15Hugo & Djali


So we know that this one is a bit of a stretch, but it is perhaps the only example of LGBTQ characters in a Disney film that end up together at last. While the book version of The Hunchback of Notre Dame features Djali being a female, in the Disney

animated movie, this character is definitely male. He and Hugo seem to have some flirtatious tension going on, and if you watch the sequel to The Hunchback of Notre Dame (yes, there’s a sequel), you can see that the romantic advances on Hugo’s part intensify. In the end, both the goat and the gargoyle end up happy together. Odd? Heck yes. Heartwarming? For sure. We feel a bit weird including non-humans on this list, but the end of The Hunchback of Notre Dame II is just so cute that we can’t pass it up. Hugo presents Djali with a flower at the Festival of Love, which Djali accepts. He then returns the favor by kissing (licking) Hugo.

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