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30 Disney Starlets Who Grew Up Better Than We Anticipated

30 Disney Starlets Who Grew Up Better Than We Anticipated

The Disney universe is an ever-growing one that continues to dominate the world of pop culture. Whether it is their use of the Marvel franchise or the sports world at ESPN, something is always going on. Most relate Disney to their animated universe, with movies like The Lion King, Sleeping Beauty, Aladdin, Beauty and the Beast, and many more. However, while many of us may have grown up on their animated movies….that was not what helped Disney out the last thirty years.

Their Disney Channel ended up becoming a major investment in 1983 that worked out very well for them. The original idea was that it would be a network that might show a lot of animated features, but executives quickly realized that original programming was the best way to go. They would begin this pretty quickly in.

However, their major shows began to come into place in the late 90’s and through the 2000s. They focused a lot on their shows with the ABC channel when they took it over in 1995, where their Friday Night Line-Up became a prominent feature. Since then, it seems that Disney cannot lose. They have created hit after hit.

One of the main features of Disney, unlike other networks, is that they focused on female stars over male ones. This led to many top Disney starlets, which most fans loved to see. What became common was that Disney would hire girls quite young to play parts that connected to the kids of the day. Eventually, however, those girls would grow up. Many fans were surprised at how they would come to look compared to when we first saw them. There were so many amazing girls on these shows that we created a list of 30, so you can see what we came across.

This list was created with the idea of exposing that which we did not know: that many of these women turned out much hotter than most of us anticipated. Trust us, you’re going to enjoy this one.

30. Zendaya


[Images by The Daily Mail ansd AOL]

Zendaya originally started with Disney on the show Shake It Up, alongside Bella Thorne. Both girls excelled in their roles, but no one thought they would turn out as beautiful as they did. Zendaya stood out big time, and Disney took notice. They ultimately gave her another show on Disney called K.C. Undercover. She remains in this role to this day as K.C., but she has also appeared in other projects.

Most notably, she was in the recent Spider-Man film as Michelle Jones or “MJ.” Funnily enough, this film was still part of the Disney banner. While she is becoming a hot commodity in the world, Disney surely enjoys using her as a go-to young actress. She has become one of the most beautiful young actresses in Hollywood, and many wonder when she will ultimately have a breakout role that will take her away from Disney. It could very well happen in the new movie, The Greatest Showman.

29. Hilary Duff

Hilary Duff

[Images by Pinterest, Daily Mail, Scribal, and MTV]

Hilary Duff would get a huge role on the Disney Channel show, Lizzy McGuire. The show ran from 2001-2005, and it would ultimately land a movie that Disney took to theaters. It did relatively well, to the surprise of many. She would also have a big role in the DCOM Cadet Kelly. Eventually Duff would move on from Disney, but she would be a hot commodity in Hollywood. Her music career did relatively well, as she began to become sexier each time people saw her.

She started a huge craze this past summer with how she looked in a dress, with many people going nuts for it. She would do the movie Agent Cody Banks, A Cinderella Story, War Inc., and the Cheaper by the Dozen movies. Today, she stars on Younger and guest hosts on The Talk. Duff is still considered to be one of the most beautiful women in Hollywood. It is a shock to many that she has not been picked up for a major movie role yet. We’re talking to you, Hollywood!

28. Emily Osment

Emily Osment

[Images by Pinterest and Oceanup]

Emily Osment comes from a popular family, being the sister of Haley Joel. This helped to land her guest spots on hit TV shows like 3rd Rock from the Sun, Friends and Touched by an Angel early in her career. She would eventually land a nice role in the Spy Kids franchise. Being a little girl through all of this, we did not know what to expect of her. She then landed a big role with Disney Channel as Miley’s best friend on Hanna Montana. The show was a smash hit for Disney and allowed everyone on the show to get some big opportunities for years to come. She would star in 98 episodes, a mark that few Disney shows see.

We saw Emily grow up on the show, so it felt odd to see. She started off as a pretty girl, but eventually, we saw someone who became a stunner. She would go on to have big chances for TV. She would appear on the TV Show Mom and eventually go to the Ashley Tisdale produced comedy Young & Hungry in 2014, where she remains today. This is also while she is pushing out her music, which has been getting buzz for years now.

27. Ashley Tisdale

Ashley Tisdale

[Images by Pinterest and Maxim]

Ashley Tisdale was one of the most popular Disney starlets ever, and this is mostly due to her role as Sharpay on the High School Musical franchise. However, while these Disney movies allowed her to show her range as a singer and actress, this was not her first role. She really showed what she could do as a great young actress as part of The Suite Life of Zack and Cody, where she spent a number of seasons before HSM fame took her away.

Ashley would go on to do a number of TV shows. She would continue to voice Candace as part of the Phineas and Ferb animated show. Meanwhile, she would go on to work for the TV show Hellcats. She would also voice Sabrina in the new animated series Sabrina: Secrets of a Teenage Witch. She now voices Stealth Elf on Skylander’s Academy. She has been a huge help behind the camera too, producing 5 projects. One including Young & Hungry, where she’s also guest starred.

Ashley did not stand out immediately when we first saw her on Suite Life. However, she quickly became a fan favorite. Not only did she continue to get more and more beautiful, she also remained a good person on the inside. She continues to help as a philanthropist on the side of all she does. She also remains one of the most social media active actresses around.

26. Peyton List

Peyton List

[Images by Pinterest]

Peyton List is most-known for her Disney Channel work on Jessie and Bunk’d. Many thought she would turn out to be quite beautiful, but first seeing her there was no telling. She certainly had an amazing look, and the type a model would go with. To no one’s shock, she would go into modelling, which would ultimately catch the eye of Disney. Though she would star in The Diary of a Wimpy Kid franchise, she would also remain with Disney as she did The Sorcerer’s Apprentice and the DCOM movie The Swamp.

She is clearly branching out with other roles, but she remains with Disney in the Bunk’d series. List has continued to become more and more attractive, and at 19, there is no telling what her ceiling is in Hollywood. We can surely expect List to become one of the big young actresses eventually. The only thing she needs is a breakout role, and her talent will do the rest.

25. Selena Gomez

Selena Gomez

[Images by Teen Idols 4 You, and Selena Gomez-Twitter[

Selena Gomez is known for her time in Wizards of Waverly Place, which was another huge hit show for the Disney Channel. The show ran from 2007-2012, getting the infamous 5-season green light. When Selena first started, she appeared on Hanna Montana for a couple episodes, which helped as Wizards was starting along with it. She quickly became one of the Disney Queens no one thought could be such. Her characters seem to have an attitude of not caring, which led many to wonder if it was Selena or the characters she played that were like that.

Despite this, she used the Wizards show to prove she had what it takes to last in the acting world. During and after the show, Selena managed to pick good movie after good movie. She was in Another Cinderella Story, Horton Hears a Who, Ramona and Beezus, Monte Carlo, Neighbors 2, Spring Breakers, along with The Arther and Hotel Transylvania Franchises. That is not including TV shows and movies she appeared as herself in, such as The Muppets and The Big Short. Selena continues to excel in music as well, as she continues to push out hit after hit.

In total, Selena has been nominated 149 for an award and she has won 90 times. Including multiple Billboard Music Awards. Talk about a huge career!

24. Bella Thorne

Bella Thorne

[Images by Pop Sugar and]

Unlike many, Bella Thorne managed to keep her popularity growing after her time with Disney was up. Thorne is most known for her role in Shake it Up, a show that ran on Disney Channel from 2010 to 2013. She would also appear in DCOM called Frenemies. After the show wrapped, Bella still worked with Disney off and on. She would appear in K.C. Undercover in a one-off role and voice another one-off in Phineas and Ferb.

Bella now works as the lead on the TV show Famous in Love. While distributed by Warner Brothers, it’s actually on the Disney owned Freeform Network. Thorne has remained in the music world too, as she continues to put out her work to some critical success. She’s also seemingly everywhere, as she somehow remains a social media must-see. Of course, this is not always because she takes a good picture on a boat, rather, it’s for sometimes doing some not so “Disney” things. Thorne is clearly being talked about a lot, and that does not seem to be cooling down anytime soon.

23. Zoey Deutch

Zoey Deutch

[Image by Reddit and]

Zoey Deutch may look a bit familiar to you. That is because she looks exactly like her mom, Lea Thompson. Her father is also an actor by the name of Howard Deutch. It is not a shock that Zoey took well to the world acting. Looking like her mom was going to happen eventually, and that was going to turn out well. Yet no one knew she was related to either one of these people when she began her career as Maya on The Suite Life on Deck. Her role would be minimal for the show, but impactful.

It would eventually land her on other TV shows like Ringer and Switched at Birth. She would also end up getting into well-known movies like Dirty Grandpa, Good Kids, and a starring role in Why Him? She continues to be more and more beautiful each time we see her. It is not a shock, however, as the genes certainly are terrific on her side of things.

22. Maiara Walsh

Maiara Walsh

[Images by Coolspotters and Pinterest]

When we first come across Maiara Walsh, she is the love interest for Cory on Cory in the House. The show was a spin-off of That’s so Raven and worked for a couple seasons. We never truly got to see Walsh age with the show like others. It was mainly due to the show only going for roughly 2 seasons. This is when we realized how wrong we were of her when she would show up and stun everyone at how amazing she looked.

No one thought she was ugly to begin with, as she was a pretty girl on Cory in the House. Today? She’s drop-dead gorgeous. After CITH ended, Walsh went on to have roles on Desperate Housewives and Switched at Birth. Despite being able to sing, she is one of the few Disney starlets who did not go on to record an album. I know, we were shocked too!

21. Danielle Panabaker

Danielle Panabaker

[Images by Decider and Complex]

Danielle Panabaker is one of the most popular girls on this list, but it’s mostly due to her work away from Disney….funny enough. Her sister Kay, seen earlier, became a major star even before her. However, she had big roles in three Disney movies. Two of them would be Disney Channel Original Movies, or DCOMs. Stuck in the Suburbs and Read it and Weep would be the two we would see on the channel. However, she had a theatrical movie release under the Disney banner with a movie called Sky High. Danielle was well-liked by Disney, but not enough to land a TV show for them apparently.

Panabaker did not seem like a girl that would turn out as gorgeous as she did, but it ended up happening. We were shocked by the transformation, but it seems she was someone that TV and movie producers fell in love with. She would go on to have recurring or one-off roles in Franklin and Bash, Bones, Mad Men, Justified, and Necessary Roughness. But she would also end up having main roles in shows like Shark on CBS. However, she is most known for her role as Dr. Caitlin Snow/Killer Frost in the Arrowverse, as part of The CW’s Flash TV series where she remains a prominent fixture in the universe.

20. Brenda Song

Brenda Song

[Images by Ideas.wikia and]

Brenda Song is known mostly for her Disney Channel roles in The Suite Life of Zack and Cody and the spin-off series to that, The Suite Life on Deck. It didn’t stop there, as she also took part in a good role for Phil of the Future in its first season. She also was part of great DCOMs called Wendy Wu: Homecoming Warrior and Stuck in the Suburbs. She would even work in the Disney theatrical film College Road Trip. However, her roles with Disney did not stop her from landing other big roles for TV and Film.

She would appear in the Academy Award-nominated The Social Network. She would land a recurring role on Scandal. Then a main role in the TV show Dads and Pure Genius. She’s now a recurring star on Superstore. Brenda’s time in Hollywood seems to only be heating up, so we can surely expect to continue to see her for years to come. No one thought– seeing her work on Disney for the first time– that she would turn out to be so gorgeous, but she has surely surprised many and we’re not complaining.

19. Madison Pettis

Madison Pettis

[Images by Disney.Wikia and Goddessgg – DeviantArt]

Most people were pretty shocked and about to pass out when they saw Madison Pettis grow up. We all saw her play the President’s daughter on Cory in the House, where she was still a little girl. She would then perform alongside Dwayne Johnson in The Gameplan, again, as a little girl. This was the last many saw of her until she showed up in Life with Boys, a show from Teen Nick. We were all amazed at how beautiful she had become. She would then take on a recurring role in Lab Rats on Disney XD and another recurring role with The Fosters on Freeform.

At now 19 years old, Madison continues to become more and more beautiful by the day. Who would have known that this cute little girl that we saw on Cory in the House would grow up to be such a gorgeous woman? We certainly did not anticipate this, and we all feel kind of old now. Do you feel old? YOU SHOULD!!

18. Debby Ryan

Debby Ryan

[Images from Pinterest and Reddit]

Debby Ryan is a popular fixture for Disney Channel, as she is one of the few girls they ended up using passed their teenage years. On top of the fact that they used her in multiple shows. We first came across Debby on the hit show The Suite Life on Deck, which was a continuation/spin-off of The Suite Life of Zack and Cody. It was one of the few boy centered shows Disney had, but the girls were given big roles. Ryan was put on the ship, and many people liked her. However, she was young and had not grown into the role. Eventually, she would age well with the show.

By the time the show ended, many people were into Debby and were sad to see her off the Disney Channel. Despite being older, Disney decided to center a show around her with Jessie. It was a show that centered around a babysitter who wants desperately to be an actress. The show lasted 5 seasons. While she would appear in a few Disney Channel movies, she would go on to do other movies outside of Disney. She enjoys her singing career, but despite singles being out, she does not have a big album of her own as of now. Despite this, Ryan is talented and beautiful, she is certainly not one to forget at this point.

17. Natalie Alyn Lind

Natalie Alyn Lind

[Images by IMDB and Pinterest]

Natalie Alyn Lind may not be a name you’re aware of, but you better start to recognize it. She is most likely going to be a major fixture in Hollywood for a very long time. Natalie is known from Disney fans for her one appearance on Wizards of Waverly Place. However, many others know her from the ABC show The Goldbergs. She has turned this into a major opportunity for herself, as she continues to get big role after big role.

She would turn her role on The Goldbergs into an opportunity to get onto other shows like FOX’s Gotham series as Silver St. Cloud. FOX executives would clearly believe Natalie was a cannot miss prospect, which led them to cast her in their new Marvel series The Gifted. She plays a main character, Lauren Strucker. With Disney coming close to a buyout of 20th Century FOX, Natalie could end up getting a huge opportunity to make her character far bigger than she ever imagined it would be. When we say keep your eyes on this gorgeous woman, we mean it.

16. Christina Aguilera

Christina Aguilera

[Images by Maxim and Reddit]

Christina Aguilera was one of the many stars to come out of The Mickey Mouse Club for Disney. She was a child star on the show, so only the weird or Roy Moore would have been attracted to her at such an age. While she was a cute girl, no one knew she would turn out to be this sexy and hot singer who would take the world by storm. She is known for her vocal range, as it’s seemingly endless. Her work in music speaks for itself, as she has developed hit after hit. You probably even know a Christina song off the top of your head.

She has 5 Grammy Awards, which is extremely good in the world of music. However, she has shown to have some great acting chops. Movies like Burlesque showed she can do it all, and we’re all wondering when her next big acting performance will go down. Her work on The Voice has been quite popular as well. Truly Disney helped to create a giant in the music industry, but Christina’s talent ultimately led her here. With vocals like that, it’s impossible to not win some awards.

15. Alyson Stoner

Alyson Stoner

[Image by HelloGiggles and TooFab]

Alyson Stoner is the type of girl Disney loves. This can be confirmed by her major work for the company over the years. She started out as the little girl on Mike’s Super Short Show, as Mike’s sister. This means we have seen her literally since she was a little girl. That show ran from 2001-2007. She would go on to voice a role in Lilo and Stich the series as well as a popular voice in Phineas and Ferb as Isabella from 2007 to 2015. She even began as a voice for Milo Murphy’s Law. She would make live-action appearances in That’s so Raven and The Suite Life of Zack and Cody.

However, her breakout role may have been in the Camp Rock movies as Caitlyn, and the Cheaper by the Dozen movies as Sarah Baker. Some even know her from the Step Up franchise as Camille Gage. She continues to be a major person Hollywood goes to for voice acting as she also voiced a role in Legend of Korra and Young Justice. She’s also the voice of Kairi and Xion in the Kingdom Hearts video game series. Stoner is known as an amazing dancer, but she can sing pretty well too. Her music career is not off the ground yet, but she still has a solid career in animated material as long as she wants it.

14. Vanessa Hudgens

Vanessa Hudgens

[Image by Pinerest and Pop Sugar]

Vanessa Hudgens was not someone we thought we would come across. She was a double threat who could sing and act and do it quite well. This led to Disney casting her in the High School Musical movie. The movie went on to become a MASSIVE hit for Disney, which resulted in three movies for the franchise. The original movie sees Hudgens do well, but she is young and does not have the looks we normally expected from the Disney movies at that time. However, that was the way the part was supposed to look.

The idea behind her character was that she was supposed to be plain looking compared to Tisdale’s character, Sharpay. This is why we misjudged her right off, and we have regretted ever since. By the time the second film rolled around, she was gorgeous and remains that way to this day. She has taken Hollywood by storm as well, starring in movies like Spring Breakers and Journey 2. However, her stage and music career has taken off far more.

13. Emmy Rossum

[Image by Pinterest]

Emmy Rossum may be known for her work today in the show Shameless on Showtime. However, she was actually a geeky girl in the Disney Channel movie Genius. Compared to today, she is unrecognizable in her role. Interestingly, it was Emmy’s first movie role and Disney could have snatched her up for her own show then….yet did not pull the trigger. Rossum is a terrific actress, which is why her role with the Disney movie was by no means going to be the only role she landed.

As she aged, she began to get more and more opportunities. While Shameless has been her home since 2011, it is expected that Emmy will rise out of this show. She is drop-dead gorgeous these days. Sometimes you cannot judge early, as the end result may end up being a lot different. In the case of Emmy, WOW!

12. Lindsay Lohan

Lindsey Lohan

[Images by Nylon and Pinterest]

We know what you’re thinking, Lindsay Lohan never worked for a Disney Channel TV show. You would be right, however, she was Disney’s go-to girl for movies for a long time. She would star in a ton of Disney owned movies such as Parent Trap, LifeSize, Get a Clue, Freaky Friday, Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen, and Herbie: Fully Loaded. Clearly, Disney had a thing for Lohan, as they felt she was a key figure they knew they could succeed with.

Who knew that freckle-faced little girl would turn out to be the hot mess that is Lindsay Lohan today. Lindsay would go on to have some issues with the law, which we’ll let you research. She would also, however, have a relatively successful music career. Sadly, Lindsay’s career has started to wind-down and her looks have started to fade due to all of her issues. However, she was once a gorgeous woman that we could not avoid loving in the 2000s.

11. Christy Carlson-Romano

[Image by Pinterest]

Christy Carlson-Romano is known for her role in a big show for Disney called Even Stevens. She played Ren on the show that Disney also made into a movie for the network. This is also the show that launched Shia LaBeouf to fame. Romano would not get as lucky with her career in the movie industry as Shia, but she did land some impressive roles. She would take part in the Cadet Kelly movie, which was well-liked by Disney fans. However, she is now mostly known by Disney fans as the voice of Kim Possible from the long-running Disney animated series.

She would get other opportunities to shine in live action after this, such as in the movie Cutting Edge: Chasing the Dream. Her role in the music industry started off fine but she never truly stuck with it enough to keep it moving, and the same can be said for her stage career. Christy has mostly focused on her daughter since 2016, as she was born in December of that year. When she will return to the world of acting is anyone’s guess, but it can be said that a Kim Possible return would be cool. When asked about a return, all the main stars of the cast said this past summer that were “sooo in.” Come on, Disney!

10. Danielle Fishel

Danielle Fishel

[Images by Pinterest and Maxim]

Many do not remember that Danielle Fishel was Topanga Lawrence in Boy Meets World. That is because no one ever seems to call her Danielle, as she always and forever will be Topanga. Boy Meets World started before Disney bought ABC, but since the show ran 5 years of its 7 on the ABC network after the buy….we think we’re good on this one.

When we first see the sweet Topanga, most guys thought she was a bit out there. She had long hair that seemed to be put through a perm. She was wearing crazy outfits, and no one seemed to understand her. Eventually, her style would change, as did her hair. She became every man’s crush as the show went on, and she remains it to this day. She would reprise her role in Disney Channel’s Girl Meets World, this time as the mother of the main star, Riley. She remains as gorgeous as ever. We need to know what she’s doing to keep looking amazing. Tell us!!

9. Miley Cyrus

Miley Cyrus

[Images by and Img Pic]

What is there to say about Miley Cyrus that has not already been said about Miley Cyrus? When you talk about a career, Miley certainly has crafted out a big one for herself. She was first known for her role on Hanna Montana as the main character of the show. After leaving the show, she would go on to do a few movies. However, her real goal was to be a big-time pop star.

Not only did she accomplish this, but she was able to make a huge splash. She completely threw away her good girl from Disney persona to seem more adult, and she did a lot to make this happen. She would grind on Robin Thicke at the MTV Music Awards and do very scandalous music video performances. However, her music was massive. She kept putting out hit after hit. She has multiple gold and platinum songs and albums. She has been nominated for a Grammy as well as multiple AMA nominations. She has been nominated for several Billboard Music Awards and has won 2 times.

Expect Miley to rule the world of music for years to come. It’ll be interesting if she ever decides to get back into acting on a regular basis, however.

8. Demi Lovato

Demi Lovato

[Images by People and]

Demi Lovato‘s fame is well-known today, and Disney knew there was something special about her from the beginning. She really began her career on Barney alongside her good friend Selena Gomez. However, her real career in acting started on the Disney movie Camp Rock. From there Disney ran with a show called Sonny with a Chance, which ran from 2009 to 2011. Disney would get her for two more roles in the second installment of the Camp Rock series and the Princess Protection Program movie. She would end up leaving Disney to go on to have a major music career.

She would end up as a coach and judge on X-Factor for a few years but remained as a solid musician. She has had a ton of hit songs since and was even nominated for a Grammy. She has had multiple songs and records go gold or platinum, and her tours also seem to continue to succeed. Who knew the career for Demi would turn out so well? Like Christina before her, it seems Lovato has a limitless range as a singer, making her someone that is amazing live. It is not a shock those tours sell out.

7. Kay Panabaker

Kay Panabaker

[Images by Pinterest and Disney-Wikia]

Kay Panabaker was one of Disney’s go-to starlets for some time, mostly due to her amazing acting ability. She would have a fun role in Disney show Phil of the Future, but she would also go on to have a role in the Disney Channel Original Movies Life is Ruff and Read it and Weep, alongside her sister. Her roles on Disney were quite prominent, with each passing opportunity showing her beauty evolve.

She would eventually go on to have roles in CSI and No Ordinary Family. She would even be part of the film Cyberbully. Kay is still making her way through Hollywood, and at only 27 years old, she seems to be doing quite well for herself. The question is, what is the ceiling for Kay Panabaker when she finally gets a breakout role? Many think there isn’t one.

6. Aly Michalka

Aly Michalka

[Images by Pinterest and IMDB]

Aly Michalka, also known as Alyson Michalka, first came to our screens in the hit Disney Channel show Phil of the Future. She was beautiful then, but we had no clue she would turn out as beautiful as she did. Every time we saw her, her beauty continued to get better. Disney fell in love with Aly, as many had no choice but to. After Phil of the Future ended, Disney would have her take on roles in Now You See It… and Cowbells, alongside her sister, AJ.

She would break away from Disney to take on the lead role in Hellcats and a recurring role on Two and A Half Men. Eventually, she would land on the show iZombie in a recurring role for a few seasons. She is now part of the main cast for Season 3. Her movie time has also been pretty good. She has been in Easy A, The Roommate, and Grown Ups 2 just to name a few. Along with her sister, she has performed in the group Aly and AJ for some time.

The duo has had some big hits that have gone gold and platinum, showing their musical chops are pretty big. Aly is as gorgeous as ever and still remains a must-see actress.

5. Bridgit Mendler

Bridgit Mendler

[Image by Imgur and]

Bridgit Mendler is best known for her work in Good Luck Charlie for the Disney Channel. While the show centered on her, the entire family truly shined in the show. It is one of the few shows to get the 5th season from Disney, which is hard to accomplish. Of course, she also had a successful recurring role in Wizards of Waverly Place before this. She would star in the hit DCOM Lemonade Mouth, which showed her amazing vocal ability. Fans are still begging for a second movie, so come on, Disney!

Since leaving Charlie, she has gone on to star in TV shows like Undateable in a major role, as well as Nashville. However, her hit songs have helped her truly break into the music industry. She has continued to rise in the world of music. She is certainly another Disney Channel starlet to keep an eye on. Thankfully, she seems to be one of a good few top stars from the network who have not gone crazy since leaving. Good on you, Bridgit!

4. Carly Schroeder

carly schroeder

[Image by Pinterest and Lizzy McGuire Wikia]

Carly Schroeder is best remembered from Disney for her work on Lizzy McGuire. She played Melina, Jake’s friend who seemed to love or terrorize him. Carly is hardly recognizable today, but this could be due to the fact that she was only on Disney in a good role for just a few years in her early career. What should be known is that Carly did not just stop acting after Lizzy McGuire ended. She would end up in movies like Gracie, Firewall, and Lifetime TV movie, Prayers for Bobby.

Her TV time came to an end in 2009, as she would last appear as a one-off character in Law & Order: Special Victims Unit. While Carly may not be getting a ton of TV roles these days, she is still working in Hollywood. She took part in a film called Not Alone that she worked on this year. Carly has shown potential in the past to do big things, so there is a hope she gets a breakout role soon.

3. Ashley Leggat

Ashley Leggat

[Images by FanPop and Life With Derek.wikia

You may remember Ashley Leggat from the Disney show Life with Derek. The show was based around Derek and Casey, who both were around the same age. Derek was a consistent prankster and bad boy type while Casey was the good girl who got straight A’s and was usually popular among her peers. She was based in Canada where the stars were mostly from and happened to run a solid 70 shows. Ashley may have gotten the job due to a role in Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen, but the major thing we saw with Ashley was potential.

She seemed to get cast a lot for TV shows, but most were one-offs. She also appeared in 9 TV movies since Life with Derek ended. She is now mostly known for her work in The Good Witch franchise of TV movies. She would also appear in a few episodes of the TV show of the same name. While Ashley still has the potential to do well. One thing is for sure. No one ever knew the girl we first saw in Life with Derek would end up as gorgeous as she became. What we did know is that no matter what part she gets, she seems to always excel in it.

2. Olesya Rulin

Olesa Rulin

[Image by Digital Spy and Olesa Rulin-Twitter]

You may recognize Oleysa Rulin from the High School Musical franchise. While many thought she had to be hiding some beauty under those glasses, we just could not know. Her High School Musical fame led many to think that this geeky chick may only land the one role of Kelsey from HSM. However, she was a bright and talented young actress and knew she could catapult this into an opportunity at other roles.

She would change her look and shock us all with the gorgeous looks she had been hiding. Ultimately, she would land a good role on the TV show Greek and eventually the main role in Powers. While she may not be doing a whole lot today in the world of acting and music, it is thought that she will be picked up somewhere soon. Talent like hers is hard to find, and producers certainly know it.

1. Sabrina Bryan

Sabrina Bryan

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Sabrina Bryan would star in the Cheetah Girls franchise that would also include Raven Symone for the first few movies. Eventually, she would move away from the group, but the Cheetah Girls remained a group when Raven left. They would go on to have real albums away from the Disney Channel movies. Sabrina, when we first saw her, was not someone many of us assumed would turn out as gorgeous as she did. We knew she was talented, however, and that talent showed.

One of the biggest things she ever did was perform on Dancing with the Stars, stunning everyone with how great she was. This show would help to make her a star on the dance floor, but in both seasons she appeared on the show (seasons 5 & 15) she was eliminated in week 6 despite getting 10’s across the board both times. Despite this, she may not be appearing in a lot of TV shows or movies, but she’s involved in philanthropy and helping people stay healthy. Truly becoming a woman whose beautiful both inside and out.

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