15 Disturbing Things Found In Animals' Stomachs

Out in the wild, you never know what's going to be for dinner. While humans have a more *ahem* sophisticated palate, most animals don't really care what they're eating; if it satiates the appetite and doesn't kill them upon poking it with their tongue, they don't really mind. If it tastes good, that's even better! Sometimes, an animal's just going to eat -- whether they ought to or not.

We've all heard the funny stories... "My dog ate a roll of pennies!" "My cat ate my shoelace!" "My frog ate aquarium rocks!" Okay, cool story, bro. But not really... Actually, lame story, bro. We know there are some wild stories of animals eating some weird stuff out there, but we never get to really hear about them. Perhaps one will occasionally pop up in our newsfeed, and it piques our curiosity, but we don't get any further tidbits or updates on weird dinners animals have had! Well, we've certainly got a treat for you that's sure to whet your appetite.

Here we've compiled for you a list of freaking weird things that animals have consumed and have gotten lodged in their bellies. Some of it's shocking and surprising; some of it's terrifying and will leave you with goosebumps. And some of it's downright baffling, leaving us questioning everything we actually know about the animal kingdom. You never know what you're going to find when you slice open an animal's tummy! Here are fifteen disturbing items found in the stomachs of animals:

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15 A Sh*t Ton of Socks

Dogs eat the darnedest things. Usually, if your dog eats something funny, you'll notice pretty quickly. Your wedding ring might strangely disappear, you might suddenly not be able to find your dirty underwear, or your homework might mysteriously vanish. Usually, you're pretty on top of what your dog is consuming. But sometimes, it's just as easy to blame the dryer as it is the dog.

We all have missing socks, and their lonely other half usually sits on top of the dryer as we wait for the other to somehow surface again. Well, one dog's owners were shocked to find that they hadn't simply misplaced their socks -- the dog had eaten them. And we don't mean a few socks... we're talking a lot, so many, he could've probably stocked a shelf at Walmart. After days of munching on stinky socks, the dog underwent surgery to have them all removed. He lived, but the owner wasn't exactly eager to get his socks back.

14 The Family Pet Parrot

Okay, if you have multiple pets in your home, try to do some research before you get them all living under the same roof. If it's at all likely that your pets may try to eat each other, maybe don't bring them into the family -- or at least try to keep them in separate rooms? Otherwise, you'll be faced with quite a traumatic afternoon as was the case with this poor birdy.

One day, a family came home to find that their pet parrot was strangely missing. It wasn't like the bird to fly off, and they weren't sure how it would've gotten out in the first place. Well, they figured out the curious case of the parrot in the daytime pretty quickly. One look at the pet boa constrictor confirmed that someone had had a big lunch. Apparently, Tweety had bigger problems than a "puddy-tat" to worry about.

13 Pocket Knife

You can see for yourself: what do you think that object is in this animal's abdomen. It's certainly not Alpo or Beggin' Strips; that's for sure. That's right campers -- it's a pocket knife, a large, strong pocket knife. This dog swallowed a pocket knife while his owner wasn't looking. Why it looked appetizing to the dog, we'll never know. Fortunately, this pup got lucky and the blade had at least been folded closed before it slid down his throat. Thankfully, the owner realized that something was amiss and that the dog was acting strange, so the puppy was promptly taken to an emergency vet, where these x-rays were taken. The dog was taken care of and restored to health easily, and we don't want to know if the owner wanted the knife back. Hopefully, weapons are out of the dog's reach these days, but who knows what else this dog will be up to the next time he gets the munchie blues?

12 Arm of a Murdered Man

This sh*t is pretty messed up. Shall we delve into this story? A tiger shark was taken captive and put on display in an Australian aquarium back in the 1930s. A few days later, while swimming in the windowed tank, the creature vomited up a human arm in front of all the spectators. Needless to say, that was messed up. But it got so much worse...

Turns out that shark had eaten a smaller tiger shark that had eaten this arm (the complex digestive problems causing the big shark to get sick). An investigation started when the arm was found to have a distinctive tattoo. Fingerprint analysis then showed it was the arm of boxer and criminal James (Jim) Smith. Turns out, Jimmy had been a police informer, and the mob wasn't cool with that, so they had him killed, cut up his body, and dumped him in the ocean, where he was later a snack for the sharks.

11 An Entire Human Body

A lot of people confuse alligators and crocodiles, but they really shouldn't. Alligators can be pretty tough, but they're generally not all that big and are kind of manageable if you ever find yourself pitted against one of them. However, crocodiles are insane. They are literally dinosaurs thousands and thousands of years old and have managed to evolve just enough to stay alive in our modern times. And they will mess you up without any hesitation or regret just as this one did with an Australian woman. A crocodile consumed an Australian woman whole when she went out swimming one day on the northeastern coast of the country. Later, the croc was hunted down, and the hunters were able to pull the remains of her body from the belly of the crocodile. She had already died, of course, but at least there was something to bury. Rest in peace, Cindy Waldron.

10 Tiger Shark Destroys Chicken Coop (Complete with Chickens)

Alright, this one will really throw you for a turn. It's one thing if an animal has eaten a chicken -- chicken is delicious. We eat chicken every day without hesitation or regret. It's another thing if that same animal has eaten several chickens -- okay, this guy is really hungry, so what? Well, in the belly of this shark, they found not only a bunch of chickens but also the entire chicken coop where they lived. Um... how? What? When? Why? Sorry to disappoint you readers, but we don't have a whole lot of answers. It shouldn't surprise you, though, that again, a tiger shark was the culprit. (Those guys will seriously eat just about anything). What's weird is that it seems like the chickens were still in the coop when the shark started eating. So what jerk pitched an entire chicken coop full of live chickens into the ocean, and what the hell was he thinking?

9 Greenland Shark Eats Reindeer

Starting out our list, we've got a weird one: reindeer. Now, if we're talking about a brown bear that's eaten a reindeer or even a polar bear that has, that's fine. Normal. Not worth mentioning even. But we're not talking about bears. No, this helper of Santa's was found inside the belly of a shark. Back in 2011, a Greenland shark was found to have a full reindeer in his belly. Greenland sharks are really amazing, though not the most photogenic of the genus. (Some photographers have described them as looking goofy.) These sharks can live up to 200 years under the Arctic ice. They can get to be a full 23-feet long and are known to eat some really big prey, including polar bears. And that would be understandable -- polar bears do a lot of swimming. But how on Earth did a Greenland shark come upon a reindeer in the Arctic ocean?

8 A Bra

Any woman with a pet dog can tell you that sometimes, dogs get a little kinky. Sometimes they become fascinated and enamored with the taste of used underwear, and other times they enjoy the taste of makeup. Some dogs even go so far as to pull used feminine hygiene products out of the trash, and that's a real nightmare for everyone involved. But this dog owner had a different experience.

This owner came home from work to find her laundry disheveled on the floor and her dog moaning in discomfort. As any good pet owner would, she immediately rushed him to the vet knowing that something was wrong. Turns out, Fluffy had eaten one of her bras. The x-ray of the belly showed a nice bundle of cloth and the metal clasp -- apparently, it was a front-fastening bra. The dog's stomach was cleared but, needless to say, the owner had to go shopping for a replacement bra.

7 Shark Eats Suit of Armor

We know what you're thinking: "What the hell could have eaten a full suit of armor? And how?" Yeah, we were pretty much on the same page when we stumbled upon this story. Check it out:

A medieval steel suit of armor was found inside the belly of a shark. How the shark was able to consume the suit of armor was never entirely explained though scientists found the shark and had it on display in a museum exhibit. Some scientists have speculated that it used the Whirlpool trick: sharks, being terribly strong and flexible, have the ability to swim in tight circles around the prey. They do so when they know their meal may put up a fight, and when the prey is disoriented or lingering in a spinning haze, the shark can easily consume it whole. No need to stun an empty suit of armor, but the shark sure managed to eat it in one gulp.

6 Light Bulb

This puppy had a not-so-bright idea one day when it decided to eat a light bulb. Now, this is not the first dog to have eaten a light bulb. So many dogs have done this, it's a veterinarian's regular nightmare. The interesting part of this case is that when the dog ate the light bulb, it managed to swallow it whole. Normally, if a vet finds out a dog has eaten a light bulb, it's something like a death sentence. Glass shards cut into the stomach and throat and intestines so much that even extensive surgery may come too late to save the pup -- it usually means quick euthanasia for the dog before it's in too much pain. But this little guy got lucky and had managed to swallow a bulb whole! The bulb was removed in a quick surgery, and the pup was okay, but the owners were smart enough to keep light bulbs on higher shelves from then on.

5 Alligator Eats An Entire Deer

You want to know how Bambi's mom really ate it? Well... something ate her. We already had a reindeer on this list, but we ought to clarify: antlers, hooves, and all were not found in the belly of that shark -- just the digested remnants of a reindeer. But when one alligator was grabbed and cut open, the full body of a doe was found inside of it. The deer was, of course, dead -- it wasn't like a Big-Bad-Wolf scenario where they cut open the belly, and everyone walked out in one piece, better for the experience. No, this doe was dead. But the fact that its whole body, seemingly untouched, was lying peacefully inside the tummy of this fierce predator is enough to give you goosebumps. Had it just accepted death? Was this a suicidal deer that walked into the jaws of the predator? Why didn't the alligator have to even chew it?!

4 Horse's Head

Again, horses have natural predators, depending on where they live. Coyotes, wolves, bears, and mountain lions are some of the most common predators for wild horses, and some human cultures consume horsemeat regularly. But this particular horse wasn't being picked on by a common predator. No, this horse head was found inside the belly of a shark. Specifically, it was found in the tummy of a tiger shark, one of the fiercest and hungriest sharks in existence. Tiger sharks will eat just about anything (from cigarette butts to car tires), but this particular case is a little confusing. First of all, how did a tiger shark get its jaws wrapped around a horse? It's not like horses are commonly found floating at sea. Second of all, only the head of the horse was found in the shark's belly. So... what happened to the rest of its body? Or was this shark a kind of zombie shark only interested in eating brains?

3 Electric Blanket

Burmese pythons are commonly found in the tropical areas of South and Southeast Asia -- areas like Bangladesh, Myanmar, Thailand, Cambodia, and Vietnam. Typically, these areas are warmer and wetter and not many living things, man or animal, can complain about being cold. That's what makes this particular case especially confusing.

One Burmese python was killed and discovered to have eaten a full electric blanket -- you know, those blankets with metal coils spread throughout them to heat up to a desired level when you're especially cold? When trying to digest the blanket, the corded blanket spread throughout the length of the python's body and made just enough of a blockage so he couldn't eat a whole lot else. Talk about a painful way to die. In all likelihood, the snake found a discarded blanket and ate it... but what made it appetizing in the first place? And who in that region was cold enough to own this kind of blanket?!

2 Whale Eats Sweatpants

Whales are actually incredibly intelligent animals. They're mammals, so they have a lot of similarities to humans; they typically live in family units, they mate for life, they have emotions, and they make intelligible conversation (well, intelligible to them). They are smart cookies, even the smaller ones, so why one particular whale was found to have eaten sweatpants is a bit confusing. The answer to this question: the whale was not stupid or confused; he was a victim of pollution and littering. Some inconsiderate jerk must have disposed of garbage in the oceans near Seattle, causing one whale to be found to have eaten a bunch of sweatpants as well as other garbage and golf balls. Keep your oceans clean, kids; they're living ecosystems, and we don't want to be feeding mammals potentially more intelligent than humans our used sweatpants. Have some respect for your world, and don't pollute it.

1 Mummified Baby Crocodiles

Oh yeah, you read that museum display correctly. In this particular exhibit are a few mummified crocodile babies that have been buried and preserved somewhere. Apparently, ancient Egyptians mummified and buried crocodiles fairly regularly. This was most likely as a religious sacrifice and tribute to the Egyptian God Sobek, who was represented by the head of a crocodile and was associated with pharaonic power, incredible fertility, and military prowess. Discovering mummified baby crocodiles in tombs was already kind of weird -- so imagine finding a bunch of these mummies inside another crocodile. Apparently, Egyptians had loaded the carcass of one mummified crocodile with 47 baby mummified crocodiles. No one knew this until a CT scanner was brought in to look at the crocodile mummy, and it was realized that the big crocodile was a pinata of crocs. The National Museum of Antiquities in the Netherlands had no idea they had such an interesting specimen on display, and it took them over a hundred years after they had acquired the artifact to discover its secret.

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