15Peyton Meyer And Rowan Blanchard

Okay, this is where it all starts to get a little sinister and we actually hope that the rumors surrounding these two aren't true at all but are being spread by a media system that doesn't care as long as it has people clicking. Believe it or not, but Blanchard

has already been linked to numerous people throughout her Disney career, including Teo Halm, an actor she was set to work with before his character was removed. Now, she's being linked to Peyton Meyer who is three years older than her. We're not saying that these two shouldn't be seeing each other because he's older, but bear in mind that this young girl was thirteen at the time. Seriously, we are forcing children to grow up so fast these days. This poor girl is already working for her money and has found herself in a relationship with a sixteen-year-old boy!

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