15 Disney Villains Perfectly Drawn As People

What would a Disney movie be without the villains we love to hate so much? Many of the best Disney villains are characters like Maleficent from Sleeping Beauty, the evil stepmother from Cinderella, Jafar from Aladdin, and Gaston from Beauty and the Beast. But if you think about it, these bad guys all have one glaringly obvious thing in common: they are all supposed to be humans. Other villains, like Ursula from The Little Mermaid or Chick Hicks from Cars, are animals, objects, or other creatures. Somehow, that makes them all the more villainous. It also makes them more difficult to be reimagined as people. Maleficent, for example, can be easily reimagined as a person by various artists and cartoonists since she is already a person. It would take a lot more effort to create a human version of, say, Scar from The Lion King.

Luckily, there are dedicated artists out there that are such big Disney fans, they have taken it upon themselves to do just that. They have taken all of the evil objects, animals, and random creatures that create such havoc for our favorite Disney heroes and heroines, and reimagined them as actual people. And let me tell you, they did an awesome job. For example, it's hard to believe how much an object like Lots-o'-Huggin' (a.k.a. Lotso) from Toy Story can look like a man when the right artist puts their mind to it.

Check out these 15 Disney villains who have been perfectly drawn as people. You will never see them the same way again!

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15 Chick Hicks From Cars

The villains of Disney Pixar's Cars was none other than Chick Hicks. His human likeness is so spot-on, it's easy to picture him as having been a human all along. Whomever did this drawing did an amazing job. He embodies everything that is Chick Hicks — the ego, the sliminess, and the ruthlessness.  As the main "villain" of Cars, Chick Hicks was Lightning McQueen's rival, and Lightning seemed to always come in second to "The King."Basically, Chick Hicks is obnoxious, rude, and unlikeable, and judging by this drawing of him as a person, we would guess that the human version of him would be as well. Although, he was not in Cars 2, he was in Cars 3 that came out this year.

14 Ursula From The Little Mermaid

Ursula from The Little Mermaid has got to be one of the all-time favorite villains from Disney's classic princess films, and maybe from all the Disney films. It's easy to hate the evil octopus sea witch, but she is also pretty amusing and fun to watch. Ursula is the adversary of King Triton, Ariel's father. But nonetheless, Ariel goes to her for help and loses her beautiful singing voice in the process. She does, however, get the legs she wanted and meets the love of her life, Prince Eric. Plus, in the end, King Triton kicks her octopus a**, so she gets what is coming to her. Ursula is known for her fishy curves, big red lips, bright blue eyeshadow, signature mole, and wavy silver hair. She is a force to be reckoned with and even as a human, she retains her look, as we can see by this stunningly accurate personification of her.

13 Si And Am From Lady And The Tramp

The Siamese cats from Lady and The Tramp, who are aptly named Si and Am, were not the worst villains in Disney history, but they were definitely up to no good. The cartoon version of the villainous cats was created so that they look quite sinister. The identical felines have big blue eyes, buck teeth, and large, pointy ears. Their human counterparts, drawn as women, are quite attractive, but still manage to have that mischievous look to them like you probably wouldn't trust them. Basically, in Lady and The Tramp, the twins use Aunt Sarah's love to get others in trouble. They love to cause havoc and it is implied that they only care about themselves and one another. They can be seen in Lady and The Tramp, Lady and The Tramp II: Scamp's Adventure, and Mickey's House of Villains. 

12 Hades From Hercules

This drawing of Hades (God of the Underworld) from the Disney movie Hercules looks almost exactly like the cartoon version. In the movie, he looks a lot closer to a human being than some of the other villains on this list, but the truth is, he is not human at all. He has sharp, pointy teeth, a large chin, a blue-grey skin tone, flaming blue hair, yellow eyes, and a muscular body, and when he gets mad, he turns red and bursts into flames. Hades likes torturing and taunting Hercules, flirting with the beautiful Aphrodite, manipulating people, and having power of any kind. He does not like being defeated in any way and hates being nice. But he does have some cool superpowers like immortality, teleportation, and fire manipulation.

11 Assistant Mayor Bellwether From Zootopia

Zootopia is one of Disney's most recent creations and it's absolutely fantastic. For much of the movie, it's unclear who the villain really is, since the story is somewhat of a mystery that Judy Hopps and her sidekick, Nick Wilde, are trying to solve. But by the end of the movie, it's revealed that the so-called bad guy is none other than the tiny, little, seemingly innocent sheep, Assistant Mayor Bellwether. She is the assistant to Zooptopia's mayor, Mayor Lionheart, and she is the epitome of a wolf in sheep's clothing, making her almost more villainous than the other villains on this list, since her victims never saw her coming. The artist who drew her as a person did an awesome job. Quickly glancing at the side-by-side photos above, they look so similar, you might not even notice without looking longer that one is a person and the other is an animal.

10 Iago From Aladdin

It's largely the very large mouth on human Iago and parrot Iago that makes these two characters resemble each other. Iago is the loud, squawky sidekick to the evil vizier Jafar in Aladdin. He is not as bad as Jafar, himself, but he is definitely one of the bad guys. He is known especially for his annoyingly loud voice, and the artist who drew him as a man made sure to make his mouth the focal point of his face. There are also the prominent eyebrows that make him look so much like the parrot. All in all, it is a pretty similar to the fictional bird from Aladdin that you just can't help but love to hate.

9 Scar From The Lion King

The main villain of the Disney movie The Lion King was King Mufasa's evil younger brother, Scar. We must admit, this drawing of him as a person makes him look a bit younger than he seems to be in the movie, but otherwise, it's perfect. He looks so very evil, every bit as terrible as the lion form of Scar is. His skin tone, those piercing green eyes, and the way the artist used dreadlocks to replace the lion's dark mane make this depiction the best there is. Both the lion and the man are elegant looking, while also appearing wild and untamed. The character of Scar is motivated to kill his brother Mufasa, because until Mufasa's son Simba came along, he was next in line to the throne. He plotted to kill both Simba and Mufasa, but the way it went down, only Mufasa died. Simba disappeared until adulthood and then returned to take back his rightful place as king of Pride Rock.

8 Henry J. Waternoose From Monsters, Inc.

Admit it, if you were walking down the street and you ran into this dude on the right, you would think to yourself that it's Henry J. Waternoose from Monsters, Inc. He looks just like him! As the former CEO of the company of monsters, Mr. Waternoose is the secret villain in the movie, since we don't know he is the bad guy until later on. He is a bald, fat, gray monster with six legs not unlike that of a crab. He comes off as calm and fatherly in the film — that is, until he reveals his true colors when his desperation to keep his company afloat gets the better of him. He will stop at nothing to keep it going, showing his selfishness, greed, and the fact that he is willing to be a traitor. The artist who turned him into a man did an amazing job because aside for the lack of crab legs, human Waternoose looks pretty much exactly the same as monster Waternoose.

7 Lucifer From Cinderella

Cinderella's evil stepmother's cat Lucifer may not generally be thought of as a villain, but he should be. For one thing, his name, Lucifer, literally refers to the devil, and all you have to do is look at that crooked, malicious smile to know that he is up to no good. In fact, he is portrayed in the Disney movie Cinderella as sneaky, wicked, and preoccupied with eating Cinderella's cute little mice friends who are nothing but good and kind. Lucifer is spoiled, and thinks of himself as royalty, largely because Cinderella's stepmother and his owner, Lady Tremaine, treats him that way. This troublesome cat seems to live for making Cinderella's life more difficult or getting her in trouble. Above, you can see how he would look as a human, and the resemblance is uncanny. I can definitely see Lucifer as a man and not a cat, because of the wife malicious smile, green eyes, slicked back hair, and pointy ears they both possess. Not to mention we could totally imagine him rocking a fur coat like a bratty rich boy.

6 Lotso From Toy Story 3

It's usually the case that sequels of movies get progressively worse, and while it's generally accepted that the original Toy Story was the best one, the second and third films were amazing, too. Toy Story 3's villain, a fuzzy pink teddy bear named Lotso, was an interesting choice for a villain, but a villain he was. Lotso's official name was Lots-o'-Huggin'Bear, which made it even harder to believe that he was the villain, aside from the fact that he was also a senior and smelled like strawberries. But in the movie, Lotso was pretty much the dictator of Sunnyside Daycare. Don't let the friendly face and color pink fool you; if you are a toy in the vicinity of Lotso, you don't want to mess with him. The human version of him appears slightly less menacing, but looks just like Lotso, nonetheless.

5 Tick-Tock From Peter Pan

Even though the croc from Peter Pan is technically the bad guy, he is super fun to watch, and even kinda of lovable — in a villainous sort of way, of course. Maybe it's that sloppy smile, or the fact that he technically cannot say anything to make us hate him, because he never says a word. In the drawing above, the human Tick-Tock actually looks more evil than he does as an animal, but he is perfectly personified by this talented artist. First of all, there is that impossibly-long tongue hanging out the side of his mouth like a dog and his mouthful of sharp teeth. The pockmark-like things on his face add to the appearance that he is croc-like, even though the original cartoon croc did not have them. All in all, Tick-Tockas a person totally works.

4 Anglerfish From Finding Nemo

In the movie Finding Nemo, Anglerfish was one of the minor villains. You wouldn't think it by looking at the photo of him, as he looks absolutely terrifying. It's hard to imagine that he is not the biggest, baddest character in the whole movie, but that title goes to the great white shark named Bruce . In one scene, the Anglerfish chases Nemo and Dory and tries to eat them. Luckily for the two smaller fish, she gets caught and cannot keep up with the chase, although she keeps trying to bite them. She appears to be female, simply because only females have the glowing bait she lures Nemo and Dory with, but in the above drawing, the fish is portrayed as a male, and we have to say, it's a pretty great interpretation. Aside from the insane set of teeth, there is also the glowing blue bait dangling in front of him from his bandana that clearly distinguishes him as Anglerfish.

3 Banzai, Ed, And Shenzis From The Lion King

While the three hyenas from The Lion King are pretty silly and funny to watch, they are also pretty evil. They are Scar's minions and they do his bidding. The drawing on the left of them as people embodies the silliness and playfulness of the hyenas, as well as their darker side. They are underappreciated by Scar who calls them "idiots" and thinks they are incompetent. However, he never would have become king without them. Interestingly, all three hyenas are portrayed as men in this drawing, but in actuality, Shenzi, who is the leader of the pack, is a female. Timon reveals in The Lion King 1 1/2 that her full name is Shenzi Marie Predatora Veldetta Jacquelina Hyena. She was voiced by Whoopi Goldberg.

2 Hopper From A Bug's Life

This dude just looks mean, both as a bug and human — and that's because he is. Hopper is the villain from the 1998 Disney Pixar film A Bug's Life. In the story, Hopper kills ants because they are "lower than dirt," talks down to Princess Atta, beats up his own gang members, and it's even implied that he kills two of them. He is a control freak who has a need to be thought of as strong no matter what, and who hates weakness of any kind. This personification of Hopper is quite accurate as to what he might look like as a man. The shape of his eyebrows, his facial expression, and his brown coloring all make him look very much like his bug counterpart. We especially love the two front hairpieces that look like bug Hopper's antennas. This is quite the creative interpretation.

1 Shere Khan From The Jungle Book

The Jungle Book and all its spin-offs have plenty of cool villains. There is the hissy, hypnotizing snake Kaa, the wild monkey King Louie, and of course, the devious and disdainful king of the jungle, the tiger Shere Khan, who is the movie's main villain. He is feared for his sheer physical strength, ruthlessness, speed, intelligence, that he is immune to Kaa's hypnosis. His goal is to kill Mowgli, since he thinks humans are soulless, evil creatures. Luckily for Mowgli, he never achieves that goal. He is a Bengal tiger, and the interpretations of him as a human is spot-on. The human versions of Shere Khan look like a tiger, and through the images, we can tell that he retains the prideful, stoic, strong personality he is known for.

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