15 Disney Fan Photoshops That Are Better Than The Real Thing

There are those out there who really REALLY love Disney. I guess that's fair enough. There are some great Disney movies out there. And now that both the Star Wars and Marvel universes belong to Disney, it makes total sense that a lot of people would flock to the company and love everything to do with it. But sometimes there are people who push Disney a little further.

Granted, these people typically have way too much time on their hands. They're probably enjoying a Coke in their parents' basement with crusts all over the desk from last week's pizza delivery, but they produce some pretty hilarious and, in some cases, wonderful work.

These are the people who spend all of their time Photoshopping memes and big movie crossovers. They're the people who bring to you the following works that might make you realize that Disney could make some of their products just that much better. Check out these Disney fan Photoshops that are even better than the real thing.

15 Now We Know Where Queen Latifah's Been!

I'm not sure who really bothered to wonder just where Queen Latifah disappeared to after she decided to try to have an acting career. But now we know! She went "under the sea!" I think it could work perfectly. She's an alright singer, but I could understand her wanting a prettier voice. So, in that way, she's already a lot like Ursula. They're also both pretty big and scary. I don't know if the character of Ursula ever had a failed acting career, but maybe that's the reason she lives in the shadows under the sea and away from the rest of the residents of the kingdom. She just was too embarrassed and then turned that into rage. Now I'm just waiting for Queen Latifah to come back into the spotlight after doing something horrible. You'll see. It's coming!

14 Some Crazy Christmas Ghosts

I actually only just saw Disney's A Christmas Carol for the first time this holiday season. It wasn't too bad. Jim Carrey does a pretty damn good job (which is saying a lot given some of his more recent films). Either way, the ghosts in the film were really cool but they're not really memorable overall. Imagine if Jack Black, Will Ferrell, and Jason Segel were the three Christmas spirits. Even if you hate them as actors (and I am definitely not a fan of the first two at least), you would still never forget about them. They have a way of making you remember every ridiculous thing they do...even if you can't stand them. I mean, hey...at least they've got the ability to get stuck in your head. That's probably most of the reason why they're famous. I wouldn't say it's their humor. Given that, I think Disney would have had a more memorable Christmas Carol with these crazy guys.

13 Russel Brand As Captain Hook!

YES! This would be the most priceless version of Peter Pan that ever existed (with the exception of Hook starring Robin Williams). Jason Isaacs was a great Captain Hook, and so was Dustin Hoffman...but imagine how hilarious it would be to have Russel Brand playing this crazy villain! I'm not sure that Brand could really play a truly evil character, but it would be interesting watching a very awkward Captain Hook fumbling and dancing around his ship and at the mouth of a massive croc. I'm sure some of you hate Brand's comedy. But just try and picture it in the context of Captain Hook. I think he would try and come across as a gentleman but would be completely insane...sort of like how Russel Brand is in real life!

12 Olivia Wilde And Alec Baldwin In Snow White

This...this is just priceless. Usually, I think most people agree that Olivia Wilde is pretty hot. I have to be honest though...her as the evil queen just doesn't do it for me. That being said, I will never be able to watch this movie again without thinking about how awesome it would be to have Alec Baldwin as the magic mirror. Imagine if they just let him improvise his lines! Snow White could become one of the biggest comedy hits for Disney, simply because of Baldwin. Though, if this really were turned into a film, Snow White would have to be pretty damn hot. If Olivia Wilde isn't "the fairest of them all", then it might be a little difficult to find someone hotter...I mean fairer. Actually, I know exactly who would be perfect to cast in that role. That's right. Emma Watson!

11 Spartans With Lightsabers!!!

Oh...my...goodness! This is perhaps the most amazing idea that is definitely better than what Disney could or has done with Star Wars. True, 300 wasn't a Disney film, but the Star Wars universe now belongs to Disney so I think that this image can totally count as something Disney and something that is way better than the original. Imagine Jedi Spartans! I mean, it would be a very different film, obviously. Persia would definitely not have one against Sparta...and then the Spartans would have all turned Sith while they went about ravaging all of Greece. But that's beside the point. And if those shields were such, in the Star Wars universe, that they could deflect a lightsaber attack...that universe would be very different.

10 The Avengers Go To Disney Land

What would be even better than The Avengers? That same group of superheroes being aware that they are creations owned by Disney. And what would be even better than that? Them showing up at Disney Land to have a fun day in the crowds. Somehow, I think that the castle would end up getting destroyed by some monster...or the Hulk. But that's not the point. The point is...look at how cute the Hulkster is with those Mickey ears on. If he could control his rage and go about enjoying the rides and the parades of Disney Land, boy that would be a sight to see. Not to mention if Spidey and Iron Man were slinging web and flying around the park the whole day long. I've been to Disney and I have to say that this would be way better than the real thing.

9 Taylor Swift, Let Me Climb Up Your...Hair

I don't care if you like her music or not; I personally can't stand it. It's like she gets into a relationship just so it can go to sh*t so that she can write her next album. It's boring and she isn't exactly the best live singer in the world. But that's not the point. She's pretty damn hot. I think I can safely say that almost everyone reading this would agree right now. And if you don't...well it's ok that you're wrong. Either way, I think Tangled might have been way more interesting if Swift was the lead. I mean, we'd be able to hear how she'd sound singing some well-composed music for a change. And it would be a lot more exciting to watch Taylor Swift go through all of this stuff rather than some cartoon character. That being said, I'm not sure how good an actor she is. But at least the film would be more fun to watch, if not listen to.

8 Avenging The Lord Of The Rings

I think it would make perfect sense if the Avengers decided to get justice for The Lord Of The Rings franchise. After all, The Hobbit series that followed it up was pretty awful. I mean, it was exciting and if you'd never read the books I guess you could enjoy it. But there is no way that one book should have spawned three films. Imagine if all of the LOTR greats came back in the form of Avengers! Imagine how much easier it would be to save Middle Earth. And imagine how much easier it would be to save our Earth as well. If Gandalf could use Thor's lightning, plus his fireworks and epic light, I think he could be pretty devastating. Think about Hawkeye with Legolas' abilities to make him an even better and more nimble (and eternal) archer.

7 Emma Watson Is Ariel!

Come on. This is perfect! She already played Belle with her fancy ballgowns and talking furniture. Why not now become a mermaid and play Ariel with her seashell bikini (at least the top half anyway), fiery red hair, and talking animals? I think it would be awesome. We know she can sing. We know she can act. We know she's smoking hot. Just imagine how many more people you'd bring into the wide world of Disney with The Little Mermaid starring Emma Watson. I can only imagine that there would be a lot more boyfriends in the world enjoying the trip to the movies to watch the next new Disney flick. This could become the perfect date movie. I mean...let's be honest here. Who doesn't actually like Emma Watson? If you raised your hand just now...you're wrong.

6 Whoopi The Genie

Look, I loved Robin Williams as the Genie. I miss his comedy and I love going back to rewatch all of his work. He really was a master. That being said, there is something very intriguing to me about picturing a cool cat like Whoopi Goldberg playing the Genie. I don't think I could fully say that this would be better than the real thing. It's hard to beat Robin Williams at his game. Especially with such an iconic character like the Genie. But I think this entry is still worthy of this list simply because of how bizarre the thought was to even put this picture together. I have to fully admit that I would never ever think about putting Whoopi in that role. It's just a thought that never would have entered my mind. But now that I've seen this picture...I can't stop thinking about just how she would be as the character.

5 Mike Wasowski Is Actually A Scary Monster!

For those of you who have watched Monster's Inc. you'll at least partially recognize this character as Mike Wasowski, famously voiced by Billy Crystal. His character was always funny, and it seemed pretty clear that he wasn't exactly one to give much of a crap about a little kid. But he never came across as scary, even though it was his job to keep monsters alive in the dreams of little children. Aside from the premise of the movie being a little more than screwed up, I think Disney could have taken some tips from the artist who did the above picture up in Photoshop. Mike didn't need to be scary all the time, but at least show us a few scenes where you really understand what his job is all about. If he has to capture the screams of little children, then you need to make him at least a little scary. And I think this photo would do just nicely.

4 Julianne Moore Plays Ariel

Alright, I have to be totally honest here. I think that Emma Watson is probably the better choice for any leading lady in the Disney universe...or any universe for that matter. But there is a very soft spot in my heart for Julianne Moore. I'm not totally sure why. But aside from what I feel about her, she does already have the red hair going for her to play Ariel. And she's gorgeous. She's probably just about as pale as Emma Watson (if not more so), and she is a pretty decent actor too. I'm not sure how well she sings, but I think most people looking at this photo aren't interested in her singing voice. Besides, the Queen Latifah version of Ursula is just going to come and take her voice away anyway. May as well get used to what a mermaid version of Julianne Moore would be like without a voice anyway.

3 Say Hello To My Lightsabers!

Even if you haven't seen Scarface (though you should), you'll know the famous line "Say hello to my little friend!" It's a classic line just before Al Pacino's character uses a grenade launcher on the bottom of his machine gun. It's pretty exciting. But imagine if this Cuban criminal came to America with lightsabers in hand instead? I think Pacino would play one hell of a Sith Lord. I mean...he would have to be a Sith if he was dealing in cocaine. And if he did so with a lightsaber, I think everyone would be all the more scared. I think Disney has missed a golden opportunity here. I mean, they already had Christopher Lee, Liam Neeson, Samuel L. Jackson and several other bada**es in the more recent films. Why not get Pacino in there too? I hear he needs the money anyway.

2 Is Aslan Playing Beast?

Alright, look. I didn't pick this photo for the article because of Drew Barrymore playing Belle. I think there is just no possible way that she could top someone like Emma Watson. Barrymore's time has come and gone for roles like this one. But I have to say that Disney definitely missed the boat on an amazing design for the Beast. I mean, don't get me wrong their design was pretty good. But whoever did up the photo here seems to have cast Aslan in the role of the Beast. For those who don't know who Aslan is...you've got a lot of catching up to do. He is the lion from The Chronicles of Narnia. Essentially, he's god. And yes, I know that he's not a Disney character, but I think it would be pretty awesome if the Beast was basically a godly lion/humanoid. Gaston would be screwed!

1 Shrek Could Build A Wall To Keep Creatures Out!

Alright, this might be a little too on the nose, but I think it's priceless. And I also think that it would make a way more relevant and interesting movie. Of course, when Shrek first came out, I don't think there were many people thinking that Donald Trump would ever be president, but now that he's in office I bet he would love to see a film where this ogre winds up with a smoking hot woman, become ruler of the kingdom, and then builds a wall to keep all the fairy tale riff-raff out of the swamp (that he was supposed to drain as part of his ruling promise). It works on so many levels that I think both Democrats and Republicans would love it. Not to mention that Trump would love a film like that about him...though I think it's inevitable that he will have a few feature films made about him in the future...not sure if they'll be Disney though.

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