misspelled word.

6 Gilbert Gottfried’s Japan Joke

Gilbert Gottfried has an interesting career. A comedian who is best known for his distinct voice, it has earned him voice roles in child-friendly projects like a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles series and Aladdin. However, he is also a comedian who has shown a willingness to go places that few of his peers may have been willing to go. Infamously making a September 11th joke at the Hugh Hefner roast that took place three weeks after the event, some saw the moment as daring and hilarious while many others were profoundly offended. Not his only dalliance with controversy, in 2011 after a Japanese earthquake and tsunami resulted in nearly sixteen thousand deaths, he saw it as comedy fodder for his Twitter account. Writing that he “split up with my girlfriend, but like the Japanese say, they’ll be another one floating by any minute now”, this time around nobody seemed to be laughing. Fired from his gig as the voice of a duck that was the mascot for Aflac as a result of the controversy, we’re guessing he regretted the uproar.

5 Amanda Bynes on Abuse

An actress who at one time seemed to have beaten the odds to become a former child star that was continuing to succeed as an adult, little did we know how wrong that would turn out to be. Coming to prominence on All That and The Amanda Show before starring in What I Like About You on TV, she was also a movie star in She’s the Man, Hairspray, and Easy A to name a few. Then, seemingly out of nowhere she appeared to suffer a mental breakdown that saw her charged with several crimes and placed under the control of her parents. During this time in her life, Amanda’s Twitter account was her medium to unleash her thoughts on the world and some of them were filled with hate. If you ask us the worst example is when she wrote that it was because Rihanna is “not pretty enough” that Chris Brown beat her.

4 50 Cent’s Homophobia

A rapper that came to prominence under the wing of Dr. Dre and Eminem, 50 Cent seemed to become a sensation overnight. Speaking often about the fact that he was shot nine times in the year 2000, something he seemed to take great pride in surviving, he was all too happy to have an image as an outspoken outlaw. Beefing with several fellow rappers over the years, we never expected him to feud with Perez Hilton. What we expected even less was for 50 to use the drama as the inspiration to Tweet something horribly homophobic. Writing “Perez Hilton called me douchebag so I had my homie shoot up a gay wedding. Wasn't his but still made me feel better". To say it was an offensive “joke” is an understatement.

3 Iggy Azalea’s Past

An Australian rapper who at one time seemed to be everywhere, Iggy’s music career isn’t what it used to be but there is no question that she is still a known name. Cast as a judge on The X Factor in Australia, the role is supposed to see her act as someone for up and coming acts to look up to but anyone who has followed her Twitter account would know she doesn’t deserve the respect. We say that because she has a long history of writing inflammatory and hate-filled things there and instead of giving our commentary on them, we’ll let her words speak for themselves. Keep in mind the Tweets that you see in that picture are but a sampling of the horrible things she has said on Twitter in the past. At least she has apologized saying “as a young person, I used words I should not have” but blaming it on her age seems like an excuse to us.


2 Blake Shelton’s Past

Another music “reality” show judge who has a long history of Tweeting awful things, it almost seems like we’re seeing a trend here. A huge country music star who became a star in the early 2000s and last released a gold-certified album in 2016, it seems as though the controversy around his Twitter past that same year did little to hurt him. Tweeting several homophobic, misogynistic, and racist things in between 2009 and 2012, it is amazing it took so long for this to become a controversy as he was already famous. Apologizing when it came to a head, Blake blamed his Tweets on attempts at humor while claiming that none of them were hateful which any reasonable minded observer would disagree with.


1 Cee Lo Green on Consent

Seriously, what the hell is up with the judges on these music competition shows and Twitter? Famous for his solo work as well as his contributions to acts like Gnarls Barkley and Goodie Mob, Cee Lo has been involved with a lot of hit music. Also known for his tendency to show up to events in outrageous clothing, clearly he enjoys attention, which is something he received for his Tweets on consent from 2014. Blaming his remarks on “emotion causing some involuntary action” he also said “we could all give each other a margin for human error” but that is hard to do when he wrote the things he did. Having previously pleaded no contest to “furnishing a controlled substance” when a woman accused him of slipping drugs into her drink, it makes his words even worse. Writing "If someone is passed out they're not even WITH you consciously, so WITH implies consent”, he also said that victims of sexual abuse remember the crimes. Deleting his Tweets and even his account for a while, he should have been ashamed of his words despite later referring to women as "our most miraculous muse - an enchantment that encourages all art”.

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