15 Disney Child Stars That Got Too Close On Set

Being a child star has to be one of the weirdest things that any child can go through. While we might have been playing at the park with friends and bowling with our loving parents, these Hollywood stars were working from a young age. Their every move and choice scrutinized by people who don’t even really know who they are. And what's worse, their relationships are under the microscope too. Imagine if the whole world knew what you and your crush were up at the 13 years old! If there's one thing we did notice putting this list together, is that some of these young celebs sure got around.

What with Disney being one of the largest purveyors of child entertainment, we thought it’d be fun to take a look at some of the stars on the Disney Channel who got close enough for rumors to start spreading. Not only that, but many of these young people were confirmed as going out. Ready to take a look at the stars who found love on set? We know we are!

15 Peyton Meyer And Rowan Blanchard

Okay, this is where it all starts to get a little sinister and we actually hope that the rumors surrounding these two aren't true at all but are being spread by a media system that doesn't care as long as it has people clicking. Believe it or not, but Blanchard has already been linked to numerous people throughout her Disney career, including Teo Halm, an actor she was set to work with before his character was removed. Now, she's being linked to Peyton Meyer who is three years older than her. We're not saying that these two shouldn't be seeing each other because he's older, but bear in mind that this young girl was thirteen at the time. Seriously, we are forcing children to grow up so fast these days. This poor girl is already working for her money and has found herself in a relationship with a sixteen-year-old boy!

14 Zac Efron And Vanessa Hudgens

It still seems insane to us that people were actually able to come up with three High School Musical films. It sort of feels like they could've been done after the first, but Disney was never the sort of company to leave something behind if there was a chance it would make them a lot more money. Not only that, but a lot of the hype surrounding the film concerned the on-set romance between these two who also played a couple in the film. Unlike a lot of whirlwind romances many young people experience, these two actually knew each other for a couple of years before they decided to get together and managed to keep things going for another three years before breaking up amicably.

13 Maiara Walsh And Jason Dolley

Walsh is probably best known for Cory in the House and for dating fellow Disney Channel favorite Cole Sprouse. However, her connections with Disney Channel men did not start there. There are rumors that she dated two others, most notably Jason Dolley who it's said she dated for six months after working with him. See, six months is more the length we're looking for when we think of relationships with younger people. There is no way that would be considered a successful relationship in adulthood, but at the time these two met, six months is nothing to scoff at.

12 Selena Gomez And Nick Jonas

Even if you spend little time concerning yourself with the lives of these child stars, it's hard to escape some background noise from entering your world when it seems like most of the media wants you to get involved at least a little bit. For example, even those who would cross the road to get away from someone famous will likely be aware of the heavily-publicized romance between Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez. However, there was a time when the female star wasn't attached to Bieber and was seeing one of the Jonas Brothers instead. In fact, this was played on heavily by the media. Even fans started to assume that Gomez and Cyrus were sworn enemies since Cyrus had been the first star to Nick Jonas' heart.

11 Spencer Boldman And Kelli Berglund

While Lab Rats was a part of Disney XD, we don't think you can get annoyed with us when we're providing you with this particular image. There is no chance that any three celebrities have been caught pulling stupider faces on the red carpet than these three. Anyway, Boldman and Berglund originally met on the set of Lab Rats. While the two are no longer together, they did see each other for nearly a year and they've also been working together for years since then. We really hope that this relationship ended amicably. There would be nothing worse than ending a relationship with somebody in a horrible way and then realizing you'll have to work together for years to come.

10 Nick Jonas And Miley Cyrus

These two were stars the Disney Channel loved to show off, with the two of them appearing in both instalments of Camp Rock. The two of them were in a relationship, but they were only together for a single year between 2006 and 2007, something that is pretty standard for most young relationships. However, what isn't standard is the ability to then have their messy breakup be splashed across the world for everyone to see. The year after their split, Cyrus was singing about seven things she hated about a "mystery" guy and Jonas was writing songs with titles like "Sorry."

9 Joe Jonas And Amanda Michalka

While we've only been focusing on Nick Jonas so far on this list, that doesn't mean that the other two weren't getting a look in as well. These three brothers were a hot commodity for a very long time, so it's not surprising that all three of them have been in high-profile relationships throughout their life. Believe it or not, Joe Jonas has been linked with a huge number of women, but we're going to focus on the connection he had with his Camp Rock co-star Amanda "AJ" Michalka. Not much is known about their relationship,  but before Jonas went off to try and bed as many women as his fame would allow, it seems the two of them had a year-long relationship that was likely sparked by their time together on the set of Camp Rock.

8 Brenda Song And Trace Cyrus

If you're thinking that one of these people doesn't seem like they really fit in with the Disney brand, then you're thinking exactly what we did when we first saw this image, but these two do have an on-set connection if you can believe it! Unsurprisingly, Brenda Song met Miley Cyrus' brother Trace while on the set of The Suite Life of Zack & Cody, the show that she is definitely most famous for. The two of them have had a rollercoaster relationship, from being engaged to broken up within a matter of years, but that doesn't mean they're not still together. Before having a long-term relationship with Trace, Brenda actually spent time with Nick Jonas — according to rumors.

7 Demi Lovato And Joe Jonas

Before Trace found tumultuous love with Brenda, he spent some time in a relationship with Lovato, but this short-lived love ended with Lovato falling for Joe Jonas, a seemingly inevitable occurrence for any Disney starlet. While we're not up on the whole lore that surrounds this Disney love, we have it under good authority from someone younger than us that the love these two shared in 2010 also came with a ton of drama. Honestly, with the number of women that this guy seems to be fooling around with, it doesn't surprise us that he has a tough time with women. It must be hard for women to trust him when it seems like drama and the fairer sex follow him around wherever he goes. Not exactly the worst curse in the world though is it?

6 Hilary Duff And Aaron Carter

While in more modern times it was all about the supposed feud between Gomez and Cyrus, they weren't the first two Disney starlets to end up in somewhat of a love triangle; that honor goes to Hilary Duff and Lindsay Lohan. The rift between these two was so big, it even led to an SNL sketch when Lohan hosted the famous comedy show. This was because Aaron Carter was originally dating Hillary Duff after he had made a couple of small appearances on her Disney show Lizzie McGuire. However, he left Duff for Lohan, and everyone with any interested in the lives of child stars started to speculate on how this must be affecting all three of them. Imagine if that had been you at such a young age.

5 Shane Harper And Bridgit Mendler

Although Good Luck Charlie is not as well known as other Disney shows, these two still warrant a spot on the list. Funny enough, Mendler actually went on record in an interview as not being too keen on Harper during the first years they worked together. If we're being honest, we would think that relationships which start like this are probably destined to go better than two people who loved each other at first sight. It means the foundation is grounded in realism and they both had to realize how much they liked each other before they jumped into anything serious. Despite this start, the two were together for years.

4 Nicole Gale Anderson And Nick Jonas

After meeting on the set of Jonas, Nicole Gale Anderson was the next woman who found herself being pulled in by one of the Disney brothers. These two, like so many before them, were love interests on screen, so it's not much of a surprise that they ended up doing the same thing once the cameras were turned off. To this day, the brothers continue to say that nothing was going on behind the scenes, but there have been rumors that say otherwise. One rumor says that Disney was forced to cut a kiss shared between the two because it was far too steamy. We think that's the sort of behavior that only two people in a real-life relationship could end up getting themselves into once they're filming.

3 Aly Michalka And Ricky Ullman

Another one for Michalka here, but this time, she's hooking up with Ricky Ullman who she starred in Phil of the Future. We feel like there's a lot of swapping going on in this list, but we suppose that's not too surprising, as many of these youngsters spent a lot of time together while they were working. Plus, these two managed to hold on for a very long time when compared to people who have relationships in the real world, dating from 2005 to 2011. Most people in their thirties haven't been in a relationship that long, so it's nice to know that the young and famous can manage to pull off this kind of feat.

2 Luke Benward And Olivia Holt

It must be weird to write for a channel like Disney, where there is equal chance that your show will end up being a massive success or a total failure. What we're saying is, Girl vs. Monster is not a show that has ever been on our radar, and yet two people met on the set of that show and are still going strong to this day. Weird to think that a television show that most people probably haven't heard of might have led to two people spending the rest of their lives together. Luke Benward and Olivia Holt may not be household names for their time spent on the Disney Channel, but they are now happy and with somebody they love because of it. Possibly a better turnout if we're being honest.

1 Dove Cameron And Ryan McCartan

We'll be honest here and say that we've never heard of Liv and Maddie, but any Disney lover will be aware of the show that brought the leading lady Dove Cameron into the limelight. Not only did she gain press for her time on the show, she was also reported on for her time spent with Ryan McCartan. When the two of them were filming, they were purely professional, but in the year 2013, it started to hit the media that these two were spending some time alone off set. Looking at the two of them, it’s no surprise that they thought they’d be good together. They eventually split, though.

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